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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 3 & 4

Season 2 episode 3/4
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
👰🕺SEASON 2👰🕺
“sure buddy” jason replied with a teasing smile. They both opened their doors and stepped out, Jason took over the wheel while [email protected] took the front pas-s£nger seat next to Jason leaving June alone at the back and Jason drove off
“what just happened?” June asked herself in confusion.
“wow! This place is so cool” Vanilla said to others as she sipped her drink.
“I told you it will be cool here Gold”. Ciara said to Goldie with a nudge.
“I thought you were talking about clubbing, I really, miss clubbing though, but this h0tel is mind b!owing” Goldie commented as she stirred her c0cktail with the straw.
“I thought of clubbing but then I remembered that clubbing was one of the bad habits we dropped in Canada” Ciara replied.
“I hate that sis B is missing this” Vanilla complained with a puppy frowny face.
“it’s not her fault, she’s married… wooahh… I am in the bit tonight; I love that song” Andora screamed as she bu-tt-dance on her chair.
“that’s Nicky Gold’s new single, ‘my heart beats for the rain’, the song is super cool” Goldie added with a broad smile.
“you got it sister in-law” Andora screamed.
“I thought str!ppers are only seen in clubs” ti-phiny, one of the bride’s maids asked.
“yea, why” Destiny, another one asked.
“is that not a str!pper” ti-phiny asked pointing at a girl wearing a short sleeveless go-wn, she was ordering for a drink.
“who’s that h0t thing” Emmanuella, one of the girls asked.
“str!ppers don’t wear go-wn; they don’t even wear cloth” Daisy ch!pped in.
“you call that thing cloth” Goldie asked as she turned behind her to see the girl clearly.
“it looks like an expired fishing net that hungry rats feed on day and night” ti-phiny added and the girls laughed.
“that’s Barbie Sunday’s latest holiday go-wn, it cost about $3,000” Vanilla said with dreamy eyes.
“how do you know that” ti-phiny asked her.
“teenagers do know almost everything about fashion” Daisy replied.
“where’s that pest” Jason asked [email protected] as soon as he [email protected]£ out of the bathroom.
“she said she nee-ded a drink, so she went to order” [email protected] answered.
“the bit-ch is always nee-ding a drink, she drinks like a fish” Harry retorted and they laughed.
“come on guys, let’s go inside, I also nee-d a drink, my throat is so dry” Danny complained.
“you are turning to a fish as well” Chris tea-sed and they laughed as they walk inside the bar area of the h0tel.
They saw June coming towards them with a glas-s of scotch, Danny collected the drink from her and downed the whole thing.
“hey! Danny I’ve not even taken a sip of that” June whined like a puppy.
“let’s go sit down guys” Jason said to them and wanted to ask [email protected] their table but June interrupted.
“but J.J, Danny took my drink” she cried like a baby.
“so” [email protected] asked her.
“Shut up peac0ck, J.J plea-se come buy another one for me” she pleaded.
“but we will order for more drink when we settle down” Jason told her.
*I really want him to come with me, I saw a bunch of girls dancing and drinking over there, it seems they were having a shower night cause one of them had a BRIDE TO BE tag on her, but as soon as I walked in they started admiring me and I felt on t©p of the world, I will feel really great if they also see me with my super cute ‘b©yfri£nd’, yea, though I will lose him to some bit-ch tomorrow, but he is all mine tonight. So, I have to enjoy it*. June thought to herself.
“but J.J I can’t wait that long, let’s go, we might even find a better table there” she said with pleading eyes.
“we booked a table here June” Jason said to her.
“let’s just go with her and st©p wasting time cause she won’t st©p whining” harry told them.
“see who’s talking about time, late comer” [email protected] tea-sed as they were walking, Harry laughed and the rest chuckled.
“so, I said to the guy, did you say k!ssor kick, well I did the one I heard” Vanilla finished her story and the girls laughed.
