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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 11 & 12

Season 2 episode 11/12
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
,😘👄CHAPTER 11👄😘
“I wasn’t gonna leave it you duck, of course I’ll drink it* he thought to himself. He picked the cu-p and sipped from it.
“aarrghhh, why the hell is it so bitter, didn’t your mother teach you how to brew common coffee, was she so lazy that she couldn’t drag you to the kitchen, I’m gonna take this tae upstairs and blend it to what I want” he barked and left the kitchen.
Goldie’s eyes alre-ady got teary when he mentioned her mother.
“did he just insult my mother, didn’t he see number 3 in my list, didn’t he see that I hate it when someone insults my mother especially when it has to do with my mistake… or did he just want to make me feel bad” she cried.
“actually this coffee is so wonderful… I just wanna be a j£rk…. I’m sorry Goldie” Jason sm-irked as he climbe-d the stairs, drinking his coffee.
“but why did she suddenly start crying, just because of one thing that I said she started shedding tears that could make river Niger to over flow…. That girl is such a baby… my arranged wife is a cry-baby” he tea-sed as he entered the room.
The next day.
Jason was walking in his office when [email protected] stormed in.
“hey buddy” Jason greeted.
“why did you insult her mother and her coffee” [email protected] barked.
“excuse me” Jason asked.
“why did you insult her mother and her coffee, she complained to Ciara and now Ciara is angry with me” [email protected] complained.
“I’m also angry with you, you told me you will be coming yesterday but you didn’t show up, why?” Jason asked, [email protected] sat on one of the visitors’ chairs.
“busy… I was tied up with work…. But I’m serious, Ciara is really angry with me. She even canceled our [email protected]£ last night cause she was consoling Goldie”
“oh, so that was where she was until almost midnight” Jason asked.
“but why did you insult her mother, dude that’s one of the worst things you can do to Goldie, if not the worst” [email protected] stated.
“I didn’t know and besides it was a silly joke, I didn’t mean it.. I was just being a j£rk, the coffee was so creamy and amazing, she knows that” Jason confessed.
“well, then apologize to her”
“me apologize to Goldie… hahaha.. never”
“you will, buy her a flower bouquet on your way home, girls love flowers”
“I’m not buying anything” Jason argued.
“come on buddy, that girl woke up that early morning just to brew that coffee for you, because she knows that’s your morning tradition, and then instead of you to appreciate her, you insulted not just her coffee but her mother as well, her own mother Jackson Jay. I swear if you don’t buy that flower, you and I will go to hell tomorrow” [email protected] threatened and stood up to leave.
“and how will you know if I bought it or not” Jason asked with a sm-irk.
“she will tell Ciara, case closed” [email protected] replied.
“I’ll buy that flower not because I care that she woke up very early and brewed it… I mean that’s one of her duties as a wife.. I’ll just buy it cause of you and nothing else”
“ode, keep deceiving yourself, you better tell yourself the truth before it’s too late” [email protected] stated and walked out and Jason scoffed.
As Jason was going home, he [email protected] into a mall to buy the flowers, he saw so many flowers and they all smell so good.
“maybe I should buy fresh roses” he thought and walked to the rose shelf.
“no… if I buy roses, she will think I’m now falling for her”
*aren’t you*
“will you shut up, stupid subconscious me…. I’ll buy lilies…. No.. lilies are to beautiful”
*how about tuli-ps” his subconscious asked him again.
“yea, tuli-ps, girls love tuli-ps”
He picked tuli-ps and paid.
As he was walking out of the flower section, he heard “J.J”
“uurghh, there’s only one person who calls me that… God plea-se take me away from here” he muttered to himself. The voice called again and he had no other option than to turn around to June.
She waved as she ran closer to him and he rolled his eyes but smiled at her.
“sup” he asked.
“I’m good. Awwww, tuli-ps, they are so cute” June commented and collected the flowers from him, she closed her eyes and sniffed them.
“you know it’s a bad habit to sniff flowers that doesn’t belong to you before it gets to the owner” Jason said and collected the flowers from her.
“so who did you buy it for” she asked.
“my wife” Jason proudly replied.
“oh” June replied weakly with a hint of jealousy in her voice.
“hey that reminds me, I don’t know your house, can we go so that you can show me and also introduce me properly to your ‘wife’, how about that?” June asked with a s£dûçt!vesmile.
*this is not happening, is she serious* Jason thought to himself.
“June uh… umh… well…”
“plea-se J.J, I just want to be visiting and spending some time with your wife whenever I’m bored” she pleaded.
“ok, let’s go” he agreed and they left.
“woooooow, your house is very beautiful and bigger than the other one during our college days” June commented when they both alighted from the car.
“if I live here, I’ll always relax near the pool with my bikini and suntan, and then in the night, I will swim till I get tired and then I’ll eat my dinner un-der the shed over there near the parking lot and…. Ahhhh, there are so many things I could do with this house” she jumped excitedly and drummed Jason’s shoulder.
“don’t worry, maybe I’ll spend my summer vacation with you guys”
“no without the permission of the owner” Jason said and walked past her.
“but you are the owner” June twisted her brows as she followed him.
