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My crazy house help 5 & 6

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 5
By. Humble Smith
🎸Rose’s POV🎸
I sat up from my be-d and my gaze fell on Bryan, I felt a glitch in my heart as the thought of seeing him in reality dawned on me..
It would be the greatest thing that would happen to me and I can’t just wait for tomorrow, yes it is tomorrow..
I would be the first to go and register, I really nee-ds to see him and talk to him, who knows he may fall in love with me at first sight.
I can’t st©p smiling…
I sat on the be-d gazing at his picture which was so stunning that I would always get lost staring at it..
My mother was still slee-ping peacefully..
Just then, the door opened and Clara walked in with her phone..
“Oh!! Another music??..what is the name?..did he call my name in it??..” I kept asking as I jo-lted up from the be-d..
“Hell no!!..he no longer sings!” She stated and my eyes wi-de-ned
“Finally, the world has been made to know the reason behind Bryan not being seen in stage for some time now, it has been long he dropped a new song…do you know the reason?” She asked and I shook my head praying he wasn’t ill..
“He had a problem with his girlfriend Anna and they broke up!” She said and I jumped up in glee..
“!!!..” I screamed in happiness as I heard that great news..
“Really???..she broke up with him!!” I exclaimed and [email protected]£d Bryan’s picture placing it in my heart…
“Are you mad??” She asked and I smiled at her..
“Yes..I’m madly in love with him..” I said and k!$$£d hisl-ips..
“You couldn’t even wait for me to finish and you are being happy like he proposed to you..” She half yelled and I plopped down on the be-d..
My eyes is alre-ady we-t, I can’t just think straight now…so he is now single..
That means I have a hope!!!
“Rose do you even have the idea that you are poor??” She questioned and I sneered at her
“That guy is a billionaire and you are a poor girl in the slum, do you both match in anyway?..he would hate you the moment he sees you, he had got nothing to do with the poor..” She said and I nodded
“We are soulmate, we would sing together, I would be his girlfriend, I would replace his girlfriend” I muttered with a smile.
“Let me tell you all I [email protected]£ to say…Bryan had changed totally, his father, friends, and everyone are really can’t believe that he is rarely seen around..he doesn’t stay with people any more always indoor, he can’t even sing again..” She explained
“Why all this??.. What happened??..” I asked
“Sophia his girlfriend jilted him, she broke up with him and start up a new relationsh!pwith his rival!!” She explained
“Till I meet him..” I said with a smile..
“Meet who??…you may not be able to see him all throu-gh your stay in that school!!..”
“Its not possible!!!”
“Okay, you would be starting tomorrow right?” She asked and I smiled and glanced at Bryan before nodding..
“Good luck!!.. Don’t forget to always gist me!” She said ma-king me giggle..
“I went to deliver pizza to someone there in the school although couldn’t go in, he was outside, he is very h0t and handsome..well, after telling me he is Bryan’s friend, I gave him a message to drop for Bryan..” I giggled
“What is the message?”
“What else if not that I love him!!..
you don’t really get how much I love this guy..he is just soooo perfect!!!” I squeaked
“After tomorrow let’s see if you would like the Bryan you would meet!” She laughed and I felt like [email protected] her..
“Bryan is my dream man, he just broke up with his girlfriend which means he is waiting for my arrival..” I chuckled
“Crazy girl..just st©p daydreaming and drawing silly conclusions..” She said hitting me a pillow..
“Just watch and see!”
Jace’s POV
I got into the clas-s and as usual Bryan’s seat was empty, he is gone again!
Sophia and her new lover is really ma-king out a good time together..
I wish she would at least have mercy on Bryan by doing all this in secret, it just seem like she wants to hurt him more and more..
I sat down carefully with the eyes of some student trailing me..
“He looks so charming and calm!!” Some murmuring began
“I love his gentle look!!” Another ch!pped in
I smiled inwardly before burying my face into my palm..
Just then, my mind drifted to the pizza girl..
She gave me a she that crazy??
The way she was even covering her face is just soo funny..
I would look for her tomorrow at the pizza, her type is nee-ded in Bryan’s life..she may be able to make him smile even if it is for a minutes..
Who knows she may change him…
The new Bryan is really destroying many things..
Our new band would be on hold, the company income would reduce..
Bryan is our greatest as-set and now he is becoming a loner because of Sophia..
He wouldn’t want to move along.. Why??
Sophia isn’t coming back..why can’t he accept his fate and move on..
Just then, Bryan walked into the clas-s,
Who is this??.. A human??
No ooo
He is an angel!!..Is that his real eyes..what about thosel-ips??
Aggghrr..plea-se look at me!!
I love you oppa!! are my everything!!
The while clas-s went into am uproar as everyone especially the ladies admire, drool and swoon for Bryan..
His face was stonily but he still looks so h0t..
