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Love on fire Episode 11 & 12

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(He is arrogant , She is Crazy
♥️ Episode 11🔥
😏Oliver 😏
What a glutton ?
She is not just crazy but loves food very well.
I started laughing when I saw her turning the food in her mouth.
Where in the world is she from ?
She wants to choke her self to death, I can’t believe am getting fond of her lately, she is ma-king the show very lively for me, hell no Oliver you can’t fall for her.
Everyone started counting from 20 below
“”20 19 18……….”
The fat girl finished first and they were still counting, come on Charlotte you got this, finish it , am getting curious alre-ady..
” 11 10 9 8………”
Yes, she finished it, she was the second to finish the challenge, but why am I so excited because of her, I will still make the show a living h.ell for her.
Everyone was so happy and they started discussing about the show, I saw the guy she was talking to earlier today walking to her direction, mmmm, what does he wants from her by the way, I nee-d to listen to their conversation, I signal one of the guard to give me their audio as I put on my ear pod.
😊 Charlotte 😊
Oh dmn it,am so full, I might just throw up, am not happy I couldn’t defeat that fat girl, she eat just the way she is in her stature but at least I enjoyed the challenge.
I couldn’t even walk to my room, I watch everyone happy after the game, I saw Mr mask and thought of seeing his arrogant face some day .
Guess what, demi god is walking towards my direction, oh mine, he looks extremely h0t this time around, oh mine his actually walking to my direction, I decided to compose myself
“Congratulations on your challenge”
I started laughing uncontrollable, oh thank you, I actually thought I wasn’t going to win
” Seems you love food very much”
Oh yes, I love to eat very well to be more healthy
Am Charlotte what about you ?
” I know your name, everyone knows you crazy girl”
Oh his voice is ma-king me not to feel my legs anymore.
Oh how can I forget that, everyone knows but I don’t know everyone’s name as well
” Well call me Quan ”
Wow nice to talk to you Quan
” I nee-d to go to my room now”
Guess you are the calm type right ?
What possibly brou-ght you to love on fire ?
” Well your friend is here alre-ady, talk some other time”
Okay bye Quan
I hate Vanessa right now, why did she have to come and ruin my conversation with Quan.
” Hey Charlotte congratulations to us dear”
Yeah I smiled looking at her
” Hope you are re-ady for the next game? ”
What’s the next game about ?
” Well searching for the ba-lls allocated at different places in the building is the quest left for today ”
I think that’s simple
” Simple you say, I hope so !!”
I nee-d to rest a little, we talk before the game starts
” Alright dear”
I walked pas-sed Mr Mask and I sighed at him then he [email protected]£d my hands and said,. ” Guess you crushing on him alre-ady ?”
Hey Mr mask, am not your child and you are not my babysitter to ask such questions, am off..
What’s wrong with him, i felt my heart melt when he [email protected]£d my hands, no way, his arrogant and am re-ady to deal with him as well in this show.
I entered my room and an idea pop up ,mmmm I think during the game I will be able to go the room that I forgot my leg chain, oh Charlotte you are so smart.
” Beautiful and handsome housemates it’s time for the next game and that will be the last game for today. When you open your various door you will see a basket and a [email protected] ball with a map, you are to search for the remaining 12 ba-lls of same color with the one in your basket ma-king use of the map, always be with the t©uçh and each task should be completed before dinner, can’t wait to know the first 10 winners”
Oh yes this is the perfect time for me to locate him and get my leg chain.
I wore a short and a t shi-t and my easy ware sli-ppers,took the basket,the map and the t©uçh again, oh no, don’t tell me they are going to put off the light ,phew.
The first ball is located behind a flower vessel at the upper room, gosh, I thought this will be simple , I started tracing it and I got it.
I was able to retrieve seven ba-lls then
I saw the route that l pas-sed when leaving his room but how come his building is attached to us, what am I even saying, all buildings here are attached together and link with different doors, I was happy when the light went off cause no one will see me entering there.
😏Oliver 😏
Why will she be the first to ask for his name ? What’s wrong with her ?
See the way she was laughing like a fool around him ?
I was walking around my room angry, is she that weak around boys, she was almost fainting when talking to him,I won’t let these two be close, not on my watch.
Why am I restless because of her and Oliver why did you gr-ab her hands, what has come over you Oliver,g©sh.
My door was opened and guess what the crazy girl , what is she doing here ?
I drag her in and locked the door
What do you think you are doing here ?
” Well hi, I forgot my leg chain the last time I made use of the bathroom”
Oh she can’t recognize me as the boss on mask, thank sweet Lord have changed my outfit maybe I should just continue to be two different people to her but she can’t be seen here
Oh, I will get it for you that was when I heard a knock at the door,oh $h!t , crazy girl you nee-d to hide
” Why will I hide ?”
I can’t tell her am the boss, I nee-d to think of something to say,well, because housemates are not allowed to come here,it’s restricted from the game,if we are seen together I might loose my job here and I have a poor family to feed, I acted, I know she will believe my act cause Ava do call me a good actor.
