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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 21 & 22

Season 2 episode 21/22
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
😘👄CHAPTER 21👄😘
“wait a minute… Zack?” Ciara asked.
Jason turned to Ciara immediately, he shook his head in disbelief, Andora slumped on a chair while vanilla stared at Rosita.
“who’s Zack” Rosita asked in confusion.
“Ciara’s drug ex b©yfri£nd” Vanilla replied. “and Andora’s, also Jason’s ex course mate or clas-s mate or whatever” she added.
“that brute” Andora muttered.
“how the hell did you get out of Jail Zack?” Ciara fired.
“oh baby, you really care to know… alright, you all keep forgetting that this is Nigeria and when you have the papers to throu-gh around, you don’t really get to go to jail” Zack blurted out. “that’s the system love” he added.
Vanilla turned to Rosita. “how the hell did you get Zack into this” she whispered to her.
“ok, first, I don’t know him, and secondly, he [email protected]£ to me”
“when, how?”
“a day before yesterday when I called you and told you June’s plan about killing Goldie, we settled on getting people to kidnap her so that June won’t succeed, after the call, this guy [email protected]£ to me, he told me he was just deployed from [email protected] cause his friend got him into illegal car dealing business, and that he nee-ds a job urgently, he said he overheard me talking about kidnapping a Goldie girl, that he can do the job, in fact he can do anything to survive, I had pity on him and I hired him, he told me that he would get some boys to work with him and I agreed and only warned him not to hurt her, they should just keep her until I say otherwise. I swear I didn’t know that he has another motive” Rosita explained.
Vanilla sighed, she turned to Jason and saw him looking all angry and dejected, she wondered how he will be feeling right now, cause knowing who Zack is, this is not an easy task.
Jason took a de-ep breath and stood up, he walked to the phone and spoke. “listen Zack, plea-se, I beg of you, re-lease my wife and I promise you, I’ll give you whatever you want” he pleaded.
Zack scoffed and chuckled. “you think I want to negotiate with you, I just called you to inform you that I will kill her, and also tell you where to get her corpse.” He retorted and laughed evilly.
Jason hit the table with his right fist. “listen to me you manner less idiot, I’ve had enough of you, I might be able to let go off what you did to my sister but I swear if you hurt my wife, I’ll wipe out your entire generation, don’t dare me you son of a bit-ch” he barked at him, his che-st rising up and down like an over flown angry dam.
Zack laughed scornfully. “Mr. Jackson Jay, you are forgetting one thing here, the ball is in my court and I choose what happens to it, now I do want to negotiate but if you push me to the wall, you will only receive her in pieces and your dumb sister will be next, I’m gonna call back and if I receive this kind of treatment again, your precious wife will be in pieces.”
“I also know your sister zack, I know your mother, and I know where they both live, don’t push me Zack” Jason warned.
“we shall see then” Zack replied and hung up.
Jason screamed in anger and slumped on a chair.
“this is all my fault” he lamented.
“Jay it’s not your fault” Rosita stated. “I should have known”
“and I should have been a better husband, she did nothing wrong to me, she has never done anything wrong, she always gets everything right, the whole thing in my list, she keeps doing them, but instead she got nothing but ignorance from me, I haunted her, I haunted Goldie for nothing, and I’m sorry” Jason cried out.
Chief Anderson walked to him and patted his shoulder. “it’s ok son, what we should be thinking about right now is the way forward”
Jason shook his head. “she will never forgive me” he complained bitterly.
“let’s talk about that when we get her back” Belinda stated.
He stood up and walked upstairs.
Speaking of the list, he nee-ds to find where he kept Goldie’s own.
He got to the room and ran to the wardrobe, he searched his bags but couldn’t find the list, he ran to the closet and searched the whole mini room but nothing. He [email protected]£ back to the room and opened drawers after the other, he didn’t see it.
He sighed and sat on the floor as tears rained down his cheeks.
