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Mother’s love Episode 7 & 8

Putting mom to rest was really painful, I would feel dizzy and pas-s out most of the times. My friend never left my side and I felt better knowing there was someone I could rely on, dad was asked to stay strong and not break down because he was a man but I could see that he was hurting inside. Mom’s death had r!pp£dhim [email protected] and he couldn’t hide it, I could see him trying to fight back his tears whenever he spoke to me and I was also hurt and I tried drifting to a quiet place where everything was peaceful by just starring into space but no one let me do that and I had no option than to let go because depression was the last thing I had to let take over me considering Monica.
Hi us on plus two three four eight zero five five eight eight nine one eight three on watsapp to get added to our group. . I learnt that I had an aunt who [email protected]£ to the funeral mainly to [email protected] about her lifestyle and I tried my best to tolerate her but I couldn’t take it when I overheard her telling someone she [email protected]£ with that mom did a great thing by pas-sing away because she’d just waste resources with her condition which never got any better so I approached her and told her to leave if she never [email protected]£ to mourn instead of speaking ill of a deceased person but I told it to her sarcastically and there was a strange look she gave me, one that s£nt shivers down my spine and the dark aura around her was visible then she looked at me as though I was crazy. We had drawn much attention and some elderly people told her to behave like someone who went to mourn and not show off because they’d long been observing her which made her angry and packed her bags then left, I hated her right that moment.
Time went by and we closed schools for the year but the feeling of emptiness in the house never left, many were the times when I’d go to dad’s be-droom and take an albu-m of mom’s ph0tos just to watch them and memories of her pla-yed in my mind as fresh tears gushed down my face, Monica would sometimes ask me when she’d return because she missed her and I had no answer but to cry, I was found in doors mostly because I would admire most kids with their mothers in the neighborhood having the time of their lives so it was really [email protected] to cope. I remember when I saw my first mense and I was glad that mom had taught me some things but I still told dad about it even though it was embarras-sing.
Austin’s mother had invited us for the Christmas [email protected] since dad would be at work and it really helped because I’d be found thinking of my first Christmas without mom, we had a great time because it helped me keep my mind off things. The new year [email protected] was also great and I had a strong feeling that something great would happen, dad said he also felt the same so I insisted that we prayed.
Schools opened and I was in ninth grade while Monica was in second and I had to be committed to my studies in order to pas-s the exams and fulfill my promise to mother, Austin continued being the brother that he was and sometimes his mother and Mrs Mutale would bring us food so we never went to be-d on an empty stomach on days that dad would come back from work empty handed.
I had just returned from school one morning because I was s£nt away for not paying school fees when Austin’s mother called me to her house and informed me that they were moving out of the neighborhood since they’d bought a big house in the high coast areas and I’d visit them anytime I wanted, I felt happy for them but was sad at the same time because I considered them as family which would be really [email protected] for me. I went back home kicking stones with both hands in my pocket as I thought of how I’d survive until I finally got home and took my books then went to seat on our favourite sp©t and began studying, I was there for almost an hour until I heard a group of people shouting walking towards our street and I ignored them as I continued studying but my attention was caught when they got closer and I heard one woman shout “their family is cursed no wonder the mother died a mysterious death and the father is unemployed for life” I got my eyes off my book and saw them at a distance, Monica was in front of them with a dirty, r!pp£duniform crying and a group of women followed her behind while wh!pping her I threw my books and ran towards them then she [email protected]£ running to me and hid behind me but I asked her to run in the house. The women started poking and wh!pping me but I fought back and then I heard one woman insulting mom, I stood up straight as I felt my anger brewing then I pounced on her and by the time I was taken off her I’d torn her chitenge [email protected] Mrs Mutale and Austin’s mother [email protected]£ to my rescue while the other neighbours just watched and cheered while others also insulted my family. Mrs Mutale asked them to go to her yard and called Monica then we all sat and she asked them what happened, one of them narrated the story saying that Monica broke a glas-s table in town with a how since she carried a working tool whenever they were cleaning
Me: did you do it?
