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My prince charming Episode 39 & 40

🤝 Together forever 🤝
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
Episode 39 🌻
“Nurse Williams your attention is nee-ded at ward 5”
“Be right there”
“She’s having cardiac arrest”
” What’s the situation”
“Her chances are fifty-fifty”
“Oh no”
I was moving up and down looking for the fastest equipment and materials
“She nee-ds to be moved to the theater right now” I said panicking at the doctor’s sluggish behavior
“Her guardian hasn’t gotten the amount required for the deposit” he shrugged
“Do as I say I’d pay the bill and sign the do¢v-ments” I replied wheeling her to the nearest theatre room
I wipe my sweats [email protected] from the morning job
I am glad the girl was saved
I can’t believe he was willing to let the girl die because of money
I will make sure he gets queried even though I know Harry might want to fired him for his incompetence
“Ma’am thank you for saving my daughter” the old looking lady said
“I am glad I saved a life” I replied smiling and she hvgged me
I felt emotional
The woman in front of me looks hagard and unfed
How did they expect her to get the money
That doctor is heartless
I gave the woman little amount of money to take care of her child
I saw her off and [email protected]£ back to the hospital to see Dr Royce glaring [email protected] at me
“The good Samaritan” he locked while I just walked away
It’s been up to a month I have started working in this hospital
And my works has been greatly recognize
I [email protected]£ the most favorite nurse of different patients
This earned me hatred from certain people and a heart warming smile from some
But Dr Royce has been my constant headache and nurse Becca
I heard she was the best before I [email protected]£ so she was jealous of my success but I don’t care.
Dr Royce on the other is a pe.rvert trying to get un-der my [email protected]
Seeing that I am not giving in to him he started to behave harshly to me but didn’t st©p his advances
He’s the s£nior doctor here and I heard he had $lept with various female nurse and female doctors despite having a wife and four wonderful children
He has this notion that all women are shameless bt$hes but he hasn’t met me to know am quite different
None of the staffs knows I am Harry’s fiancee and I like it like that
If they should know they’d try to plea-se me and I won’t know who is who
It will be fake life all the way
The only person am close with is Natasha a cleaner here
And she’s a very good company Free spirited and a little bit different From Chloe
Oh! Chloe!
Since we have started working differently we [email protected] see
She is working with Harry and always busy with files
I felt my phone beep and saw it was a text from Chloe speak of the dev1l
I was done chatting with Chloe and went down to the lobby to get some things from the receptionist when I [email protected]£ across Becca
She hissed as she pas-s me by brushing her hands with mine with a scornful look on her ugly face
“Btch” I cussed silently
And proceed to my destination
Then [email protected]£ across another pig Dr Royce of course
He was looking at me from where he stood but I ignored him
Doesn’t he get the memo
“I am not one of his $lvts” I screamed mentally
I collected the files I [email protected]£ for and I made to go when my sight caught Harry walking in
He looked handsome and breathe taking
All other nurses were also drooling
Even Becca was now here
I didn’t know he’s handsome before leaving home
“Like you didn’t dress for him this morning” my mind scolded
“But I never knew he was this handsome well untill now not that he wasn’t handsome before hand”
“Meet me in my office” he said st©pping my internal battle and Becca had a disappointed face
Was she expecting Harry to notice her
In her dreams tch
I couldn’t help but notice the [email protected] glare he has on Dr Royce who doesn’t notice
Seems like Harry caught him staring at me
“Are you done drooling” he said as I entered his office
“You know I can’t help it” I said blu-shing [email protected]
“Come here baby” he pu-ll-ed me close kssing me
“Seems like am going to fire Royce” he said angrily
“Cool down the girls were also drooling over you” I said calmly
“There is a difference” I said
“Kidding! Now what brou-ght you here”
“Common Harry how many times do I have to tell you to focus on your job if be beside from night till morning”
“Not when there is a prevert here” he said and I rolled my eyes
I don’t think I should report Dr Royce to harry again cause he’d be gone for sure and I don’t want his family to suffer Even if he is a j.erk
“Can we have a little qucke” Harry pouted
“I knew it”
“Knew what”
“That’s the reason you [email protected]£”
……………At golden company……………….