How could he be so cruel to a woman who has done nothing but loved him, even when he was being difficult, she still stayed with him, he held on so much to the past, not realizing his pres£nt is the only way forward for him.
And now that everything was falling in place, some idiot has taken her away from him, courtsy of his own sister.
He tried cleaning his eyes with his hands but the tears didn’t st©p.
He heard a soft know on the door but didn’t reply, the door creaked and opened slowly and Vanilla walked in, she leaned on the door and watched him.
“you should have told me” he complained.
“I know, but I couldn’t, there was nothing to back it up”
“I would have believed you, I always believe you”
“really, cause some time ago, Rosita told you something and you didn’t even ask before believing her, you thought I was lying”
“this is different V, this is Goldie we are talking about here”
“exactly, the same Goldie you never really cared about, what would you have me do”
The sound of that hit him really [email protected] and he squee-zed his face and shut his eyes as more tears streamed down his cheeks.
“I tried to, but I couldn’t, I had to follow things slowly”
“And where has that gotten us?”
“I’m sorry” vanilla apologized.
“don’t you get it V? sorry don’t just cut it” he yelled at her and she flin-ched.
He turned to her and saw how scared she looks, he sighed and stood up, he walked up to her.
“I just wanted to save my brother’s wife, I just wanted my brother who’s soft, fragile heart has been in shambles and in darkness for too long to come back to him again, I just wanted to save his marriage, but I guess I was wrong, and I’m sorry” she sobbe-d.
Jason wra-pped his hands around her and pu-ll-ed her in for a hvg.
“I’m sorry V, I’m so sorry I yelled at you, this isn’t your fault, I’m sorry I’m being a j£rk, plea-se forgive me. And thank you for saving her life, I really appreciate it.
“it’s ok, just try to forgive yourself first, that’s always your first problem and if you conquer it, I’m pretty sure nothing will st©p her from forgiving you, besides she loves you and not just that, she’s a Gold with a heart of Gold”
Jason smiled, and suddenly his eyes [email protected]£ distant. “Gold, that’s it, Gold, hahaha, how could I have forgotten, that’s where I kept it”
He dis£ngaged from Vanilla and ran back to the wardrobe.
“kept what?” vanilla asked.
“the list” he replied. He tapped a bu-tton and his jewelry box opened, he fished out the gold box and opened it. “there you are” he muttered and brou-ght out Goldie’s list, he smiled broadly and sat on the be-d, he sighed as he fli-pped throu-gh the small pages of the pamphlet.
“such a [email protected]ûghty girl. Who likes ice-cream on windy nights” he tea-sed and Vanilla giggled.
He got to the third page of the list and st©pped, his smile faded away and left his face in total sadness when he saw a note scribbled down on it with a pen.
*I’ll always love you Jay no matter what, you might be acting tough but de-ep down your heart I know that you have a bleeding wound that has refused to heal and that’s why you are like this, you are just scared, but I promise you, I’ll help you heal. The first day I set my eyes on you, I fell in-love with you even though you were a j£rk as-s that night and you still are.. lol… you are my second crush but my forever love. I LOVE YOU Jackson Jay and I always will.. my [email protected]ûghty boy*
Tears flowed down his when after re-ading the notes, Vanilla got worried, she walked closer to him and asked.
“what does it say Jay”
Jason cleaned his eyes and shook his head. “nothing” he replied.
*you are so arrogant Jay…. Jay I’ve served your dinner…. Hey Jay…. Sup hubby….*
Goldie’s voice flowed in his memory, he smiled sadly. ‘Jay’ he missed her calling him that, it usually sounds better when she calls it, the way it flows out of herl-ips like a melodious song, he also missed her calling him hubby, he missed everything about her. *plea-se come back home Gold, I’m incomplete without you* he thought to himself, he k!$$£d the pamphlet softly and held it ti-ght to his che-st and smiled sadly.
A soft knock [email protected]£ on the door. “come in” Vanilla said to whoever that was at the door.
