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Love on fire Episode 1 & 2

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)
Authoress Sas-syjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)
He got so angry at his parents, why is his dad such a cheat
How dare him cheat on mom? Is that love at all
ma-king mom badly hurt.
He concluded true love doesn’t exist
He hate the word love
He so much hate it
He refused to drive with his car, He preferred to walk with his legs and cleared his head cause he truly lost his happiness tonight
He will never forgive his dad, if his mother do something stupid
He heard some one cried in pains, he was a bit scared cause the place was lonely
He moved closer and he saw a lady in pool of her own bl©©d
She couldn’t talk, she looked so lifeless on the ground
He tried tou-ching her to ask her what happened that was when he noticed she is almost dying
His hands was stain with bl©©d and he decided to leave ma-king sure no one saw him
He finally saw a taxi and he boarded it and decided to sleep in an h0tel.
His name is…….. He doesn’t believe in love and will never do but….
What happens when he is asked to head a show called LOVE ON FIRE by his mom?
Will he agree to it or rather disobey his mother
A show where people find true love and he doesn’t believe that it exists
So gr-ab your popcorn let’s go on this trip together
You don’t want to miss the story
It’s full of love, r©mance, jealousy and revenge.
♥️ Episode 1 🔥
🎇Oliver Pov🎆
I was enjoying my sleep when my sister woke me up
“Oliver wake up, I don’t want to be late for school”
Oh Ava, meet mom to take you to school plea-se
You disturbing my sleep
“But brother mom has gone to work alre-ady
Same with dad
ma-king you the only person available to take me to school”
Ooooooh ahhh
Why me
I tried ignoring her again and she started using her tiny voice to say
“Oliver you don’t want your only lovely sister to be late for school right”
I tried opening my eyes when I saw her given me the puppy eyes
She knows how to get me
Okay fine, I will take you to school
I watch her giggling
I noticed she still sat comfortable on my be-d
Ava, won’t you excuse me to have my bath or you want me to go n-ked in your pres£nce
Oh no, she frown and left
I was about taking my shi-t off when she opened the door again
What again Ava ?
“plea-se hurry up ”
Just go and she closed the door back
How did I end up having Ava as my sister
I tied my tower around my [email protected]!st and entered the bathroom
After brushing my teeth
I turned on the shower, immediately I was done
I dried my self with the towel and I open my closet thinking of what to put on
I finally got something suitable for my taste
I looked at the mirror and comb my hair
Put the perfume on and I was re-ady to go
I took my samsung galaxy phone and [email protected]£ out
Ok Ava,let’s go
I decided to make use of my ferrari but Ava refused
She said she prefer the Pagani Huayra
No way ,am using the Ferrari and that’s final
She started crying out loud
Okay fine you won
Let’s make use of Pagani Huayra then and she st©p crying
I cant wait to drop her at school,she is a thorn in my flesh
We finally got to her school and she [email protected]£ down from the car,she waved at me and walked majestically with her friends like the boss lady
She act as if she is 17 when she is just 9
I drove off immediately
Well my name is Oliver Smith, the only son of the Smith , I and my dad are not in good terms
Ava is the baby of the house,we are very wealthy
I don’t have a girlfriend, I don’t believe in love
Whenever am in the mood of S-x, I just get any girl I want, after sx, I pay her off and that’s all
No feelings attached
Girls always wish to have me in their life, cause am so handsome and wealthy
I got to the office, attending to some important do¢v-ments when a girl f0rç£d herself in
My secretary told me she tried st©pping her but she claimed she is my girlfriend
Leave us I said
Gina what are you doing here ?
