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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 15 & 16

Season 2 episode 15/16
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
😘👄CHAPTER 15👄😘
“why are you girls panicking?” Jason asked her.
“nothing” June replied.
“aarrhhh, this place is suffocating… [email protected] bawo, nons-en-se…..” Rosita muttered, she rushed and opened the windows and the kitchen two back doors. “where is that stupid phone of mine” she muttered and ran outside to take some fresh air.
Few minutes later, Goldie walked into the kitchen, thought the [email protected] has reduced but she still perceived it.
“did I leave the [email protected] on” she asked and checked.
“but it’s off…. And what’s this…. Those two lazy bones tricked me, they didn’t even peel the yams, dumb bit-ches, thank God they didn’t even do it, make dey no sever me and my husband poison” she cursed.
Rosita who was watching from outside stepped in but Goldie didn’t notice.
“let me boil water first” she picked up the [email protected] lighter, she was about to light it when Rosita cut in.
“hey dummy, before you light that thing, find my phone which your dirty kitchen swallowed”
“do I look like the kitchen? Why don’t you ask Mr. Kitchen or better still find it yourself” Goldie fired. “wait, isn’t that the stupid phone over there, so you are disturbing my peace cause of iphone 11, I even thought it was iphone 12 pro” she picked the phone from the chopping table and gave it to Rosita, she smiled and walked away, the smile got Goldie confused but she waved it off and lighted her [email protected] to boil water, by then, the [email protected] has alre-ady cleared.
Rosita entered the living room and saw June laughing so [email protected] as she talked to Jason who wasn’t even smiling at her.
She rolled her eyes. *this stupid girl is so selfish, she didn’t even think of checking on me or is it that she wanted me to explode with Goldie and then after she will call herself my best friend, bestie bawo” she thought.
She went closer and sat down.
“oh Rosita, you are back…”
*no, I went to Malaysia, punk” Rosita thought but she smiled at her.
“what took you so long?” June asked.
“I was looking for the phone, it was Goldie who found it for me”
“has she started cooking alre-ady” June asked eagerly.
“well she was about to light the cooker when I left” Rosita replied and June sm-irked.
*yea, let her light the cooker and light her grave, and Jason will be mine* she thought to herself. She looked at Jason but he was concentrating on the movie he was watching.
She turned to the kitchen door and asked herself. “but what is taking her so long”
“are you ok, you’ve been glancing at that kitchen door for a while now… or are you that hungry… is the aroma of the food inviting you, she’s a good cook though” Jason asked Rosita when he noticed her restlessness.
“huh, which aroma” June asked.
“aren’t you perceiving that, smells really nice” Rosita stated with a light smile.
“don’t mind her, she has lost her s-en-se of smell” Jason added.
“you both should st©p” June frowned.
Jason and Rosita laughed, Jason looked at Rosita and she smiled, he has kinda missed her but he can’t repeat make the same mistake twice, he has decided that if Rosita is going to be accepted because of June or because she’s Goldie’s sister, she will be kept at arms length.
June picked up her phone and texted Rosita. *aren’t you worried, nothing has happened yet, isn’t she cooking with the [email protected]*
*of course I’m worried and yes, she’s cooking with the [email protected]… I don’t know why nothing has happened yet… but you really nee-d to control yourself, Jason is getting suspicious* Rosita texted back.
*you have a point girl” June replied and dropped her phone.
Few minutes later, Goldie served the food at the dinning.
June couldn’t hide her surprise. *could she have used electric cooker, I just don’t get it” June thought.
Goldie walked up to them and announced. “breakfast is served people.
“just call It brunch” Jason said and Rosita giggled.
Goldie sma-cked his shoulder “are you so dumb hubby, it’s just 8:45 and you are calling it brunch” she defended herself.
he chuckled.
“you are the dumb on Goldie, don’t you know the meaning of exaggeration” Rosita asked.
“you are so smart Rosita, see, I know the meaning of exaggeration cause I just did it” replied with a sm-irk and Jason almost laughed out loud.
June was dead silent.
“let’s go and eat” Goldie said, she took Jason left arm and pla-yfully dragged him, he chuckled and followed her, Rosita followed them.
*wow he’s really going to eat the food without any trouble… well I guess it’s because we have guests… excuse me, who are the guests… these two bit-ches… to hell with them…. And why is this one still standing there staring at me like a lost goat* Goldie thought, she called out to June who was still at the living room.
“hey, you… come to the dining and st©p staring at me like that, I’m no ghost”
“daddy, I brou-ght you tea, I brewed it myself” Vanilla announced as she entered her parents with a tea saucer, she dropped the tea on her father’s re-ading table where he sat and was working on some do¢v-ments for a surgery.
“it’s a tra-p honey, don’t fall for it, and also, don’ taste that tea, you will just die” Mrs. Jackson spoke from the be-d she was lying on, with a magazine in her hands.