“nope, the woman in that house is now the rightful owner” he corrected.
“oh, right” June rolled her eyes, trying to make Jason not to see it but he saw it anyway.
“let’s just go inside June” he said in frustration.
Standing with June is like keeping a parrot as company, she’s such a talkative.
They walked to the door, Jason tried to open it but it was locked.
“why did she look the door, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” June whispered to him, clutching his hands.
“if you are thinking that I forgot that my door was programmed to get locked up whenever someone pas-ses, then yea, we are on the same page” Jason replied.
“oh” June said disappointedly.
Jason pressed the door bell, few minutes later, the door flung open and Goldie’s brown sugar cute eyes pipped before she opened it wi-der.
“hey husband” she greeted with a light smile, she leaned on the door and bit her bo-ttoml!pin se-duction, she win-ked at him and fli-pped her long hair to the back.
For a moment, Jason couldn’t found his words and his legs felt weak, he just mopped at her as if he would munch her any moment.
June rolled her eyes in anger, and eyed Goldie, but Goldie sm-irked at her.
“why is she looking so cut and h0t this evening” Jason thought to himself.
He finally managed to get himself back.
“were you slee-ping” he asked.
“mayyyybbbeee” Goldie replied with a dangerous sm-irk.
Jason blinked thrice before asking. “by this time of the day, don’t you have a job, didn’t you go to work today?”
“I thought you would want me to be a house wife?” Goldie asked, still in her s£dûçt!vetone.
“and then expect me to be providing everything for you, while you sit at home and get fat… that won’t work, you better get yourself a job” Jason fired and June giggled mockingly, they both glared at her and she went silent.
“hey dude, chilax, I have a job, you know that, but I only work when I get a client” Goldie replied and sneezed.
“hey take your disease elsewhere” Jason barked. Goldie sneezed again.
“you are the one who [email protected]£ with the disease motherfv¢ker” and just like that, the ro-mantic moves suddenly disappeared from her.
“I’m allergic to tuli-ps and you know it, cause it was in my list” Goldie complained, and the sneezing continued.
Jason hid the tuli-ps behind him.
“she’s allergic to tuli-ps? How could I be so stupid, I should have bought roses, no one is allergic to that.. I can’t give this to her, she will get sick…. I’ll just tell her that I bought it for June… no way, she’ll get hurt… I’ll just tell her that someone gave it to me.” Jason battled with himself.
“hahaha, for your back yard mind, I bought this for you, this was a gift from…”
“from me” June blurted out.
“what?” they both asked in unison.
Jason gave her a deadly glare.
😘👄CHAPTER 12👄😘
“hahaha, for your back yard mind, I bought this for you, this was a gift from…”
“from me” June blurted out.
“what?” they both asked in unison.
Jason gave her a deadly glare.
He was not expecting that, he got angry because Goldie will definitely get hurt but he couldn’t change anything, he had no other option but to go with it.
“yea, it’s from June, any problem with it” he asked.
“oh, not at all, come on in” Goldie said and walked inside. Her sad look alone was alre-ady tormenting Jason.
*I could have told her that I bought them for her. At least she will only get sick and not sad… I’m sorry Gold*
When they entered the house, Goldie excused herself to go wash her face cause the tuli-ps alre-ady made it puffy.
When she left, June leaned towards Jason and whispered. “I never knew she’s athe jealous type”
“and I never knew you were this ins-en-sitive… why would you even say that” Jason whispered angrily.
“I’m sorry, I was just trying to save your as-s, I didn’t mean for it to cause trouble” June pleaded with puppy eyes.
Jason sighed de-eply. He could never stay too angry with someone and June knows that’s his weakness, especially when the person apologizes.
“it’s ok, but be more careful next time” he warned and she nodded like a 5 year old girl.
June and Jason were chatting and laughing, while Goldie was busy with her [email protected]©p, she glances at them from time to time, trying her best to hide her tears.
June in her own world, was tried everything she can to make Goldie cry out but all her effort proved abortive.
Jason was getting bored of June and her fake laughter, he misses his argument with Goldie and kept glancing at her to know if she will talk but she didn’t, he wanted to talk to her but realized she was too busy with work and he didn’t want to disturb her. He sighed and concentrated on June, after all she’s the guest and she should be treated as one.
Goldie knew that what she was doing with her [email protected]©p was getting boring and if care is not taken, she might start wailing like a child, she misses his arrogance, she wanted his attention to be on her alone, they are newly wedded couple and no old friend should take that moment away from her.
She has never done that to any woman and she will never allow a bit-ch who went throu-gh a vir-ginal just like her mother’s do that to her.
She stood up and picked the TV remote.
She strolled down to M-Net movies, they were actually airing one of her best movies from 2012 ‘BATTLE Sh!p’.
She dropped the remote on the table and sat down, Jason’s attention turned to the movie and Goldie noticed it, of course, men love action thri-llers a lot.
*time to take back my property* she thought to herself with a sm-irk.
“I still wonder why those aliens entered earth” she asked nob©dy in [email protected] but she was sure and also prayed that Jason will answer.
“they were looking for power” Jason replied and she smiled.
