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My prince charming Episode 45 & 46

🤝 Together forever 🤝
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
🌻 Episode 45 🌻
😭 Becca 😭
I should have just minded my darn business
Now I’ve lost my job
Well only because I disregard tiana but because things were found out about me
How I sell hospital drugs for holligans
And how I used Harry’s name to my advantage numerous times
Now am reaping the nemesis of my misdeeds
I cried my eyes out as I cleared my desk
I was just lucky that they didn’t file a court case for me because what I did was punishable by the law
I turned to give the company a last look before going finally
😔 Dr Royce 😔
I can’t believe I got fired
The boss has found out everything I had done
Numerous ab.ortion I had carried out on ladies I impregn.ated
The number of patients that died in my hands just because they could not pay
Which wasn’t the ethics of the hospital
It save a life before you receive the payment
But I did the complete opposite
How am I going to fend for my family who has gotten adapted to living big
I should have just do the right thing
None of this would have happened
❣️ Natasha ❣️
I felt happy justice was done to the two corupt officers we had here
Though some are still hiding but they will have learned their lessons from these scapegoats
Most importantly I feel happy for tiana
Her relationsh!pwith Mr Harry gold
I made me happy
And she didn’t st©p s£nding me gifts
Two weeks later 🌺
💘 Tiana 💘
It been two weeks since the drama at the office and they both got fired because of their dubious attitudes
It took all in me to appease Harry from filling a court case
Cause one way or the other it will affect the hospital’s reputation
They were lucky Tiana isn’t that crazy anymore they’d have gotten the beatings of their lives
I pu-ll-ed up in front of hope life hospital
The place I intended to check up what’s wrong me
“Good afternoon ma’am”
“Do you have an appointment with the doctor”
“Your name plea-se”
“Miss Tiana Williams”
“Right this way ma’am”
“Thank you” I replied walk-in towards the office
“Good afternoon doc”
“Good afternoon Miss tiana have your sit plea-se”
“You here for the test right”,
“Let’s go to the lab then”
💌 Chloe 💌
“I think it’s time to let Harry know”
“He’s been complaining that Tiana is acting weird and I think this will give him thoughts that’s she’s cheating on him”
“I guess you are right”
“With this fake evidence he’d believe me and break up with her”
“Then I will come in”
“So when are you telling him”
“Any moment from now”
“Jay don’t st©p keeping tabs on her she might do something crazy”
“Ok ma’am”
The plan is set in motion
It’s only a matter of time before I actualise it
💘 Tiana 💘
“The results will be out in an hour would you mind waiting”
“No problem I will wait” I said nervously ru-bbing my palms together
As I sat down there lots of things was going throu-gh my mind
But I try in all to think positively
🧘Two hours later 🧘
“Ma’am am sorry but it seems l’d have to refer you another hospital”
“Wh… why” I found myself stuttering
“We discovered your case is quite a big one and I don’t think we can profer a solution to it”
“Oh..okay” I said nervously
“Go to the receptionist to collect the referral letter”
“Ok sir”
I dragged my feet that seemed heavy walking back to where I had initially [email protected]£ from
I don’t think this sickness is a minor one
“This is the letter”
“Thank you” I said collecting it from her
“Dr Daniels specialist hospital” i muttered
I guess I’d have to go there tomorrow
🌻 Episode 46 🌻
💘 Harry 💘
“Where are you going” I asked Tiana as I saw alre-ady dressed
“Ermm..I am going out just wanna stroll you know” she said nervously which is totally unlike her
She’s behaving weird again
“Okay don’t be late” I said also picking my things heading out
💘 Tiana 💘
I heaved a sigh of relief when Harry left
I just hope he doesn’t notice my weird attitudes this days
I repacked my hair in a ponytail wiping off the Make up
I picked up my golden bag and walked towards my car
I have been driving for about forty-five minutes now and still not close to where I am going
I have asked for directions from several people before finally reachiny destination
“Wow” escape myl-ips staring at the gigantic hospital in front of me
How come I have never heard of this hospital before
It was a [email protected]£r building about fifty feet tall or there about
It’s got a good landscape and obviously built by the best building expert’s
The sound of a horn jo-lted me outta my thoughts
“Move it lady” a masculine voice yelled behind
I just realized I hadn’t even driven inside the compound
“I am sorry sir” I apologise quic-kly getting down from my car to meet the the man
“It’s okay but next time don’t do that” he was saying when his face suddenly stretched to a smile
“Tiana” he called as if recalling something which surprise me Cos ion Know the man
“Yes sir do I Know you” I asked with a glint of surprise mixed with confusion
“You seriously don’t remember me” he said ma-king a funny face
“Oh mm gee uncle Daniel” I giggled like a five year old
He hvgged me ti-ghtly
Wow never thought I’d see him again after several years
He’s my mom’s younger brother and it’s been long we last saw
“What are you doing here”
“I [email protected]£ for medical check-up”.