“mum! Not cool, daddy don’t mind mummy, just drink your tea” Vanilla encouraged with a bright smile.
Dr Jackson smiled and picked the cu-p.
“My daughter brewed tea for me, I’ll be a monster not to drink it”
“a hvge monster” Vanilla added and eyed her mother.
Dr Jackson sipped the tea and nearly threw up, tepid water which was much more than the tea, less milk, too much sugar and salt, who the hell adds salt in tea.
Mrs. Jackson saw his face and laughed her heart out.
“was it that bad daddy?” Vanilla whimpered.
“well you tried your best, but I think I’m done with the tea” he replied and dropped the tea on the table. He looked up at her and asked “so, what can I do for you”
“are you freaking kidding me, can’t I brew tea for my daddy without ulterior motive” Vanilla fired.
“no you can’t” her mother replied.
“Mum! Arrhhh, whatever… well daddy, I want to ask you something”
“so your mum was right… hahahaha….. it was a tra-p…. Anyway, anything for my angel” Dr Jackson answered.
“well, since I didn’t write JAMB this year, I was wondering…. Can I go and spend my vacation with Jason and his wife?” Vanilla asked.
“but my angel, it’s ba-rely a month they got married, they nee-d their privacy” Dr Jackson argued.
“dad listen… anytime Jason sleeps with his ex girlfriend, I’ll know, but since he got married to Goldie, I’ve not heard anything of such from him, so this ‘privacy’ you are talking about doesn’t actually exist in that house, they are just living like two housemates and nothing more… which means, yea, I’m going there and I’ll leave tomorrow” Vanilla said and jogged to the door, she turned to her shocked parents and added. “ and just so you know, you should be expecting your grandchildren next 15 years, have fun, wish me a safe journey, byyyyeee” she opened the door and stormed out.
“I hope she was just bluffing” Mrs. Jackson asked.
“forget about bluffing, who thought her all those things” Dr Jackson asked in shock.
“she’s a teenager, they know everything you can never imagine, and also, she’s Jason’s best friend, as the Jason your son, have you forgotten what he can do” Mrs. Jackson replied with an amused smile.
“I’ll so kill that boy for spoiling my children and also for planning to bring forth my children when I’m long gone in my grave” he threatened.
“finally those two idiots left” Goldie cursed after washing the dishes.
“no, one idiot and one pest, but you fell into the two categories” Jason tea-sed her, Goldie eyed him and he sprinkled water on her face.
“hey, that’s cold” she complained.
“die from it”
“well you are going to [email protected]’s right?… I wish you a happy accident and safe journey to hell” she threatened. *God, you and I know I’m just babbling, so plea-se don’t even grant that wish* she thought.
“tell your fellow witches that you didn’t see me” Jason replied, snapping her out of her thought.
“get out of here, I want to clean this house” Goldie commanded.
“you want to clean it or you want to inflict more death, cause that’s your second name”
The last time I checked, you said that my second name was Nerd and trouble”
“no that one is your immediate second name” Jason said with a chuckle, he toughed her left cheek and walked out.
Goldie smiled sheepishly.
“crazy hubby.. I love him so much”
She ran upstairs and started cleaning.
As she was cleaning the sitting room, after she was done upstairs, her phone began to ring. She checked and it was Ciara.
“hey bestie… I was beginning to think that you forgot me, I called three days ago and you didn’t pick” Goldie complained.
“sorry girl, kinda busy, relationsh!ps are not busy you know” Ciara replied.
“wait… so you and Richy are now officially [email protected]!ng?” Goldie asked.
“yea babe, you have no idea how happy I am”
“awwww, I’m so happy for you girlfriend, after all this years, and that douchbag didn’t even tell me about it… I’ll get him” Goldie threatened.
“hey don’t you dare hurt my baby …. And hey, speaking of relationsh!ps, how’s your cute hubby doing”
“he’s good, he just stepped out” Goldie replied.
“has he started eating your food without stress” Ciara asked.
“nope, well kinda”
“don’t worry, he will and I hope that June of a girl and your resurrected sister ain’t giving you any trouble”
“actually, they just left”
“what! They [email protected]£ again?”
“yea” Goldie replied, she st©pped in her tracks when she got to the door Jason warned her not to open, she stared at it for a while. *what is he hiding in there, whatever it is, the room must be dirty… I have to clean it” she said.
She walked up to it and turned the key which was alre-ady inser-ted to it. the door creaked and opened and she stepped in.
“girl I’m asking you why they [email protected]£ again and you are saying wow” Ciara complained.
“girl let me call you back” she asked and before Ciara could answer she alre-ady hung up.
She dropped the phone on a desk which was covered in dust.
She walked around the room in admiration. She started cleaning the paintings hung on the wall, some on the desk while some la-id at the extreme of the room.
