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Love on fire Episode 9 & 10

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)
Authoress Sas-syjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)
♥️ Episode 9🔥
🤪 Charlotte 🤪
Such an arrogant boss
I wonder what’s funny that’s ma-king everyone here to laugh.
I watched as the pres£nter calmed the mask guy down to avoid creating scenes with him
I don’t think he knows me, I will just beat him up
I cleared my throat and gazed at everyone, actually I was looking for the demi god then the arrogant mash guy got me pissed
“Is the crazy girl also dump to answer questions”. He laughed,what ??
How dare him call me dump. Hey arrogant mask boy, am not dump..
My experience in this house is the worst experience I have ever had in my life, I notice everyone here are having a crush, but me I don’t have a crush on any one and nothing is going to happen between me and June.
Guess what, I was able to create an enemy that will [email protected]ñk very soon before leaving the house, I smiled looking at the guy on mask, I pointed two f!ngersfrom eyes to his meaning my eyes are on you.
Everyone [email protected] and others continued with the confession talk.
😶 Oliver 😶
I hate her so much, how dare she refer to me as an enemy, she is so getting it from me
The person serving the wine was with a tray of 🍷 wine when I placed my leg on her way, immediately she fell down and the drink landed on the crazy girl ruining her clothes
You nee-d to see her face, I was laughing so [email protected] same with others when I looked her doing the same thing she did to me with her hands.
Time to sleep, everyone started walking to their various room, I saw the crazy girl, hey crazy I called
“What is it arrogant bea$t”
Hey did you just call me a bea$t you crazy girl
“Oh you calling me a crazy girl, well I don’t have your time, stay away from me j.erk”
You just a $lut, I wasn’t in my right frame of mind accepting you to my show
“Mummy’s boys” what did you just call me
“You heard me right, I don’t repeat myself”
Oh I can see ,you are scared of me
“Scared, never”. She hit something and missed her step and fell on me
For about a minute, we were still in the same position until I heard the voice of my security saying, “sir you nee-d to get some rest”
Oh , hey get off me, you so heavy, you going to pay for damages
“Damages my foot, you lucky I didn’t loose a tooth”
You are so careless, you are supposed to say thank you
“Hey boys, I believe your boss is drun!k, get him out of here before I do something we both will regret, good night”
She really got some nerves, I watched her immediately she enters her room
Crazy girl, I remembered I was not in my room, oh no, the [email protected]£ra here must have picked everything that has happened, oh Ava must be watching and she is going to tease me with it.
G©sh she is ma-king me do crazy things, like seriously,I was wasting my quality time talking to her, this should not repeat itself again, never again but am going to deal with her.
👹 Unknown 👹
I picked up the letter, this is the only way we can talk without be seen with the [email protected]£ra.
The letter says ” with these tools, you will be able to disconnect the audio recording placed in your bathroom,so you will be able to communicate freely with boss”
Smart one.
Finally have done it,I locked my room door and entered the bathroom and dialed my elder brother number
Hi bro
“How is it going over there”
It’s going as plan, am sure the killer is the one on mask,let’s have little fun before killing him.
“Okay, just be very careful there, you know his security are ti-ght”
Sure I will, his dead b©dy will be seen at the end of the show, he will pay dearly….
👫👫👫👬World pov👫🤪👫👫
I like Charlotte, She is really crazy
What if some feelings grows with the arrogant boss and the crazy girl
In your dreams, don’t you know it’s against the rule for the housemate to fall in love with the boss.
I can’t wait for the next game they will be having tomorrow.
🙂 Oliver 😊
Hi Ava, “bro I guess the show is so fun for you right “?
Fun?? Hell no, boring as ever
“St©p the drama bro, I watched everything on tv, you like the crazy girl”
What ?? Ava, why would you think such ? I don’t like her Ava
“Bro I know you will never admit it,see the way you are becoming lively around her”
Ava, I have so important things to do, talk later
“But bro, I will come visit after the eviction”
I don’t want you around, I know exactly what you can do,Ava plea-se we talk some other time okay.
I hang up
Ava behaves as if she is an adult, of all girls in the world, she is saying I like the crazy girl, never
I wanted to half a warm bath that was when I noticed something inside the bathroom.
A leg chain, but I don’t owe this, this belongs to a lady but no lady sharesy bathroom with me.
Oh, I hope it’s not what am thinking , moly $h!t…
🤪 Charlotte 🤪
Who does he think he is by the way. Is it because his the boss, well he don’t rule me at all.
Am going to make his life a living hell, but his voice sounds so familiar.
What game are we having tomorrow,am so tired of this place, I want to go home .
I noticed my leg chain was gone, wait a second, I only take it off whenever I nee-d to bath.
