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Love on fire Episode 13 & 14

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)
Authoress Sas-syjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)
♥️ Episode 13🔥
😉 Charlotte 😉
I was thinking, who will pick me?
plea-se let Quan pick me plea-se.
Each of the guys picked the card and when they were done, they were asked to mention out the names and if the girls hear their name , she should stand beside the guy.
I was waiting patiently for my name to be called, all of a sudden I heard Charlotte, I thought it was Quan, why will another guy pick me, I got very upset about it, I was given sign to met him but still on still he was still cute!!
Then Bryan thought [email protected]£ to my head, I actually miss his conversation,I know it’s just few hours but [email protected] from Quan I like, his the other person that will make me not to quit the show.
I walked to the person that picked me then they told us to go to the clothes section and get whatever we want to wear for the [email protected] tomorrow.
” Hi my name is Donald”
Hi Donald guess you alre-ady know my name
” Yes I do, I must confess am so happy I picked you, you have been my crush from day one but I was scared to talk to you or approach you ”
Really, at least a male is crushing on me but his cute anyway but I don’t really like him , I just looked for means to change the t©pic
Oh well nice, let’s go get some good outfit for tomorrow
” Yeah you are right”
I saw Quan with another housemate, talking and laughing?
I hate her!!!
We got to the clothes section and it was wow,I don’t even know what to say
Am going to rock tomorrow.
June walked to me and said, ” hey girlfriend”
Oh hi June, I faked a smile!!
“Your [email protected] hope his not taking you away from me?”
Has she gone mad ? Take me from who ? Her ?
She must be crazy!!!
And how is that your business?
” Well you are my crush and I like you, can’t wait to [email protected] my ton-gue down there?”
She is pointing at my V…. Is she nut ?
Well June, you are lucky you are a girl like me if not I would have beaten you up, so let this be the last time,the next time you take your horrible self to me and say this ru-bbish,I won’t tolerate you and I will not even hesitate to re figure you with my hands
I walked away, such an idiot.
One of the security walked to me with a box
What’s this
” Miss Charlotte,you are asked to put this on in tomorrow night [email protected]
But I never asked for it and who is s£nding it to me ?
” Is better you take it miss and the identity is left unknown”
Okay thanks so much,will check it out in my room.
I left the clothes room to my room then I opened the box.
A wow escape myl-ips, this is so beautiful,the outfit is the best for tomorrow,the heels, the n£¢klace and earrings,i love it then a note dropped on the floor, I picked it to re-ad the content
” Hope you love it, have never done this but plea-se accept it as a gift giving to my new friend. I can’t come to your room so I will be leaving notes for you on how we can see in a place where the [email protected]£ra won’t see us, can we talk a little tonight, meet me at the beach using this map, don’t be scared,there isn’t any [email protected]£ra there, would have said the pool but [email protected]£ras are everywhere there. BRYAN ”
Wow, now the show is getting interesting for me,good to break some rules….
😊 Oliver 😊
I had no choice than to give her a fake name !!
Why didn’t I get angry at her and s£nd her away but something keeps ma-king me want to know her the more.
Maybe I should really get to know her, but nothing attached,yeah.
I really enjoyed her company today, I just wished it can be done often, this is to say that, She will know me as her boss on mask to be arrogant and she will know the other me as Bryan to be caring.
Of cause am caring, I care to those am drawn to.
I was happy she pas-sed the game, now it’s the [email protected], I can’t wait to see her twer-k again, I started laughing, crazy girl, for real she is ma-king love on fire interesting and lively for me.
I entered my mini office in my room to watch everything going on in the house, it was time to pick up the cards to know your [email protected]
Let me guess she will be wishing for that guy to pick her,but why the guy ?
Why is she so interested in him but it’s none of my business.
I got over excited when another guy called her name, I love this, I watched them as they entered the clothes room.
Then I remembered my fashionista, it will be a great idea to surprise her with a dress that will be 20 times better than the ones the other housemates are going to wear.
I decided to call her and told her I nee-d the best dress that just [email protected]£ out with a fit heels , n£¢klace and earrings, she told me it will be delivered to my guards.
That’s why I like her she never disappoints me.
I put on the mask and [email protected]£ out then I instructed the guard to give to Charlotte and I warned them not to open it, not to tell her it was me the boss that s£nt it and my mother should never hear of this or I sack them immediately,they nodded.
Most of the guards are sacred of me cause they know how arrogant I can be and must have heard stories of how I sack my workers once they can’t keep to simple instructions.
Now mother’s case is settled,she won’t find out but I left a note in the box cause I want to see her, that’s the only area I got to be very careful with so I won’t get caught.
She is really ma-king me do things have never done before,well it’s just to know her and after the show that’s all.
♥️ Episode 14🔥
😌Oliver 😌
I got to the beach, it’s really cold out here . Why am I so getting nervous about her coming but what if she refuse to come or probably forget.
Am really so stupid for even thinking of this idea. Oliver you are really insane.
