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Mother’s Love Episode 5 & 6

Mr Mulenga was called to the doctor’s office and was offered a seat, the look on the doctor’s face scared him but he built his courage and waited for the doctor to speak who kept looking at him until he couldn’t take it anymore
***He said anxiously***
Doctor: Mr Mulenga, does your wife’s family have a history of che-st pain, heart disease or stro-ke?
Mr M: yes they do, the main reason my mother in law pas-sed away
***The doctor slowly nodded and wrote down what he said***
Mr M: what exactly is wrong with my wife doc?
Doctor: how do I put it?
Mr M: anyhow
Doctor: your wife’s arteries supplying the heart with blood and oxygen have been blocked to a critical level and if we leave it as it is, it will cause heart failure which may lead to death
Mr M: s…so…what…can..b…be..done?
***He said with a shaking voice as he couldn’t handle the thought of losing his wife***
Doctor: surgery, surgery is the only way out since the narrowing of the artery is severe we’ll have to open it up or we’ll carry out heart bypas-s surgery
***It was all too much for Mr Mulenga to handle***
Mr M: how much will all that cost?
***He managed to say***
Doctor: quite a lot of money because we’ll have to relocate her to a pri-vate hospital where the surgery will be carried out and that can only be done once you’ve covered her hospital bills. You’ll receive the bill at the reception and plea-se be quic-k because time is not on her side
Mr Mulenga: can’t you start working on her while I try and look for money
Doctor: unfortunately we can’t
Mr Mulenga walked out of the doctor’s office looking defeated and found his daughters, Mrs Mutale and Austin’s parents in the waiting area.
That evening when he told his daughter what happened to his wife and she walked to her be-droom with sadness written all her face, he felt bad and wished he could have at least come up with some lies to tell her he later asked Monica after she finished eating to join her sister then he sat in the living room thinking of ways he’d raise the money for hospital bills. He thought of his sister who was the only one who could afford the amount of money that was nee-ded since she was married to a man who was in formal employment but again he thought of how they never got along because of her pride, he brushed all thoughts away and decided to try her so he picked up his phone and dialled her numbers then called her but it rang unanswered twice and when he was about to call her for the third time he received a call and he hesitated answering because it was the loan shark he borrowed money from to pay for Lucy’s school fees then he finally answered using a sleepy tone
Loan S: you sure took your precious time to answer
Mr M: I’m sorry I was asleep
Loan S: it’s been four months and you still haven’t paid my money
Mr M: plea-se bear with me, my wife is…….
Loan S: I’m not listening to your lame excuses anymore and I’m increasing the loan
Mr M: plea-se my wife is fighting for her life in the hospital and…..
Loan S: let her fight and die if she’s tired of fighting but I nee-d my money or I’m reporting you to the police
Mr M: plea…….
He had hang up and Mr Mulenga r0ûghly scratched his head then composed himself and tried calling his sister one more time who finally picked up
Mr M: Rita, plea-se I’m on my knees I’m in nee-d of help
***she chuckled lightly***
Rita: what do you want this time?
***She said with so much attitude***
Mr M: my wife’s condition is critical and nee-ds a surgery but I don’t have money to pay for it
Rita: eish!! bad timing big bro, you could have said it during the month end because my husband and I have alre-ady planned our holiday to South Africa
Mr M: I didn’t know that it would happen for me to tell you during the month end, it happened today
Rita: too bad you’re going throu-gh all that but I remember telling you not marry that woman but you wouldn’t listen and had that rascal you call a child with her but you beat me up leaving me with the mark I have on my face now you deal with people having rotten hearts
Mr M: I may be in nee-d of help but I won’t let you insult my family you good for nothing gold digging slut, you’re only with your husband because of his money and I’d end your marriage if I want to when I tell him about your promiscuous ways
Rita: did you call me to tell me that?
Mr M: back to business now, you can at least borrow me the one you’ve said for the holiday, I promise to return it
Rita: firstly, I’m not doing that because I’ve long been looking forward to this holiday and won’t let anything ruin it and secondly, I don’t know where you’ll get money to pay me back so you can just forget about it
Mr M: alright thanks
He hang up and went to his be-droom but sleep had deserted him as he kept thinking of how miserable his life was…….
It had been a week since mom was admitted in the hospital and Monica, dad and I never wanted to leave each other’s side as we prayed for her to get well
I had just knocked off from school when I headed straight to the hospital where I found dad and Monica standing next to mom’s be-d so I joined them and we group hvgged
Me: how’re you feeling?
Mom: better
***She faked a smile***
Me: that’s not true, I can tell that you’re not okay
Mom: I’m fine my baby
She held her che-st gro-an ing in pain and dad quic-kly attem-pted to go and call the doctor but she st©pped him
Mom: Bashi Lucy, plea-se take care of our children I leave them to you to love, care, support and protect. Shower them with the motherly love that I won’t be able to give them, don’t expo-se them to any danger, be the anchor they hold on to in tough times and train them to be the best and reach their full potential
Dad: Angela, plea-se don’t talk like that
***She smiled***
Mom: forgive me I have to leave you because my time has come, our children will always remind you of me. Don’t put it on yourself that you caused this because it’s just my time that has arrived and the best is coming sooner than you think so don’t you ever think that your life is miserable
***She turned to look at me***
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Mom: the first thing I saw when I gave birth to you was light so you mean everything to me, always shine bright and achieve your goals. Continue loving your sister like your own and always be there for her, remember everything I’ve taught you and maintain your good morals plea-se make me proud as I watch over you
Me: mom you’re you’re hurting me
***My face was filled with tears and I had a painful lump on my throat as she spoke***
Mom: Monica, come here
***She did and rested on mom’s che-st***
Mom: don’t cry over mommy, okay?
***She nodded with an innocent look***
Mom: because she’ll always be with you
She slowly re-moved her head from mom and looked confused
Monica: where are you going?
Mom: mommy is going to a better place, always listen to your dad and sister and continue being the good girl that always puts a smile on mom’s face with pride. Always go to school and respect the elderly otherwise you’ll make mommy unhappy okay?
Monica: yes mommy so when are you coming back?
Mom: I’m n…….
Dad: that’s enough
She told us to get closer to her and we did a group hvg that meant everything to me and I’d kill to stay in that moment
Mom: I love you all
We talked about different things and it felt like one of those times we’d sit in my he living room as a family enjoying each other’s company and it felt great, we didn’t notice how time went by until we were disturbe-d by a nurse who told us to leave because she had to take her medication and rest. We all took one last look at her before leaving the door and she slowly waved at us dropping a tear, the walk home was quiet since we were all lost in thoughts….. we got home and I went straight to my be-droom where I sle-pt with a we-t pillow.
I had a nightmare where they had brou-ght a casket o our house and everyone was mourning mom but I saw her standing outside the yard watching in pain then I woke up and couldn’t fall asleep again, I got up and did the chores then bathed Monica and took her to Austin’s place because I wanted to go with dad to the hospital, he was in such a hurry but I managed to catch up with him. We got to the hospital and found nurses removing things from mom’s room and I thought she was being discharged then dad st©pped the doctor
Dad: where’s my wife?
Doctor: I’m sorry Mr Mulenga, we were late in doing the surgery so she’s gone
Me: Gone!!! let’s go daddy she’s gone home
The doctor just looked at me and slowly shook his head with a worried look on his face then I looked at dad who looked devastated and it slowly started to sink in as I said the word “GONE” over and over until I started having difficulty breathing and che-st pains then it was lights out for me……..

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