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My prince charming Episode 47 & 48

🤝 Together forever 🤝
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
🌻 Episode 47 🌻
💔Harry 💔
I was burning in fury by the time I got home
She wasn’t even at home
Maybe she out there with one of her numerous b©yfri£nds
I can’t believe she fooled me
Cheating on me not with one but different guys
I didn’t even bother to re-move my clothes as I sat down eagerly waiting for her
In few minutes I heard the honk of her car
She’s finally home and late as well
“Home sweet home” she muttered entering the house
“Where are you coming from” I yelled and she flin-ched
“Huh what are you saying I said I’d be going out today to do a few things”.
“And those few things doesn’t have a name”
“Shut up $lvt”
“Harry you’re calling me a $l.ut?”
“Isn’t that what you are a backstabbing… ”
“Harry” she called tears alre-ady streaming down here eyes
Crocodile tears .
“Aren’t you the one on this pictures” I said throwing the printed copies Chloe gave on her
She bent to pick up and scan throu-gh it with a shocked expression
“This is a set up Harry I didn’t do anything of this”
“It’s over between us”
“Harry let me explain plea-se this is all a mix up”
“You heard me right it’s over”
“But Harry this is all a misun-derstanding you don’t wanna do this”
“Just go pack your things and leave”
“But where would I go”
“To h.ell” I yelled
“Okay I will go” she said wiping her tears
💔💔 Tiana 💔💔
Throu-gh out my ride from the hospital I was crying heavily
I am pregn.ant but I can’t tell Harry because there’s a possibility I might not make it outta the surgery
I don’t want to keep his Hope’s up
I wipe my tears as soon I got in front of the gates of the house
I checked myself in the rear view mirror and saw how pale I looked
I drove in hoping to see Harry and reduce the pain in my heart
But what I met was shocking
Harry called me a $lvt
Even if I didn’t cheat on him I still begged but he did not listen
The pictures that were there were actually me not ph0to shopped but it was all a misun-derstanding of the whole situation
He didn’t even give me room to explain
There was no point arguing with him anymore
It seems like he’s made up his mind
I went to the room and packed all my things
At least this will save me from the explanation of traveling to India tommorow
I was still packing my things and something fell outta my hand bag but I ignored it a d continue packing
Constantly wiping the tears steaming down my eyes
I was heading out when I heard Harry’s voice talking to someone over the phone
“Thanks Chloe never knew your friend was a bad girl” he said
So this is all Chloe’s plan
I should have just listened to Kelly
💙💙 Flashback 💮
“Big sis I wanna tell you something”
“What’s that”.
“It’s about your friend Chloe”
“What’s about her”
“I have a bad feeling about her I feel like she’s up to something”
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
“C’mon Kelly Chloe is a cool chick she’s fun to be with okay maybe you are just jealous”
“I am not jealous okay I saying my mind here”
“Forget it she can’t harm me okay”..
“So you trust her”..
“Yeah I do”.
💙 Flashback ends 💙
I should have just listened to her
So she was right after all
I dragged my belongings and pas-sed Harry who was giving me a disgu$ting look
He’s least of my problems right now
Once the surgery is successful I’d come back and solve this puzzle and make sure I deal with Chloe
I entered my car and ignited it
I started pla-ying nas-ty c song SMA with my tears steaming down
🎶How did I?🎶
🎶End up falling for you🎶
🎶I find myself calling for you🎶
🎶Into the dark I followed you but🎶
🎶I should’ve known this ain’t the type of $h!t I’d go throu-gh🎶
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎶I feel you, I feel you🎶
🎶I feel you, I feel you ABC🎶
🎶You take me up and down and I follow you like ABC🎶
🎶You act like you in it but you were never here with me🎶
🎶I wish it could be🎶
🎶Wish it could be like ABC🎶
🎶She ask me
Junior do you like it when I cry? (Huh)🎶
🎶Do you consider my feelings when you lie (Huh)🎶
🎶You put me second to some a girl on the side (What)🎶
🎶You just gon’ let a ride or die die inside (Damn)🎶
🎶You forget I was with you before the racks [email protected]£🎶
🎶Before these skanks [email protected]£🎶
🎶Before the plaques [email protected]£🎶
🎶Before you started getting money and your ra-ps changed🎶
🎶I was with you when you was still thinking about changing your ra-p name, nigga🎶
🎶Say something now🎶
🎶Are you choking?🎶
🎶Baby I’m sorry🎶
🎶Are you joking?🎶
🎶So much for convincing me to be open🎶
I don’t know why I bother with you
🎶When you’ve clearly chos£n, this music over me🎶
🎶It owns all your emotions
And you really have to give it your undivided devotion🎶
🎶But somehow my heart feels safer when you hold it🎶
🎶Like you not the one that broke it🎶
🎶End up falling for you🎶
🎶I find myself calling for you🎶
🎶Into the dark I followed you but🎶
🎶I should’ve known this ain’t the type of $h!t I’d go throu-gh🎶
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎵s£nd me away🎵
🎶Look I’m in Joburg working
And you know I nee-d money🎶
🎶Instead of telling me you hurting
Focus more on your studies🎶
🎶I’m not ignoring you trust me
I’m always busy with something🎶
You call too late or too early
🎶I couldn’t talk I was grumpy
You couldn’t talk you were grumpy?
We supposed to be🎶
🎶Junior you told a h.oe you don’t love me🎶
🎶She posted about it you dummy🎶
🎶All I ever did was love you🎶
🎶I don’t deserve to be punished
I cut off all my friends for you🎶
🎶What more do you want from me?
