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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 19

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
😘👄CHAPTER 19👄😘
“who have you been chatting with that has made you lose focus”
“no one” Rosita replied, she immediately locked her phone when June wanted to peep.
“whatever, but how do we unleash our plan?” June asked.
“your plan.. and we will find a way, I’m sure” Rosita replied and picked her phone again.
“you are back early, I thought you wanted me to prepare lunch” Vanilla complained when Goldie [email protected]£ back home around 1:30 pm.
“I can’t let you serve my husband poison” Goldie stated as she re-moved her shoes.
“you didn’t just say that, did you?” Vanilla asked with venom in her eyes.
Goldie stood up and walked up to her, she faced her and scoffed. “I just did, what can you do?” she asked.
“uh, if you guys want to fight, I kinda have a gym house, and it’s just few feet from here” Jason stated as he climbe-d down the stairs.
They both turned to him. “who the hell fights in the gym Jay” Goldie asked.
“don’t mind this dummy sis, plea-se what did you buy for me?” Vanilla asked.
“did I go to the market, I went to work and they certainly don’t sell anything at work” Goldie replied. “go boil the spaghetti, let me freshen up” she added.
“oh now you want me to cook, I thought you said you are not about to let me poison your husband” Vanilla whined and crossed her hands on her che-st as she watched Goldie.
“just do it anyhow, if he doesn’t like it, he should teach his sister how to cook”
“hey, but you just indirectly insulted me fa” Vanilla whined.
Goldie turned to her briefly and replied. “I know fa” she ran upstairs.
Vanilla giggled and entered the kitchen, Jason shrugged and walked to the living room, he picked up his business phone from the center table he left it on, he called Natasha to be [email protected]£d on the day’s work since he didn’t go to work.
During lunch, Goldie informed them she will be heading to her parents’ house the next day.
“hey Jay, I umh, I want to go see my parents tomorrow”
“any problem?” he asked. “or are you such a cry-baby, I haven’t even done anything bad to you, and you want to report me to them” he asked, twisting her brows at her.
Goldie laughed. “dude, when did I tell that I’m going there to report you, or are you indirectly trying to st©p me from going because you will miss me?” she asked, and toughed his left brea-st.
“miss you bawo” Jason replied, he tried to shake her hands off his br£@st cause she was tickling her but Goldie grip him and he unknowingly let out a soft [email protected] .
“gush, you guys get a room” Vanilla stated without looking up from her phone.
Goldie giggled. “this is my house, my husband and I can do anything wherever we want in this house, you are the one who should excuse us”
Vanilla chuckled and Jason shook his head with a light smile. “I never knew you were this [email protected]ûghty” he said to Goldie.
“oh, I can be [email protected]ûghty anytime I want” Goldie replied.
“no way, motherfv¢king bit-ch, how dare she, I won’t let her do that” Vanilla exclaimed with her head still on her phone.
“and who are you calling such names V” Goldie asked her.
Vanilla raised her head up. “huh?” she asked.
“who are you calling motherfv¢king bit-ch?” Goldie asked her again.
“uh, no one, it’s nothing”
“V, you know it’s something, did your b©yfri£ndbreak up with you?” Jason asked and Vanilla eyed him, he chuckled.
“first, I don’t have a b©yfri£nd, secondly, even if I do, he won’t dare break up with me, I mean have you met me” she asked and gestured to her elegant, gymnastic b©dy. “and third, no it’s not my b©yfri£nd, never say that again if you don’t wanna die. It’s one of the birthday planning committee, she said she will be inviting some dumb bit-ch from another school, she wasn’t [email protected] of my clas-smates back in school” she complained.
“but there’s nothing wrong in her crashing the [email protected], don’t be a bad bit-ch V, allow her to come” Goldie asked.
“no, she’s a total bad as-s, an annoying freak, she thinks she owns the world and everyone should bow at her feet, I hate her”
“no you don’t, you just hate her guts, and that’s disgusting V, allow the girl to come and if she vibes more than she should, give her space and show her maturity” Goldie stated.
Vanilla turned to Jason, he chewed his food and swallowed, when he realized she was only staring at him so that he can back her up, he shrugged and pointed to Goldie. “what she said”
“you agree with her?” she flared. “fine, I’ll let her come” she stated and typed on her phone.
“good girl” Goldie [email protected] for her and she rolled her eyes.
“you better buy something for me on your way home from your parents’ house, you didn’t buy anything for me today” Vanilla commanded Goldie as she typed on her phone.