Belinda popped in. “he’s calling again” she informed them.
Jason rushed to the door but she st©pped him. “plea-se be nice Jay, we nee-d to do everything he wants to be able to get Goldie back, when she comes back, if you want to kill him and go to jail, you can go ahead, we won’t nee-d you anymore when Goldie comes back… so…”
“you are a very wicked person” Jason tea-sed her and she laughed.
They went back down stairs.
“hey Jason, the Zack guy wants to talk to you” Chief Anderson informed him.
Goldie’s mother was sobbing softly, while Jason’s mother and Ciara were trying to calm her down.
Jason walked to the table and bent down toward the phone.
“hey Zack, it’s me”
“I’m guessing you’ve realized what’s at stake here, and you’ve been able to calm down” Zack asked hoarsely.
“go to hell Zack, he will kill you, you’ll see” he heard Goldie voice out from the background.
“Jesus Christ, bit-ch is it that you don’t know what shut up really means, it means you shouldn’t open your mouth to speak no matter what” Zack fired at her.
“don’t talk to her like that” Jason warned sternly.
“is like you both are not un-derstanding what is going on here, I can cut you into pieces Goldie, and make you husband a paralyzed widower”
“you can’t do anything Zack, you are just a broke as-s from prison, who just want money” Goldie barked at him.
“which is exactly why you are still alive, otherwise I would have killed you immediately I set my eyes on you” he fired back. “now keep quiet and let me talk to your Lee minho husband…. Now listen to me Jason… if you want your wife back, you gonna have to pay hvge”
“just name your price dude”
“good boy, 50 million…”
“are you that poor?” Jason asked.
“yea, seriously, there’s nothing hvge about 50 mill, I told you that you svçkat this whole kidnapping thing” Goldie backed up, Rosita, Ciara, Andora, Vanilla and Belinda laughed a little. “the only thing you are good at is drug dealing and Smoking weed motherfu-cker” she added.
The sound of a gunsh0t was heard and someone one being hit with an object, followed by Goldie’s scream. And then everything went silent on the other end of the phone.
“Zack, what the hell did you do to her, hello… hello, Zack, answer me” Jason fired.
“sshhh… your bit-ch talks too much” Zack breathed out
“what did you do to her” Jason asked sternly.
“nothing, just a little punch and she pas-sed out.
“you punched her… you dare punch her… and what about the gunsh0t”
“that was nothing, it was just a stunt to scare her and it worked” he laughed.
“I wanna hear her voice” Jason asked.
“relax, you will in five minutes, that is if you do what I asked you or else…. And besides you didn’t let me finish, I was saying 50 million U.S D.” Zack concluded.
“what, dollars, are you freaking kidding me?” Rosita blurted out.
“fine… I’ll get you the money… Just don’t hurt her and tell me where to bring the money” Jason asked.
“good boy… you’ve always been a good boy”
“Wait.. You want to dash this guy 50 million dollars, how rich are you?” Rosita asked but jason ignored her.
“Zack, is it that you’ve always hated me or what, why are you hurting people around me” Jason asked.
“well actually I’ve always hated you back in school, yes. I mean dude, you always get the attention of all the girls in school especially the h0t ones, you made the rest of us look stupid and ugly” Zack confessed.
“so in other words, you are jealous of me” Jason asked.
“yep, that might be the word, but trust me, it has nothing to do with what’s happening today, and about your sister. I just nee-ded a girl for business and for other things at that moment, you un-derstand I’m sure, well she happens to be at the wrong place and at the right time. And then as for your wife, which I had no idea how she [email protected]£ your wife seriously, because the last time we met she was as single as fv¢k, I was even considering hitting on her behind her friend but she fu-cked up, she fu-cked me up by s£nding me to jail and now I want my revenge” Zack carefully stated.
“you are a demon” Ciara blurted out.
“so that’s why your name is revenge yea?” Rosita asked. “you are a shameless son of a bit-ch” she fired.
