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My prince charming Episode 53 & 54

🤝 Together forever 🤝
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
🌻 Episode 53 🌻
Authoress Lois POV 💕
Harry’s unconscious b©dy was strolled into the hospital building with his breath fainting and the nurses were trying to regulate his pulse and heartbeat rate
💕 Tiana 💕
I just finished having my night bath when I was called that there was an emergency
Not caring about my protruding belly I rushed out to the hospital avoiding Mason at all costs
I entered the hospital sweating profusely like a Christmas goat re-ady for slaughter
I saw the other nurses running to a [email protected] ward and I guessed to be the patient’s ward
“Get me the CPR machine and the emergency shocker” the doctor beckon on to me
“Yes sir”
He kept directing the nurses to various post as he was attended to quic-kly
I haven’t been able to see the face of the patient
Two hours later
The treatment was successful we found out that he had stepped on the [email protected] before hitting the truck which means the effect of the hit wasn’t much
He only hit his head on the dashboard causing bl©©d to gush out besides it was just a minor cut and he didn’t lose much bl®®d
It was just like luck was on his side
I was finally opportuned to see his face and it turned out to be the guy who st©pped me earlier today I don’t even no his name
Seeing him on that be-d brou-ght tears to my eyes and I don’t know why I just felt it was my pregnancy hor-mones but it felt different like pang of de-ep pain
I didn’t know I was still staring at him on the be-d until doctor jane spoke up
“Take his phone over there and call his family”
“His phone?”
“Yeah we found it in his inner pocket slightly smashed by the side but still functioning”
I picked up the phone and my hands slightly t©uçhed the f!ngerprint card and it unlocked
How can my hands unlock a stranger’s phone I thought
The screen saver of the phone got me thinking
It was a picture of me and the guy in a cr.azy position inside a beautiful house
I [email protected] as I felt a strike of pain flash by and quic-kly made to go to his contacts but my f!ngerst©uçhed his pictures instead
And various pictures of me [email protected]£ to view
The pictures of the both of us in a high school uniform, a picture of me at a birthday [email protected] a cute picture of me slee-ping soundly on the be-d.
A picture of the both us on the be.d with him slightly nked and his skin ba-re
I keep scrolling down seeing various pictures of the both of us
“Aren’t you done”doctor have said and I retraced my steps back to his contacts and dial the number that say sweet mother
“Oh my Harry you’ve finally find Tiana” she said ma-king my heart skip
Why are they looking for tiana
“No ma’am this isn’t Harry I am nurse Williams from general hospital at new Orleans” I said and I can hear [email protected]
“W..what happened to harry”
“He got into an accident and is in our hospital”
“I will be right there”
“Okay ma’am”
Two hours later
“They are here” doctor jane said grinning
“Harry’s family I asked you to call” she said excitedly and I just mouthed an oh and went back to the ward to watch him.
I watched as the all entered two elderly women and a young lady accompany by a guy with doctor jane leading I was Backing them so they didn’t get to see me
“Where is the nurse that gave me a call” an elderly woman who I presume to be Harry’s mom said
“She’s here” doctor jane pointed at me andbu turned facing them
“Tiana!!” They all yelled all together
🌻 Episode 54 🌻
💕💕Tiana 💕💕
“Tiana” they all yelled but I just remained there motionless looking at them confused
“How did you all know my name I asked”
“Because of your name tag dummy” doctor jane said walking in
“We’d leave you to your son, c’mon Tiana let’s go” doctor jane said smiling at Harry on the be-d
“Why is she leaving and we called her name not because of her tag but because we know her” the young lady said glaring at her
“It’s okay I’d just leave” I said feeling awkward
“You can’t leave my dear your husband is here and thank goodness ya a nurse so take care of what’s yours”.the other woman sharing resemblance with the young lady i presume to be her daughter said
“Husband??” I screamed within
Am I married” I thought again
“Husband??” Doctor Jane said looking at me confused while I returned the gestures cos am as confused as she is
“Yeah her husband” the young lady said
She must be a troublemaker with her attitude
“I thought you were a single mother and slut who just got herself pregnant” doctor jane said mockingly facing me but received a sounding [email protected] from Harry’s mom
“You don’t insult my daughter in law that way get out this minute and go clear your desk cos you are fired” she said angrily and doctor couldn’t control her tears
I Know she doesn’t like me but she didn’t have to embarras-s me this way
She scurried off with tears gushing outta her eyes and I was left the the three women staring at me lovingly
“I un-derstand you guys had issues but you shouldn’t have neglected us if you had come to us we would have [email protected]ñked him for you” Harry’s mom said
“Issues?! I don’t even know who he is” I was saying when we heard a movement
“Oh my Kelly he’s awake” her Mom squealed
So her name is Kelly sounds familiar
I watched as he was about to sit up right but I was fast to st©p him
“You should stay still sire you are just recovering” I said
“Just help me sit” he grunted in pain
“Harry dear how did it happen”they all bombarded him with questions
I guess they are one big happy family because the chattering has been going on for long and I fear for Harry’s health he’s just recovering
I just stood there with my mind wondering far as I stare into space
It really seems am [email protected] if this family but I can’t remember a thing
The only thing have got are flash is memories which can’t be patched Together. I let out a de-ep sigh feeling refreshed and happy
I was brou-ght out of my reveire by Kelly’s mom’s words
“You found my daughter and you can’t even tell us” she asked Harry
“It’s pointless” he replied and I just watched them
Wait did she just say her daughter??
“Why would you say that” Kelly said
“She doesn’t remember any of us” he said simply and they all look at me at the same time
“She lost her memory during a surgery I didn’t even know about” he said
“How did you even know” I cut in
That d!ckhead
“Really I did that” I laughed out heartily as Kelly gist me of my escapades
I was beginning to remember some things
We had discussed previously and I explained the little I know
I got to know Harry offended me even though he refused to tell me
He said he wants me to remember myself and forgive him genuinely not out of pity because he looks miserable
I was able to call Mason and he [email protected]£ with his fiancéé and we all merry and have fun
Mason and Harry flowed easily and I just watched happily
💕💕Harry 💕💕
I looked at Tiana happily
At least am glad she’s smiling and free with me
I just wanted her to forgive nee-d genuinely
I miss every inch of her if not for the people around I would I have dragged her to myself and kss her
I exchanged plea-santries with Mitchell Mason’s fiancee and the whole ward was ozing out in happiness
💕💕 Tiana 💕💕
I was enjoying everyone’s company when mom suddenly ordered them out
Saying I nee-d a time alone with Harry
Though a new doctor had come to check on Harry and take care of him
I heard Jane had left the hospital premises and Mrs gold Harry’s mom holds a large share of the hospital
So she’s somehow the owner
A long silence sets in immediately it remained Harry and I
He was staring at me lovingly and cursing un-der his breath
I couldn’t help but chuckle at his behavior and that brou-ght a smile to his crumpled up face
Wow he looks handsome
He beckon on me to come sit on the be-d with him and I just nodded and moved to him sheeplessly
“You look ugly when you frown” I muttered lowly and he chuckled
The air seem tensed and I bit my lowerl-ip.
I heard Harry [email protected] I look up to see him staring at myl-ips
Before I could say jack he smashed his l1ps on mine
“I have been wanting to do that all day” he said between ksses
I couldn’t help but m©an in his m®uth
Thatl-ips feeling intoxicating
I pu-ll-ed out as I felt a pang of pain stro-ke me and I pas-sed out

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