“yes ma’am” Goldie saluted and Jason chuckled while Goldie giggled, Vanilla looked up at them and smiled.
JUNE’S [email protected]
“I got it” Rosita jumped up.
“you got what?” June asked her.
“how we can get your Goldie” Rosita replied.
June got up from the dining where she was having dinner, she walked up to Rosita. “really? What is it, tell me… tell me” she urged her excitedly.
“since you said you like my idea about shooting her on the road, here’s something that can help. Goldie will be visiting her parents tomorrow morning to come back by evening” Rosita informed her.
June her a weird look. “how did you get that information?” she asked.
“I have my sources ok, do you want this or not” Rosita fired.
“of course I want it, I don’t really care how you got it, I was just curious, tell me”
“we will ambush her on her way home, then you shoot her”
“great” June jumped out of excitement, but she suddenly withdrew and turned to Rosita. “but how do we know the route she will take to her so called parents house, hell I don’t even know her parents house” she complained.
Rosita sighed. “Goldie only has one route she likes taking to her parents house even when she lived with them…. And that’s Din Broadway estate, before that Oxford British Secondary School, 20minutes drive from their Lekki phase two, I prefer we do the job there, because that estate is usually quiet in the evening” she carefully stated while June gave her another weird look.
“I alre-ady told you, I have my sources” Rosita waved her off, June shrugged, she doesn’t really care how she got the information, she just want the bit-ch dead.
“finally, the waiting is about to end” she breathed out, she walked to the TV stand, opened a drawer and fished out a pistol.
“are you sure you don’t want to think twice about this” Rosita asked her.
“why are you suddenly having cold feet about this Rosita?” she asked her.
“well, for a fact, this whole thing won’t benefit me in anyway, so…”
“so you don’t know that when I finally marry Jason, I will become super rich”
“I thought you said you love”
“yes, I’m only trying to tell you what you are gonna benefit… while I get his love… you get your account filled.” June stated.
Rosita shrugged. “if you say so”
“tomorrow is a big day Rose, we should rest”
“you do the resting, I’m gonna go see a friend”
“who, the one who works in Jason’s company?” June asked.
Rosita turned to her. “uh…uhm. Yea, yes, that one” she stammered.
“ok, see you later”
“yea, and I will be heading home from there” she informed June.
“ok, but make sure you come out early”
“but we will be doing the job when she’s coming home, that’s in the eveing”
“yea, but we have to be there early, so that we won’t miss her”
“ok, bye” Rosita replied and walked out while June went to her room.
“don’t forget to bring something nice for me” Vanilla reminded her as she typed on her phone, climbing down stiars with Goldie behind her.
“yes ma’am, but can you walk any fas-ter, a snail is fas-ter than you right now” Goldie complaine, Vanilla ran down stairs and Goldie ran after her.
“are you guys practicing marathon race” Jason who was waiting downstairs asked them as soon as they t©uçhed the ground.
“yes, we are planning on going for the next Olympic competition” Goldie replied and he chuckled.
“suit yourselves” he replied.
“I’ll miss you” Vanilla whimpered.
“hey, I’ll only be gone for few hours” Goldie t©uçhed her cheeks.
“yea, but I’ll still miss you”
“I won’t” Jason said nonchalantly. “plea-se be going” he added and opened the door for her.
Goldie giggled and t©uçhed his face. “you know you will” she as-sured him and walked out.
“my regards to your parents though” he said behind her and she waved at him and entered her car, she ignited the engine and drove off, Jason watched until she was out of sight.
“awwww, don’t worry baby, she will comeback before you know it” Vanilla smooched his head, he waved her off.
“who did you call a baby” he asked her with a deadly glare.
“oops, I was mistaking Mr. so sorry.” She replied.
Jason chuckled. “hey, I thought today was your friend’s birthday [email protected]” he asked her.
“yep, in the night” she replied.
“what! You ain’t going to any night [email protected]” he fired.
“and who’s gonna st©p me” shr fired back but pla-yfully.
“don’t dare me” Jason warned.
“chill dude, I wasn’t even planning to go” she said and sat on a cushion.
“oh” Jason replied, he wasn’t expecting her to st©p arguing all of a sudden, if it was Goldie, she would have said something to him, something that can spark up the argument. He sighed and slumped on the couch. *I miss her alre-ady* he breathed out but Vanilla didn’t hear him. *I never thought I would be saying that* he chuckled, and Vanilla stared at him
“have you gone bunkers, why are you talking to yourself”
“I was talking to myself, so why don’t you want to go to the [email protected]” he asked her.
