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Meant for her final Episodes

Enogieru writes✍️✨
“Bella, we nee-d money” Greg said pacing around the hospital
“Greg, we nee-d to money to commerce the operation within 35 minutes or you loose your mother” The doctor said and walked away.
I got up from the be-d and drove to Kary’s house.
“I’m in” I sat at the couch and Kary glanced at me
“Why the sudden change of mind” Kary gulped a bottle of glas-s. “Does it mean Aaron can’t pay your bills”
“Leave my husband out of this” I yelled
“Husband” Kary formed a broad grin.
Kary walked to his dinner table and brou-ght out an envelope, ” sign these do¢v-ments” Kary handed a pen to me.
I stared at him briefly before signing the do¢v-ment. He gave me the check of 10 million naira.
“Doctor, I have deposited the money at the accountant’s office” I handed over the receipt to the doctor.
“Where did you get that from” Greg eyed me suspiciously.
“I’ll tell you later” I ignored him.
“Don’t give me that cra-p” Greg was furious
“I’m sorry bro buh I had to do it” I tried to prevent tears from falling .
“Was accepting to marry him the best” Greg said calmly. “What becomes of Aaron”??
I sighed de-eply.
“Doctor, how is my mother” I ru-bbe-d my hands on my hair to ease tension.
“The operation was successful” The doctor smiled brightly.
“Thank you doctor” Greg let out a geniue smile and laughed briefly.
Mom was later discharged. I didn’t bother to go back to Aaron’s house, I stayed with Mom while Greg went to his home.
“Accepting to marry Kary wasn’t the best” Mom protested
“Mom, I had no option” I rest my hands on mom’s shoulders. “I nee-ded to save your life”
My phone beeped and I checked to see a text from Kary.
Kary: our wedding is going to be in two weeks time.
I re-ad the text loudly and frowned. I wasn’t prepared to marry Kary. I only did what I did to save my mother’s life.
“Greg, I’m in trouble” my hands ran throu-gh my hair.
“Let’s plan on how to pay him his money” Greg sighed. ” I believe when we pay him he won’t distru-b you anymore”
“That’s brilliant” I sm-irked
I took my phone and dialed Kary’s number.
“I nee-d to see you, it’s urgent” I said and ended the call.
“You sounded urgent” Kary said sitting beside me.
“Hmm” Greg paused and cleared his throat. ” I want to appreciate the fact that you saved our mother’s life” Greg continued.
“Anything for Bella” smiles formed on Kary’sl-ip.
“We have thought of something” I ch!pped in
“How about we replace your money” Greg rolled his eyes not so sure of What Kary would say.
“Yes Kary, we could pay installmentally” I smiled
“Bella, that wasn’t our agreement” Kary yelled in anger. “Don’t joke with me” He said leaving Greg and I totally confused.
Time was tickling. News had gone viral that I was getting married to Kary. Kary was a member of the s£nate who once contensted for the position of the president.
“How could you Bella” Aly rained abuses on me over the phone.
“I’m sorry buh my hands are tried” tears flowed from my face even though she couldn’t see me.
“I don’t want to believe you killed Aaron just to be with your high school lover” Her words tore my heart into pieces.
“How could you say that” I whispered in shock.
“Mom doesn’t want to see you and I hope you know what that means. Betrayal” Aly said and ended the call.
My head was spinning. No one was in support of my decision forgetting I did what I did because of the situation and condition my mother was. I lost Aaron, you don’t expect me to loose my mother almost the same time. Tomorrow was supposed to be my wedding.
“You have to take things easy on yourself” Lisa said over the phone
“Tell Greg I love him” I said. We chatted over so many things before I ended the call.
To my dearest mom; I’m sorry I had to do this . I doubt if you will ever find me. I love you so much mom. Tell Greg I love him.
Yours forever
I [email protected]£d a few clothes and ti-p toed out of the house leaving my phone on the note I left for mom.
“Mom, I can’t find Bella” Greg said removing his tie and coat.
“What do you mean you can’t find her” I yelled removing my glas-ses. “Bella can’t do this!!!….not now!!
“Excuse me” Bella’s mom pushed Greg out of her way.
She was obviously heading to her daughter’s room. Her scream made us all to run to the room.
“Greg see what your sister left for me” She broke into tears.
“Why would Bella do this to us” Greg gnawed
“Bella absconded on her wedding day” Lisa sighed de-eply.
“I thought these only happens in movies” Greg smashed his hands against his head.
“I don’t give a $h!t about this whole thing” I held my head trying to think……”I nee-d Bella now or you all would spend the rest of your miserable lifes in prison” I sat on Bella’s be-d
“Why would your sister treat me this way” Bella’s mom sobbe-d resting her head on her Son’s shoulders.
“You think I don’t know you all planned this, I’ll come back for you, all of you” I walked out of the room
I ran as fast as my legs could take me.
“I’m sorry Kary” I whispered as I kept running.
“Bella” Someone called my name. I turned to see Aly.
“How did you know I was here”?? I fell on my face.
“Mere concidence” Aly shrugged as she st©pped a taxi.
“We gat some catch up to do” Aly said staring at me and I nodded.
Aly took me to her house insisting her mother wouldn’t want to see me hence the reason for not going to the family house.
“Life has really been unfair” I said as I gulped the third glas-s of water.
“I heard you wanted to marry Kary” Aly took a de-ep breath…..”what then happened”
“I couldn’t, I couldn’t betray Aaron” I wiped away the tears which formed on my face.
“Do you know the pain you must have caused your mother today” Aly ru-bbe-d her palms together.
“I know buh I’m in this because I wanted to save her life” I yelled.
“Calm down Bella, Everything would be fine” Aly t©uçhed my chin.
“I want to see your mother” I pleaded.
