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My prince charming Episode 35 & 36

👅 She’s feisty he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💞 Episode 35
☹️ Chloe ☹️
I woke with a serious headache
My head was blank
I raised myself up from my be-d only to see a disoriented room
Even if I can’t recur what happened I knew I can’t let my room be this dirty
“Ohh” I heard a [email protected] me which made me jump
“What are you doing here” I asked in panic when everything that happened Yesterday [email protected]£ flooding back
❄️ Flashback ❄️
I was still waiting for Tiana to show up but she didn’t
I started trying her number but it wasn’t going throu-gh
In fustration i started drinking the vodka in front of me
Totally forgotten that it was prepared for tiana
Soon I started feeling dizzy I went to receive some fresh air leaving Dave all to himself
He was drinking himself to stupor while I managed to get my self sime air to calm my drun!kness
As soon as I entered the room back Davis was advancing towards me
And then he had his way
We were both drun!k
❄️ Flashback ends❄️
The sight of a crashed [email protected]£ra made me heaved a sigh of relief
At Least it won’t be seen by anyone.
I am used to Davis before so how bad can it be
But I was overly furious at Tiana for not coming as promised
I dragged my weak self to the toilet to clean my self up
By the time I was done Davis had gone
I made to prepare for school
We have only a semester to go and I’d be a graduate
😋 Tiana 😋
“Kelly what kinda sister are you huh”
“The knee that’s love you so much”
“If you do you won’t pu-ll a prank call on me now I missed the sleepover and Chloe is gonna be mad”
“But I was sick and you had to take off me ion think that’s [email protected] to explain” she said with an eye roll .
“It was a slight fever and very treatable without my intervention” I yelled in fustration
“I just wanted your t©uçh besides I missed you”
“You saw me two days ago dmnit”
“Whatever 🙄 you better leave it you’d have to skip school which miss extral month in school”
“Thanks for adding to my [email protected]£nt” I said sarcastically while walking out
💞💞At school 💞💞
Authoress POV 🌼
Students were seen standing in pairs laughing and giggling on the new vdeo trending online
Chloe’s sx vdeo
☹️ Chloe ☹️
I drove into school feeling bashful
I got down to proceed to my clas-s humming to a mental song
Soon I was receiving unwelcoming stare From students
They were looking at me with di$gust, irritation and disappointment while some were point f!ngersand laughing at me
Okay what’s going on
“Why are you laughing at me” I yelled
“Maybe you should try to close up your loosed h0le” a girl retorted and I was shocked
“What….what are you talking about” I stuttered
“We are talking about the live sx you had yesternight bi**h”
“Nooo” I yelled in pains and fell to the ground
🚻 Worthless btch
🚻 To think I was gonna ask her out
🚻 She’s such a loosed girl
🚻 If you don’t mind I can have you here
I was sulking in tears 🤧 not because it pained me
No it didn’t
I am a $lut for real after all
What pained me was the fact that this humiliation was meant for Tiana
And she escaped
What I feel for her now is hatred
Pure hatred
I won’t st©p at nothing until her relationsh!pis ruined
Even if it take years
Crying my eyes out as students were throwing things at me
“Enough!! Enough of the the embarras-sment” someone yelled which I recognize to be Tiana voice
Everyone went silent immediately
“As if you all aren’t btches
As if you guys don’t get $c.rewed
You are critizing her because hers was expo-sed
Are you that dumb to see she was [email protected]??
Huh? Or didn’t you watch the video clearly
If any one of you insult her again you’d have to face me” she concluded meanly before moving towards me with Harry.
