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Melted heart season two episode 25 & 26

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 25/26
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Season 2_Episode 25 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ronnie continue starring at her as she breath in and out,,he rest his head on her che-st. He also felt it,,the distance is also killing him but there’s nothing he could do. He couldn’t sleep ,,starring at her is just okay for him ,,,
Preet opened her eyes and discovered that Ronnie is still watching over her,,
” Honey,,you’re not slee-ping?? ” she asked ma-king her head more comfortable on the pillow since Ronnie was resting on her
” Get some sleep,,am fine. ” he replied
” No,,you should also try to sleep. ” She said
” I don’t want to sleep,,I will just keep my eyes on you ” Ronnie said and k!$$£d her softly
” I feel somehow,, ” Preet said
“. What?? You’re sick?? Where ?? Are you hurt ??” Ronnie asked immediately tou-ching her
” Am not hurt,,I just don’t feel like me. Like am different ,,,I don’t know what’s happening but that’s how am feeling” She sighed
” You won’t come to watch me tomorrow?? I don’t think you can ” Ronnie pouted and sat up
” You want me to be there right ??” She asked
” It’s fine,,you should rest okay?? I don’t want you to stress yourself ” Ronnie said and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
They were both like that for some minutes minutes until Ronnie felt that she’s alre-ady slee-ping in his arm,he smiled and la-id her softly on the be-d. She pouted beautifully in her sleep and he stole a k!ssfrom her before falling asleep also.
” Am sorry,,I won’t be there,,” Preet said as Ronnie was about going out of the room
” No,you don’t have to worry about that. I will s£nd two maids here,,they will stay with you so if you nee-d anything you can tell them. I will be back soon ,you can watch on TV also.” Ronnie said and pu-ll-ed her to himself
He k!$$£d her pas-sionately like his life depends on it,
” Am sorry,,I have to leave ” He said and unlock from the hvg
Preet smiled and nodded
He pe-cked herl-ips again and walked out of the room,,,he informed the maids to go to Preet before going out.
The driver drove out straight to where the concert will be taking place,,,the other members were alre-ady in the dressing room ,,he walked in and they all faced him
” You’re late ” Ryan said and sm-irked
” I know,, I saw that you guys are done alre-ady ” Ronnie replied and they laughed
The makeup artist dressed them so cutely ,arranged their hair and everything.
” Are you done?? We have just 20 minutes left ” Manager Jung entered the room
” 20 minutes is still long,,” Romeo said
” We still have more time ” Michael also added
” I know,, I just [email protected]£ to tell you. Hope you’re done with everything ” he said turning to the artists
” Yes sir ” They replied with a bow
” Why ?? Who are you waiting for ??” Jennie asked Elena as they were about going into the venue
” Preet and Akeelah,,, but I just called Preet and she said she couldn’t make it. Akeelah will be here in few minutes ” Elena said
” Oh,,okay ” Jennie replied and just then Akeelah appeared looking h0t
Elena find it [email protected] to believe that she’s black,,such a beauty
” You look beautiful ” Akeelah said
” I was about saying that ” Elena smiled
” Well,,I guess it’s just the three of us today,,let’s go in ” Akeelah said and they all walked in with Elena at the middle.
Immediately they entered the [email protected]£ras was all over them,,
❤ Oh my!!!!!!! It’s Jennie!!!!
❤ Elena!!! You’re so beautiful!!!
❤ Who’s the foreigner with them??
❤ She’s not white
❤ But she’sfu-cking h0t!!
❤ They are all pretty,,
❤ I love you all!!
They smiled and waved at the fans screaming out their names as they made way to VIP table,, they sat down waiting for the Crystals to begin their performance.
Some other artist [email protected]£ up first and finally it was their turn
” Finally” Akeelah breath out
” Turn turn ” Elena said to her and Jennie and they faced her
” Let’s take a picture together so we can show Preet ” She said
” great idea ”
They all took the pictures,
” Wow,,it’s cute. ” Jennie said
❤ They are here!!!!!!!
” Oh my God,, it’s them ” Elena said
The [email protected]£ras were immediately set on them ,,,,Ronnie and Ryan were the first to appear since they are the main visual of the group
” They are so handsome!! ” Akeelah screamed
” You are right” Elena smiled and took a picture of Ryan and Ronnie
She smiled,,,,
The boy’s started,they started with one of their old songs and it was like most people were singing along with them,,
It was really lively ,,,Akeelah stood up and danced to the song cutely
” Wow,,you dance so well ” Elena said
” Come on ,join me” Akeelah said and pu-ll-ed her up
” Oh!!!!” Elena shouted and they both started dancing soon the [email protected]£ras was also set on them
” Jennie come on ” Elena said and finally Jennie also joined.