As she was cleaning, she saw a beautiful painting of a very beautiful girl hung on the wall above every other painting, she picked it and dusted it, the girl was so beautiful and she looked like a foreign girl, America to be precise, she has a beautiful long brown hair, blue eyes, a pointed rasp berry nose, and a sharp chin, cute.
The painting was the most beautiful in the room even though it wasn’t completed, her other face was colored, it was still in black and white ma-king it look gothic.
She re-ad out what was written on it.
“I guess this was his almighty ex girlfriend.”
She turned the back of the painting and saw another s£ntence. *The innocent girl that died because of my selfishness* she re-ad out loud.
“does it mean he killed her?” she asked herself.
😘👄Chapter 16👄😘
She turned the back of the painting and saw another s£ntence.
*The innocent girl that died because of my selfishness* she re-ad out loud.
“does it mean he killed her?” she asked herself.
“no, Jay can’t hurt a fly…. But what happened…. I’ll ask him… no, if I ask him, he will know that I [email protected]£ in here, but if I don’t he will continue to die in guilt…. I have to ask him” she thought, she dropped the painting. Few minutes later she was done cleaning, she picked up her cleaning equipments and left the room.
An hour later, Jason [email protected]£ back, he found himself walking to the kitchen cause he knew Goldie was cooking cause of the aroma he was perceiving.
“is it that you love eating a lot, or you just love cooking a lot even though you don’t know how to do it” he asked with a sm-irk.
Goldie glared at him. “is it that you forgot where you are going or you just like pissing me off” she asked.
“let’s just say I love to find your trouble, now answer my question”
“let’s just say I love to give you the taste of your own medicine” Goldie replied and sprinkled water on him.
“hey, how dare you” Jason gro-an ed
Goldie giggled. “you like a we-t dog”
“and you look like a we-t chicken” Jason smiled at her.
Goldie froze. *he’s smiling, he’s been doing that lately… he look so cute* she thought to herself.
“what, why are you staring at me like a dead frozen goat?” he asked her.
She pointed at his face and wanted to speak but she covered her mouth immediately. *no, if I tell him, he might frown and never smile at me again*
“nothing” she replied.
He chuckled. “ you better be fast with that food, otherwise, you eat it yourself” Jason said and turned to leave, instead he heard a heavy sound of something drop to the floor with a loud thud.
He turned and saw Goldie lying on the floor in fake fainting.
He couldn’t hold the laughter that popped out of his mouth. *my arranged crazy wife* he thought and walked out.
“he actually wants to eat my food without me tricking him and not just that, he also laughed because of me… someone should just shoot me let me die” she muttered to herself and closed her eyes, briefly drifting to wonderland.
“dinner is served” Goldie announced to Jason.
Jason walked to the dinning and sat down, he stared at the food with watery mouth, he looked up at Goldie and saw her staring eagerly at her.
“I only want to eat this food because I’m famished, if not, you can as well eat your tasteless food alone” he said to her.
“proud punk” Goldie cursed.
He giggled and picked up the fork
*I have to video him eating my food without stress and s£nd it to Ciara and also keep it for future purposes…. Speaking of video, where is my phone?* she asked herself, she looked around but didn’t find it.
“Jay… wait… before you start eating… can you plea-se beep my phone” she pleaded, Jason glared at her.
“plea-se for once, do something for me” she pleaded with a serious tone.
“ok, chill” he dialed her number and they heard the phone ringing from the painting room.
Jason stared distantly at the door, strength drained from his b©dy, he turned to her and she looked up at him with pleading eyes.
He walked to the door, he turned the key and pushed the door open.
Goldie felt like choking herself to death or the ground should open and swallow her. *how could I be so careless* she thought and followed Jason into the room.
He looked around the room and saw how clean it was but that didn’t melt his anger. He began to boil real h0t when he realized the painting he hung above all the paintings has shifted from it’s original position.
All hell broke loose, the only thing that appeared in his mind was stab Goldie and bury her.
He swiftly turned to her and without warning, his hands raised up and was about to land on Goldie’s cheek but those cute, scared brown sugar plum eyes melted his heart, Goldie was alre-ady shivering and he could see the fear in her eyes.
“why did you st©p, go on and hit her, let’s know if that will change the fact that she entered the room” Vanilla’s voice [email protected]£ from the door. She leaned on the door and watched him.
Jason was so furious and yet angry with himself. He f0rç£d his hand down and stormed out of the room.
“I’m really sorry about that Gold” Vanilla apologized as she walked into the room.
“I should be the one apologizing ice-cream, you shouldn’t have seen that”
“it’s ok, I’m used to it, whenever Jay get’s super angry, all hell breaks loose” Vanilla replied. “I’m really surprised the [email protected] didn’t complete it’s journey though” she added.