😌 Harry 😌
I felt relieved after the sx I had with Tiana at her hospital
I can’t resist her she’s my angel
I was still quite angry at the doofus I caught staring at her
I know I can’t fire him
The decision lies on Tiana’s hands and I Know she won’t like it
So I’d just deal with him my own way
I was rolling on my chair reminiscing few moments age when Chloe barged in
“Can’t you knock” I grouse
“Sorry boss but the company who want the shares are around should I let then in” she said sacarstically rolling her eyes
“Oh okay let them in”
“Okay sir” she said and turn to go when I st©pped her
“Cancel all my appointments tomorrow”
“But you are having a meeting with…”
“Just cancel it”
Is it me or Chloe’s dress is extra skimpy??
“And don’t dress like that to work again”
“Ouch! No probs anyways” she said before leaving
If she wasn’t tia friends of have fired her cause it seems like she was trying to $educe me with the way she intentionally shaked her a$$ while going out
👿 Chloe 👿
“Ouch” I said feeling the insult
It’s been a while I have been working here and all my attempts to get his attention was abortive
For someone who can’t resist S-x I tried every unawares s£dûçt!veacts I know but he doesn’t give a dammn seems I’d have to go extral mile
I am done getting low
I nee-d to up my game
I ignited my car driving off the company property heading home
I have gotten to the middle of the road when I noticed a car trailing me
I increa-sed my speed trying to lose the tail
I am a rou-gh driver
Time to switch on the rou-ghness
I cut to a dirty and rou-gh road with my eyes on the rear view mirror
I busted into another neighborhood driving fast and furious hitting anything I [email protected]£ across
I breathe out in relief when I finally lost them
🌻 Episode 40 🌻
🌻 Unknown 🌻
“I lost her again” I sighed in fustrate hitting my hands on the staring
I am gonna get her
My phone 📱 [email protected] as soon as I turned back
📲 Hello
📲 Yes what is it
📲We found her location,and all her details
📲 Really
📲 Forward it to me as soon as possible
📲 Okay boss
I felt happy getting her location my plans has just become easier
🌺 Chloe 🌺
I parked r0ûghly as soon as I got home [email protected] heavily
Who are those trailing me
My hands was shaking as I opened my door
I barge inside my one room [email protected] locking the door hurridely like I was been chased
Well technically I was
But in turning back I met something more shocking
The person I least expected was there bouncing on my b.ed like he owns it
“What…..what…are.. you doing here” I stuttered after finding my voice
“Well well well look who’s here” he said grinning with a satisfactory sm-irk
“I said what I you doing here… come you are here I thought you were….” I managed to say but he cut me off
“We think again cos am here now and mean business”
“What do you want” I said as coldly as I could but my voice betrayed me showing fear
“I want two things”
“Which are??”
“You and you”
“That doesn’t make any s-en-se”
“It clearly does”
“How??” I asked getting a little bit relax
“First I want to have you you know what I mean now
“No I am not going to do that”
“You sure will C’mon Chloe I missed you I just wanna taste after a long time” he said calmly his voice s£nding sh1ver down my spine as he comes closer
“Don’t come any closer” I said but it was too late he has caged me to the wall
“Look into my eyes” he said raising my chin up
“Remember this vdeo” he said waving his phone at me
“What vdeo” I said and he pla-yed it I [email protected] opening my mouth in shock
It was my v1deo having a roll with 10 guys
“How did you get that”
“It doesn’t matter how I got it what matters now is me having you” he grouse
“I don’t care” I said adamantly
“You will care when I post it worldwi-de and s£nd a bunch of it to your darling friend Tiana and Harry”
“No you can’t do that they’d see me as a $lvt”
“Which you are! Aren’t you?” He said as he arched his brows perfectly
“Don’t you remember you signed to be my personal $lvt?? But you ran away”
I just stood and couldn’t talk
I had to run away
This man insatiable urge
I didn’t want to die yet
I wimpher as he t0re my cl0thes discarding them…
After five rounds he pu-ll-ed out
“That was great ” he said
I was $ore and tired my bdy was crying but he was still looking agile and re-ady
“Now for my second demand” he said coming closer
He whispered it to my ears
“No!!!!!!” I replied not because I was against it but because I don’t want him par

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