“because I don’t want to go” she replied and picked up the TV remote and Jason knew that was discussion over as she fli-pped down to Nickelodeon channel.
He sighed and stood up “I’ll be in my room” he informed her and walked to the stairs.
“ok” Vanilla replied and concentrated on her favorite show.
“I thought you said she will be going throu-gh this route” June asked Rosita who was busy with her phone.
“yes, maybe she stayed late at her parents’ house” she replied.
They were both sitting in June’s car when June noticed a Rolls Royce speeding down towards them.
“i’ve been seeing that car in Jason’t compound” she informed Rosita.
Rosita looked up and scoffed, “that’s her” she stated.
“what!, then hand me the gun” she opened the car door and alighted from the car, she ran to Rosita’s side and opened her own door, Rosita alighted, she opened her purse and handed her the pistol.
“I suggest you shoot the tires, her car will st©p and then you can take her out easily” Rosita suggested.
“good idea” June replied.
She corked the gun and targeted the tires, she was able to take out the two front tires, the rolls Royce shook vehemently but didn’t tumble, it st©pped and a girl alighted from it, she was in black trou-ser and a silver crop t©p.
“that’s the bit-ch” June cursed in between gritted teeth.
Rosita watched her.
“time to go girl, sorry but what has to be done Has to be done, you went for the wrong guy.” She muttered and target her head, as she was about to fire, Rosita’s hand nudged her and she missed the taget, the bullet landed on the car side mirror, Goldie turned to the direction of where the bullet [email protected]£ from, she stared at them keenly but they were too far [email protected]
June exhaled when she realized Goldie couldn’t sp©t them. She turned to Rosita who was typing furiously on her phone.
“what the hell was that?” June asked her.
“sorry girl, mistake. My bad” she replied.
“and what the fu-ck are you doing with that phone?”
“I really wanna take a video of this” she replied.
“are you insane, if you do that, what if someone gets hold of your phone?” June asked furiously.
“oops, I didn’t think about that, I’ll just drop it. You should try again” she stated and put her phone into her pocket.
“June sighed, she turned back to Goldie, as she was about to shoot again, she noticed that Goldie had tried to run but it seems her dress was hooked to her car, she was trying to get the tear the cloth as June was about to shoot when a black saloon car suddenly skrie-ked to a st©p in front of Goldie, a tall dark guy with a mask rushed out of the back door and bundled Goldie into the car, tearing her trou-ser in the process. They drove off in high speed.
June dropped her gun and slowly turned to Rosita.
“wow, I guess I wasn’t the only one whom the bit-ch offended, I wonder what she must have done to whomever that s£nts those guys, but I don’t care, she’s out of my life for good cause I’m pretty sure those guys won’t re-lease her alive. Did you see his muscle.” She jumped in excitement. “let’s go home babe, our problem has been solved without her blood soiling our hands” she entered the driver’s seat while Rosita entered the pas-s£nger’s seat quietly.
“what, don’t you like what happened.?” June asked her.
“I do, but who could that be” she asked.
“who cares?” let’s go have fun plea-se.
“yea, I nee-d to make a call”
“suit yourself” June said as she drove off.
“hey” jason greeted Vanilla as he climbe-d down the stairs.
“sup” she asked.
“you’ve sle-pt for over 7 hours”
“I know, I feel like an airplane landed on me” Jason replied. He sighed and slumped on a chair. “Goldie isn’t back yet?” he asked her.
“that’s weird, she never stays out late”
“there’s always a first time to everything bro, or maybe it’s the traffic” Vanilla stated, her phone rang and she picked it up. “excuse me, I gotta answer this call” she sadi and walked to the door
“since when did you start walking out to answer call” Jason asked her.
“like I said, there’s a first time to everything” she replied and giggled as she closed the door behind her.
“crazy girl, just say you’ve found yourself a b©yfri£nd.” Jason chuckled out. He la-id on the long couch and wondered why Goldie hasn’t returned yet. He picked up his phone and called her several times but she wasn’t picking up. He called again but the phone was switched off. He j£rked up from the couch.
“now that’s not good, she never switch off her phone on me, and she certainly doesn’t ignore my calls” he muttered.
“has she decided to stay back at her parents’, isn’t she coming back again… no plea-se Goldie don’t do this… I’m sorry plea-se come back” he dialed her number again but it was still switched off.
“maybe I should call her parents”
God deliver ur son 🤮🤮🤮

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