*gotcha* she muttered, but it won’t end there.
“like government power, or muscle power” she asked, though she knew what he meant but she wanted to keep the conversation going.
“lol, no silly, electric power” Jason answered with a light smile and Goldie giggled and bit her bottoml-ip, she shrugged and win-ked at him and Jason smile back.
“Rihanna look so beautiful in this movie” she commented.
“yea, her short hair really suit her” Jason added.
Goldie smiled, she was so happy she was getting him.
“you know, I never knew American singers do act until I saw Nicky Minaj in one movie like that, the name’s ‘THE OTHER WOMAN’” Goldie stated.
Jason turned to her immediately. “you’ve seen that movie” he asked, Goldie nodded with a teasing smile.
Jason laughed. *cute*
“that movie was super funny, I loved it” Jason commented.
“me too, especially when Nicky said ‘how can you say that I wrecked two marriages, the first one, the both couple were cheating on each other, you call that marriage? And the second one, they fought on their wedding night, that marriage was doomed from the beginning, ain’t my fault bit-ch” Goldie mimicked Nicky Minaj’s voice and Jason bur-st into laughter, they both laughed their hearts out.
June felt like choking.
*I knew he said we should just be friends, but I still love him and I’m not fv¢king sorry about that… I can’t leave him for her.. I’ll go and prepare for this battle, I won’t back down until I have him, it’s either me or no one else* she thought to herself.
“umh, J.J, I want to leave now” she informed him.
“ok, bye” Jason answered without looking at her and that pissed her off, but she kept her cool.
“come and see me off” she pla-yfully dragged him up.
“ok, fine” Jason muttered in frustration.
“let’s go.. and Goldie I’m coming back now, don’t even think of removing that movie, when this one ends, you put ‘THE OTHER WOMAN’, I wanna see it again” he instructed.
“this is DSTV, I don’t think they will be airing that one next” Goldie replied with a teasing smile.
“what’s the work of ‘Netflix’, download it” he replied as June dragged him to the door.
Goldie jumped up excitedly.
“it’s just a matter of time big boy and we will be a perfect couple” she muttered happily and picked up her [email protected]©p to download the movie.
At night, Goldie prepared a very delicious jellef rice, she served the food at the dinning and went to the sitting room to call Jason.
“um, Jay.. I um, I’ve served your food at the dinning.” She informed him.
Jason scoffed at her. “so you think that the fact that I saw a movie with you this afternoon, we are now friends, is that what you think, listen I’m not hungry” he stated.
*what the fv¢k is wrong with me… it’s just to eat her food, nothing else…. And I’m really hungry, plus the food smells so good.. well let me just say something that will make me eat the food, she likes challenging me* he thought to himself.
*no way, I can’t let my husband go to be-d with empty stomach, I have to do something* Goldie thought to herself.
“did you forget something or is there something else?” jason asked her.
“I know why you don’t want to eat my food” he sm-irked when he heard her say that, a challenge.
He looked up to her and asked. “why?”
“Because you are a vegan…. You don’t eat meat and I put chicken in that food” Goldie fired and Jason [email protected]
“not true, I eat meat, I’m not a vegan” he argued.
“prove it by eating that food” Goldie said and crossed her hands on her che-st.
*miss challenger, you just gave me a ticket to that sweet smelling food*
“alright, fine, come and watch me eat it” he stood up and walked to the dinning.
He picked the spoon and scooped the rice into his mouth. He looked up at Goldie. “see?”
“finish it” Goldie insisted.
He rolled his eyes and continued eating.
When he finished the food, he looke at her and sm-irked. “ I told you I’m not a vegan, I even finished the chicken”
“well now that I know, I won’t call you a vegan again” Goldie replied with a sm-irk. She packed the dishes and walked into the kitchen to wash them.
“this girl is so crazy, I wonder what she will do to lure me into eating tomorrow… but damn, she’s a wonderful chef” Jason commented without realize his smile.
The next morning.🌄
Jason rushed down stairs with his brief case.
“morning hubby… breakfast is re-ady” he heard Goldie call from the dinning but he ignored her.
“you don’t have to worry… there’s no chicken in bre-ad and egg” she as-sured him.
*what kind of a human being is this? Just yesterday she promised not to call me a vegan again but she’s doing it now* he wondered.
“I know I promised not to call you a vegan again but I can’t help it since you look so scared” Goldie said cunningly.
*how does she manage to re-ad my mind all the time*
“listen, it’s not about the vegan, I’m alre-ady late for work but you are here wasting my time the more with your bad luck” he complained.
“fine. Well you didn’t come down for your coffee, so I decided to put it in your car, the benz” Goldie said.
“am I supposed to be grateful” he asked nonchalantly but de-ep down his hear, he was more than grateful.
“you are never grateful punk” Goldie blurted out.
“whatever Nerd” he replied and walked out.
When he entered the car, he picked the coffee cu-p and sipped it.
“creamy as ever” he commented and dropped the cu-p.
“I’ll take it whenever I’m stressed at work, it reminds me of that crazy Nerd…. Lol, she’s so funny…. Jason will you focus” he breathed out and ignited the car and zoomed off.

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