“Bryan! last, you [email protected]£ to clas-s, where?…”
“St©p those gibberish!..” He grunted and moved his hand over his hair in frustration as he saw how all the student were all going crazy..
Some ladies were even fainting.. Some had their eyes we-t in de-ep emotions..
“I [email protected]£ here to ask you for a favour??”he growled
” a favour? ears are itching.. ” I chuckled
“Join hand with me so we can revoke that scholarsh!p, I can’t take in those trashcans into this school..” He huffed and sat down,
“It can’t be revoke now that it has been…”
“Just shut up!!” He howled and moved his hand throu-gh his hair again,
He was really getting freaked out staying with the student around peering at him..
“I would not want any new student from the scholarsh!pinto this clas-s, find another place for them..I can’t stay in the same place with them..agghrr!!
I was getting annoyed at the whole thing..
” let’s see how it goes buddy..” I said
“What about the band?..what about your singing career?..what about all that??…can you st©p all this your attitude!!!.. She is gone!? I snapped and he rolled his eyes before standing up..
Bryan’s POV
“I hate you..I hate dad..can you just see her, can you??..she isn’t even looking at me, all her attention is in him, very soon they would bring out a song together..” I sobbe-d bitterly..
How would she claimed to have loved me but didn’t took anyway long to replace me..
I muffled glancing at Sophia who wasn’t looking at me a bit..
She really hates me for nothing, nothing, I did nothing
“Someone special is dying for you, she is really crushing on everything about you..her name is Rose and she says I should tell you that she loves you!..” Jace’s voice echoed in my ear..
For some minute, I felt strangely at the mention of that name.. Rose!!.. Rose!!..that name echoed in my memory..
For some seconds, I felt the urge to see her..
What is this??
Episode 6
🎸Bryan’s POV🎸
For some moment I thought on this name like it was something else..
The stupid urge was something I can’t explain, how would I want to see her..gosh!
Is Rose a name of a person or a name of a flower?
I laughed to myself without even knowing when the laugh [email protected]£ out..
“Did you just laughed?” He exclaimed and I turned to him with an arched brow..
“Man you just laughed like seriously??” He smiled and I got rolled my eyes getting vexed, why did I even laugh, what is funny about the whole thing..
I hissed and took a de-ep breath,
I looked up and there were the eyes of ladies peering at me..
I rolled my eyes again and sighed..
“Tell that Rose that she shouldn’t near me or this school or I’d skin her alive!” I stated and he chuckled..
“That’s because you haven’t seen her..” He said and I sneered at him like he is insane..
“Do I nee-d to see her before hating her??..tell her that I hate much” I hissed and fluttered my eyes..
I raised my gaze again and their eyes fell on me..
Oh gosh!!!
“I think I nee-d to leave this clas-s,!” I seethed un-der my breath and I stood up
Just then, a teacher walked in and that made me sit back..
“Bryan you got to st©p know we got a main rival in music, you want him to take the glory?” He said and I looked at him feeling the urge go [email protected] his face..
“Why should I sing when the inspiration is gone?”
“There you lie, the talent is still there, Sophia isn’t your life…forget her!!” He growled
“Well, I’ll forget her and also forget music because it is now useless!” I stated bitterly wishing I can really forget Sophia..
The taught all he had to teach without me even listening to a single word, I even hate him for coming in when I wants to leave the clas-s..
After what seems like an eternity to me, he was done and left..
I sighed and turned to jace who also turned to me..
“Are you helping me revoke the scholarsh!por not?” I grunted
“I would have gladly do it for you but I have this feeling that Rose would be among those that would sign in throu-gh that scholarsh!p..” He said and I flared up..
“I don’t give a damn about that Rose of yours?? you know how it would be having those people here?? you know how smelly they would be??..what about the obsessed ones..aaahhha!” I ruffled my hair in frustration attracting the attention of everyone in the clas-s..
They all stared at me ma-king me pissed up…
“Hey why the stares!!” I growled and they averted their gaze..
“You don’t know me well right?” I said to jace
“I’ll make sure I personally make life hell for all those commoner, they would regret the day they decided to come here!!” I breathed and stood up to leave..
Jace was staring at me in awe, I don’t give a damn, how could I even want to see that Rose flower, he just said she would sign in the scholarsh!pwhich means she is even poor…
I turned to leave but felt my legs heavy as I caught the glimpse of Sophia and Jeremy again, I couldn’t hold myself this time..
I walked to them, you don’t know how exasperated I am..
“Hey, aren’t you ashamed of all this??” I seethed trying [email protected] to hide my pain of seeing her with him..
“Ashamed of what?..have you gone nut?” Jeremy was the one to talk now..
“Shut those smelly pit you godforsaken as-s-hole!!” I cursed ma-king him sneer at me
“Don’t you know you are the as-s-hole here??..that’s the reason I dumped you..” She spited and I swallowed [email protected]
“wanna know when we would drop a song??” She chuckled and my stomach grumbled
“Oh yeah, we created a song about the timid guys like you who gets dumped easily” Jeremy laughed..
