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Mother’s love Episode 23 & 24

I woke up to someone brushing my hair then I opened my eyes only to find Austin with a hvge smile on his face and I couldn’t help but smile back
Austin: you still look beautiful with your messed up hair and dryl-ips
Me: you’ll never st©p being silly
Austin: I’m serious and I couldn’t even sleep a wi-nk when I heard what happened
Me: why? You thought I’d die?
I joked
Austin: I knew you’d cheat death, you really wanna know how you’ll die?
Me: let me hear you lie
Austin: you’re too strong to die but you’ll die minutes later after I do
I laughed
Me: but why will I?
Austin: you’ll learn about my death and will also die because you’ll be left with no Austin to trouble and will feed on porridge
I laughed at him but he had a serious look on his face
Me: silly you
Austin: otherwise how’re you feeling?
Me: I’m okay now that you’re here
Austin: I told uncle that I’d move in with you until you’re fully recovered and he gladly accepted
Me: and aunt?
Austin: well, mom isn’t a problem coz I just told her that I’m going to live with you
Me: that’s the best thing you’ve ever done
I squealed
Austin: uncle will be here to fetch us anytime soon so get prepared
Me: does that mean you’re discharging me?
Austin: exactly
I went to the bathroom were I got changed and found him lying on my be-d comfortably when I returned
Me: I just hope he’s s£nt that witch away
Austin: what really happened?
I explained everything to him and I could see that he was angry by the time I was done
Austin: for a moment I thought you were being unfair to the woman not knowing that she was on some mission
Me: that witch deceives people with her angelic look
We continued talking until dad walked in with the doctor and I was re-leased to go home….on our way I couldn’t st©p laughing because of Austin’s character, we got home and he helped me out and walked me out as I leaned on him for balance while dad carried the bag of stuff I used. We got in the house and found Florence pla-ying snakes and ladders with Monica and Kelvin then our eyes bu-mped into each other and she got up with a smile on her face then she approached me. I got ton-gue tied coz dad promised me that I wouldn’t find her in the house
Florence: welcome home sweetie, how’re you feeling? Let’s go to the dining I’ve prepared you breakfast
Me: No
I managed to say
Florence: but Lucy, you’re taking your medication and have to ea…..
Me: Dad, what is she still doing here?
She looked at me surprised
Dad: Lucy, she can’t…….
Me: really dad? After she tries to kill me which she did in my dream you still keep her here? I see where your loyalties lie so I’m going to pack and leave instead
Dad: you can’t go anywhere, Lucy you aren’t in the right state to live alone
Me: I’m also not re-ady to die prematurely
I attem-pted to leave but Florence spoke
Florence: I’ll leave
Dad looked at her in shock while Monica wore a pained face considering the relationsh!pshe had built with her and Kelvin but I didn’t care because it was for her wellbeing as well
Dad: No honey you don’t have to leave you……
Florence: I’ll give her space to heal since she can’t handle my pres£nce, I love you wholeheartedly and want what’s best for you just like I do for Monica and Kelvin because you’re all my children so I’ll go back to my people so that you can heal but Lucy I want you to know that I have no idea of what you’re talking about because I was in my way to my be-droom when I heard you talking, screaming and panicking so I [email protected]£ to your be-droom and turned the lights on and you immediately woke up but you still weren’t looking so good so I [email protected]£ closer to you and you pas-sed out. I went to the backyard and knocked on Nancy and Mapalo’s door but they never answered so I went to the taxi rank alone to get you transportation then I called your father so you saying that I’m responsible for what happened only hurts me to the core and I won’t lie
She took her son and walked away then dad followed her and she later [email protected]£ back with her bags which she wheeled out and Kelvin followed her while he shed tears looking at Monica and she did the same, dad was behind her trying to make her stay but it wasn’t worth it…….