“enough alre-ady, let’s talk business, get me my money and I’ll give you back your wife” he barked.
“I’ll get you the money, just tell me where” jason replied weakly.
“I’ll call you back” he said and the phone beeped indicating that he has hung up.
“I’m so sorry this is happening, I didn’t know he was an enemy” Rosita apologized.
“it’s ok” Jason replied “you were just trying to help” he added.
“guy I don’t think he will re-lease Goldie if you give him the money” [email protected] stated.
“yea, we have to call the police” Dr Jackson suggested.
“no plea-se, anything that will make them change their minds, we have to avoid it, no police plea-se” Jason refused.
“but Jason if we don’t call the police, they might kill Goldie, or we might not catch them” Chief Anderson backed up.
“I don’t care about catching them, I only want my wife back” he replied and sat down.
“don’t you un-derstand Jay, you won’t get her back if you don’t involve the police” [email protected] argued.
“no police” jason half yelled. “plea-se”
[email protected] raised his hands up in surrender.
“wait….. oh my God… how could I not think of that…. OMG” Rosita smiled as she tapped on her phone.
“what is it” Vanilla asked her.
“we are getting Goldie back” she replied.
“how” Jason asked.
“I just remembered, we talked about the building where they will take her to, so that it will be easier for me to come and pick her up” Rosita informed them.
“why didn’t you tell us since” jason asked as he sprang up.
“I’m so sorry, I forgot… here’s our chat” Rosita said and Jason snatched the phone from him.
“Irish Spring Water factory” he re-ad out loud.
“if it’s the one near Oshodi express way, that one has been abandoned for years” Chief Anderson stated.
“it’s that one” Rosita said.
“then let’s go get her” Belinda screamed out.
Jason rushed upstairs to get his car keys, he felt like God was giving him a second chance and he would definitely not blew it.
He rushed down and ran out, Vanilla followed him and so did the rest.
“wait… wait, we all can’t go down that road in our cars, we might be sp©tted”
Dr Jackson stated.
“some of us has to stay back” Belinda suggested.
“umh, Jason, [email protected], Rosita, Vanilla and Andora should go, ok Ciara can join them, the rest will stay back” Dr Jackson said.
“no, I want to go, plea-se” Mrs. Anderson cried.
“mum plea-se no, what if it gets to the time when we will have to run, you can’t go mum, plea-se stay back and I promise you, Goldie will come back with us” Ciara as-sured hnodd
She finally nodded.
They entered Jason’s Range Rover and drove off.
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
😘👄CHAPTER 22👄😘
They entered Jason’s Range Rover and drove off.
“we have to st©p here, going further in car will only expo-se us to them” [email protected] suggested when they got to the T junction joining the street with the expressway and another road.
They all agreed and Jason slowly brou-ght the car to a halt at the corner of the road.
Rosita’s phone started ringing. “it’s him” she informed them when she saw the caller’s ID.
“do you think maybe he kinda sported us?” Vanilla asked.
“I don’t think so, maybe he just wants to tell Jason where to get his money” Ciara stated.
Rosita picked the call. “hello”
“I want to talk to lover boy” Zack’s dark de-ep voice demanded.
“he’s listening” Rosita replied.
“oh, good, I want my money at the T junction near Irish Spring water Factory” he stated.
“gotcha dumb as-s” Ciara muttered.
Jason scoffed.
“and I want it in cash”
“but cash is not possible right now, I have to transfer it” Jason replied.
“do you think I’m so dumb…”
“obviously” Jason cut in and Vanilla nudged him. “sorry” he apologized.
“idiot… you think I’m so dumb, you want to transfer it so that you can be able to trace the account.. dude I said I want my money in cash….”
“I can’t withdraw dollars right now, ok? It’s not that easy” Jason fired.
“so what’s the ess£nce of having influence if you can’t use it… bribe the bank if you want your wife back” Zack fired back.