Oliver I miss you so much, you don’t return my calls or text messages
I was worried
I raised my voice on her
I told you we were done and I paid you off
What don’t you get slut
Now i want you to get the hell out of my office before I throw you out
Out I shouted and she left
I called my secretary and told her to vacate the office and don’t you dare come and beg me
But sir
I hanged up
Simple job and she can’t do it
😜Charlotte pov🤪
Hey stupid, leave her alone
“And who are you to st©p us”
I am the last person you will ever think to beat the hell out of you
“What did she just say”
I only say it once and I don’t repeat myself again
I hit one of the guy
Do you still want to say something
Lets get out of here,she is totally crazy”

I watch them leave
I took the purse on the floor and gave it to the girl
Becareful next time okay
“Thanks so much for helping, you such a nice person”
It’s nothing dear
I just hate it when someone tries to hurt a girl
Thanks once again
I will get going now
I got to the house , I was happy mom was not at home
At least I will be free from her talk this evening
I was about heading to my room when I heard Charlotte
Oh no, mother
Hi Mom
I faked my smile
When will you dress as a beauty you are
Look at your hair so unkept
Why are you disgracing me
But mom
Let me guess, you fought someone on your way
Next year you will be completing 25 and you don’t have someone in your life
Mom I can’t just [email protected]£ any one
What about Dylan
Mom I don’t love him,his just a friend
Okay fine his your friend
What about the last [email protected]£
Mom I can’t [email protected]£ someone like that
Don’t worry mom, I will [email protected]£ someone before I get to 27
Am so tired mom, I nee-d to rest a little
I walked in to my room
When I noticed someone was there, I know it’s Ethan my brother
Ethan, Come out now
Hi sis
What ?
how dare you come to my room to eat my chocolate
Am sorry sis
Ok it’s fine
Let’s pla-y
Come on Ethan I can’t [email protected], am so tired
Ok sis,we [email protected],I will be going to my room now
I fell on my be-d
I hate it when mother talk about my love life
My name is Charlotte Anderson, people call me crazy but it’s all good
Am not interested in any relationsh!pfor now
Ethan my troublesome brother,his just 10 but my parents call him the man of the house
Funny right
I might be looking crazy but when it comes to work
I don’t joke with it
Dad is even worse, I just hope he doesn’t come home this week
I can tolerate mom but him no way
🎇Oliver Pov🎆
I was listening to music in my room with my headset on
I actually love music, the other thing my heart is in love with is music
I didn’t even know the time Ava entered my room and she sacred me with the mask she was puting on
Could you believe she was actually recording it with her Iphone
Ava, what’s wrong with you
You sacred me
Am sorry
You sorry and you are laughing hum
I can’t st©p laughing, you nee-ded to see your face
I watched the video, that’s not me at all
I laughed ,Ava you nee-d to delete it now
Am not deleting it,am going to upload it on instagram saying, the popular Oliver is scared of just a mask
I know you won’t do such
Am about doing it and I ran after her
Delete it
Oh Ava, like I said she is a thorn in my flesh
Okay what do I nee-d to do
Promise you will take me outing
Ok fine
Sure deal and she laughed
Mom wanted to see me for something important
I just hope she don’t talk about love again
She can forgive dad but me I will never forgive him
Don’t think is just this reason I hate the word love
My terrible experience with my ex and what my dad did is enough to hate love
Oliver I will be traveling out of the country for some business deal
So I nee-d you to take over the show Love on Fire
Mom you can get someone to help you while you gone
You know I hate the sound of that name love
Oliver you the only one I trust with it plea-se
But mother you know I hate watching people displa-ying fake love all because of the grand price they are going to win
Am not doing it mom
Episode 2🔥
🎇Oliver Pov🎆
Am not doing it mom
No way
Oliver am not asking you to go and [email protected]£ someone or love someone
Your face won’t be seen in the house but you will be able to watch everything and get latest [email protected]£s from the workers
Fallen in love is breaking the rules because you are not [email protected] of the show but heading it and following up the manual I will be giving to you
But mother
Don’t , for once act like my son,you are given a task and you are running from it
Is this how I trained you Oliver, am disappointed in you
Am sorry mother,am truly mom
Now I ask again, will you help me out with the love on fire show
I had a re think of everything mom said, am not f0rç£ to [email protected]£ anyone just to head it
Sure I can do this,I know it will be boring cause of the love stuff but just to make mom happy,am going to do it so I prove to her am not a disappointment
