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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 13 & 14

Season 2 episode 13/14
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
😘👄CHAPTER 13👄😘
“I’ll take it whenever I’m stressed at work, it reminds me of that crazy Nerd…. Lol, she’s so funny…. Jason will you focus” he breathed out and ignited the car and zoomed off.
Around noon.
Jason was in his office when [email protected] stormed in.
“do you ever knock” Jason asked.
“the real question is, why the fu-ck are you grinning from ear to ear” [email protected] asked as he measured Jason’s smile with his hands.
“st©p it, I’m not grinning…. And I’m so busy”
“yea, busy grinning”
Jason scoffed and asked. “what do you want, has my troublesome wife report me to your girlfriend again”
“silly… I’m here so that we could go to lunch”
“I’m not hungr…..” he didn’t finish before Goldie barged into the office with Jason’s secretary behind her.
“sir, I’m so sorry, I tried to st©p her…” Natasha apologized.
“but she’s stubborn, I get it” Jason completed her statement as he glared at Goldie. He turned back to the Natasha. “it’s ok, you may leave now” she left.
“what’s the meaning of this” he asked her.
Goldie placed the plastic bag she [email protected]£ with on the table, totally ignoring his question.
“hi Richy” she greeted [email protected]
“good to see you Gold” he replied with a very wi-de smile. He seems to be enjoying the drama.
“I asked you… what’s the meaning of this” Jason asked again, although inwardly, he was so excited to see her beautiful face, and her he was enjoying her beautiful brown sugar eyes staring down at him.
“my husband left the house this morning with nothing in his stomach and you expect me to sit and watch?” Goldie asked as she emptied the bag.
“I prepared apple and milk punch for appetizer, Indian sweet rice for main meal, and apple muffin for desert… and a bottled water… borne appeti” she stated.
Jason looked at the food with watery mouth. Goldie sure do know the right bu-tton to hit at a [email protected] time… his anger melted but he just wanted to be ‘Jason’
“Goldie you are a gold” [email protected] commented and helped himself with the apple and milk punch.
Goldie smiled at him and turned to her husband. “won’t you eat honey” she tea-sed flir-tily.
“won’t you st©p bothering me, huh? Don’t you have any other reasonable thing to do other than to keep pestering my life, this thing won’t work, don’t you get it. You can’t buy me with you poisoned food alright” Jason barked.
“dude, relax” [email protected] tried to calm him down.
“Jay have I done anything wrong” Goldie asked, her eyes were alre-ady filled with teards but she tra-pped them from falling.
You are always doing everything wrong Goldie.. everything…. Don’t you know how t…..” as he was talking, the door swung open and June matched in.
“hey baby…. I brou-ght your lunch” she announced.
“oh cra-p” Jason exclaimed, this wasn’t what he planned, what the fu-ck is the pest doing here.
[email protected] abs£nt mindedly dropped the glas-s of punch in his hands and it shattered on the floor.
“oh hi Richy, hi Goldie, oopsy, I didn’t know you were here” June greeted with a sm-irk.
The tears in Goldie’s eyes made her jump in happiness. *that’s right, cry Goldie… cry some more…. After hearing your voice from outside, I just couldn’t help but call him baby…. I’m so sorry but I can’t help it… I just want you to know your place in Jason’s life… you are just his arranged wife and I’m his ‘friend’ and just a matter of time, it will change to girlfriend. I’m sorry but I’m sure J.J will stand with me right now, even with the tears in your eyes, that’s how much he hates you bit-ch* June said to herself.
“oh.. I get it now, it’s ok Jay, I’ll just leave” Goldie muttered and picked her purse. Jason wanted to st©p her but lack the words to use, the tears paralyzed him, the sad look killed him, he tried to speak to her but before he could manage to open his mouth, the door slammed closed and just like that his Gold was gone.
The tears face recollected in his memory and that alone was enough to bring out the beast in him.
