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Melted heart 2 Episode 27 & 28

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 27/28
[ add!çted 👑 To You ]
Season 2_Episode 27
” Wow,,that mansion,a lot of memories ” Preet said and laughed softly
” What memories?? ” Ronnie tea-sed wanting her to say more.
” Are you kidding me?? We met there right??” She smiled
” Really?? I can’t remember that ” He replied
” Are you trying to make me talk?? I won’t say anything ” Preet said and tap his forehead
” Tell me,,I really can’t remember ” he pouted
” do you remember the first time we saw each other?? ” Preet asked with a flu-shed face
” What happened?? ” he asked
” I almost fell but you caught me so I wouldn’t fall ,,,,,even though you were cold to me,,you still helped me ” She smiled putting her head on his shoulder
” I was cold to you?? Seriously?? ” Ronnie asked looking surprised
” Of course,,you even told me to stand in your room until you tell me to leave ” Preet said
” Oh,,,but you fell asleep and I even have to carry you to make you sleep on my large be-d ,,so you think am still cold??”
” Maybe not,,” She laughed
” The first time I saw you,,,,,I was amazed by your beauty ” Ronnie said
She looked up when he said that
” Really?? Am I that beautiful?? ” she asked
” Of course,,, you are pretty,,,and you know?? ” He said showing her figure eight
” You’re so spoilt,, you know that right??” Preet laughed
” Am just trying to explain,,seems you don’t wanna listen ” Ronnie said
” Let’s just leave alre-ady,,Molly is waiting ” She stood up dragging him out of the room.
Just then Molly also got to them,Ronnie carried her and they went downstairs.
” You are not nervous right?? ” Ronnie asked her
” No am not,,am just happy ” She smiled
” Of course you should be happy,,, ” He whispered to her
” Molly,,you’re happy that we are seeing mom and dad right??” Preet asked
” Yes,,but plea-se don’t leave me there am coming back with you ” Molly said and they bur-st into laughter
” Like seriously Molly?? You don’t wanna stay with them?? But they miss you so much,, why ??” Ronnie said
” no,,I want to stay with you ” She said
” Okay,,am going to bring you back,,I knew you wouldn’t leave again when you [email protected]£ here with different bags ” Ronnie tea-sed and t©uçhed her soft cheek.
They got into the car ,,a driver drove them out and another car followed.
……………….Silver House.
” Oh my God!!! Son!!!” Mrs Silver shouted and hvgged Ronnie ti-ghtly
” Mom,,,,it’s good to see you again ” Ronnie smiled and hvgged her again
” Wow,,,you look more handsome son,,baby,you won’t say hello??” Mrs Silver said to Molly
She also hvgged her,
” I’ve missed you so much baby” She said
” Dad??” Ronnie asked
” Am here,,,” Mr Silver answered coming downstairs
” Hi dad ”
” Hello Son,,how are you doing?? ” he asked
” Am fine dad,,,you??”
” Am great,, ”
” You didn’t come with,,,, ”
” she’s here,,am sure she’s coming in right away ”
” Oh,,she’s here ” Molly said and Preet walked in,,Mrs Silver smiled and walked to welcome her
” Preet right?? ” she said
” Yes mam,,,” She replied with a smile
” You’re so beautiful,,,, ” Mrs Silver said and hvgged her
” I think my son took after me after all ” Mr Silver said
” Really?? ” Ronnie asked
” Of course,, you see your mom right ??” he said and they all laughed
” Hello sir ” Preet said
” Come on,,give me a hvg ” He said and hvgged her
Ronnie win-ked at her and she scoffed,,,
” Let’s have dinner alre-ady,,,I prepared it myself ” Mrs Silver said
” Oh,,you don’t really have to stress yourself ” Preet said
” let me do that,,, my son is bringing his wife and you don’t want me to stress myself?? ” Mrs Silver said and Preet almost choked
We are not even married yet, she thought within herself as they walked to the dining room,,,
” Romeo is also joining us,,with his girlfriend ” Mr Silver said
Ronnie nodded,, he wasn’t surprised. Romeo alre-ady told him about Kim
” Who is she??” Preet asked in a whisper to Ronnie
” Someone you know ” Ronnie whispered back
” Wow,,can’t wait ”
Just then Romeo [email protected]£ in with Kim Nana,,Preet [email protected] inwardly as she saw her,,
” Wow” She said
” See?? They look great together right??” Ronnie said to her and she nodded
” Hello mam ,,Hello sir ” Kim said giving Mr and Mrs Silver a warm side hvg
” Hello pretty ” Mrs Silver said
” but that’s my name ” Preet whispered to Ronnie and he chuckled
They both sat down,Romeo shook hands with Ronnie ,,Kim faced Preet with a smile
” Hi,,” She said
” Hello Kim ” Preet replied and she was confused
” You know me??” She asked
” Of course,, she’s Preet ” Romeo answered and she [email protected]
” What?? How??”