“the guy was a total j£rk, why will he ask you to k!sshim before giving you your own phone which he seized” Destiny asked.
“well what next did you tell him” Ciara asked with an amused smile.
“I warned him never to mess with me again” Vanilla replied.
“serves him right, he thinks he can k!ssany girl he sees” Goldie said as she sipped her drink. She looked up and saw Ciara looking pale as if she saw a ghost behind her (Goldie).
“C.J what’s behind me” she asked her.
“huh” Ciara j£rked up as if someone just pinched her [email protected] on the bu-tt. “nothing, sit down” she yelled at Goldie.
“girl I wasn’t standing” Goldie complained. Everyone else looked behind Goldie to know what Ciara saw, suddenly Vanilla and Andora froze on seeing Jason with his friends and the same short go-wn girl was clutching him as if he was her b©yfri£nd, but the other girls didn’t un-derstand.
“damn! Her b©yfri£ndis so cute, she doesn’t even deserve such a cute guy” Daisy complained with a little jealousy.
“you guys should st©p dreaming about him, he can never be yours” Emmanuella said to Ciara, Andora and Vanilla who were still staring in awe.
“I don’t think that’s why they are staring at him, I think… it’s like they know him or something” ti-phiny said
“they know who” Goldie asked and wanted to turn but the three girls [email protected]£d her hand.
“sit down”
“you don’t nee-d to look” they said in unison, trying to st©p her from seeing Jason and his friends especially the crazy girl throwing herself at him.
“what is behind me that you don’t want me see” Goldie asked.
“nothing reasonable, just the short go-wn girl” Ciara said.
“and her super cute b©yfri£nd” Destiny added with a flir-ty sm-irk.
“super cute, wow, let me see him” Goldie said and wanted to turn around but Ciara g[email protected]£d her.
“do you have a death wish”
“no” Goldie snapped.
“then don’t turn around, you hear me” Ciara warned.
“ok…ok… I won’t look, but I really wanna know if this super cute guy is cuter than Jay” Goldie asked with a fake frowny face.
“you might not wanna know that” Andora snapped.
“fine, I rest my case” Goldie finally gave up and rested on her chair and started taking selfies.
Andora shifted closer to Ciara and whispered “what do we do”
“this is not what I bargained for. Who the hell is that bit-ch to start with, his girlfriend? she better not be his girlfriend, cause if she is, I’m gonna kick his ba-lls really [email protected], he wanna marry my bestie when he has a pr©st!tût£girlfriend” Ciara whispered back in anger.
“I don’t know who the as-s-hole is, never seen her before, but let me aske V, she might know” Andora turned to Vanilla who was sitting by her left and whispered. “you know the bit-ch?”
“his friend from school, brother Jay once told me she has a hvge crush on him but he was pretending not to know, he doesn’t really like her, he calls her a pest” Vanilla answered.
“well then why is she behaving as if they have always been a perfect couple” Andora asked.
“not important at the moment Andi, they have to leave, Goldie must not see Jason not to talk of seeing him with a certified slot, let me text him” Vanilla said. She brou-ght out her phone and texted Jason.
“it seems like he has received the text, he’s checking his phone” Andora whispered.
“have you seen the movie called ‘You Should Leave PROATA h0tEL” Jason re-ad out from his phone.
“that’s a weird text” Danny said with a chuckle
“and why would someone want you to leave the h0tel” June asked.
“who s£nt it” [email protected] asked
“my sister Vanilla” Jason answered.
“how does she know that you are here”
“cause she’s here too and she’s seen me”
“maybe she doesn’t want you to see her” June ch!pped in.
“why are you so dumb, she wouldn’t have s£nt the message if she doesn’t want him to see her, do you think from your bu-tt” [email protected] fired at her.
“you didn’t have to insult me, well then why did she s£nd the message.” June asked.
“It’s either she’s hiding someone from me, or she doesn’t want someone to see me” Jason replied. “it better not be her b©yfri£nd, otherwise I’ll kill Andora” he added.