He turned to June and landed a thun-derous, life threatening [email protected] on her cheek which made June lose balance and staggered backward.
[email protected]’s once angry face lightened up after the [email protected] *I thought you wouldn’t do that, I would have thought you how to, by using you as an example.* he said to himself.
“J.J what did I do wrong” June cried.
“have you lost your sanity, how dare you” Jason barked at her.
“I didn’t know she was here alright, and besides I only called you baby as a friend and nothing else, I didn’t mean to cause trouble… I’m sorry J.J, plea-se forgive me”
“get out” Jason fired.
“I’m so sorry… I will go out and beg her, plea-se, I’m sure she hasn’t gone far, just plea-se forgive me” June begged with her most sincere and Angelic voice.
Jason’s heart melted, even though he didn’t want it to, June has done the worst. But what can he do, the did has alre-ady been done, staying angry with her won’t change anything, he just have to find a solution.
[email protected] was totally surprised by the June was begging, he almost felt pity for her, but he knew better, anyb©dy who pities June doesn’t know June, and the person is only calling for trouble.
He looked at Jason and realized his eyes were alre-ady melting, that’s always his problem, always to soft.
*it’s a trick, plea-se don’t fall for it jay*he thought to himself and tried to gesture towards Jason but Jason couldn’t see it.
As June turned to run after Goldie, Jason called her back.
“June it’s ok, I’ll talk to her later, but I’m warning you for the last time, be very careful, I won’t take this $h!t from you next time” he warned.
“thank you so much J.J, I promise I won’t do it again. I’m truly sorry, plea-se tell her that it’s nothing serious, it was just a friendly joke” she said tearfully and gave Jason a light hvg.
[email protected] felt like tearing her [email protected]
“you may leave now, I’m kinda busy” Jason said to her, she nodded childishly, she picked her purse and gave [email protected] a ‘do-your-worst’ kind of look and left.
Jason called Natasha throu-gh the intercom and asked her to take the food which June brou-ght, when she left, [email protected] turned to Jason and fired him a glare.
“don’t tell me you believed that ‘puppy face’ is actually sorry”
“she is [email protected], didn’t you see her tears”
“motherfu-cker, those were crocodile tears and since when did this friendsh!pwith June started, I thought she left after the wedding”
“I’m just giving her another chance, ok, she has kinda changed, I mean, the June I used to know never begged”
“except you Jay, she begs only you because she knows your weakness. Your problem is that you are too emotional and if you are not careful, it will ruin you” [email protected] barked. “and what’s up with this nons-en-se you just did to Goldie just for bringing food for you?”
“dude believe me, that wasn’t what I planned, June ruined everything. Goldie likes to challenge me whenever she serves me food, and I kinda like it… don’t you dare laugh… but I love it when she does that” [email protected] tried so [email protected] to hide his laughter. “so when she [email protected]£ in, I wanted to reject the food, so that she will bring up a new challenge but….”
“but June happened” [email protected] cut him off. “more reason why you shouldn’t let that girl into your life, Goldie was badly hurt, June is bad news Jason”
“I know, but just give her a chance, if you ignore someone like June, that’s when you will meet the real demon” Jason stated.
[email protected] shrugged and picked up and apple muffin.
“hey, that’s my desert” Jason complained.
“I thought you didn’t want it”
“so you didn’t hear what I just said, I was faking”
“about that, you should apologize to Goldie” [email protected] advised, Jason didn’t reply, he just ate his muffin and jui-ce.
“did you hear me” [email protected] asked but Jason didn’t pay any attention to him.
“she’s such a good cook” he commented with a mouthful of muffin.
“you will apologi…..”
“I will not buy any tuli-ps.. the last time I did, she nearly died” Jason complained.
[email protected] bur-st into laughter. “tell me about it” he asked.
Jason told him everything, including how she made him eat jellof rice last night and what happened that morning.
