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My prince charming Episode 37 & 38

👅 She’s feisty he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💞 Episode 37 💞
😋 Tiana 😋
I kept coughing after eating Kelly’s food.
This food is peppish” I said fanning my mouth and sipping my jui-ce
“plea-se someone remind not to allow Kelly again” mom said
“Are you saying that ain’t a good cook” Kelly said walking into the dinning room
“Not that…..” I trailed off
“But Adrian doesn’t complain” she Wynned but everyone bur-sted into laughter
She was so annoyed that she went inside angrily
Today was our graduation day
We were all looking radiant and elegantly dressed
The hall was dazzling 🎆 and everyone was enjoying
I stayed glued to Harry all the way while I saw Chloe chatting heartily with guys in the crowd
Today has been utterly fun
Not to forget the round off [email protected] set up at home
Well the company will be transferred to Harry today
So my Harry will become the new CEO of the company
The [email protected] at home was more like a business [email protected] so I wanna get wasted here before going to the boring [email protected]
“You know it isn’t gonna be that boring” Harry said coming to my front
“All business [email protected] are boring”
“Not when am by your side” he said l!çk!ng hisl-ips and staring at my a little bit expo-sed che$t
“Pe.rvert” I said while he chuckled
The school’s [email protected] was over and the one at home has started
I can’t seem to find Chloe anywhere near here
It’s like she went with the guy I saw her with the other time
Because it doesn’t seem like she pres£nt at this [email protected] at all
And I badly want to introduce her to the family
“plea-se raise in your feets as I welcome Mr Harry gold to this podium” the MC said
Harry walked to the stage gracefully not without giving me a wi-nk which made my heart flatter
The sighing of do¢v-ments and Introduction of some certain guest we’re done
A girl was trying to s£dûç£Harry when he pu-ll-ed me to his side and gave me a de-ep kss
The girl walked away angrily
He’s taken dear try better luck next time
The looks Harry has been giving me shows he has something up his sleeve
Just as I was about to go inside the light went off and the sp©tlight was on me
I wonder what was going on until I saw Harry on one knee with a shiny diamond ring 💍
Oh mmm gee
“Ever since the first day I saw you I knew you were the one I knew I had found a soul mate
I didn’t believe in love at first sight but your beauty proved me wrong
Because of you I have every reason to wanna wake up in the morning
You are my Lily
Words can’t describe my love for you
I love you Tiana Williams.
WILL YOU MARRY ME??” He said and by this time tears was alre-ady streaming outta my eyes
I was utterly speechless
“Say yes” Kelly yelled
“Yes yes yes I will marry you” I screamed and everyone started [email protected]
Today is my happiest day ever
I am officially engaged to Harry
I never thought we would get this far considering all the trouble of the past am over whelmed
Harry carried me on a bridal style in to the room
Immediately he locked the door he crashed his l1ps on mine
I shuddered as he traced his l1ps towards my ear-lobes
Kssing my n.eck line
Am sure there is going to hckeys there tomorrow
He traced his h.ands un-der my light cl0thes…
He then traced his hands down towards the entrance ru-bbing it lightly
I felt a wave of emotions surveying my b.ody as he did that
His eyes were blazing of de$ire and want
He made to slid his hands in to my alre-ady entrance when I suddenly re-moved his hands
He looked pained and de-sired emotions
“Am sorry I didn’t know you aren’t re-ady” he said as he stepped back from me
“No-no I am re-ady just wanted to tell you to be gentle”
“I will” he said….
“Thank you” Harry said after we were done and I blu-shed
“I love you”
“In love you too”
He fell on the b.ed snuggling me to himself as we both drifted into the dream Land
My prince charming
🌻 Episode 38🌻
Genres: Betrayal, Love, hatred tragedy etc..
🎀 Chloe 🎀
I woke up with b©dy aches from the unlimited roll out I have been having since two weeks ago
It started from the graduation [email protected]
☁️ Flashback ☁️
“Hey damsel” a handsome looking man said approaching me
He looks young and promising someone on his early twenties
“Hello” I said with much ego
“You look beautiful”
“Thank you… heard that a few times” I replied with an eye roll
“Rebellious huh” he said but I kept mute
“Am Russell by the way”
“You look bored of the [email protected]” he said smcking hisl-ips
“Yeah” I replied
He was staring at me in pure lu$t and my b©dy couldn’t help but twist in his direction
“500dollars for a night” he finally spoke up after brief silence
“Oh okay” I agreed after giving a thought
And that was it
He had me that night and didn’t wanna let go
We had a deal for me to be in his b.ed for two weeks and I agreed it was a fat pay and I couldn’t resist
I am a $lvt after all
☁️ Flashback ends ☁️
That’s why I am here waking up on his be-d
Today is the last day
I’ve got to go
Tiana has been quite worried since I didn’t inform her beforehand
I had to make up a lie
“How about a round before you go” Russell said coming out of the bathroom
“You used me all night non st©p so it’s a no-no” I replied bluntly
“I can’t seem to get enough of you”
“Well my b©dy aches and if you’d excuse me I nee-d to take my bath” I replied
But he doesn’t take no for an answer
“Where are you” Tiana yelled on my phone
“Am on my way babe chillax”
“Well am running out of patience”
“Whatever be there soon
🌟 Tiana 🌟
“Arghhhh” I yelled in fustration as I stomp on my feet
Chloe isn’t here yet
We were supposed to go shopping for office wears but she was late
It’s been two weeks since our graduation and it’s been h.ell of fu.n for me and Harry
Though he’s been a little busy since he took up the business but that never st©pped the f.un
And since I gave him my Vcard he’s always demanding for sx
I have resume work at the hospital which turns out to be owned by Harry
Well he bought it since I was working there
He said he wanted to keep his eyes on me from those bad boys
His rate of jealousy has increa-sed in the rate of 1000
I even talk him to employing Chloe as his PA though he disagree initially
But I have my ways
I can’t have a rich b©yfri£ndand my bestie will have to go look for work
Now am calling her to come shop for clothes she nee-d to resume work tomorrow and she isn’t here yet
“Sorry am late” she yelled coming in and [email protected] heavily while I shake my head before going towards the car
“Won’t you guys wait for me” I heard Harry’s voice bu-mm
“Just get in” I said then drove out heading to the mall
Shopping has been fun I kept picking up things am sure is gonna be useless at last
Chloe was picking up business attire and funny dresses
While Harry stood there spectating
🌻 Unknown 🌻
I streech my car to an halt when I saw her coming out of the mall with two other people
“Still beautiful as always” I muttered out to myself l!çk!ng my sticks
We meet again
I nee-d to keep tab on her cos I nee-d her for my plans
If she tries any shts I’d blackmail her with the video and am sure she won’t want that
I pick up my phone
📲 Hey poi$on
📲 Seen
📲 I want you to keep tabs on her
📲 Okay boss
I hung up
“I will make sure he pays” I thought driving off

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