“Am Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday huh
If I had none of this would have happened”
Yeah btch it wouldn’t it would have been you instead
“Oh no it’s nothing you stood up for me what more could I ask for” I said with a fake smile
“The idi0t who did this would be arrested today and you get to do whatever you want to him” Harry’s voice boomed behind
Oh no Davis he’d surely Rat me out
Two weeks later ❄️
My name was cleared and I continue my fake friendsh!pwith Tiana
Though I have give up on breaking their relationsh!p
They are still on the look for Davis
I have been keeping tabs on him though
The police couldn’t get him
“We got his location” tia said entering the clas-s
“Who’s Location”
“The [email protected]$t” she replied and I felt my heart jump out of my mouth
Oh no he’d rat me out for sure
I have to do something
“Mr David you are un-der arrest for the [email protected]£ of miss Chloe
Yo have the right to remain silent and everything you say we be used against you in the court of law” the officer said
And Davis eyes wi-den seeing me, Harry and Tiana with the cops
“No you can’t do that am not the only one involved”
“What do mean that you were s£nt”
“No and yes but the int£rç0rs£was cons-en-sual chl……” He was still saying when a gunsh0t was heard and Davis dropped dead
All the cops were shocked including Harry and tia
Tried my best no to sm-irk and formed a completely emotionless face
I s£nt an hit man
Yeah my men at work ..
I can’t let him rat me out
❄️Episode 36❄️
💞 Tiana 💞
It’s been two months since the incident
We organise Davis burial
Though we didn’t cry because he deserved to die
When I insisted on finding his killer both Harry and Tiana were against it
But I admantly when on with it
This issue caused a rift between I and Harry but I wanted to be sure of something
He wanted to say who s£nt him but was cut off by death
Obviously the [email protected] doesn’t want to be caught and still on the loose
I proceeded with the case for a month before I found out that Davis was a [email protected] criminal
So that means he was killed by one of his numerous enemies
I gave up and faced my relationsh!p
It’s obvious we are getting married after college
Mrs gold will make sure of it
She’s been on Harry’s n£¢k this few days
We were alre-ady preparing to [email protected] our graduation
And trust mrs gold now
She’s more prepared than that of highschool
Currently I and Harry and Chloe are shopping for our dresses
Mrs gold said she won’t be pres£nt physically but she’s doing her best to support us from where she is
Mom has been quite supportive clouded with the joy that I t©pped my clas-s following her steps
Once we are done I get a good job with a fat pay
What more can I ask for
“Don’t pick that” Chloe yelled jo-lting me outta my thoughts as I made to pick a yellow go-wn
“Because I want it” she purred
“Like seriously”
“ gimme” she said before yanking it off..
“Ya such a baby”
“Like I care”
I was just smiling seeing the kind of friend I have
I am blessed
I am going to slow down on my plans for now
When we graduate I’d get closer to the family
Now I will not only take Harry from her
I will manipulate him to hand over the company to me
I am no longer blinded by love or lu$t all I want is his money
I saw how rich his family are
So if I should get married to him it’s a good thing for me
And I will get have of his business if not all
“Am coming” yelled at tia who was alre-ady ahead of me
💞Uncle Joe💞
I was coming back from a business trip to India when a text entered my phone
[email protected] time
Oh my
I can’t believe my nephew is now graduating college
He’s gonna be a man now
The text was from my brother he said I should repres£nt him and his wife
And I will gladly do it
💞Mrs Williams 💞
“Get the banquets”
“Set that table right”
“Pack those”
“The table should be at the side”,
“It’s red carpet”
“The bouncer should be at alert”
“Do this do that” was All I have been saying since morning
“Mom you’ve gat to rest” tia chirped in
“This [email protected] is gotta be perfect”
“Like there has ever been a [email protected] planned by you that’s imperfect” my hubby said
“Yeah he’s right it’s always t©p notch” Tia nudged
“Whatever… It’s got to be more than perfect… It’s my baby’s graduation [email protected]
“And mine too.. your lovely son”Harry said coming in
“Are you jealous” Tia asked
“Just letting you know that I [email protected] of the family now”he replied her
They both started arguing
“Aren’t they cute” my husband asked
“They sure are”
“I will be the cook!” Kelly yelled coming in and Harry and Tiana immediately st©pped arguing
“NO!!!” They both have yelled at the same time
We shall see then” Kelly said walking out

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