What has she done to me ?
I waited for some minutes it look like she isn’t going to come at all then I decided to take my leave that was when I saw a beautiful damsel coming to my direction!!!
Could this be an angel ?
She looks amazing, so beautiful!!
I later realized it was Charlotte, oh good heavens
” Hi, sorry am late just had to make sure I wasn’t seen ”
Wow thanks for coming, I don’t really know what to say at this moment, she is just so adorable.
” Never knew the beach is more beautiful at night, love the view”
Same here
So you love the dress !
” Of cause I do, thank you so much, you really got some taste, guess your girlfriend will be so lucky”
Girlfriend ??
I don’t even have a girlfriend, I said to her
” Really ? ”
I can’t lie to you !!
So let me guess, you are actually single that’s why you decide to sign up for the show to search for love
Ouch, she hits me on the head
” H.ell no, I never [email protected]£ to look for love here j.erk”.
” Hey what, you want me to $pank you hum !”
Whatever, you crazy , I laughed
So tell me why are you really here
” Well let me tell you somethings about me but I don’t ”
I didn’t let her end the statement when I said, don’t worry, your secret is safe with me
” Okay. I actually don’t know who my real father is, but my mom just told me it was a night stand,she was actually f0rç£d then the next thing she got [email protected]
Sorry about that
” It’s nothing but am happy cause she met someone that accepted her for who she is and that’s my lovely step dad and I so much wish he was my dad,then my kid brother was a bonus to us, Ethan ,his my headache but I love him so much. I do think men are m©nsters mostly what my dad did to mom, my girlfriends at school back then always complained about relationsh!ps. I decided to try one but guess what, I was [email protected]£d by him and his friends after they drugged me”
She started crying and I brou-ght her close to me and ru-b her back telling her it’s okay
” I couldn’t tell anyone what happened to me, I felt so bad that I vowed never to [email protected]£ anyone, even my parents are not aware about it so from that day, I started beating up any guy trying to haras-s a girl, I got to this stage,my parents worried me that i nee-d a man in my life that am not getting younger, it was like a popular poem in the house, they thought I will [email protected]£ my best friend Dylan but I just liked him as a friend”
Wow, I never believed she went throu-gh all this and still be strong
” Then my brother signed me up for love on fire show behind my back, then my name [email protected]£ out and they all f0rç£d me to go so I can change my attitude when I find love”
Your parents really wants the best for you but am glad you shared your experience with me
” Thanks for ma-king me feel comfortable,but my aim from the beginning is to just be disqualified”
No way, I can’t let her leave the show,
Charlotte plea-se do everything to stay in the show so we can get to discuss and know each other better”
” Sure, you are one of the reasons am changing my mind”
What could be the other reason I wondered.
Whenever you are down, just hvg yourself this way then you will feel better
” Thanks alot my good friend”
” I actually thought you were cold ? ”
Oh that, I then got a means to change the t©pic
Look at that
” Wow a shooting star, let’s make a wish”
Am not really a fan of the wishing stuff but just had to do it.
I can’t wait to see you on the dress tomorrow, she smiles!!
Well I felt so comfortable around her, I noticed it was getting so late,you nee-d to get to be-d now
” Sure”
😌 Charlotte 😌
I was enjoying my sleep, I saw myself kssing an handsome guy then I heard a knock at the door.
Who could that be ?
Am coming!!
I was finding it so difficult to get up, then I struggled and finally stood up and went straight to the door.
I opened only to see Donald, he just ruined my wonderful sleep
” Hi, sorry to wake you up , I actually prepared break fast don’t know if you can join me?”
His he for real, sure, will join you
” Ok thanks”
👫👬👭 World pov 👬👬👬
The [email protected] is about to start
I can’t wait to see the crazy girl twer-k again
Will she develop feelings for Donald?
I doubt that, I think she likes Quan, have you seen the way she looks at her!!
💃 Charlotte💃
The music started pla-ying, some of the house mate started dancing, guess what the Amazing home housemates are here also, another show like love on fire, the [email protected] is really going to be fun.
Almost everyone complemented my outfit.
I saw the boss on mask and I hissed at him but guess what,he told me ” you lucky am in a good mood”
I sighted Quan, he looks so h0t I must confess..
Donald asked me for a dance and I agreed.
Then they asked us to have fun at the [email protected] that no games just fun
I forgot everything about myself and started twer-king when my favorite song pla-yed titled work by Rihanna.
Everyone cheered me up, the boss on mask was not even free to even cheer me, I just can’t wait to see his ugly face and punch him.
Then all of a sudden June spoilt my fun by hitting my bu-m
I remembered I warned her
Hey, have you gone mad ?
” Hey I won’t tolerate insults from you bit-ch ”
I just don’t care if we are been watched live, I nee-d to put some s-en-ses in her [email protected] and I also want to just beat her up badly
You must be a psycho
” What? ”
She poured her drink on me, that was when I bounced on her like an animal, as everyone watched in surprise…..

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