“both of you are just too funny.. I should come and spend my summer vacation with you guys, to watch free comedy” [email protected] stated with a laugh. “but she’s really angry Jay” he added.
“I know how to handle her, we will just have a crazy fake fight at home, case closed” Jason said as he di-pped his spoon inside the Indian sweet rice.
[email protected] stared at him.
“what” Jason asked him when he noticed his stare.
“I hope you know, something is happening to you right now?” [email protected] asked.
“which is?” Jason twisted her brows.
“love… you are falling in-love with Goldie” [email protected] stated and Jason threw his spoon at him. But de-ep down, a [email protected] of him knew that [email protected] was kinda right.
“plea-se tell me you didn’t cry in front of her?” Ciara asked Goldie after hearing her story.
“I didn’t mean to, the tears just dropped without permission.” Goldie replied and sipped her h0t coffee.
“oh no… but do you really think that Jason is having n affair with her?”
“no” Goldie replied with a childish tone.
“then why did you cry?”
“because I love him… I [email protected]£ jealous when I the woman I saw in his arms at my shower night called him baby…. It brou-ght tears to my eyes C.J” Goldie whined.
Ciara hvgged her. “[email protected]ûghty girl, cry-baby. It’s ok, if I see that bit-ch, I’m gonna teach her a lesson she will never forget in a hurry” she promised.
JUNE’S [email protected]
“why will J.J [email protected] me, I can’t believe J.J actually [email protected] me…. This better not be what I’m thinking, is he falling for that bit-ch” she asked as she paced around the room.
Her best friend stared at her for a while.
“relax, but I hope you know that by what you told me, you are not actually in-love with him, you are just simply obsessed with him” she informed her.
“obsessed or love, I want him” June barked.
“I really wanna meet this ‘J.J’ guy, let me know why a whole June is obsessed with him”
“so that you could snatch him away from me, I know you Rosita. Cuties don’t sl!pthrou-gh your f!ngerswithout you gr-abbing them, so no, you can’t meet him” June shook her head.
“hey I’ve changed, I just wanna know how cute he is” Rosita said.
June sat down on the couch and spoke in a quiet, calm, dreamy voice. “he’s so cute, cutier than a greek god, and I’ve been crushing on him since s£nior high school after our junior year, I met him in my new school in. I made it know that I liked him then, everyone started calling us a couple but he didn’t even ask me out. He just laughed it off each time he hears someone calling us a couple, he later got a new girl friend and everyone questioned me, I had to lie that we broke up and decided to remain friends.” June breathed out. Rosita sipped her drink and leaned on her seat to listen more.
“after s£nior high, I managed to get the college he applied for throu-gh Chris, one of his friends, they all applied for that college, so I applied for it too, I gained admission there and made it look like a coincidence but only Chris knew it wasn’t although he was angry with me but we finally [email protected]£ friends again, all of us, I learnt that he broke up with his high school girlfriend after prom, so I decided to try again. I continued giving him the green light but he kept waving me off, he [email protected]£ so popular in college cause of his paintings…”
“he paints?” Rosita asked in surprise.
“yes, the most amazing paintings of all time, people loved him especially girls cause of his cuteness as well. Well my life turned into a nightmare when some bit-ch got transferred into our school from God knows where, Jason fell in-love with her to my greatest shock. Kira took the only man I’ve ever loved from high school and I couldn’t do anything”
“Kira?” Rosita asked again.
“yea, that’s the bit-ch’s name, I tried everything I could to take Jason away from her, but it was as if she used something on him, I didn’t un-derstand that kind of love, it was so strong, they were so attached to each other as if their bodies and souls were made the same day. And that was when I realized I couldn’t separate them, but I could tear them [email protected] throu-gh the only natural way….” June confessed with her eyes looking so distant.
“you killed her?” Rosita asked in awe.
June sprang up from her seat. “ I had to”
“so how come you are not in jail?” Rosita fired.