“fine.. where did you say I should bring it again”
“at the T Junction near Irish Spring Water factory… if you dare come with the police…. You will get her in pieces… you have 30 minutes” Zack warned and hung up.
“he’s such a dummy… he just expo-sed himself… he knew he texted me the hide out and yet he still stayed there even after betraying us” Rosita scoffed.
“isn’t that an advantage for us?” [email protected] asked and she shrugged.
“I guess it is” she replied.
Vanilla noticed Jason bent his face on his steering wheel, he was actually sulking quietly. She t©uçhed his shoulder and he raised his head a little bit.
“I think I should s£nd him the money” he whispered but everyone in the car heard him as a result of the silence hovering in the car.
“are you out of your mind” Rosita fired at him.
“seriously Jason, if you give him that money, prepare to receive Goldie as a corpse” Ciara backed up.
“and if I don’t give him the money, he will kill her… but if I..”
“if you do, he will still kill her… all we have to do is plan on how to get into that factory without being detected and get Goldie out.” [email protected] argued.
“we have to split up… some will stay back and receive those who would come for the money while some will go into the factory” Ciara suggested.
“it depends on how many they are, and how many will be coming out to get the money” Jason said.
“they are about 5, the leader inclusive, and I don’t think he will s£nd more than 2 guys to come and get the money” Rosita stated.
“Vanilla you’ll stay back and receive them in grand style” Jason instructed.
“Roger that” Vanilla replied.
“Vanilla… this one or she still remain for house…. Me that cannot even take one out, you are telling this baby to take two grown hefty men out” Rosita tea-sed.
“seriously.. it is kinda funny” Ciara backed up with a light laugh.
“you guys don’t know this girl…. She studied marshal art for two years… and karate for 6 months… has she ever kicked you before” [email protected] asked.
“don’t mind him guys, I didn’t study anything, I just happened to be talented in kicking as-s” Vanilla defended with a smile.
“Ciara and Rosita, you will stand in the street for any surprises…. Just make sure they don’t see you” Jason continued.
“wait… I hope we don’t have to fight anyone cause dude, I don’t know any marshal art or any karate… I’m just like a Barbie girl… no strength at all” Rosita complained.
They laughed briefly except Jason and Ciara.
“but when it has to do with snatching a man, you can do it right?” Ciara fired.
“why did you even pair me up with this one eh? You should have given me this your blabber mouth Vanilla… she’s manageable” Rosita complained again and eyed Ciara. She sighed. “look, I know I’ve been bad, but trust me, the Rosita you knew before is dead, this is the ne me” she pleaded with Ciara.
Ciara sighed when [email protected] squee-zed her hand to forgive Rosita. “it’s ok, and we can do this, even though I don’t have strength either, but we have ‘Girl Power’” she stated and they both giggled while [email protected] rolled his eyes.
“can you guys focus” Jason fired at them.
“sorry boss” they apologized in unison.
“Andora you will be our life saver, the driver…. If you see any green light followed by a beeping sound, that’s Vanilla asking for help… if you see a blue light followed by a low Siren, that’s me, you gr-ab?” jason asked and Andora nodded.
[email protected] you and I are going into the factory” he concluded.
“wait… I really back up that [email protected]’s idea of getting the police involved.. Jason plea-se think about it again” Rosita stated.
“no police…. Everyone to your positions” Jason replied and stepped down.
“why do I feel like we are all gonna die” Rosita fidgeted.
“speak for yourself” Andora fired.
They all alighted from the car except Andora who drove off to duck the car out of sight.
Vanilla rolled her track suit up to her knee and strengthened her crop hoodie. She sat down on a stone and looked up at the rest. “good luck you guys”
“can you handle it?” Jason asked her in concern.
“was Hitler a tyran? Of course I can handle it” she replied.
“ok… [email protected] let’s go” Jason said and they both ran off, down towards the factory, always ducking when they hear any sound.
“why are you guys still standing here” Vanilla asked Rosita and Ciara.