“well ask her why she wants you to leave” Chris suggested.
“well can we sit down before you start asking, my legs are really hurting me” June complained as she looked around for an empty table, she saw one beside the girls that were admiring her earlier, she sm-irked. “there… guys let’s go sit over there.”
“I thought the message was to make him leave” Andora whispered to Vanilla nervously.
“well… yea”
“Then why are they coming here” Ciara asked.
“I have no idea” Vanilla replied.
“he hasn’t seen us yet, his eyes are still on the phone, quic-kly text him again” Andora said to Vanilla.
“you know? It’s a bad habit to mummur” Goldie said with an amusing smile on her face.
“looks like our girl is coming with her cute b©yfri£nd” Daisy informed.
“she is?… let me see… wait… this three soldiers said I shouldn’t look so, let me mind my business” Goldie said and focused on her phone.
“another text?” [email protected] asked when he head Jason’s phone beeping.
“yea, it says, answer this question, ‘why haven’t you left yet and why is that bit-ch k!ss!ngall over? Option (a) you have a death wish. Option (b) you want your wedding to be called off. Option (c) none of the above. Option (d) all of the above’. This girl is crazy, why does she like texting like this” Jason asked.
Suddenly [email protected] s-en-sed what was happening, he saw that June was still cudd-ling Jason and the message ‘why is that bit-ch k!ss!ngyou all over’ *oh my, could it be that Goldie is here and Vanilla was trying to warn us so that Goldie will not see June with Jason and start thinking that something is going on between them and then cancel the wedding… that’s actually what’s happing and… wait a minute… are they the ones sitting over there, oh no, I have to do something* [email protected] thought to himself. “um, guys let’s go back to our table, I don’t like this place” he said to them.
“me too, let’s go back” Jason agreed.
“but J.J why, I love it here” June whined.
“that’s because it’s too girly and if you like it so much then stay, let’s go guys” Harry said as he walked back.
“fine, let’s go” June said still holding Jason as they walk away.
“thank Goodness your husband realized what was happening Ciara, he’s quite smart” Andora said to Ciara.
“thank Goodness your husband realized what was happening Ciara, he’s quite smart” Andora said to Ciara.
“he’s not my husband” Ciara stated as she tried to hide her blu-shing cheeks.
“then why are you blu-shing?” Vanilla asked with an amused smile.
“because she loves him” Goldie chimed in.
The girls turned to her in surprise.
“do you know what we are talking about?” Andora asked her.
“you are talking about [email protected] who just walked out of the bar with jason and his friends including the short go-wn girl” Goldie blurted out and they froze in shock.
“how…did…how did.. did you…”
“how did I know? Come on C.J I’m not stupid, you should know me by now, if I didn’t see them, I wouldn’t have st©pped looking back, but I just relaxed and pretended like nothing happened and you bought it. I also saw the way she was curdling him and flir-ting with him” Goldie said and the girls jaws dropped down in surprise.
“but you didn’t turn, so how did you know?” ti-phany asked.
Goldie pointed to the wall behind the girls, since she was the only one facing it. “the walls have eyes.”
They all [email protected], the tiled wall was as clear as a crystal mirror, you could see your face clearly and everything that is happening behind you if you are facing it. The girls froze the more, Goldie actually saw everything.
“so you just let us make a fool out of ourselves?” Ciara asked.
“no baby, you guys were trying to make me relax, you were trying so [email protected] to make this night work for me, so that I won’t end up crying home with the thought that my soon to be husband has a girlfriend and then I will call off the wedding, the fact that you care so much about me melted my heart breaking heart and mended it, so I decided to let it go and also [email protected] so that it won’t look like your efforts are in vain, thank you so much C.J” Goldie smiled puppily at her. “bestie hvg” she screamed and Ciara jumped into her arms. After they dis£ngaged, she turned to Vanilla and Andora “sister hvg” they jumped into her arms as well. “friend’s hvg” she said to the bride’s maids and they joined the hvgging ceremony. “now shower night hvg” Vanilla screamed and they held on ti-ghtly to Goldie while Vanilla took selfies.