❤ Wow,,I love them
After the Crystals ended their first song,the girls sat down and waited for them to start the second song. It was a solemn song ,,a very emotional one .
” Oh my God,, their voices ” Akeelah said dreamily
” They are great ” Jennie smiled
After they were done, every stood up and started screaming out their names
🎤 Its really nice to be back.
Ryan was the first to talk
❤ Oopa!!!! We missed you all!!
🎤 We all miss you
He replied and waved at their fans.
🎤 Hi to you all
Ronnie spoke up and they almost jumped
🎤 So,,,we are back. I hope you haven’t forgotten about us
❤ We can’t forget you ,,,
❤ awwwn ,,,we love you so much
🎤 We love you more than you can ever imagine
Ronnie replied and they screamed out,
🎤 Bye everyone,, hoping to meet you all again
Michael said and they all waved at the fans as they walked out of the stage,,Ronnie and Ryan were the last to leave,,they win-ked and blew k!sses at them all which also led to screams.
” They are amazing ” Akeelah smiled
” We should get going before the people cover us up ” Elena said and immediately three guards [email protected]£ to protect them.
The doctor walked in with a smiling face,,
” How are you doing mam??” He asked
” Am fine now ” She replied and sat up
” That’s good to here,,anyway am with the result alre-ady ” He said bringing it out and just then Ronnie walked in looking worried
He went straight to Preet and hvgged her ,,
” You’re welcome sir ” The doctor said with a smile
” Thank you,,, honey,, are you okay now??” He asked
” Am fine,,I watched everything. You look so handsome ” She said and t©uçhed his cheek softly
” Here is the result,, ” The doctor said handing it to Preet
” It’s good news ” He said
” What do you mean??”
” Well,she’s three weeks pregnant ” The doctor said
Season 2_Episode 26
” She’s three weeks pregnant ” The doctor said and Preet [email protected]
” Am Pregnant??? ” she asked again and the doctor nodded
” I will take my leave now” The doctor bowed a little and walked out
Preet turned to Ronnie who only kept quiet,,
” You won’t say anything?? Am really,,,,,,” ” what,,you don’t want it ??” Ronnie asked with a smile
” Of course I do,,,I’m really happy ” She replied in tears
” I am suddenly speechless,,, but right now,,,am the happiest man on earth,,,I can’t believe this ” he said and hvgged her ti-ghtly to himself
” Awwwn,,,am also the happiest,,I think am a woman now ” Preet said laughing out
Ronnie hvgged her again and lifted her up
” Oh my !!” She shouted
” What’s going on??” Molly asked as she walked in
” Molly,,come here ” Preet called waving her hand
” What is it?? You both look happy ” She said and went in between them.
” Well,,you will be happy about this too ” Preet said and win-ked at Ronnie
” She’s going to give you a baby soon ” Ronnie whispered to her and she [email protected]
” It’s going to be a girl right?? She asked happily
” Yes ”
” No”
Ronnie and Preet said at the same time,,he faced Preet with a scoff
” I want it to be a girl ” Ronnie said
” But I want a boy ” Preet said
” You’re so stubborn,,,a girl will be as pretty as you are ” Ronnie smiled tou-ching her cheek
” And a boy will be as handsome as you are ” Preet replied and also t©uçhed his cheek
” how about a boy and a girl at once??” Molly win-ked
” What?!!!” Ronnie and Preet shouted at once
” Twins?? ” Preet asked looking shocked
” I guess that will solve the argument ” Molly replied and win-ked again before walking out
” Are you sure she’s six ??? She behave like she’s thirty ” Preet said
” Well,,maybe she’s six and thirty ” Ronnie replied and she laughed out
” That’s funny,what’s Six and thirty? ”
” I don’t know ” He replied and made her sit on his [email protected]
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” Am going to become a dad?? Amazing ” He said and tuck her hair a little backward
” And am gonna be a mom,,awwwn” Preet said and covered her face
” We should tell mom immediately ” Ronnie said
” Yours or mine ” Preet asked
” Yours,,,and you should get prepared. We are going to visit My parents tomorrow, they’ve been disturbing that they want to meet you. ” He said and pe-cked herl-ips
” Okay,,,” She pouted
” don’t be nervous,,, they really want to meet you ” Ronnie said
She nodded and k!$$£d him slowly pressing his b©dy against herself,,she pu-ll-ed away and looked into his eyes like she wanted him to say something
” Let’s make the babies two ” He whispered with a smile and she nodded before pressing herl-ips on his again.