“because I didn’t kill her”
“I don’t un-derstand, you killed her but you didn’t kill her, what are you talking about?”
“I s£nt someone to tamper with her car, and just like that Kira was out of my life, but that didn’t make Jason to look at me, instead he shut down like a spoilt computer system, and now that he finally rebooted, his family married him off to some bit-ch, and Rosie i think he’s beginning to fall for her. Don’t I deserve him Rose, don’t I deserve happiness, haven’t I tried, don’t I deserve his love?” June cried.
“wow, this is really more serious than I thought. No be today the tory started oo…. And yes of course, you deserve his love, he has no right to do this to you, you deserve him more than anyone else… but I still want to meet this guy….. so that I can drag his ear and shout ‘hey dude, my friend deserves your love, she has waited enough, so fu-cking divorce your arranged wife and marry her” Rosita screamed and June let out a teary light laugh.
“awwww, you are the best Rosie, ok, I’ll introduce you” June promised and brou-ght out her cigarette pack, she took a stick and tossed a stick to Rosita, they lighted it and smoked.
😘👄CHAPTER 14👄😘
“awwww, you are the best Rosie, ok, I’ll introduce you” June promised and brou-ght out her cigarette pack, she took a stick and tossed a stick to Rosita, they lighted it and smoked.
Jackson Jay’s Mansion.
Goldie was standing at the window in their room, she was staring out at the traffic and the cool night light just as Jason love doing.
Jason stared at her from the be-d.
*she’s so cute, well cultured and calm…. How do I apologize about June…. Gush this is so annoying…. She’s too calm and I don’t like it…. I miss her trouble… she might [email protected] me if I talk to her… come on Jason, she can’t [email protected] you, she’s not that kind of person… but she can be unpredictable.” He thought to himself.
“hey” he called her. “about what happened at the office today…”
“it’s ok Jay, I’m over it… I know you are not having an affair with June, I’m sorry I acted childish” Goldie said as she joined him in be-d.
Jason stared at her in amazement. *what kind of a woman is this* he asked himself.
He sm-irked and activated the normal Jason mood. “do you really think I care about how you feel about that” he asked her nonchalantly.
“then why did you bring the t©pic up” Goldie asked with flir-ty sm-irk.
“I just wanted to remind you of it, so that you will start crying like the cry-baby you are” he replied.
Goldie smiled and drew closer to k!sshim, he saw the k!sscoming, his head wanted to turn away from the k!ssbut it seems like his mind wasn’t complying with him.
Goldie’s warm, softl-ips landed on his, he wanted more of it but it seems Goldie wasn’t thinking in that direction.
“good night hubby” she said and sle-pt of on his che-st.
Jason adjusted and made her [email protected] on him. He smiled but shook his head when he realized himself, he closed his eyes not knowing the smile was still glued to hisl-ips as he wra-pped his right hand around Goldie.
The next morning, Jason decided not to go to work, he wanted to rest, so he woke up around 8: am. He didn’t see Goldie on the be-d.
“she might be in the kitchen, such an early riser” He muttered, he entered into the bathroom and took his bath.
Minutes later he went down stairs, he checked the kitchen, but Goldie wasn’t there, he saw his alre-ady brewed coffee in the coffee pot.
He smiled and picked a cu-p and poured some for himself, it was still h0t, he decided to go outside and take some fresh air.
“I wonder where she is…. Maybe around somewhere… I better go cool off at the pool”
He opened the door that leads to the pool, as soon as he stepped out, he say Goldie cat walking out of the pool in a forest green bikini which has h0t chilli red str!pes design on it.
Her b©dy was dripping, starting from her hair, the sun filtered her b©dy with its rays ma-king her glow like neon sign. To him, she was walking in slow-mo, looking like an Indian goddess.
Jason’s jaw dropped, Goldie walked to a settee, [email protected]£d a wite robe and sli-pped it on.
“June was wrong, the perfect time to be in that pool is in the morning and Goldie knows that, she knows everything” Jason muttered to himself.
