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Love in a coat of hate 2 final episode

Season 2 episode 23/24
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
😘👄CHAPTER 23👄😘
“that’s not good, that guy told me everything, and if we don’t get there as fast as we can, we will be going home with three corpses.” Vanilla backed up as they rushed into the car.
Andora drove off immediately.
Vanilla and Andora heard a gun corking behind them, they turned and saw Rosita fixing a pistol.
“hey, where did you get that?” Vanilla asked.
“June’s gun, I stole it” she replied without looking at them.
“why?” Andora asked, looking at her throu-gh the rear view mirror.
“for evidence”
“but you just t©uçhed it, your f!nger prints are alre-ady all over it” Vanilla stated.
“what would you have me do, my sister’s life is in danger, and this is the only chance I have to prove to her that I’m truly sorry, the only chance to do something meaningful for her” Rosita stated as she looked out the window.
Andora and Vanilla looked at each other and shrugged.
“I hear gun sh0ts” Andora informed them.
“me too, it’s getting closer… and Jason and [email protected] are not with any guns” Vanilla stated with horror in her eyes.
Andora didn’t nee-d to be told before increasing the gear.
“there, I see Jason, he’s hiding behind that pillar, I don’t see [email protected]” Vanilla pointed.
“I see him, he’s outside the building where the gunsh0t is coming from… $h!t… there are two men coming behind him and he can’t see them” Andora informed.
“Rosita, maybe now is the time to pu-ll a trigger” Vanilla screamed.
Rosita wound down her glas-s, she pu-ll-ed the gun out the window, as she was about to shoot, they heard a loud ban-g and the window went shattering, the shattered glas-ses rained down at her and she let out a loud scream.
“we’ve been sp©tted” Andora yelled as the bullet continued raining down on them, the windscreen shattered followed by Andora’s window.
“the sniper…. Of course…. We just have to look for the sniper and shoot him first, otherwise, we are in a death zone” Vanilla screamed.
“duck the car out of sight first” Rosita yelled.
“but where” Andora asked as she swelved the steering wheel, not knowing where she was driving to.
“over there, the factory’s parking lot, behind the pillar, where Jason is” Vanilla screamed out.
Rosita managed to peer throu-gh the shattered windscreen, she saw the parking lot and without warning turned the steering.
“get in Jay” Vanilla screamed at Jason when they got to him, she opened theback door and he jumped in.
“did you guys see [email protected], we [email protected] when the gun fire started” he asked as soon as he got in.
“we saw him…. He was behind a pillar at the building where the gunsh0t was coming from, he was looking out to the street, probably looking for you” Rosita replied.
“Rosita, can you sp©t the sniper?” Andora asked.
“not yet”
“forget the sniper, remember those guys who were about to attack [email protected], they got him” Vanilla informed them, pointing out at the building. “do you think you can shoot them down from here Rose?” she asked.
“umh, actually, I have never sh0t anything in my life” Rosita blurted out.
“what, so you were just a bad bit-ch for nothing..” vanilla screamed at her.
“give me the gun” Jason screamed at her.
She handed him the gun.
“Vanilla, let’s switch seats” he told Vanilla, she rolled to the back while Jason rolled to the front pas-s£nger’s seat.
He pu-ll-ed the gun a little out the shattered windscreen. He targeted the first guy, even though [email protected] was doing a good job at fighting them. Jason pu-ll-ed the trigger and the first guy sprawled to the ground when [email protected] was about to punch him, he twisted his head and watched the dead guy.
He finally raised his head up to know where the gunsh0t [email protected]£ from, he sp©tted the car and smiled at them, he wanted to wave at them but the second guy pu-ll-ed down his hand and punched him heard on the face, [email protected] gro-an ed a little, he lifted his head up and stared daggers at the guy before giving him a devil’s punch on the face followed by a jezebel’s kick on the nuts. The guy fell down with a thud and blacked out.
He ran to the car and join them.
“hey you guys” he greeted.
“you were good out there” Ciara complimented him with a shy smile.
[email protected] t©uçhed her cheeks and k!$$£d her.
“really, are we doing this now’ Rosita fired at them, Ciara pla-yfully eyed her while [email protected] chuckled.
He turned to Jason who was still staring at the building.
“what’s our next move now Jay” He asked.
“find the devil sniper” Jason replied.
“yea, motherfu-cker almost killed us” Rosita spat out as she looked out the window.
“I think he is at the t©p of the building” Vanilla stated. “that’s the only better sp©t for a sniper” she added.
“but how many are still in that building, because it is clear now that he lied to Rosita” [email protected] asked.