“That would be difficult” Aly sm-irked.
Aly & I drove to their family house. The house was empty unlike before. I got down from the car and stared at Aaron’s house.
“Come in, Don’t be scared” Aly [email protected]£d my hands dragging me into the house.
“Bella” Aaron’s Mom giggled as she pronounced my name slowly.
“I’m sorry ma’am” I went on my knees.
“You don’t have to be, I have forgiven you long before now” Aaron’s Mom smiled brushing off the hair which was on Bella’s face.
I was use to the family house so I walk to Aaron’s room after talking with his mom. Oops!!!….I forgot to say that few years after the completion of my secondary school, Aaron and his family moved out of our house. This was because his mom was able to build a house which we all know refer to the family house.
“Why don’t we go out” Aly smiled pla-ying with her f!ngers. “I mean to the beach”
“No Aly……Today isn’t over” I frowned.
“Let me guess, they would all be looking for you now” Aly sm-irked and I rolled my eyes.
I picked up the picture frame beside the be-d. Memories of Aaron and I [email protected]£ back. I could remember everything starting from St. Gradient High School. Tears dropped from my faces as Aaron last words echoed in my ears.
“Don’t stress yourself Bella, I would be fine”!!!!!!
“These people could change their mind anytime, Let me stay…..if the flight isn’t possible today….I will call you” !!!!!
“Arghh” I screamed in pain throwing away the picture frame.
Mom and Aly rushed into the room almost immediately.
“Are you fine”??? Aly sat beside me cleaning the tears on my face.
“I miss Aaron” I broke into tears again.
“Why not go out so you at least re-move thoughts of Aaron” Aly’s mom suggested
“So you think I wouldn’t find you”
We all turned to see Kary
“Kary” Aly & I let out a whisper.
How on earth did he find me.
“You have to fulfill your promise “Kary said sternly
“She wouldn’t marry you” The voice was familiar.
“Aaron”!!!! I pas-sed out
“Where am I” I winced in pain as I opened my eyes briefl
“Hospital” Aaron said tou-ching my faces.
“I miss you Aaron” I sm-irked still with my eyes close.
“I’m here for you now” Aaron smiled placing a k!sson myl-ips.
“I thought you died” I said slowly with tears almost running down my face.
“That b*st*rd kidnapped me” Aaron spat……”I swear once I get you out of this be-d I’ll hunt him” Aaron was furious
“You were never in the plane” Lisa said as she stepped into the ward.
“I’ll will tell you everything, buh Bella must get well first” Aaron said ignoring further questions.
“Are you re-ady to tell us now” Lisa crossed her hands across her che-st.
“Slightly after Bella left the airport, I was decieved into helping a young lady little did I know it was all planned. The young lady was looking for directions and before I could say anything, I was tied and thrown into the car” Aaron sighed
“How did you escape”?? I stared at him
“I was lucky, the people who kidnapped me weren’t conscious the time I left” Aaron said.
“I don’t get this” Lisa frowned
“I don’t get it either” I grinned.
I took my phone and dialed Jack’s number. How on earth did Aaron escape my plot.
“Where’s Aaron” I pretended
“Sorry boss, He escaped” Jack said geniuely and I laughed.
“You must be crazy Jack, you must be”!!! I got into my car.
Getting to my usual sp©t, I found out that the place has been deserted. I called Jack and his number wasn’t connecting, soon the line was switched off.
“Arghh”!!! I cursed loudly.
“You aren’t getting away with this”
I drove to Aaron’s family house to meet his mother and his sister. I was done treating him lightly.
“Where’s Aaron” I grinned and his sister frowned.
“Leave Aaron” She said boldly
“I’m not here for you little, just give me Aaron” I said bringing out a gun.
“Aaron isn’t here” His mom was scared.
I pointed the gun at Aly and threatened to shoot when Aaron and Bella walked in.
“Look who we have here” I sm-irked and Aaron grinned.
I [email protected]£d his sister by her n£¢k.
“Leave Bella for me or I kill Aly” I said pointing the gun at Aly.
” don’t harm my sister” Aaron went on his knees
“Do as I say”?? I said and I could feel Bella walking to meet me
“Leave Aly plea-se” She screamed …..Turning to Aaron “Allow me do this”
I walked sluggishly and targeted the best way I could collect the gun from Kary. It was risky buh I had to do it. I swerved and not so smart Kary pu-ll-ed the trigger and I saw Aaron on the floor in pool of his own blood.
The police siren made everywhere calm. Tears rolled from my eyes as I saw Aaron on the floor.
“I think you should join” Kary sm-irked buh the police saved me
“You are un-der arrest Mr Kary” The police officers said pres£nting their identity card.
“You have to be silent because anything you say or do would be used against you in the court of law” The officer continued displa-ying his identity card
“Zach” Kary called one of the persons whom were handcuff
“Sorry boss, we were apprehended”
We called the Ambulance quic-kly and Aaron was rushed to the hospital. The injuries substained were minor. I was happy I didn’t lose anyone. We later got information on the news that Kary didn’t get to the police Station before he sh0t himself. I pitied him tho.
Aaron had made preparations for us to travel out. It was like taking our marriage vows all over. Before leaving the country, Both families organized a re union.
“I’m getting married” Aly smiled displa-ying her wedding rings.
“Congrats swerrie” Lisa and I hvgged her.
Aaron and I traveled out of the country. I didn’t waste my time in breaking the good news to Aaron.
“Guess what babe” I said smiling pla-ying hitting his arms
“You are pregnant” Aaron said staring brightly at me.
“I love you so much Bella” Aaron carried me the bridal style.
“Drop me down” I pla-yfully hit his shoulders. “I love you more”
“Meant for me” we both whispered and we all laughed.
Special thanks to everyone who re-ad this book.

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