Goldie sighted him and waved, she ran to him beaming with morning smile.
“hey hubby, how was your night, have you taken your coffee” Goldie asked.
Jason chuckled. “chill Lady, one question at a time… oh, so this is what you do every morning, yea” he asked her.
“if I don’t do it, who will” she asked as she ca-ressed his che-st.
“silly… st©p ra-ping me” Jason replied with a smile, but didn’t re-move her hands, Goldie sm-irked at him. Her brown eyes boring into his dark ones, her smile radiating and giving the day a better light, he eyes landed on her curved sugar plum light pinkl-ips, he leaned down towards her, hisl-ips was almost tou-ching hers when they heard a car horn.
“are you expecting someone” the both asked each other.
They walked to the car which was still driving into the compound.
June alighted from the car.
“hey guys, pretty morning” she greeted.
“hi” Goldie answered coldly.
“you are looking beautiful this morning” Jason complimented, Goldie shut him a dagger eye with a smile on her face.
“awww, I’m flattered but I think the trophy should go to your wife, she’s looking h0t” June whined cutely and Goldie faked a smile. “hey, I want to apologize for what happened at J.J’s office yesterday, trust me, it’s not what I meant, ok” June apologized to Goldie.
Goldie shrugged and said it’s fine.
“are you with someone, I’m seeing a figure in the car” Jason asked.
“yes, I [email protected]£ with a friend.. I wonder why she’s still in the car” she replied and walked to the car, she opened the door for Rosita who stepped out and flashed a smile at Jason and Goldie, their jaws dropped in shock.
“Rosita!” they both exclaimed.
“wait, you guys know each other?” June asked in surprise.
Jason and Goldie were too shocked to answer, so Rosita took the wheel.
“yea, uh, umh.. actually, the day I went to visit my friend at her office was when I met them, Jason is her boss and Goldie [email protected]£ to visit him, so that’s how we met” Rosita cut in to Goldie’s surprise, Jason bent towards her and whispered.
“no nee-d to be surprised, you know how good she is at lying” Goldie giggle.
June fumed with jealousy. She had to do something to get Jason’s attention.
“umh, J.J, can you help me with my phone, I don’t know what is wrong with my whatsApp” she complained.
Jason collected the phone from her and checked the WhatsApp.
“but there’s nothing wrong with it” he said.
“really” June asked and Jason nodded.
“are you sure, because sometimes when I text her, she won’t see the message, why don’t you check again” Rosita demanded, Jason nearly eyed her but he held himself.
What is she doing here anyway, if not that whatever happened with her was alre-ady in the past, he would have s£nt her out, and also, even though she has hurt Goldie so much, Goldie would still want her to stay, cause she’s still her sister no matter what, she’s such an angel.
“he will check it later, why don’t we just go inside so that I can make breakfast” Goldie cut in.
“up till now, you haven’t prepared breakfast for your husband, you are a bad wife Gold” Rosita tea-sed.
June sm-irked. *I trust you Rosie… deal with this bit-ch* she thought to herself.
“well my husband is not an early eater, so I was just watching the time”
“that means you don’t really know your husband, J.J loves having breakfast by 7:30 am, I guess I know your husband better than you do which is inappropriate.” June ch!pped in.
“no you don’t, I eat by 7:30 when I’m going to work, but when I’m not, I eat by 8:30 and the time is 8:10, so let’s go inside so that she can prepare breakfast before 30” Jason defended. “and one more thing, you can’t go about telling a woman when to make breakfast for her family, it’s ‘inappropriate’” he added and walked out.
June got angry that he defended Goldie but she hid it and tried to run towards him but Goldie’s hand dragged her back.
She glared at her, and Goldie fired her a worst one, she bent her head immediately.
“I’m warning you” Goldie said in a cold tone and that s£nt shivers down June’s spines but Rosita stood her ground.