She went in to hiding as I opened the door and the guard said
“Are you okay sir, I heard voices in your room?”
Oh no one is here,I was on a call,I laughed
“Very well sir, your mother is around addressing the t©p [email protected] for an important meeting un-derground in the building,she will be here to see you before she travels back with her pri-vate plane she [email protected]£ with ”
Oh sht, mother is around and Charlotte is my room!!!
♥️ Episode 12🔥
😏Oliver 😏
Alright,thanks alot for the [email protected]£ I said. I closed the door, panicking, what am I going to do now ?
“Are they gone ?”
Why in the world would you come here ? You want me sacked !!!
” of cause not, how do you expect me to know that? Wait a minute, I know you somewhere ?
Oh this is not the time for this ? What’s wrong with her ?
” You the arrogant j.erk”
Can’t you think ?
” You owe me for wasting my ice cream on you”
Now I un-derstand how crazy you can actually be, am I in your hands !!
Did I f0rç£ you to throw the ice cream on me ,you really are crazy
” Well you caused it, you owe me and you going to pay for it”
Is she serious, I can’t think properly now because of my mom that [email protected]£ unexpectedly
She kept on arguing with me when I heard a knock
Oh dmn it ,it’s my boss
” Oh no, you will get sacked if she sees both of us”
Now you are thinking as a human, now what are we going to do?
You did not even allow me think instead you kept bringing up ice cream
“Open up dear”
Oh $h!t, hide
” But where”
What kind of girl is this ? How could she be hiding on the be-d covering up with a blanket !!
I will so kill her if mom finds out
Crazy, you could be seen here
” Oh I never thought about that”
plea-se make sure you hid where no one can see you, let me see if I can st©p her from coming in.
I opened the door st©pping my mom from coming in
Oh, you never told me you were coming
” I had an urgent meeting and I also made use of the opportunity to see my handsome son, how is the show going”
Boring as ever
” Just this season and I will continue from there, are you hiding someone in there?”
Of cause not mom
The room is a mess now
” Oh that’s fine by me”
I tried st©pping her,I started acting so stupid and I was lucky she received a phone call and I guess she nee-ds to leave.
” Am sorry son,I nee-d to go, walk with me a little before I leave”
Okay mom.
I was relieved a little as I walked with her.
😉 Charlotte 😉
I can’t believe his the arrogant guy that made me waste my ice cream, I must take back the money, it’s actually not my fault,he insulted me first and I had to show him how crazy I was but he should have st©pped me from wasting it on him.
Anyway,he looks handsome, his like a Greek god, oh Charlotte why am I meeting handsome god in this house, but I think his more handsome than Quan, whatever, I can’t wait to leave here.
What’s happening,why is he not back yet, I have a game to finish j£rk, I kept talking to myself till something got me scared.
I was still hiding when I heard someone entered the room, that could not be him, I thought, I tried looking throu-gh the tiny hole I saw,oh no ,it’s the security, am so finished.
I can’t be seen here, I watched them checking the room as if they were told I was here, don’t tell me someone saw me entering here but the light went off or do they have eyes like an owl.
I started sweating when I saw them heading to my direction, I was actually hiding in the bathroom, oh no what am I going to do?
I closed my eyes as they were about opening the door when I realized I actually serve a living God, he [email protected]£ at the right time telling them not to enter his bathroom that he doesn’t like it and they apologized and left.
Now I can breathe
He opened the door, crazy you can come out now it’s all clear
I [email protected]£ out looking at him, hey I got a name,my name is not crazy ,Am Charlotte
You owe me ?
“You owe me as well, as-suming you were seen here, I would have lost my job here today ”
Well actually he got a point, I would have felt bad if he had lost his job, okay I think I will nee-d a friend around here, maybe we should just start afresh again.
Okay fine, we are even, so let’s met again, am Charlotte what about you ?
” Call me Bryan ”
Well nice to meet you, I la-id on his be-d, oh so soft
” What do you think you are doing ?”
I wasn’t aware you were blind
” Are you serious now ? ”
Okay let’s end this, am really bored in here
So what do you do in here all alone?
Oh sht, I nee-d to go, I have a game to finish
” That’s true, come with me let me show you a safe place to exit without been seen ”
I was the 9th person to complete the game, it wasn’t an easy task.
The pres£nter started his boring talk to congratulate us for pas-sing this stage.
I was thinking about Bryan, his arrogant but still cool to be with and talk with,then Vanessa hit me screaming in excitement
What’s happening ? I asked
“Don’t tell me you aren’t listening, this is my favorite [email protected], the [email protected],it’s tomorrow night ”
Wow, that’s good I said
“But sadly after the [email protected], some of the housemates will be evicted,I just hope we both make it to the next round.
Don’t worry, it will be fine.
“Now let’s find out our [email protected]£, all the ladies stay this way, now the guys are going to be picking a card, all the ladies names are written in different card,once you are picked,you will be his [email protected] for tomorrow [email protected] and I wish you luck in advance that you might actually still get love tomorrow with your [email protected]
Who is going to pick my name , humm I wondered ???

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