Oh no I left it in his bathroom, don’t tell me I nee-d to go there again,oh no.
Episode 10🔥
🤪 Charlotte 🤪
I will definitely go back to get the leg chain, maybe after the game tomorrow.
I took a great bath and fell on my be-d.
It’s not even up to 7am this time around when the stupid announcer informed us that we are doing our first work out today.
“Good morning housemates, we have about 20 minutes to get on our sport outfit,we have some work out to carry out this morning, remember if you come late,3 points will be re-moved from your points ,we met at our sport house”.
Oh God are you punishing me in this house, am sorry lord for everything but I hate work out
I heard a knock at the door, it’s June, another headache,
“Good morning Charlotte, plea-se don’t be late for the workout, see you there”
Whatever, will the arrogant boss be there,he better not. I decided to put on my joggers, my short singlet revea-ling my flat tommy, I put on my canvas then I tied my hair, I looked in the mirror, Charlotte you for this.
I walked pas-sed some housemates, why are they staring at me.
I couldn’t find the arrogant boss there, then the pres£nter addressed us.
” Beautiful and handsome housemate, welcome to the game this morning, Mr Castro will be taking us the exercise this morning,also know this counts to your points”
Mr Castro told us to space out and he started the exercise.
“Okay everyone, we are going to jump up for the next 15 seconds, are you re-ady ,now let’s go”
Wow,this is good, am actually enjoying it
” And st©p. Now take a break in the next 5 seconds by shaking your b©dy. Now the next, you t©uçhed your toe with the counting of one and two you you raise up your hands above your head, now let’s go 1 and 2, good, then 3 and 4, wow , you all are getting it.Now we are going to be doing sit up for a minute, are we re-ady now let’s go”
Oh I hate sit up but it’s actually fun,I got a glance at the demi god, his really here
” That’s good everyone, now am going to be pointing out some of the boys to give me 20 press up”
Oh he picked the demi god, when he took off his shi-t he was looking so h0t
“Wow that’s great, now before we call it a day, who is in for some dance step?”
Oh yeah,this is my favorite,I love dancing a lot,I can even volunteer
They pla-yed a h0t song, I was alre-ady feeling the best of the music when Mr Castro gave us some steps to follow
“Now do as I do, bring your right foot out then your left foot,swing to the left and right, walk forward and backward, squat and stand, squat and stand, stretch your right hands forward same with your left,then you hold your [email protected]!st, you whine”
🙂 Oliver😊
I don’t normally do the exercise with them, I just wanted to see how it was going and also the crazy girl when I noticed her among the rest housemates, doing the dancing exercise, she was so h0t and good, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
I watched her till the end of the exercise. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they announced the next game coming up in an hour time,the food competition,only a glutton can win this round.
Where is she going to ? I watched her approaching one of the male housemate that was in face cap that I couldn’t see his face.
What is she doing with him ?don’t tell me she is crushing on him, but why am I bothered is none of my business, she is even smiling at him, Oliver don’t tell me you are jealous of this.
All the housemate was pres£nt at the food challenge competition ,I was given the list to announce the pairs in the competition, what she is paired with a guy no way, I will just pair her with a girl, am not jealous but am not okay with the pair.
I started calling out the pairing, lastly Charlotte and Vanessa, they all cheered .
I had to talk to the house ,well in this [email protected] game, if you fail you will have one last game for this stage, after that those that failed will be evicted along with the rating of the world.
Now you have five minutes to discuss with your [email protected], who will do the cooking and the person that will eat the food for the competition, and this is what each and everyone of us is to prepare,your time starts now.
🌭 Charlotte 🌯
I actually thought I will be paired with the demi god,I hate seeing the mask guy.
Hi Vanessa, what do you think we do ?
” Well, am not really good at eating much, but I can actually prepare the food we are asked to”
That will be great I said, let me tell you a secret, my kid brother calls me the glutton at home, we both laughed.
Am happy that Vanessa is not a l£sblan, I think she will be a good friend.
The time started for the competition, I was really troubled, those of us eating was asked to sit while our other [email protected] prepared the food.
” Wow, I never knew we have talented chef in our midst, now housemate listen, when eating make sure not to spill the food on the ground, avoid deceiving the audience by hiding some food and you start when you are asked to start”
I watched Vanessa I was happy she was among the 16th People that was almost done with the food.
Now the food was re-ady, it was served h0t and the time keeper gave us go ahead to start eating.
I started devouring the food but I started getting scared when most them failed the stage by spilling the food on the ground
I was left with four others, I thought I was a glutton till I saw someone that her mouths looks like an air conditioner to cool the food , she is almost done with her food,I then decided to pour the food on my mouth ,I just hope I won’t throw up.
To be continued…
Do you think Charlotte will pas-s the food challenge

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