“one of the guys I took out told me everything but it was alre-ady too late and I couldn’t warn you guys…. They remaining gangs as at then were four, the leader inclusive… one sniper and two gun men… now we have taken out the two gun men… it remaining the sniper and Zack” Vanilla carefully stated.
“so if we take out the sniper, we’ve almost succeeded.” [email protected] asked.
“yea” she replied.
Rosita’s phone started ringing. “it’s him” she informed them.
“answer it” Jason replied.
She cli-cked the answer bu-tton and put the phone on speak out.
“hello” she said first.
“so you all dared to mess with me right… hahaha…. Well Jason I didn’t want to do this before but you leave me no choice…. Look at the t©p of the building” Zack’s de-ep voice fired.
They all looked at the t©p of the building and saw a guy in all black. The guy grinned wickedly at them, and then Zack surfaces, dragging Goldie with her hands tied behind her. She thrû-st her forward that she almost fell from the building if not that he held back her crop t©p.
He laughed evilly as he stared at jason who looked so white as if his blood has been drained from him, he stared daggers at him.
“don’t you dare Zack” he spoke out coldly.
“I should be the one telling you… after killing my men, you think, lying to me about my money… you think I’ll give her back to you… you are such an idiot Jason” Zack fired.
“fine… Zack listen, if you give me few more minutes, I promise you, you will get your money.. plea-se don’t hurt her” he pleaded as he got down from the car, he walked closely to the building and raised his head up.
“plea-se Zack I beg you”
“well get the money”
“let me transfer it and I can as-sure you it won’t be tracked.”
“good boy, if you do that I’ll let her go, I’ll just s£nd my account number” Zack said, he typed something and Jason got a beep indicating a text message.
He copied the account number and used it to transfer the money, he looked back at Zack. “it’s done, you got it, $50, 000,000.”
“good… remember when I told you I’ll re-lease her? Hahaha, I lied” he spat out and without warning he pushed Goldie off the building.
She screamed as she fell, Jason ran forward, closer to the sp©t she was falling, he was fast enough to catch her but she alre-ady blacked out.
“Goldie…. Gold… Goldie plea-se wake up, you are ok, you didn’t die ok…. plea-se open your eyes.” He pleaded. And suddenly he heard a gunsh0t, he couldn’t afford to look away from her, if he was sh0t, he wouldn’t mind, it could be his punishment for what he has done to her. But instead he heard a loud thud beside him, he looked at the direction briefly and saw the sniper coldly lying beside him.
He looked behind him to know who took the shut, [email protected] was standing right behind him with the gun in his hand. He rushed to them.
“hey, I managed to get the sniper, but Zack ran back into the building, got get him” [email protected] informed him. “don’t worry about Goldie, I’m sure she will be awake when you get back” he added and took Goldie from her, Ciara ran to them.
“hey, let’s take her to the car” she suggested. Jason collected the gun from [email protected] Ciara and [email protected] took Goldie back while he ran into the building.
When he got in, he heard footsteps from his right, he turned immediately and saw Zack running throu-gh a door, he ran after him until they got to the other side of the building.
Zack ran throu-gh the gras-s while jason watched him for a while, he shook his head and smiled coldly.
“you know, if only you had let her go when I s£nt you the money, we wouldn’t be here.” He called out to him, he corked the gun and sh0t his left leg, Zack screamed out and fell down.
Jason walked closer to him. “but you chose to be smart, only you didn’t know you weren’t smart enough” he sh0t him on the right leg, he gro-an ed and tried to crawl away from him.
“there’s no way to run to Zack, it’s just you and I” he sh0t his right hand and Zack cried out.
“I tried to be nice Zack but you tampered with my heart, you t©uçhed my heart where it hurt the most” he yelled and fired a bullet at his left hand, Zack tried to squee-ze his pain but he ended up screaming louder than he has ever done.
“why don’t you just kill me once and spare me this torture huh?” he yelled at Jason.
Jason laughed coldly and replied. “men like you doesn’t deserve to die just like that. You deserve to experience all the pain in the world.. and what made you think I’ll kill you… I’m not a demon like you Zack…. And also someone taught me that when people show you hatred, show them love no matter what… do you know who taught me that… my wife, and guess what? She’s still alive” he stated and sh0t his both ties. “have fun Zack” he smiled at him and walked away.
“wait… you can’t leave me here, plea-se man, come on… I’m sorry” Zack yelled at him but he ignored him.
He walked back into the building and when he got to the door he bu-mped into someone.
“we can’t keep bu-mping into each other like this Jackson Jay” she smiled at him.