I asked her then she slowly nodded with teary eyes and a scared look
Monica: I….I….I was…with…my….my…my….clas-smate and there’s a game we [email protected] I….I…..have to call her “Master”…. when she calls me….but ….I…I…forgot to call her that and she [email protected]£ attempting to beat… me…with…a…a…broom then I dropped the how as I tried to block her…. It….fell on the….table…and….it…broke
I was hurting as she spoke so I took her in my arms as we both cried and the women insulted us further……
Dad was holding a belt in his hands and the anger on his face was undescribable because he always told Monica never to use the route that led in town since the roads were busy and she didn’t just go against his warning but also broke a table so I un-derstood how he felt but I felt for my little sister because what happened was caused by her friend, she was not the [email protected]ûghty type but a quiet, obe-dient, loving and intelligent little girl. I tried begging dad on her behalf but he told me to stay away and he started wh!pping her all over b©dy and her cries tore right throu-gh my heart, he continued wh!pping her and I saw blood gushing out of her left th!gh then she screamed saying mom should have taken her along which made dad to st©p. He let her go and I rushed to her then when he saw her cut, he slowly got down and politely asked her to st©p crying, all his rage had gone and was replaced with regret and he started dressing her wound. I felt nothing but hate for what dad did and went to my be-droom leaving them there then Monica joined me later with a bandage wra-pped around her th!gh, she [email protected]£ on the be-d and told me that she missed mom and I just cu-mddled her while she sobbe-d silently until we both fell asleep.
Three weeks later, I helped Austin and his family move out and I still never spoke to dad even though he tried bribing me with pres£nts and start conversations with me. They’d moved to a beautiful house with an incredible surrounding since Austin’s dad had been promoted at work and I spent the night there then returned home the following day, I sat in the backyard watching the sun set and thinking of the good old days because I really felt lonely then and Monica joined me when she got tired of watching cartoons.
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We were surprised to see dad return from work early and he isolated himself from us then I knew That something was wrong but I was not going to ask him and I got started with supper.
I later found out that was fired from work when he stayed home, be would sometimes get up early and go job hunting but he had no luck,.we usually had only one meal a day which Mrs Mutale provided for and I thought we were going to be a burden on her so I decided I would make a change. We were in the third term by then and the exams were just near so I got up one morning and and did my daily routine then packed my books and checked if Monica wasn’t coming then I packed spare clothes too, I tried not to tremble worth fear when I walked out and found dad in the living room luckily, he didn’t say anything but just told us to behave and concentrate when the teachers were teaching. I walked with Monica until we [email protected] ways and I looked behind to see if anyone was looking then I changed the route and went to the toilets of a local bar where I changed into my clothes and neatly folded my uniforms placing them in my school bag. I went inside the bar and asked the bar attendant to keep my bag which he only agreed after I told him I’d offer him some money when I returned for it. I left the bar looking in all directions not to be noticed by someone’s I knew then began my journey to the high coast areas in search of a job, I knocked at every door and got different responses and some hurt me but I wouldn’t let that get in the way of accomplishing what I wanted. I got to this house with a black gate and knocked then a woman opened and I couldn’t help but stare at her with bleachers skin, a maxi shi-t only and black fl!pflops, her hair was messed up with a red dye and she was holding a baby with an annoyed look . I could tell that she just woke up
Woman: are you just going to stand there and look at me?
She spoke while giving gestures which made me also notice her red, long, painted nails and I just found myself with a dropped jaw
Me: ummm….I’m… I’m sorry…. I’m actually seeking employment
She sized me with her eyes
Woman: how old are you?
Me: 15
Woman: what can you do you little girl?
She asked sarcastically and I almost told her that I could do exactly everything she did because I was getting annoyed too but I took a de-ep breath instead calming myself down
Me: don’t un-derestimate me madam, I can as-sure you that you won’t be disappointed
She allowed me in and the surrounding looked like a forest because it looked abandoned, she asked me more questions concerning myself and I told her everything but lied about school saying I was not a school going child
Woman: alright, you’re hired and will get K10 for transport everyday, K100 each week and I’ll add more at the end of the month then you’ll only work on weekdays
I thought I was dreaming and couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I snapped out of my thoughts and thanked her then said a silent prayer thanking God for my hustle……

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