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My prince charming Episode 25 & 26

👅 She’s feisty he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💖 Episode 25 💖
😋Harry 😋
It’s been three months since we graduated highschool
Three months of hella fun
It’s been adventurous and really interesting
We even went on vacation to Paris
But my crazy girlfriend made sure all my clothes were customized to
⏹️ Taken ✔️
⏹️ Happy ✔️
⏹️ Face front ✔️
⏹️ He’s mine ✔️
At the back of my clothes causing all girls to back of
The ones that tried acting bit-chy oh God 🤦
Regretted the day their momma gave birth to them because Tiana designed their faces
I love her so much
College is resuming soon and mom had make sure that I and tia got in to the same school
Tommorow is going to be lit
😋 Tiana 😋
“TIA!! Hurry up we are gonna be late” Harry yelled running down stairs
I got claded in some crazy jeans and and t©p
Looking all rugged and h0t
Those guys are gonna drool
Too bad am alre-ady taken
“Chill dog am on my way”
“Dog? Really?….. Is that a new nickname”
” Maybe”
“Go$h ya cr.azy”
“And you love me too” I replied as we got in too his latest Ferrari
Attention was drawn to us as soon we entered
Yeah the who’s gat this “h0t car” look
I saw as ladies we eagerly waiting for the owner to come out
While guys were obviously curious too
Harry [email protected]£ down looking h0t and all
I saw girls fainting as they saw him
“Dramatic 🙄”
🚻 He’s h0t
🚻 Be mine
🚻 Just a night stand
🚻 I don’t mind being ya maid
Was all going on in the air as Harry walked over to my side and open the door
I could see the shock on their faces
While I held a satisfactory sm-irk
Now it was the guys turn to stare
Some were whistling
Some were shamelessly drooling
While some were lvst filled looking at me hungrily
I felt a lil bit nervous
🚻 Maybe she’s his sister
🚻 Or his cousin
I heard them say as we walk towards the building
Suddenly I felt Harry’sl-ips fussed on mine
“I guess that will tell them to back off” he whispered with a sm-irk
And they were shocked
It’s my time to sm-irk now 😏
It’s been a really long day
The lectures has been time consuming coupled with the fact that I feel nervous
Because Harry isn’t in the clas-s with me
He’s studying business administration
While am studying nursing
“Or is it because of the thought of those girls throwing themselves at him” my subconscious jibe-d
“That will be all for today” the lecturer said and exited the clas-s
I hastily packed my things and made my way out
I nee-d to see my hunny bunny ☺️
One thing is ion know his [email protected] but am going anyways
I was rushing and didn’t look at where I was going untill I bu-mped into someone
💖 Episode 26💖
I hummed heartily as I listened to ariana Grande’s song
“Break up with ya girlfriend cos am bored”
🎵 You got me sometime away🎵
🎵 ain’t ya just feeling this way🎵
🎵I do not know what to say yeah yeah 🎵
🎵 yeah I know I shouldn’t think about it🎵
🎵I look at ya face🎵
🎵I wanna know you place me🎵
🎵 Usually don’t give me the week yeah yeah 🎵
I don’t really know the lyrics but kept singing
But i started to yell the side that mattered to me most
🎵 Break up with your girlfriend yeah cos am bored🎵
🎵 Break up with your girlfriend yeah like sword🎵
Very soon Harry’s relationsh!pwith Tiana will crash
It’s a promise
I drived into the school premises with a smilling face which dropped immediately I saw Harry and tiana coming out of their car
They look beautiful no doubt
And good together
I left the place angrily and went inside
School was over
I was coming from the toilet when I bu-mped into someone
Turns out to be the btch Tiana
I quic-kly covered my disgusted face with a fake smile
“Ohh seems like fate wants us together this is the third time we’d be clashing” I replied with a small
“Yeah seems so…..”
“Chloe” I replied stretching my hands for an handshake
“Yeah I know that btch” I said inwardly
“What a nice name”
“Haha funny but not as cute as yours though” she said and I blu-shed
“Seems like you are familiar with this place”
“Yeah I have been here a little while”
“Would you mind taking me to the business administration block”
“Oh really that’s my [email protected]
“Wow I want to go call my b©yfri£nd” she said and my heart ti-ght£ñ up in pure hatred
“Really ☺️” I said with a fake smile
“Let’s go”
We kept bickering as we went
Sincerely she’s cool but got some crazy personality
I just hope she doesn’t find out my plans for her
Cause if she does am a dead meat
She narrated all the things she did to people who messed with her and it wasn’t nice
Finally we are at the front of my [email protected]
I can’t believe we are in the same [email protected]
My plans will fuitive
“Harry boo” she squealed as she ran to hvg him while he kssed her
I felt a rush of jealousy boiling in my blood but I covered it with a smile
“Hi” I said shyly to Harry
“Hello” he replied bluntly with a confused look
“Harry meet Chloe my new bestie……Chloe meet Harry my b©yfri£nd” she introduced
We all walked out after we exchanged contact
I [email protected]£ up with a new plan
Which is to become her best friend and then betrayal
That will be painful
I can imagine the look on her face when that happens
😋Tiana 😋
I felt happy to meet a new friend she’s beautiful
Something drew me to her
I automatically make her my bestie
I knew Harry was surprised well because I have never had a friend before
Except my lousy sister
Can’t wait to see her I have really missed her
“Harry” I called pouting
“Yes cutie”
“Carry me” I said raising my hands childishly
We were in front of the school alre-ady
Well I wanted to do that because of a btch I met earlier today I’d tell you about that later 😉
I wanna prove to her that Harry is mine
I made sure students were around
He carried me in a bridal style walking towards the car
I was sure not to miss the shock on the girls face

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