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Mother’s love Episode 11 & 12

in-sert… 11
After spending our last day which was a day after Christmas in a house were I was born and held so many memories we were finally moving out and I was surprised that dad asked us only to pack our books, I asked him why but the only answer he gave me was I smile so I did as we were instructed and I couldn’t forget to take anything that belonged to mom so I gathered all her pictures and packed them along with my books. There was a Ford which was parked outside waiting for us so we went out and I took one last look at our house and unwanted tears fell down my cheeks and dad held me leading us to the car which had brown leather seats inside, it felt painful bidding Mrs Mutale farewell but I promised her to visit whenever I could. We started off and it took us 30minutes to get to this big, maroon gate which opened on it’s own Immediately we got there I really wondered how it happened then Monica and I looked at each other and I could tell that she was wondering the same so I just shrugged my shoulders, the outside surrounding had a beautiful, green lawn, pavings and the white fountain that was on the other side bought my attention. We drove to the garage which was a few metres away and the house had a beige painting and brown, shiny tiles from the outside and we went inside where it was fully furnished and I couldn’t help but move about with a dropped jaw. The lounge was exquisite with a peach theme and I couldn’t help but admire it’s beauty. Dad showed us around and my favourite place was the cinema room which had a red, grey and white theme then he took us to the backyard where there was a pool and the garden was a beautiful place. He later showed me to my be-droom which had everything in white with a t©uçh of gold, it had an in suite bathroom and wardrobe so I went to open the wardrobe first which had the clothes I happened to love, dad knew my style. He later took Monica to her be-droom which had almost everything in pink and fluffy teddy bear dolls on her be-d, it was very beautiful and we thanked him, there was none to do so there was one thing I couldn’t forget to do which was to put mom’s pictures in the house so that whatever predator would want to come after dad and his acquired wealth could just go the nearest hell. I placed them in every room and the lounge had plenty of them so I placed some in the hallway and dad just shook his head watching me in disbelief, I was satisfied with the work I’d done when my stomach made a funny sound luckily dad called us for supper. We gathered at the dining table and I wondered who prepared the mouth watering food I was seeing and my curiosity took the most of me
Me: who prepared the food?
Dad: our house helps, they live in the smaller house you saw in the backyard
Me: alright, they did a great job here
Monica: yeah the food is delicious
Dad: I hope you’ll love them Lucy, they’re almost your age just a bit older than you
Me: I really hope so
We held a light conversation as we ate and I noticed Monica eating like she’d been starved for days then I left going to my be-droom where I said a prayer thanking God for what had happened and I sle-pt like a queen, I got up the following day only to find the house sp©tless clean when I walked to the kitchen and dad later [email protected]£ in with his briefcase re-ady to leave
Me: morning dad
Dad: good morning my baby, his was the night?
Me: dad, I sle-pt like a queen and I only opened my eyes to the rays of light hitting my face
Dad: wow, that’s great. I have to leave now I’ll see Monica when I return since she’s slee-ping peacefully
Me: I’ve been thinking if you can invite Mrs Mutale and Austin’s family to [email protected] the New Year with us
Dad: that’s so considerate of you and I’ll do just that in the mean time let me run along, I don’t want to be late
He was about to leave when two girls around their early 20s walked in and greeted dad then be replied and turned to me
Dad: Lucy, meet Nancy and Mapalo the girls I told you about
Me: our house helps?
Dad: yeah and ladies meet my beautiful daughter, Lucy and the other one is slee-ping you’ll get to know her
Nancy: nice meeting you Lucy
Me: same here
I caught Mapalo starring at mom’s portrait which I had placed on the wall and she was carried away
I said without taking my eyes off hers…….
in-sert… 12
She looked at me and smiled nodding her head
Mapalo: yeah, I could see the similarities and she’s so beautiful that I got carried away
Me: yeah, she was beautiful inside and out
Dad: alright let me leave you people
He left and I went to take a shower then joined them later and Monica was awake by that time, I spent most of my day with the two girls and helped them out with some chores and they were great company.
We had began a new year and the [email protected] was the best I’d ever had, dad had invited Mrs Mutale and Austin’s family over which brou-ght me so much joy because there was nothing joyful than being close to the ones you love. Monica got a doll house she asked for from dad while I received a smart phone and we all exchanged different gifts, I spent most of the time with Austin coz it had been a while since we met and didn’t want to leave each other’s side.
Our Grade 9 results were out and I beat the whole school which made dad proud, the look on his face is what I expected when I pas-sed my Grade 7 exams but I knew why he couldn’t [email protected] I knew that my dream of going to one of the best schools would come true, I always wanted to go to a boarding school so I took my phone one afternoon and sat by the pool where I looked for the best schools on the internet. I called Austin to ask him if he had made his decision on the school has was going to and he said he was still searching so I told him of the one I found and said he had to see it first. I told dad of my decision which he gladly accepted even though I knew that I’d terribly miss them especially that I’d never been away from them for a long period of time.
I started preparing and packed everything I would nee-d then said a prayer asking for God to help me progress in the rest of my studies then I stood up to pack a few of mom’s pictures in my bag and went to be-d early since I was leaving the following day. Monica missed clas-ses the following day because she wanted to see me leave so dad talked to her teacher at her new school coming up with an excuse as to why she wouldn’t attend lessons that day. Austin arrived just as we were having breakfast, he had accepted to go to the school as well. Dad kept singing the same song of Austin protecting me from any danger especially the Grade 12 bullies, watch ️ over me since I was his sister and always ensured that I studied. I made a promise to him to continue being the same good girl that I was and obtain good results when I left the school, he drove us to the school which was out of town and it was a beautiful place just like I’d seen it on the internet , he took us for registration and were shown to our rooms and I was glad that Austin and I would be in the same clas-s. It was time for dad and Monica to leave and I couldn’t hold back my tears, Monica was so sad that I almost offered to return with them but something in me told me to make my stay there worth it.
I attended my first clas-s and it was great with Austin ma-king it seem like the times back in primary when we used to be clas-smates, he made sure we shared the same desk and he got in trouble on his first day then I noticed that most people wanted to as-sociate with him especially the girls but I didn’t blame them since he was handsome. One dark girl they called Melody kept eyeing me but I ignored her and the teacher announced that we’d have a test the following week and Austin made sure that I never went to be-d without studying like dad had told him so we were seated on a bench near the school’s garden going throu-gh the just ended t©pic when Melody walked to us
Melody: excuse me girly I want to talk to Austin
We both looked at her then looked at each other
Austin: as I was saying when factorising we first start by multi-plying a number outside the [email protected] with what we have in the [email protected] ……
He said that imitating our maths teacher’s voice then I bur-st out in a loud laughter
Melody: helloooooo I’m still here
Austin: un-derstood pupils?
Me: yes sir
Austin: we may proceed to the next equation
Melody left looking annoyed and Austin kept speaking ill of her………

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