“I guess it’s because you [email protected]£” Goldie shrugged.
“no, the [email protected] has alre-ady st©pped before I spoke, it’s something else, something you both has refused to accept”
They [email protected]£ silent for a while.
“Kira huh?’ Goldie asked.
“yea” Vanilla answered as they stared at the painting.
“was she that special to him, I mean I’m sure he had other girlfriends before and after her”
“yea, but he loved her for real, the only woman he has ever loved, he thought they would end up together but instead, she died the day he loast the ‘Artist Award’ on 25 November….”
“that’s my birthday” Goldie cut in.
Vanilla stared at her. “isn’t that crazy, it was her birthday as well” she replied.
“no kidding… that was the darkest day of his life…. He nearly killed himself, he believed that she wouldn’t have had that accident if he had taken her home himself” Vanilla sighed. “I shouldn’t be telling you this”
“I know, but was she really the reason why Jason st©pped painting” Goldie asked.
“yes…. That portrait was his last painting…. As you can see, he didn’t even finish it…. I was watching him that day, it was after her funeral. He couldn’t even keep his hands straight, he was sweating badly, I guess her memories were still hunting him or maybe it was all in his head, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he st©pped and shut down his studio, when he moved into this house, he packed most of his paintings, the special ones in this room, and until today iv’e not seen this door ajar not to talk of wi-de open. I missed it” Vanilla stated with a weak smile.
“but at first, you guys said he shut down because his girlfriend cheated on him” Goldie asked.
“that’s right” Vanilla nodded.
“I don’t un-derstand”
“we persuaded him that [email protected]!ngagain would help him move on, so he started [email protected]!ngagain, but when he realized she was cheating on him, he shut down again and started mourning all over” Vanilla explained. “we usually put it that way so that he would be able to forget her… and he did or so we thought, cause what I saw here today means that, to him, you just dug up her grave”
Goldie gro-an ed and buried her face in her hands. “uhg, what have I done?” she asked rhetorically.
“but sister in-law, I trust that you can bury her permanently out of his life, I know Kira was a very wonderful person but she’s dead and nothing could be done about it, if they were meant to be, she would be the one in this house today as a wife and not you. You can do this Gold, it will only cost you few [email protected], even though I’m not sure he can hurt you from what I saw right now, but I’m sure he will be very angry, but at least you will have your husband back” Vanilla advised and patted Goldie on the back.
“do you think he will listen to me?” Goldie asked with an unconvinced tone.
“was Obama the president of United States.. come on… hellooo… I mean you are his wife, it’s not like he has a choice” Vanilla gestured. “and note, when you want to ask him, start from ‘she’s dead Jay and there’s nothing you can do about it’ and ‘you didn’t kill her’, for safety, to avoid being kicked out like football, lol”
“noted, thank you ice-cream”
“you are welcome, you are welcome” Vanilla sang.
Goldie laughed. “have you seen that cartoon, ‘[email protected] A’, you sang just like them” she asked her.
“of course, no kidding, [email protected] A is one of my favorite cartoons. ‘when the wind and the storm and the sea is behind me, now I know ooo how far I gooooo” Vanilla sang again and they laughed.
“sis I’m hungry, what did you cook?” Vanilla asked.
“a lot of things, by the way, where are your bags” Goldie asked her.
“my room, don’t worry sis, I know my way around here”
“I’m not surprised” Goldie picked up her phone. “let’s go” they left the room and closed the door but didn’t lock it with the key.
“I wonder where he is” Goldie asked, referring to Jason.
“at the island” Vanilla answered.
“what island” Goldie asked in confusion.
“just walk down toward the back gate, but before you get to the gate, by the left you will see a round about pool, there is a big pavement in the middle of the pool, we call it the island, he loves to cool off there” Vanilla explained.
Goldie turned to leave but Vanilla called her back. “sis my food”
“go help yourself” Goldie replied and ran off.
“kitchens, doesn’t she know I hate kitchens… uurrghh…. Worst room in every house is kitchen” she gro-an ed, as she was walking to the Kitchen, she pas-sed a de-ep freezer, she st©pped and slide back to the freezer, she opened it and was greeted by ice-cream sundae and strawberry cake.
“now that’s what I’m talking about” she exclaimed, she took a cake knife from the freezer and cut a slice of cake and carried the ice-cream bowl to the kitchen and picked a spoon, she scooped some into her mouth and closed her eyes, she opened it again and muttered. “good stuff… this will be better with my legs in the warm Jacuzzi”
She walked to the room near the games room, she opened the door revea-ling a big Jacuzzi, the water was a little warm, she walked to the wall and picked up and ipad, she strolled down the iPod and found the Jacuzzi controller, she switched it to steaming temperature.
She let her legs down into the water and pla-yed with it as she ate her ice-cream and cake.

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