I was seated by the pool admiring it’s beauty as I thought of the incident that happened, it was a month but I still felt like it had just happened and I had a lot of questions concerning the disease the doctor said I had. We once went to visit the doctor and he said that I nee-ded a heart transplant because my condition wasn’t stable but I was against it coz I had never thoughts getting the best out of me. I asked myself if I was going to die like mom did, if Monica also had the disease since it ran in the family and what would remain of Monica and dad at the hands of that wicked woman.
“I’m going to die”
It [email protected]£ out as a whisper and a tear escaped my eyes but I had to make sure that Florence was no longer a [email protected] of our lives and the thought itself was a bitter pill to swallow.
I never had the dream again which I was grateful for and the bond dad, Monica and I had reminded me of how it used to be in the days Florence wasn’t [email protected] of our lives. Austin who was of great help approached me and I snapped out of it
Austin: you look old when you’re in that state and would scare a kid away
I laughed
Me: are you serious?
Austin: yes and it’s not helping you in any way
Me: I’m only thinking if what will be left of dad and Monica when I’m gone
Austin: what did the doctor say when you went to the hospital?
Me: he said I nee-d a heart transplant very soon because I can’t rely on the drugs he gives me
Austin: what have you decided?
Me: at first I thought of how only a few survive a heart transplant so I thought I wasn’t going to survive and decided to live with my disease but dad talked to me about it and I accepted the surgery so I’ve been put on a waiting list and I’m trying to keep away from stress thanks to you
Austin: we just have to thank God here
Me: yeah for s£nding that……..
I was interrupted by a voice from behind me
Dad: how’s my baby doing?
Me: I’m great daddy
He took a seat and joined our conversation until Monica [email protected]£ and said that she wanted to eat at some restaurant so dad chose his favourite and told us to get changed, I wore r!pp£djeans, a yellow knitted jersey and black ankle boots, I applied light make up and took my clutch bag.
We got to the restaurant and sat in the patio, we ordered and talked about random stuff. It brou-ght me so much joy to be around the people I loved, the waitress who couldn’t st©p starring at dad finally brou-ght in our order and she smiled wi-dely while cat walking while I gave her a disgusted look which I also didn’t notice. She stood next to dad while serving us and her eyes landed on me who still maintained the same look, I had just gotten rid of one problem and wasn’t re-ady for the next just yet
“Get back to what you were doing, I’ll take it from here”
I told her and she looked at me not so plea-sed and looked at dad who paid no attention to her
“I’m only doing my job”
She replied looking annoyed
“Do you have a hearing problem? I said I’ll serve my family, is that so difficult?”
I told her raising my voice a little and didn’t notice that I’d got people’s attention, the girl looked at dad probably hoping that he’d say something different which was in support of her but he just kept quiet looking at me and I stood up then served everyone. We ate while holding a light conversation and I watched the sun set which brou-ght me memories of life back when we were a complete family, everything I’d been throu-gh and what Austin and I shared if a heart was not found and I died.
I had to wait for a donor heart abs our blood group had to match, I was found to be blood group A and my donor either had to be blood group A or O and I looked at the slim chances of one being available since there were thousands of people on the waiting list. I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was dad, I didn’t even realize that I was crying then I quic-kly wiped my tears off
Dad: baby, what’s wrong?
Me: what if there’s no heart available for me and what happened to mom also happens to me?
It [email protected]£ out as a whisper and dad held both of my hands
Dad: they will, let’s just be positive about the whole issue, okay?
I slowly nodded with a lot of doubt in my mind
Austin: besides you’re stressing yourself and it may rise your blood pressure
I always knew that I was a healthy child only to find out that I had a deadly disease at the age of 18 and I knew that everyone was being good to me because they knew that I only had a minimum time remaining, they all had pity for me which made me break down
Me: take me home

All I nee-ded was my be-d to cry my tears out because I’d gotten used to slee-ping with a we-t pillow and tried to be strong in front of everyone, I ran to the car and everyone was behind me…….


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