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My prince charming Episode 29 & 30

👅 She’s feisty he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💖 Episode 29
😋 Harry 😋
I left the place angrily when I saw going out with the drun!kguy
I can’t believe Tiana
“Have you even call her to ask of what actually happened” my subconscious reasoned
Actually no and I think that’s pretty immature
I should have asked her what happened
No but I just went ahead to give her silent treatment
I guess I will have to wait till she’s back so we can sort this out
I miss my Tiana
😋 Tiana 😋
The car pu-ll-ed up in front of the school
The whole evnironment was Serene and quite
I instructed them to bring the materials we nee-ded
The be-d, chili, mannequin, a drty g strng [email protected], and some milk
All available ✔️
The two guys dragged the be-d to the center of the school near the water fountain
They carried the dead looking Davis to lie on the b.ed
He isn’t dead o just slee-ping but he looks pretty much like a dead person
I re-moved all his cl0thes leaving his bxers alone
I beckon on the guys to help me re-moved his bo-xers and replaced it with the g-$trng
I then spilled all the milk on his b©dy
ma-king look like his $perm
I placed the mannequin beside and placed his hands on it ma-king it look like he’s having sx fan.tasies
Before I proceeded to place the chilli pepper un-der his eye bag
When he wakes up he’d be sorry
I stood up [email protected] heavily with a satisfactory sm-irk as I head to my car to have a good night sleep
Maybe achey but who cares as long her this punk pays for his crime
😋 Harry 😋
I woke up looking hagard and unkept
I can’t believe tia didn’t come home yesterday
I felt so empty
I should have asked her
Maybe she’s tired of my silent treatment that’s why she didn’t come home
Or maybe she had a nice time with the guy yesterday
Many thoughts kept running throu-gh my mind as I sluggishly prepared for school
At school 🏢🏢
As I drove my car in to the school premises I discovered a commotion at the center of the school
I saw people hovering over the place and recording
Some where ma-king silly comments
I pu-ll-ed up at the parking lot and got down
I nee-d to satisfy my curiosity and approach the scene
I was shocked at what I was seeing
The guy I saw tia with last night
Was on a b.ed with a p.ant holding a mannequin
This is really embarras-sing
But wait where is Tiana
Why do I have a feeling that tia is behind this
Oh sht am in for it
I misjudged quic-kly
I should have known she’s up to something with that crazy mind of hers
😋Tiana 😋
I spurled up by the sound of my alarm
Feeling aches round my b©dy
Geez it’s 8 alre-ady
I am never slee-ping in a car again
I quic-kly got up with my phone as I made way to the place my prey was
He’d be awake soon and I don’t wanna miss the big comment
I got there by 8:15
Just five more minutes to go
At exactly 8:20am the fool woke uo
As expected I he ru-bbe-d his chilli filled eyes
Wait for it…….and now!!!
“Argghhhhhhu” he yelled feeling the impact of the pepper
I can’t hold the laughter 🤣 I bur-sted into uncontrollable laughter
All the students Joined in as he continued to embarras-s himself
People continue to make videos
Oh mmm gee he’s going to get popular
He continued ru-bbing his eyes
Causing the pepper to enter further
What a fool 😬
He kept twirling blindly until he hit his foot to the fountain causing him to fall inside
I walked into the middle near the fountain facing the so called Davis
“This will tell you not to [email protected] in a foolish bet over my relationsh!p” I said meancely
Before turning round to go
💖 Episode 30
😋 Chloe 😋
I drove r0ûghly into the school in a jolly good mood
Grooving to Bruno Mars “24hours magic”
I st©pped when I noticed the crowd hovering over a place
Okay! What’s going on
One thing is this people are gossips so them hovering like that simply means something is wrong
I went closer to see the most embarras-sing yet hilarious thing ever seen
I could not hold back the laughter 🤣
I had to let it all out
It was the guy I saw with Tiana yesterday
Just then Tiana [email protected]£ to say something
Obviously she’s behind it
This girl is crazier than I thought
If she should find out about me I wonder what she’d do to me
‘fry you alive” my subconscious jibe-d
“Can’t you be positive for once” I replied it
This isn’t gonna scare me
I will carry on with my plans
Harry would be mine alone at last
I was about going to clas-s when my phone [email protected]
New message 💬 Ashton Blake is having a [email protected] this Saturday💬
Whoa I am going to be there
Have got eyes on the guy too just one night and I’d be okay
😋 Mabel 😋
After witnessing what she did to Davis
I decided to give up
Am not re-ady to die yet
She’s [email protected] dangerous 🔥 and am not that desperate
There are other guys out there
Am not re-ady to be six feet un-der
No never I give up finally
😋 Harry 😋
I feel so stupid and sorry for myself
What is she gonna do to me
I should have just asked her
In my ego has finally killed me
I just kept staring at her from the end of the clas-s
I can’t even walk up to her
Everything the teacher was saying wasn’t coming throu-gh it was like a TV muted
I will just have to do it the cr.azy way
😋 Davis 😋
I kept crying and crying because the impact of the chilli was very high
I can’t believe that girl is this wicked.
How could she?
Just because I wanted to have a ta$te of her
“You mean she did all that” Henry my best friend said Admist laughter
” The famous boy was defeated by a girl” my younger brother asked laughing
“You guys should justfu-ck off my b©dy aches” I said but they kept laughing
I will get back at Tiana that’s a promise
“I am moving to Las [email protected] for two months I nee-d to heal” I said
“Or to fk” Henry said
Once am back I will come for Tiana
😋 Tiana 😋
I was smiling wickedly seeing how worked up Harry is
I will deal with him for not trusting me
I was going back to the locker room when he showed up at my front
“Baby” he wyned while I rolled my eyes
“Am really sorry”
I ignored
He [email protected]£ closer and tried to hold me again but I [email protected]ñked his hands off
I tried walk-in away but be [email protected]£d me and pu-ll-ed me into an intense kss
He doesn’t know how crazy he drives me with thosel-ips of his
I reciprocated digging into his mouth
Not that I have a choice though
But when I realized I was still angry at him I pu-ll-ed out
I will not forgive him just yet
It’s like Davis do not have ear👂
Should Tia forgive our Harry 😁

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