” You’re so mean ,I keep on Calling you but you made me wait like I mean nothing to you!! I must be so stupid to think you like me or something,, why must I always get hurt when I love someone?? You should try to,,,,,” before Kim could finish her statement Romeo pu-ll-ed her to himself and k!$$£d her.
She was shocked at first but later reciprocate,,, the k!sswas so soft and sweet. After some minutes they both dis£ngaged feeling breathless,,
” what is that for ??” She asked angrily
” You don’t like it??” Romeo asked with a sm-irk
” how can you just k!ssme like that,,, you haven’t even answered my questions??!! ” she yelled
” That’s my answer to your questions okay??” Romeo said and smiled
” I don’t even un-derstand a thing okay?? Am asking you,,why do you keep on avoiding me and treating me like you don’t care?? It hurt so much ” Kim said bur-sting into tears
” $h!t,,,st©p crying,,, okay?? ,,,, Am sorry,,, I have been really busy that’s why,,am sorry. St©p tearing up ” Romeo said and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” Tell me you like me,,,I want to hear the word,,” Kim said
” I don’t like you ” Romeo said and Kim pu-ll-ed away from the hvg
” What??”
” I don’t like you Kim,,,I love you ” He said and she [email protected]
” You,,,you love me ??” She asked in shock
” I don’t repeat myself ” He sm-irked
” Idiot ” She [email protected] his shoulder pla-yfully
” I love you too ” She said and k!$$£d him
” Sweetheart check this out ” Elena said showing Ryan the picture on her phone
” Ronnie and I ??” Ryan asked in surprise
” Yeah,,You guys look cute together so I just decided to keep the picture. Ronnie is so handsome ” She said with a smile
” Yeah he is” Ryan replied
” you’re also cute,,,,,,” Elena laughed and pushed his head sightly
” you don’t have to tell me,I know ” Ryan sm-irked
” Am hungry babe,,what am I going to eat??” She asked with a pout
” Let’s go get something to eat ” Ryan said and carried her in a bridal style heading toward the car
” I told you am feeling somehow recently right?? ” Elena asked ,her hand still around his n£¢k
” Yeah and I told you to see the doctor,, have you done that?? ” he asked
” Yea,,,he run some test. It will be out tomorrow,, but sweetheart ”
” What ??”
” I think am pregnant ” She said and Ryan st©pped on the track
He faced her still in his hand,,
” What did you just say??” He asked again
” Am not sure yet,,,but I think am really pregnant. ” She said
He kept quiet and keep on walking,
” You won’t say anything?? ” she asked
” Confirm this first,,” He said with a sigh
” So why are you suddenly quiet?? You don’t want me to get pregnant?? You don’t want me to have your child?? ” she asked sadly
” I never said that Elena,,I will be glad if it’s really true,but I want us to wait for the doctor’s report first. Then I will be the happiest ” He said and k!$$£d herl-ips
She blu-shed and rest her head on his che-st as they finally got to where the car is,,,he dropped her and also went to enter from the driving side.
” I spoke to Ronnie ” Jennie broke the silence and Wyatt quic-kly turn to her in shock
” You did?? ” he asked
” Yes,,we are good now ” Jennie said
” Really??”
” Yes,,,and am cool with Preet also. I feel so relieved,,,,I guess your friends will also have no choice than to like me ,,,I really feel sad for everything ” She said
” It’s all in the past now,,okay?? So don’t think too much ” He said and hvgged her
” Wyatt,,,” She called
” Huh??”
” I love you,,,,, you really made me un-derstand what love is,,,thank you for changing me ,,,,I think it’s all because of you ” She said
” No,,,you made me un-derstand what love is. I never knew am going to fall in love ,,,not with you especially ” He said and hvgged her again
” Am taking you home right now,,don’t miss me too much” He said with a wi-nk
” But am alre-ady missing you ” She pouted
” Come closer ” He said and she moved closer to him
He place a k!sson her n£¢k
” When you miss me,,just think about that ” He said
” Okay,,but it won’t work on me. I want you alone ” She said
” You’re stubborn ” He laughed
” Where is everyone?? ” Akeelah asked sitting beside Michael with popcorn in her hand
” They all went out with their girlfriends ” Michael replied
” So,,how about you? Why are you here? ” she asked
” Well,,,I don’t have a girlfriend. It’s so unfair ” he said faking some tears
” I think we are both in the same boat,,,my friends are also out with their b©yfri£nds but I have no one ” She said in fake tears
” Oh,,this is so heartbreaking ” Michael said
” Let’s hvg each other,,, to calm ourselves ” Akeelah said and they both hvgged each other and then bur-st into laughter
” We are crazy ” Akeelah said
” Let’s watch some movie before those big heads come back home ” Michael said and wra-pped his arms around her as they started watching the movie and eating popcorn at the same time.

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