“To hell with those songs..fools!!” I howled and turn to leave so they won’t see my eyes which was becoming we-t..
“We wouldn’t sing it here, we are leaving for Paris tomorrow, we nee-d a breathing space, your pathetic eyes is disturbing us, we are leaving this school for you at the moment..” Sophia chuckled ma-king my world crumble..
So there wasn’t a single hope, she was leaving???
I looked at myself and felt so low..wasn’t I that Bryan that is known throu-gh out the whole town?.. I looked up and the stares of the student caught my eyes..
The ladies was really having their eyes filled with emotions as they wish and long for me to at least look at them..
everyone wants me but the person I dearly want doesn’t want me in her life a single bit..
I took a de-ep breath and turned my gaze to Sophia and the stupid guy..
“Do you think I care??..hey you can take your a**s anywhere you like, I don’t give a damn, you are nothing to me anymore..fuc-k you!!” I seethed and walked away while she giggled behind ma-king me feel shame..
Well, I guess it is over….
I think I hates her hell with her! hell with singing, to hell with any band, to hell with thefu-cking national competition.. I don’t care anymore, my joy is gone…$h!t!!!
I walked out of the school and dashed into my flashy car, the most expensive car in the garage, it was sparkling white and really fitted my white attire..
I ignited it and drove away, I’m not going home just want to go to a secluded area and calm my nerves, I nee-d to get myself together..
Its getting too much..I drove away with my mind clouded with different thought..
The thought of my future without Sophia, how would life be without her, it was just too sudden..very soon everyone would know of our separation.
How would i cope when I can’t like any lady, how would I even sing remembering that she gone…
Can I even compete with her when she sings with another band??
Tears rolled down as I drove to where I don’t even know..
My phone rang immediately and it was my dad..
“What is it??” I asked angrily
“Are you suddenly mad!! could you leave the school without guards, what is wrong with you??” He seethed
“St©p calling me plea-se, I don’t want to talk to any of you!” I gruffed
“You are out of your mind??.. I’m alre-ady s£nding five guard to you©p risking your life son..” He said and i hung up..
I sighed and parked my car beside the road before resting my head on the dash board..
I don’t know where I am, all I know is that the environment is calm, I just nee-d to rest my head..
Just then, someone tapped me..
I raised my gaze and it fell on a lady who was dressed in a company uniform, she was carrying a pizza..
My mind flashed to what jace said..she is a pizza attendant..
“Who are you??” I asked the girl who wasn’t moving or talking, her gaze was just on me as she [email protected] for breath, her eyes was wi-de-ned as she looked stunned..
“You are Bryan????” She asked and I sneered at her..
“Are you Rose??” I asked and her eyes wi-de-ned the more..
“You know my name??????” She squeaked
“I don’t know you or your flower name..why did you even t©uçhed my car talk more of tou-ching me??” I asked stepping down of the car..
The pizza she was holding dropped off her grip as I jaw dropped..
“Bryan!!!!!!!!” She screamed and jumped like she won a lottery..
“What??..why did you scream my name??” I huffed and she bowed and stared at my face like she hasn’t seen a face like this before..
“You [email protected]£ looking for me right?..jace gave you my message..” She squealed leaving me taken aback..
Is she mad???
How would I come looking for her??..
What type of girl is this?
“Do you know you disgust me, I swear I don’t know how I was able to even talk to you..” I grunted and she smiled
“When you are rude, you looks more cute and h0t..plea-se are you a human or one of the angel that was forgotten on earth?” She asked squinting her eyes..
“plea-se do me a favour by not registering in the school, plea-se I can’t have you there, you are very clumsy” I sneered
“Do you know what soul mate is??” She asked walking to and fro like with her hands clutched behind..
“Can you leave now?” I said and she walked closer..
“Don’t come near me!!” I screamed but she wasn’t listening, her face was even filled with smiles..
“I heard your girlfriend left you, you must be heartbroken now..forget about her or she would think she has control over you..” She smiled and I looked away
“I can’t believe a day like this would come, I can’t believe I am standing with you here, how did you even [email protected]£ here?..I feel like bur-sting standing close to you, your colongne is ma-king me feel dizzy..” I purred
“Just wait a little, my guards is will end in jail in no distant time, I can’t believe you got the gut to…arrgh…” I growled and glared at her..
Immediately she heard that, she took my hand and squee-zed it softly..
“Just know I love you, I love you and I know you may not love me really in love with you..I love youu.” She kept saying in a low tone
“Ohh, I’ll take one hour to wash that hand, you must have stained it now!” I growled ignoring all she said..
“Look” she said pointing at my right..
I turned my gaze to see what she was showing me and the next thing she did surprised me..
She k!$$£d my cheek and ran away….
Myl-ips curved into a smile and before I knew it, I laughed…
What??..she just made me laugh..
To be continued..

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