Jason flung into her arms “you are back”.
She laughed a little and wra-pped her hands around him.
“I tried telling her you were the one doing the shooting and not Zack but she wouldn’t believe me” [email protected] voiced out from behind her.
“I was so scared” Goldie blurted with a shy smile.
Jason dis£ngaged from her. “Goldie.. i….”
“shhhh” she placed a f!nger on hisl-ips. “don’t say anything, it’s ok, I get it” she added.
A tear escaped jason’s eyes. “I don’t deserve you” he cried.
“well now you know.. let’s just forget it and move on” she ca-ressed his che-st and he smiled.
He leaned in and placed hisl-ips on hers.
[email protected] gro-an ed. “get a room you guys” he spat and walked out.
They laughed amidst the k!ss, when the dis£ngaged, Jason pe-cked her forehead. He held her [email protected]!st and they walked out from the death zone.
“hey love birds” Vanilla’s voice [email protected]£ throu-gh Jason’s phone.
“sup ice-cream” Goldie asked her.
“I’m good, just missing you guys… when are you coming back” she asked.
“you should have gone to the honeymoon with them’ Andora tea-sed her.
Everyone laughed.
“don’t mind them my dear, we will be back by the end of next the month” Goldie stated.
“you said that the month before” Ciara voiced out.
“and the month before” Rosita backed up.
“and the month before” Rosita’s mother added.
“and now you are four months pregnant, and yet you are still saying at the end of the month” Goldie’s mother stated and they laughed.
“you guys come on, their own month no dey end, un-derstand them” [email protected] tea-sed and they laughed again.
“you dey craze” jason fired at him.
“by the way, how’s my little angel doing in there?” Goldie’s mother asked.
“giving me so much trouble, like his father” Goldie replied.
“… her father… I’ve told you to always put it like that.. cause it’s a her” jason corrected.
“I thought men usually like their first child to be a boy, bro what’s up with you” Rosita asked Jason.
“not all men, this man right here wants a gentle angel like her mother and not a monster tiger like the father” Vanilla stated.
“she has said it all” jason backed up and they laughed.
“Rosita how’s your wedding preparation coming up” Goldie asked.
“it’s going well, Stanley traveled to spain for a brief surgery, Betty is doing good with the planning and I… I’m just busy with nothing…” Rosita replied.
“she’s just busy gaining weight” Ciara cli-cked in.
“I’m not getting fat” Rosita argued.
“yes you are” everyone chorused, Jason and Goldie laughed.
“you better do something about yourself” vanilla added.
“I know a sports instructor, she’s my professor’s fiancé at the rehab, she’s good, I’ll give you her number before you go” Andora stated and Rosita gro-an ed.
“so how’s your thera-py section going at the rehab Andi” Goldie asked Andora.
“very well, I have 2 months left, I’m so happy” She replied.
“congrats” jason said.
“hey I’ve not heard little summer’s voice, where’s she?” Goldie asked.
“her father took her out for ice-cream” Belinda stated.
“but you told me they were going to the hospital” vanilla whined.
“must you always eat ice-cream” Belinda tea-sed her.
“they better not get back here without my own ice-cream otherwise, I’ll kill someb©dy” she spat.
“lol, guys we have to go, Goldie has anti-natal in 20 minutes and it’s 18 minutes drive from here” Jason informed them.
“I’m not going back there, those people are stressing me too much, I hate it, I don’t want go” Goldie whined.
“I’ll bundle you now” Jason tea-sed her.
“like you did last time, dude you ain’t gonna succeed this time” Goldie whimpered and sprang up.
“so this is why you guys have refused to leave Miami… motherfu-ckers get your bu-tts out of there and get back to Nigeria… or else” Vanilla fired.
“what are you gonna do” they bothe fired back at her.
“this love birds are daring me” Vanilla yelled.
“guys, let’s leave them to go for the anti-natal” Mrs. Jackson said.
“but don’t forget to call us in the night” Mrs. Anderson instructed.
“are you all living together now” Goldie asked them.
“nope, we are on family vacation” vanilla stated.
“in our house” Andora added.
They laughed.
“whatever… see you guys at the wedding” Jason said.
“bye” they chorused and hung up.
“let’s go” jason said to Goldie.
“I’m not going… Daniel said he doesn’t want to go, listen to him” Goldie stated, she sowed him her baby bu-mp.
“well, Emerald said she wants to go.. listen to her” Jason replied and pointed at her stomach.
“I’ll just give birth to twins now, and we will share them”
“won’t that be better” jason replied.
He picked up his car key and carried Goldie out of the house as she screamed to be put down.

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