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My prince charming Episode 27 & 28

👅 She’s feisty he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💖 Episode 27💖
I walked into the clas-s proudly although dressed crazily
The girl from yesterday was sneering at me
Who cares
I was cross checking a work on my book when the girl [email protected]£ over
“Hey ” she said but Ignored
“I am talking to you”
“Do I look like I care”
“I just [email protected]£ to warn you to stay of my lane” she said and I looked at her meanly
“Ion think that advice is meant for me cause ya the shameless one crossing my lane” I stated coldly and I cam see her shiver
She decided to pretend as if I didn’t get to her
“I am the queen of this school and I get what ever I want”
“Hello! Am plea-sed to introduce to you
Her royal craziness Tiana”
“I hate you” she yelled in fustration
“IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME! GET A CAR BUY A MAP AND GO TO H€LL!!!!!!” I replied throwing her a death glare she scurried away angrily
“What happened here why were you yelling at Mabel” Chloe said walking towards me
“So mabel is the b***h name”
“She [email protected]£ to tell me to stay off her whereas she’s the one doing Soo”
“She is a b***h everyone knows that”
Everyone settled down as soon as the lecture began
Chloe alre-ady left to her clas-s
And I can’t find the troublesome mabel
Seems like she’s Soo pissed she decided to skip clas-s
The first clas-s was over and a guy walked in ion think I have seen him since I arrived
“You just [email protected]£ yesterday you can’t know everyone” my subconscious jibe-d
Soon I saw him approaching my desk with a knowing sm-irk
He’s a pe.rvert
His eyes were filled with lu$t as he choked my b©dy with his eyes
“Hey pretty” he said showing me his decayed teeth
Okay he’s not that bad he’s handsome and all but his pres£nce disgusts me
“Oh hey”
“You look stunning”
“You don’t nee-d to tell me I know that alre-ady” I replied bluntly
“Humming fiesty 😋 me like” he said l!çk!ng hisl-ips
“I admire you”
“Oh okay”
“I mean I like you”
“It’s just one night stand nothing more” he said ru-bbing his palm and l!çk!ng hisl-ips
“Like just like That he’s gat to be kidding me”
“Just say you wanna $leep with me no nee-d to add that you like me when you clearly don’t”
“Oh my bad my name is Davis” he said with a smile
I rolled my eyes and made to go when he dragged my hands back causing me to loose my balance and placing us in a compromising position
He’s hands were on my and he was still sm-irking
🤣🤣🤣Davis is dead oo 🤣🤣🤣
“Why are you going we haven’t chos£n the place we’d use” he said
I smiled “let’s meet at sunny day out restaurant”
“Me likee”
He doesn’t know who he offended
I smiled mapping out my plans
He’s gonna be shocked
😋 Harry 😋
I wanted to surprise Tiana
But I don’t know her clas-s
I met a girl at the hallway with the name mabel
She gladly lead me to Tia clas-s
Only for me to see a guys hands on her
While the girl that brou-ght me here was sm-irking giving me a se.ductive smile
She’s bad news
“Seems like your girlfriend is a cheat” she said and I glared at her walking out angrily
💖 Episode 28
😋 Tiana 😋
I knew that Harry saw me with the guy but I pretended
If I should tell him what he did he’d flare up and deal with him.
But I want to deal with him my own way
As I walked throu-gh the Hallway I heard whisphers
🚻 She’s a $lut
🚻 Can’t believe she’d cheat on such as a h0ttie
🚻 She is a wh0re
🚻 I can’t believe he’d still want her after this btchy act
I just ignored them and made way to the car
Harry was alre-ady standing by the car with a angry face
He looks ugly when angry
I chuckled at my own thoughts while Harry looks confused at my actions
I sat on my be-d marking out my plans
I arranged a [email protected]£ with him later tonight
Davis is going to get it h0t h0t
I packed my chilli powder my prank props
I went to my dresser and got claded in my favorite crazy jeans and a bad girl t©p
Did little make up with myl-ips glistering with dark redl-ipstick
It looks blood sh0t
I look like a complete bad girl with a h0t feature
I was about to go out when my phone [email protected]
📳 “Hey handsome” I said sweetly
📳 Angel you are keeping me waiting
📳 Am on my way dear
📳 Okay waiting
I dropped my phone in my bag walk-in out
I pas-sed Harry by going out he didn’t even talk to me
He’s been given me a silent treatment since morning
For now I will act less concern till I deal with the fker waiting at the restaurant
I packed my prank bag inside the boot
And beckon on the guards that are going with me
I arrived at the Chinese restaurant ten minutes after 9
I re-moved Novo gold (slee-ping pill) from my bag as I walked towards his table
He was alre-ady waiting anxiously 🙄
He was wearing a black tuxedo looking all handsome
Well it’s none of my bizz
I made research about him and I found out that he’s a popular big time flir-t and a known heartbreaker
I also discovered that he has a r.ape record from two years ago
Well let’s get to business
“Hey” I said
“Hello damsel”
“Am fine you” I replied with a fake smile
“Sit” he said drawing a chair for me to sit
The gentle man before attitude “yuck”
“What would you like eat” he asked signalling a waiter
“Am not hungry a drink will do” I replied looking de-ep into his eyes
“You are a dead meat” I said inwardly
😋 Davis 😋
I sm-irked seeing I have gotten a upper hand in the game
Well I [email protected]£ back to school this week when I heard about a new h0t girl in school
Though they were like she’s with a guy and will never come to me
So I made a bet with them
to fk her and have her $cream my name
Yeah and that’s what I am going to do
I continue staring at her mesmerizing eyes
A beauty alone is enough to give me a h.ard on
No one is st©pping me from having her tonight
😋 Harry 😋
I was very angry but am trying to condone it as I watch them from the extreme end of the restaurant
I had to follow her
I can’t believe she’d cheat on me with a fl1rt
“As if you weren’t one” my subconscious jibe-d
“Whatever” I replied him
I was fighting every urge of standing up to go pu.nch his face
But I maintained it watching and wondering what would happen next
😋 Tiana 😋
I ru-bbe-d my drugged f!nger at the ti-p of his drink filled cu-p
He was distracted byl-ips which I was l!çk!ng that he didn’t notice when I di-pped my f!nger in the drink re-leasing the slee-ping pill in his drink
“Take your drink” I urged
“Of course”he replied raising his drink to his mouth
This is gonna be fun😋
😂😂😂😂 Someone should warn davisoo😂😂😂
It’s been thirty minutes and Davis is all slurping
Uttering stupid words
He’s obviously drun!kand asleep
Two things In one
I called the guards as they helped me drag him inside the car

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