“I’m just checking where exactly the center of the street is” Ciara replied.
“and I’m scared to death” Rosita added, Vanilla and Ciara slowly looked at her. “what.. it’s true… I feel like I’m gonna die here and will never see my parents again” she whined.
“well if you really want to see them again, then don’t die even if you get sh0t” Ciara patted her back. “let’s move” she added and ran out, Rosita sighed and ran after her.
Her phone started ringing and she checked the caller ID “is it 30 minutes alre-ady, this guy sure doesn’t know time” she cursed and picked the call. “hello”
“I want to talk to him” Zack voiced out.
“he’s gone, he’s on his way to the factory, I’m sure he’s alre-ady there” she informed him.
There was silent on the other end and then some muttering before Zack’s voice [email protected]£ back. “I just s£nt my men to get the money… he better not [email protected] me or else…”
“you can’t do anything” Goldie’s voice sounded from the background.
“you don wake up abi, if I hear pim from you again eehh…. Na die you go die” Zack threatened her and she scoffed.
“don’t hurt her plea-se” Rosita pleaded. “you will get your money in a few” she added.
“why is that one talking as if she cares” Goldie asked, referring to Rosita.
“shut up” Zack fired at her. “he better be there by now cause I don’t have any more time” he said to Rosita and hung up before she could even reply.
“gush he’s so rude” Rosita cursed.
“shhh, duck” Ciara st©pped her immediately and Rosita almost bu-mped into her.
“what is it” she whispered when she regain her balance.
“I saw some men coming out of that building” Ciara said.
“they are probably the ones he s£nt for the money” Rosita stated as she looked around the dead street. “why the hell is this place so deserted?” she asked.
“when the company shut down the factory, all the staff residence were also shut down, they are probably living in the new staff residence” Ciara stated.
“oh. I get it now… how many men are we talking about here” Rosita asked her.
“I saw about three walked by but now there’s another one, ma-king them four guys… I thought you said there were only five of them, the leader inclusive.. there’s no way Zack would be alone in that factory”
“that’s what he told me”
“well he lied to you… there are more than five.. and four is headed to Vanilla right now… but we anticipated two only”
“$h!t.. that is very bad… what should we do” Rosita asked.
“we are on the lookout…. Which means that if anything seems off, we should tackle it… we can’t let those guys get to Vanilla, and our phones are certainly not connected to Jason’s car to call Andora to help her. So it only means one thing… we nee-d to take at least two of them down” Ciara replied.
“ok, you are the one doing it right?” Rosita asked and Ciara eyed her a little… she dragged her out of there hiding place and jumped into the street.
They saw the last guy still running to catch up with the rest. Ciara looked around for something to throw at the guy.
“will this stone be ok?” Rosita asked her as she picked a big stone and handed over to Ciara.
“it’s perfect” Ciara collected the stone, she targeted the guy and fired the stone off, and just as she expected, the stone hit the guy at the back of his head, he fell down and blacked out. His [email protected] didn’t notice cause they continued walking.
“one down, we have to get the second person at the back” Ciara said. They both ran off and chased after the last guy. Fortunately for them and unfortunately for the guy, he stumbled on a stone and his shoe flung out of his feet. He ran after the shoe and that’s when Ciara and Rosita caught up with him.
“hey handsome” Rosita tea-sed.
“what are….” Before he could finish, she hit him with a plank she found around the corner and off he went.
They jumped in excitement and ducked off sight.
Vanilla was sitting on her stone seat when she sighted two hefty men coming towards her. She stood up and sli-pped her hands into her trou-ser, she tilted her head and watched them as they get closer.
When they saw her, they st©pped in their tracks. “what the hell” she heard one of them ask. “who be that one” he asked again.
“your nightmare” Vanilla called out to them. “we could do this the [email protected] way or the easy way, choose one” she added.
“what are you talking about, are you the one that will give us the money” the second one asked her.