June managed to sl!pher hands off Goldie’s, she ran towards Jason and caught up with him.
Goldie kept her calm and walked behind with her worst nightmare, Rosita.
“I apologize for not attending your wedding, I was just too busy planning on how to destroy this marriage… so accept my apology… but don’t worry… cause I’m back now” Rosita said to her with a sm-irk.
“who cares…. I’m just too amazed that two friends are running after the same man, a married man who would never give them a chance…. Isn’t it so shameful?” Goldie asked and walked past her.
Rosita smiled. “if only you know Goldie, if only You know who the real enemy is”
“I’ll just go up and change and come back in a flash” Goldie informed them and turned to leave.
“wait, show us where the kitchen is, so that we can prepare the ingredients for you while you change” June offered, Rosita stared at her in surprise.
*what! She can’t even use any kitchen utensils, she doesn’t even know their names… what is she up to…oh yea, she just want to impress Jason” shr thought.
“huh?… umh, ookk, it’s right over there, the first door by the right” Goldie answered.
“ok, so, what do you want to cook” June asked.
“hubby, what will you eat” Goldie asked, June twisted her brows in anger and Rosita chuckled.
“fired yam with egg sauce” Jason replied and picked the TV remote.
“his favorite” Goldie yelled as she ran upstairs.
“alright, let’s go Rosie” June instructed and stood up.
*what are these two lazy bones doing? None of them knows how to cook, they will just serve me poison* Jason complained. “umh, don’t even think about cooking for her, she’s too lazy, I’m thinking of shaping her up, you can just peel the yams and leave the rest for her” he nstructed them to avoid them from cooking. *make una no come serve us poison*
“yes, he’s supporting me, I wish she was here to hear it” June thought in excitement.
*wow, that’s crazy, Goldie is such a [email protected] working girl and I’m sure Jason knows that.. does he hate her that much to speak ill of her in the pres£nce of June.. I mean in the pres£nce of June and I, kinda not cool, unless he has another motive* Rosita thought to herself.
“snap out of it Rosie, let’s go” June dragged her to the kitchen.
“ok, I don’t really know how to peel yams and neither do you, so I’m sure you brou-ght a peeling machine.” Rosita asked as she picked a yam and a knife, she raised her head when she didn’t hear June’s reply, she saw her standing in front of the [email protected]
“what are you doing there, and why are you staring at the [email protected] as if it’s an ice-cream you want to munch” Rosita asked her.
“I can’t believe you’ve become so dumb, do you seriously think I’m here to peel yam, I’m in this kitchen to kill that bit-ch” June replied.
“who” Rosita asked.
“my grandmother”
“but your grandmother is dead”
“idiot, I’m talking about Goldie”
“oh, but how, with what… you can’t just kill someone n her own house, Jason will arrest you”
“this girl is really dumb, how will he know that I did it, I have a plan” June said and stepped away from the [email protected]
“just tell me, is till dey learn”
“fine… listen…. I just switched the [email protected] on, we will wait until it fills this kitchen then I’ll switch it off and we will walk away… when she enters and light the [email protected], this kitchen will go smashy smachy, boom, she will die…. Everyone will think that it’s her carelessness” June explained and Rosita went rigidly shocked for a moment.
“wow, you are such a genius, why didn’t I think of that” Rosita commented, she started coughing. “ok, that’s enough, switch it off” she added.
June switched off the [email protected] and they left.
“you were right J.J, she’s really lazy to the extent that she couldn’t even sharpen the knife, I can’t peel the yam with that knife” June complained to Jason when they got back to the living room.
*you could have just said you were too lazy to peel simple yam” Jason thought to himself and almost laughed. “I told you so” he managed to reply.
“oh no, I forgot my phone in the kitchen, I better go get it” Rosita complained and stood up.
“how could you be so careless, better be fast” June warned her as she ran to the kitchen.
“why are you girls panicking?” Jason asked her.
“nothing” June replied.

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