After that, they pla-yed crazy games, danced, chatted, laughed and then re-ady to go home around 2:00 am.
As they got to the other sided of the h0tel which was before the entrance, Goldie bu-mped into a [email protected] broad che-st which smelled extremely familiar. She wanted to remain their if not that his shi-t was soa-ked up. She looked up to apologize to whoever it was.
“great” she muttered when she saw Jason staring blanky at her, nad the short go-wn girl was still holding him like her life depends on it.
“hey are you blind, how dare you bu-mp into my boo and spill his drink all over him.” The girl fired at her.
“boo?” Goldie, Jason, [email protected], Vanilla, Andora and Ciara asked in unison.
“yea, you are my friend, and you know I like to call my close friends boo, come on act normal” June whispered to Jason. He was about to reply when Goldie started talking.
“listen, I’m sorry, but it was an accident, but if your ‘b©yfri£nd’ is not so blind, he wouldn’t always be bu-mping into me and then make me look like the bad person” Goldie fired. “neither will he come to my shower night with his to flaunt his bit-chy as-s girlfriend in my face before my wedding” she exploded.
“I didn’t know you were here” Jason defended himself.
“oh, so you would have hidden it from me, and then after the wedding, the cheating escapade will kick off am I right” Goldie asked in a half yell.
“how does it concern you if I have a little escapade, it’s my life isn’t it?” Jason asked.
“you are so… so.. you are… you are unimaginably unbelievable” Goldie fired and brushed past him, the girls followed her except Andor and Vanilla, Ciara gave him a deadly glare before walking out.
“how could you?” Andora asked in anger.
“Andi let’s talk about this at home, plea-se. People are staring” [email protected] advised.
“fine, but Jason, just be expecting something like the wedding has been canceled.”
“I wish” Jason blurted out.
“You are really more than unimaginably unbelievable” Andora fired and stormed out, while Vanilla stared blankly at Jason.
“what? What did I do, didn’t you see it, she couldn’t even ask question before ranting” Jason complained.
“dude, she didn’t mean the b©yfri£ndthing, she just wanted to make the bit-ch feel on t©p of the world for tonight and then tomorrow she takes what rightfully belongs to her. But then your ‘how-does-it-concern-you-if-i-have-a-little-escapade’ made her believe that this is real” Vanilla revealed as she pointed at Jason and June who was still cudd-ling him. She stared at them and for few seconds before walking out.
“wait a minute, was I the one she called a bit-ch?” June asked in confusion. Jason hissed, he dropped the glas-s on a table and left.
“let’s go guys, [email protected] is over” [email protected] stated.
“wait [email protected], is she the bit-ch Jason is getting married to” June asked as they were walking out. [email protected] shoot her a deadly glare.
“sorry” she apologized immediately.
“in Jason’s car, [email protected] was driving, Jason was at the pas-s£ngers seat while June was at the back, they were all silent for a while before June broke it.
“it’s an arranged marriage” she asked but nob©dy answered.
“J.J why don’t you st©p the wedding if you don’t want to marry her”
“who told you he doesn’t want to marry her” [email protected] asked angrily, June was pissing him off more than he expected.
“well, didn’t you see the way they talked to each other, like total strangers, and she was just so disrespectful. J.J why don’t you cancel this madness and marry someone who loves you, someone who will respect you especially in public” June stated with a convincing voice.
“like you” [email protected] asked in disgust as he stared at her throu-gh the rear view mirror.
“I wasn’t talking to you punk” June retorted.
“well, the person you are talking to doesn’t seem to be interested in what you are saying, so shut the fu-ck up” [email protected] fired and June went quiet.