You cheated too🎶
🎶That was so long ago
One of my dudes🎶
We [email protected]£d long ago
🎶That makes it cool?
I said I’m sorry though🎶
🎶What were y’all doing all along, huh?🎶
‘Guess I’ve always been a dummy🎶
🎶 I dare you to lie to me and say you told him you love me
And you know what🎶
I should’ve known you were hiding 🎶something
You laughed at everything he said
That nigga wasn’t even funny🎶
🎶You made me feel so insecure and weak 🎶
🎶But I’m not s£nding you away
So you going to have to run from me
‘Cause I still love you🎶
🎶End up falling for you
I find myself calling for you🎶
🎶Into the dark I followed you but🎶
I should’ve known this ain’t the type of $h!t I’d go throu-gh🎶
🎶s£nd me away 🎶
s£nd me away 🎶
🎶s£nd me away
s£nd me away🎶
🎶s£nd me away
s£nd me away🎶
I feel you, I feel you🎶
I feel you, I feel you ABC🎶
You take me up and down and I follow you like ABC🎶
You act like you in it but you were never here with me🎶
I wish it could be🎶
Wish it could be like ABC🎶
By the time the song finished I was crying heavily and my eyes alre-ady blurry
This song best describe my pres£nt situation
💔💔 Harry 💔💔
I feel so empty
I cried gulping down another sh0t of tequila
🎶s£nd me away 🎶
🎶s£nd me away 🎶
🎶s£nd me away 🎶
🎶s£nd me (hiccu-ps) away 🎶
I was singing drun!kly
Why did I s£nd her away
“She’s gone for good move on” Chloe said but I hissed
“Get the h.ell out of my house”
“But I [email protected]£ to comfort you”
“Get the h.ell out btch” I yelled break the voldka bottle on the ground
I was drun!kand broken
Why did she cheat on me
🎶 How did I end up falling for you 🎶
🎶I found my self calling on you (hiccu-ps)🎶
I keep singing and drinking till I sle-pt off
It’s just few minutes and I missed her this much
🌻 Episode 48 🌻
💔 Harry 💔
“How could you that” mom yelled over the phone
“She cheated on me”
“What proves do you have”
“The pictures and vdeos”
“Really you didn’t even hear her own side of the story”
“So she could tell me more lies huh” I yelled and hung up
I can’t believe this all the whole family thinks I did something wrong when it’s actually Tiana that cheated
“What if she didn’t” my subconscious mind said
“Shut up you”
The only persons anger am afraid of is Kelly’s and she haven’t called yet
“Where is my sister” I heard
Oh no looks like I spoke too soon she’s here
“Where is my sister Harry” she yelled glaring at me angrily
I couldn’t talk I was just looking like a lost puppy
“Cat caught your ton-gue”
“Ermm actually ermmm argggggh”I yelled feeling the pain from her hands
She was pu-lling my ears
“plea-se you are hurting me”
“That’s how my sister will be hurting where ever you s£nt here where is she’s”
“Ion know okay I s£nt out yesternight I have no idea where she could have gone to”.
“If anything happen to her I’d break every bones in your b©dy” she said before turning to go
“One more thing” she said Turning back and she gave me a mighty kick where the sun doesn’t shine
“Oh my God” I muttered before falling on the ground
😠 Kelly 😠
I know this is all Chloe’s work and am going to deal with her
I should have known it’s my sister’s side the bad thing was going to happen
I ignited my car and set for Chloe’s house
I packed the inching dust well and dressed well before knocking
“Who’s there” the ev1l Queen said from inside
Immediately she [email protected]£ out I poured the substance on her and scurried off
This won’t were off untill after 72hours
Now I nee-d to find my sister mom’s getting worried
😌 Chloe 😌
“Cheers too success”
“I can’t believe your plan worked”
“I told you I he’d it [email protected]
“Wow am impressed”
“What’s remaining is for us to get his inheritance”
“Let’s give him a break he’s nursing heartbreak pres£ntly”
“Yeah just work your way into his life make him fall for you”
“Consider it done…” I was saying when the door bell rang
“Who’s there”
“Visitor??” I thought with my nose scrunched up
I walked towards the door to open it
I saw a girl wearing a hoodie before I could ask what she wanted, he emptied a dust on me and scurried off
Before I knew what was happening I was alre-ady inching my b©dy
“Oh my God?!” I yelled when the pain [email protected]£ unbearable
He ran from inside to come check what was happening but by the time he [email protected]£ in was alre-ady have n-ked trying to get rid of the inch
“Ohhh my” I said crying the pain was excruciating
Not too long after I was dancing round the neighborhood with people recording and laughing before I finally pas-sed out
I will make sure I find who did this
💫 Tiana 💫
I was hearing distant voices hovering around me
“She’s waking up” I heard faintly
I tried to open my eyes but the pain was severe
I closed it and opened again the vision was blurry
But by the time I tried it the third time I was able to see clearly
I was lying down on a hospital be-d with about five doctors surrounding me
“Thank God you’re awake ma’am the surgery was successful and your baby is fine” the doctor I presume to be the head said
“You’d be discharged in two days time”
“Thank you sir”
Two days later
I got down from the plane a glance at the sign before me
I breathe out happily facing my flat stomach
“Baby are you re-ady to explore the country” I said to my stomach admiringly
“Awwn Soo cute” I heard and look up to see a dark haired guy with emerald green eyes staring at me
“You’re new here”
“Yup it’s obvious how can you not know” I asked with a shrug and he chuckled
“Let me help you with those”
“Thanks” I replied following him behind
My stay here is going to be a blast

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