” Am here ” Ronnie joked
” oh Ronnie,,,am sorry,,I was just surprised. How are you doing?? ” she asked with a smile
” Amazingly great,,you??”
” Amazingly great ” She win-ked
” That’s funny ” Preet smiled
” Let’s eat,,am starving ” Mr Silver said and they laughed
Few Minutes Later.
” Ronnie will be getting married soon,,” Mr Silver announced ,,nob©dy talked and he continued
” So,,that means,Romeo is also getting married ” He added and Romeo choked on his food
” Are you okay??” Preet asked handing over her water to him
He took it from her and gulped it down
” Am fine thanks ” He answered
” I never said am getting married ,did I ??” Romeo asked
” You guys are twins so,,you will have to do that the same day ” Mrs Silver replied
” But,,,Ronnie can still wait,,Kim and I just started [email protected]!ng” Romeo said and Kim nodded in agreement
” Can you wait??” Mr Silver asked Ronnie and Preet
Preet faced Ronnie to say something
” We can’t, ” He replied
” Why??”
” ,,she’s,, pregnant ” Ronnie replied and they all [email protected]
” She’s pregnant?? You mean,,she’s carrying my grand child ??” Mrs Silver asked and stood up to hvg Preet again
” Am so happy,,, this is amazing ” She said as she sat down
” Then you have to get married immediately,,,,,,
” Your mom and I will be going to see her mother tomorrow,, right?? ” Mr Silver asked his wife and she nodded
” So ,,Romeo,, you should get re-ady too. I like her ,,she will be a good daughter in-law so you guys don’t have to wait too much ” Mrs Silver said smiling at Kim Nana.
Elena entered into the house with smiles all over her face,she met Akeelah laying on the couch with her phone,
” Hey,,” She called and Akeelah turned to her
” Oh,,Elena,,you’re here to see me ??” She smiled
” No,don’t be disappointed ” Elena sm-irked
” Am really disappointed,, so you’re here to see Ryan??” She asked
” Well,,I have a great news ” she said walking majestically around Akeelah
” Really?? Tell me ”
” No,,am telling my love first ” She Laughed and rushed upstairs
Akeelah smiled and la-id back on the couch,,,
Elena entered Ryan’s room,,he was just coming out from the bathroom and was dripping we-t ,,,
” Elena?? What are you doing here?? You didn’t call ” Ryan asked looking surprised
” Do I have to call you now before coming to see you?? ” She asked looking offended
” No,,,I mean it’s late alre-ady. ” He replied
” I have a good news ” Elena smiled
” What is that?? ”
She smiled and moved closer to him,,she trace his abs with two f!ngersstill blu-shing
” Am waiting ” Ryan said
” well,,,,,,,You’re gonna become a dad ” She said
” You’re pregnant?? ” he asked immediately
” Yes??” she said and win-ked
” Oh my God!!! ” He shouted and carried her
” Oh no!! Drop me!!” She screamed out laughing
” Am so happy,, this is amazing!!!” Ryan said and hvgged her again
” I guess you’re happy ” She smiled
” of course,,I am really happy ”
She walked to the be-d and climb on it,,
” Well,,am slee-ping here tonight. Baby nee-ds daddy ” She smiled
” Daddy is available ” Ryan replied with a wi-nk
” Am going to change,,, with one of your shi-ts ” Elena said walking into the dressing room
” You can take everything if you want ” Ryan said feeling happy
” You’re crazy ” Elena laughed
” I know,, I just can’t explain how happy I am ” Ryan said
” Baby,,,don’t you think we should get married?? Am pregnant now,,” Elena said coming out with a shi-t and short
” Tomorrow?? ” Ryan win-ked
” You’re crazy,,,” She laughed
” This ring,, always make me Happy ” Elena smiled tou-ching the ring on her f!nger
” But right now,,,,,,I think I will be more happier if the wedding ring is added ” She said and hvgged him
” I love you Elena ” Ryan said k!ss!ngher n£¢k
” I love you more Ryan ” She replied
” Wow,,,today is the best ” Preet said as they got back home
” Everyday is always the best with you ” Ronnie said
” Awwwn ,,,I love you baby ” She said.