Yes mom, I will do it
That’s my boy, now come hvg your mother
I smiled and hvgged her ,she reminded me again saying since you hate love,don’t break the rules by falling in love with any of the housemate
Never mom will I fall in love with anyone there, moreover true love is just a fantasy it doesn’t exist
Ava [email protected]£ in and said but brother am in love with my friend in school and am planning to have my first kss,are you really sure love doesn’t exist
Me and my mom shouted
Ava get back here ,you have some explanations to do, she started running and I chased her
What if she is pranking us both, I laughed
I drove to the ice cream shop to get chocolate ice cream for Ava, after we bought the ice cream,we entered the car about to drive back home when she told me she forgot her phone inside
I told her to wait in the car while I go get it. I got inside and saw the phone intact, I was walking towards my car when a crazy lady poured ice cream on me
Oh am sorry mr ,am so sorry
You ruined my shi-t you btch
Hey who you calling btch
Are you that dumb who else but you I said to her
You are so rude, I apologise to you that am sorry,it was a mistake
It wasn’t a mistake ,you are too blind to see where you heading to slut
Oh you calling me slut, you are just a male pr©$titute
Is she crazy, how dare she talk back at me
Who are you that I can’t talk back at j.erk
You know what, I can see you are crazy, a crazy lady
Oh I agree, am crazy,do you nee-d proof, am going to show you how crazy I can be
She poured the remaining ice cream on me and said do your worst arrogant beast
And she left
She is a btch, a [email protected] btch
I entered the car and Ava was laughing
Ava why are you laughing
I can’t help it bro but to laugh, you nee-ded to see your face right now
Are you mad she is able to stand you and talk back at you
Not a word Ava
Okay bro
She kept on laughing, ahhhhh I hate you Ava
Will you st©p laughing, she is just a crazy btch
Bro when she poured the remaining ice cream on you, why did you freeze,you stood there like a statue
I can’t help it but to laugh out
Ava, am taking you home right now, no more ice cream for you
The next time I see that crazy btch,I will let her know how crazy how I can be.
😜Charlotte pov🤪
That j.erk is so lucky am in a good mood today and I promised mother that I won’t fight again
If not I would have showed him how crazy I can be
Calling me a btch, he’s a fking male pr©$titute
He just ruined my day
Oh Charlotte, I poured him Ethan ice cream
Now you really crazy Charlotte to have wasted Ethan ice cream on him
That j£rk is going to pay back the ice cream I poured on him
I got another ice cream for Ethan.
I was busy with my phone when I [email protected]£ across the Love on Fire program starting this very month
I so much hate this show, I believe they are just acting to love each other just to win the prize attached
Love will just make you weak
I wondered who is the person heading the show, no one knows the face or gender but I believe it might be a he, it was announced that the owner of the show is not around but her son will be handling it
Maybe the son will take over the show too
That’s not my problem anyway
I decided to have a nap
It hasn’t gotten to 3 minutes when Ethan [email protected]£ in and started jumping on my be-d
Oh gracious, Ethan am going to kill you for interrupting my sleep
My brother is such a pest
Ethan leave my room this instant
Sis I want to stay
Oh ahhhhh I screamed in anger
Am going to eat you raw
Then I heard mom said,no daughter of mine is an animal that will want to eat his brother
Oh mom
🎇Oliver Pov🎆
I can’t believe am heading this show I hate the most LOVE ON FIRE
Am to give a speech for the opening but am to put on a mask as instructed by mother so that no one will know the person behind the show
My mother is always good at changing my mind to do things that impress her and make her happy
She also told me not to disclose my name or identity, she gave me a manual to follow as if I just bought a new TV that nee-ded a manual guide to help out
G©sh this is going to be boring
The [email protected]@n-ts are in the house alre-ady
It was a live broadcast that was shown everywhere
It’s time to give my speech when one of the stupid girls in the house poured her drink on me
I composed my self not to insult her because it was live
She said sorry and I ignored her.
I called one of the workers and said, make sure that slut is taken away from the show
I don’t even want her to last up to a week here ,do you un-derstand, he nodded,good
I just can’t wait for this show to get to an end
So am going to be living here without them knowing because no [email protected]£ra is fixed at where am staying but I can see and know everything going on in the show
I was called upon to now address the house and explain more about ♥️Love on Fire 🔥

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