“Or are you by any chance the miss Williams transferred from hope hospital” get said with his face slightly showing sadness
“Let’s go to my office then”
“Wait you’re the Dr Daniel supposed to meet?”
“But I thought your hospital was in Texas”
“Well am here now…. how I got here us a long story so let’s just proceed to what you [email protected]£ for”
“What does the report says”
“Well there’s good news and bad news which one do you wanna hear first”
“I’d go for the good news” I said wondering what the bad news might have been
“You are two months gone”
“Huh?? As in two months [email protected]??”
“You’ve got skin cancer close to the third stage which means you nee-d urgent surgery” he said with a sad smile
“What??….how come? How did this even happen”
“According to the test we carried out we discovered your skin [email protected]£ in contact with not only a deadly skin poison but an illegal one which is dangerous for the baby you are carrying and also for you because its only by a miracle you’d survive if immense remedy aren’t carried out”. He said and by this time I was alre-ady in tears
I am [email protected] but on a health hazard
“As your uncle I’d advise you to be strong and go for the surgery but as your doctor I’d advise you to terminate the [email protected] and focus on your health”
“I am keeping my baby! Okay? I’d go for the surgery but promise me you won’t tell Mom”
“I can’t say tee it’s really dangerous”
“plea-se let it just stay between us”
“What about the father of your baby”
“I can’t let him know he’s got a contract coming up and I don’t want him to worry unnecessarily people are trying to take the company from him and the least I can do he let him concentrate and do it well
Besides how do you think he’d take it that his fiancee is going to die soon
I know Harry he’s done something crazy” I concluded collecting my medical reports from him
“I’d inform my colleague in India where the surgery will be taking place and I will also take off the bills. I will have your traveling do¢v-ments arranged by tonight and you’d leave tomorrow morning”
“Okay Uncle I’d look for a lie to tell Harry. But hope I am not going to stay long over there”
“Approximately a week”
“And it will be over before you know it” I said wiping my tears and trying to cheer up
“Let’s go for a drink down the street”
At Mary’s coffee shop
Everything uncle was saying wasn’t getting to me cos I was lost in my own world
My pres£nt [email protected]£nt isn’t a thing to right home about
I am not been selfish of not telling Harry but I just want our moments together blissful even if I’d eventually die I’d make sure my baby stays alive
We’re done with the drink and uncle was alre-ady excorting me out
“Tiana” he called ma-king me halt my steps
“Yes uncle”
“Everything is gonna be alright”he said hvgging me and planting a kss on my forehead
💝Authoress Lois pov💝
A spy is seen hovering around the area and taking sh0ts of the moments between Tiana and her uncle
He snapped every angle
From the time they entered the coffee shop to the time they were drinking and discussing and now that they were about [email protected]
*This is the cover your she nee-ds* he said before transferring the picture file to Chloe
💜 Chloe 💜
I smiled in satisfaction when I received the pictures
She seems relaxed with the person so it’s another prove and this is time to tell Harry
“Come in” he said grumpily
“Are you still brooding” I asked with a shrug
“What do you want”
“I think I might know the reason Tiana is behaving weird” I said and he looked up instantly
“Take a look this” I said showing him all the pictures I have gathered so far and lastly the vdeo of me edited to make it look like Tiana
His eyes wi-den and held pain and fury
He walked out angrily ban-ging the door loudly
Seems today is the last day of their relationsh!p

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