” Baby,,daddy loves you ” Ronnie said and k!$$£d her belly
” Are you kidding me?? I said that not the baby ” Preet said
” Now you’re jealous of the baby?? ” Ronnie asked
” Babies ” She win-ked
” Really?? Now they are babies??”
” Am sure of that ,don’t be surprised when the doctor confirm that ” She said
” I won’t,, am a twin remember?? But I don’t want it to be two boys ” Ronnie said
” Why??”
” It’s not fun,,,Romeo and I always fight when we were growing up ” Ronnie said with a little smile
” But now you are cool right?? ”
” I know,, but,,,I know a boy and a girl will be better. You know?? ” He replied
” So what name will you give them??” She asked
” Secret ” He win-ked
” Now you’re keeping secret from your future wife?? ”
” Yes,, you can’t use your charms on me ” Ronnie said
” Hmmm,,,okay,” She laughed and [email protected] on the be-d
” Don’t do that again,,” Ronnie said looking worried
” Why??”
” You should always be gentle,, don’t hurt the babies ” Ronnie said and she shook her head
” now,,you don’t care if I get hurt??” She tea-sed
” I do,,if you get hurt,the babies will also get hurt,,so don’t get hurt,that’s what am saying ”
” St©p acting like a mother ” She laughed
” You look so handsome ” She suddenly said
” really??”
” yes,,,, when I haven’t met you,,I once saw your picture and I thought it was a girl dressed like a boy ” She said and Ronnie laughed
” Do I look like a girl,, come on,, am a man ,real man ”
” Yeah,,you’re a real man. Why can’t I get enough of you??” She laughed
” You caught me ” Ronnie said
Season 2_Episode 28
Preet’s mother was surprised to see such an august visitor,though she recognized them to be Ronnie’s parents since they’ve met before now but she still wonder what they are doing here.
” Hello ” She said and told them to sit
” You seem surprised ” Mrs Silver said with a smile
” I think you really got me,am surprised ” She said and told one of the maids to get them some soft drinks
” The reason why we are here is because we want to talk about the wedding of our children,,, you’re aware that Preet is pregnant right?” Mr Silver asked and Preet’s mom nodded
” So ,,we want to do everything quic-kly before it become obvious that she’s pregnant. Or what do you think?? ” Mrs Silver asked
” It’s fine,,if the two couples are re-ady then I can’t say no,,and they really love each other ” She said
” Am glad” Mrs Silver grinned
” So,,about the preparations,, you don’t nee-d to worry about anything. We will take care of it,,,she’s our daughter in law and she’s carrying our grandson inside of her, I can’t be more happier ” Mr Silver said
” I still find it [email protected] to believe,,, you’re really Preet ??” Kim Nana asked Preet as they both got back home
She have called Preet earlier and wanted them to hang out,, and now they are back home
” Of course Kim, why do you keep on asking?? ” Preet chuckled
” I thought I was never going to see you again,,you can’t un-derstand how am feeling ” Kim said and pu-ll-ed her into a warm hvg
” Anyb©dy here??” Some voices [email protected]£ and they dis£ngaged
” Wow look who we have here,,Kim Nana??” Elena smiled and gave her a pe-ck on the cheek
” Elena,,nice seeing you like this ” Kim said
Akeelah and Jennie also [email protected]£ in,,,
” Wow,,I guess you all planned this ” Preet said and they all sat down. The maids served them drinks and they continue chatting
” Well,,,,” Elena said and whispered something into Preet’s ear. They both laughed
” What’s happening?? ” Akeelah asked
” We have something to tell you guys” Elena said with her hand around Preet
” What is it ” The ladies asked curiously
” One ,Two,Three, Go!!! We are gonna become mothers ” Elena and Preet said at the same time
Akeelah scoffed
” We are all gonna become mothers, just explain better ” Jennie said
” We are pregnant ” Elena and Preet said and everyone [email protected] except Kim Nana
They both stood up and started dancing ,,,.