When they got home, Jason bid [email protected] goodnight, he ran to his room, locked the door cause he was so sure that June will try something stupid that night. He thought about the wedding for few minutes. “after tomorrow, my life will officially kick off, I’ll start facing wife troubles, naggings and all that $h!t. But who knows? This might not actually be that bad as I’m picturing it, maybe I can do it… oh God, plea-se help me, I’m so confused.” He muttered and dozed off.
“wake up buddy” Jason heard in his sleep, he opened his eyes and shut them immediately cause the rays of the sun nearly blinded him.
“wake up sleepy head, it’s a [email protected] new beautiful day” [email protected] announced in French accent.
“just give me one reason why I should be happy about it” Jason asked.
“cause today is your wedding day”
“you’ve completely killed me.” Jason gro-an ed and covered his face with a pillow.
“get up buddy” [email protected] re-moved the pillow and the sun attacked Jason again, he gro-an ed and stood up.
“uhg, how did you even get in, I’m pretty sure I locked that door last night”
“there’s something we call spare key”
“whatever. what’s the time?” he asked.
“and the sun is alre-ady this bright”
“it’s a sign”
“it’s not a sign you fool, we are probably in longer day, shorter night” Jason argued.
“whatever, just go and take a bath, we have to prepare for church” [email protected] stated and sat on the be-d, the door swung open and Jason’s twin younger cousins entered.
“hey buddy, happy morning” Duncan greeted.
“is it?” Jason asked in frustration.
“don’t be cray cray, it’s a beautiful morning” Duncan commented.
“good morning handsome and happy wedding day. By the way, mum asked what will you eat for breakfast, so order up” Daniella, Duncan’s twin sister asked.
“toasted bre-ad, creamy coffee and egg will do” Jason answered.
“how will you like your eggs? Fried, poached, baked, omelets, scrambled?” Daniela asked.
“fried will do… wait, are you writing it down” Jason pointed at the paper and pen in her hands, Daniela nodded.
“k.k your breakfast coming up in 5, and your mum said you should be quic-k, church is by 10”
“yea, ring it like a bell” jason breathed out, Daniela giggled and left.
After breakfast, Jason took his bath, he walked to his closet and wore his un-derwear, he went back to the room and saw [email protected] sitting on the be-d with his legs crossed, looking so breathtaking in his white Italian suit.
“dud are you still here?” Jason asked him.
“I just [email protected]£ in, as you can see, I’m dressed alre-ady, and I also brou-ght you suit” he handed him a [email protected] new Italian designed whit suit with a Gold tie.
The door opened and Mrs. Anderson walked in.
“oh my, you look so cute my darling” she commented.
“I haven’t even dressed yet mum” Jason replied.
“dude I was referring to [email protected]” she corrected and they laughed. “ you should be quic-k, it’s almost 10, and don’t worry, I’ll ask butler to pack your bags for you” she added.
“pack my bags, why?” Jason asked.
“oh my goodness, we forgot to tell you and Goldie. Your father has arranged for you two to travel to our new island in Miami for your honey moon” She answered in excitement.
“what! Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I forgot my dear”
“does Goldie know about this”
“you should call and inform her”
“that will be ridiculous, plus I don’t have her number”
“sure you do, I saw it once” [email protected] said. Jason picked his phone and searched for Goldie and truly the number was saved.
“how did her number get into my phon…… wait a minute….. Vanilla… she must have saved it” Jason figured.
“that girl sure do have your back” [email protected] commented and Jason smiled lightly.
“yea, but I still won’t call Goldie”
“ahh, never mind, I’ll call her myself, just get dressed, and quic-kly too” Mrs. Jackson said and left.
“but what’s the point of honeymoon in an arranged marriage?” Jason asked.
“you are gonna enjoy it” [email protected] tea-sed.
“if you want to mock me, just start from you will make a good pastor” Jason replied as he sli-pped his legs into his white suit trou-ser.

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