“oh baby, you ain’t getting $h!t from me, and the person who was supposed to get the money is alre-ady in the factory, probably he might have killed your leader and gotten his wife out” Vanilla stated as she pla-yed with her manicured f!ngers.
“Natiti, call boss man” the first guy commanded and looked back but he didn’t see anyone else except the second guy.
“guy where Natiti and Josh” he asked the second guy.
“they were following us na” the second guy replied.
“call boss man, we’ve been compromised”
“na only Natiti carry phone na” the second guy shrugged.
“awwwww, is your friend missing? Well I guess my friends over there had taken them out, poor you, poor them” Vanilla whimpered.
They turned to the direction where she pointed, down the street and saw Rosita and Ciara staring back at them with a plank in Rosita’s hands and a stone in Ciara’s hand, while their [email protected] were lying lifeless few feet from each other.
They turned back to Vanilla and laughed scornfully.
“hahaha…. You just killed that girl, consider her dead because if boss man hears this, na wahala for you and for her.” The first guy mocked.
“then why don’t we make sure that boss man doesn’t hear it, ok?” Vanilla stated and straightened up, she walked closer to them.
“hey what are you doing, I’ll kill you now” the first guy said as he pointed a gun at Vanilla while moving back.
“take a sh0t baby” Vanilla chuckled out as she moved closer.
The first guy pu-ll-ed the trigger at her and she ducked, more bullets [email protected]£ running down at her, but she ducked them all.
“is that all you got… you know what… why don’t we st©p the chit chat and end this $h!t” she said.
And without warning she jumped really high, she threw her right leg towards the first guy and with full f0rç£, she hit him with her boot, he gro-an ed and fell down.
She launched for the second guy, she threw a punch at him, he screamed but was fast enough to regain himself, he tried punching her but she caught his fist and twist it, as she was holding him, the first guy managed to stand up, he charged at her with the hope that she wasn’t concentrating on him but he regretted it.
With the speed as fast as lightening, Vanilla threw the second guy up and when he was dangling up and about to land she jumped up and hit his head with her boots and he slumped on the ground and never stood up. She turned to the first guy who was shocked to the bones while watching his [email protected] with his hands up, re-ady to punch, Vanilla twisted his hands and threw his arms to the back, she climbe-d his head and jumped down behind him, still holding his hands, the guy gro-an ed in pain but she didn’t let go. She dragged his hand further behind and matched his back, he stumbled forward while his hands went backward and made a crack sound.
“plea-se I beg you, don’t kill me, I’m just a mechanic who wants to survive.” The guy begged.
“how many are still in that factory” she demanded.
“they are not in the factory, they are in the building after the factory, a two story building, they are watching from there, boss man suspected that her husband will [email protected] so he we transferred from the building, ahhhhh..” he gro-an ed, Vanilla re-leased him a little bit.
“I’m listening”
“plea-se if I tell you everything, boss man will kill me” the guy pleaded.
“and if you don’t tell me everything, do you think you will walk out of here alive”
“fine…fine… boss man decided to ambush him and whoever he will come with. As soon as he sees him with anyone else, our gun men will shoot them to death and they will throw the girl off the building to crash to the ground” the guy explained.
“how many are they” Vanilla demanded.
“one sniper… if you take the sniper out, it will be easier for you, and then two other guys”
“thank you” Vanilla stated. She punched him [email protected] on the face, he blacked out, she threw him to the ground and walked down to Ciara and Rosita whose faces were alre-ady white out of shock.
“how the hell did you do that” Rosita screamed as soon as she got closer.
“girl you are one hell of a motherfu-cking bit-ch” Ciara added.
They heard the screeching of a car behind them, they turned and saw the range rover headed their way. The car st©pped and the front pas-s£nger door flung open. Andora’s head popped out.
“get in, I just got a signal from Jason” she announced.
“that’s not good, that guy told me everything, and if we don’t get there as fast as we can, we will be going home with three corpses.” Vanilla backed up as they rushed into the car.
Andora drove off immediately.

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