” You,,both are pregnant?? ” Akeelah asked at the same time
” And we will be getting married soon,with Kim Nana ” Preet said and Kim joined them in dancing
” Wow,,this is amazing,, congratulations!!!! ” Akeelah screamed and hvgged them
” So,,now it’s just you and I ??” Jennie faced Akeelah
She nodded and hvgged Jennie
” Don’t worry,,am sure They are gonna propose soon,,,very soon ” Preet said and hvgged Akeelah
” So ,,how are we are we preparing for the wedding?? When is Yours??” Akeelah asked Preet
” Am sure Ronnie and Romeo is gonna be the same day,,but how about Ryan??” Jennie asked
” Don’t be surprised,, the three will be doing it on the same day ” Kim said
” Oh my gee,,am beginning to imagine how it’s gonna look like. It’s going to be the best wedding ever,,oh,am jealous ” Akeelah said with a pout.
” Guys,,Cheers ” Kim said taking her cu-p and they all made a toast.
Ronnie and Wyatt in silence ,,just taking a little walk from the mansion, Ronnie’s hands tucked in his trou-ser while Wyatt find the moment awkward since no one is talking. Just then Ronnie spoke up,,
” Are you okay?? ” Ronnie asked
” Am fine,,, ” Wyatt replied.
” I know,,, I mean ,,you and Jennie. Are you two okay with each other?? ” He asked not looking at him
” Yeah,,,”
” Am glad,,,,you know what??” Ronnie said and st©pped
He also turned and they are now facing each other
” what is it??” Wyatt asked
” I haven’t changed,,,I didn’t change to you. Am still the same Ronnie ,,your best friend ” Ronnie said
” I wish it’s true,,, but it’s not ” Wyatt replied with a little smile
” That’s the truth”
” Ronnie you are not the same,,when last have we spoken to each other??? I always try to talk to you but you choose to remain mute ” Wyatt said
” You don’t know why,,, but don’t ever think it has to do with you and Jennie. I don’t care about your relationsh!pwith her,,,you guys love each other that’s just it ” Ronnie said
” Then why?? Why did you change?? ”
” I didn’t change,, not to you. We have been friends since we were kids,I don’t think anything can break us up. And besides,, I don’t keep mute to you alone ”
” But Ryan??? ”
” Am sorry” Ronnie suddenly said
” For what?? Why will you apologize?? ” Wyatt asked
” For the weird space,,,,am really sorry if I made you feel sad, but trust me. I love you and will always do,,”
” I know,,, I just want us to be back to normal again,that’s all ” Wyatt sighed
” Of course we will,,,,” Ronnie smiled and they both hvgged each other
” Where’s Ronnie and Wyatt ??” Michael asked joining Ryan and Romeo on the long couch
” They went to settle their differences ” Ryan replied
” That’s great,, I hope it work ” Michael said
” It will” Ryan said
” What’s wrong with Romeo??”
” He doesn’t want to get married but now he have to get married because Ronnie and Preet can’t wait ” Ryan explained which resulted in him laughing while Michael also joined him
” What’s funny??” Romeo asked but they keep on laughing
” You really don’t wanna get married?? But why?? Kim Nana is a cool person,,or you’re planning to use and dump her??” Michael asked
” What?? No,I can’t do that. I just don’t want those marriage stuffs right Now ” He sighed
“Well dude,,you don’t have any choice. Ronnie and I are proud of becoming a dad soon ” Ryan said proudly
” I can see ” Michael said and [email protected] his head
” What’s that for!!” Ryan yelled holding his head
” Just feel like doing it ” Michael replied
Ryan scoffed and faced his phone again
” Wow,,guys listen to this ” Ryan said
” What is it?” Romeo and Michael asked
” Mom and dad will be coming to Korea tomorrow,, ” Ryan said
” Wow!!! That’s amazing ” They shouted
The truth is,,Ryan have to leave his parents from a very young age when he wanted to join the band,,his parents live in Spain,,even though they are Korean,,
” I missed them so much ” Ryan said sadly
” We all un-derstand,,but you should be happy now,,you will be seeing them again after a very long time ” Michael consoled him
Harry sip from his wine with his legs crossed in his study,,,he suddenly saw something weird on TV and decided to increase the volume.
📺 The Plane which left America three days ago coming to Korea have been reported of a deadly crashing.
All the 150 travelers died as a result of this.
The names of some of them are ,,
Felicia James
Selena Hurex
Denis Leary
Olivia Gante
” Oh no ” Harry said and the wineglas-s fell from his hand
” Olivia ” He said as tears rolled down his eyes
Olivia have die oo 😭😭

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