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Love in a coat hate 2 Episode 20

Season 2 episode 20…
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
“has she decided to stay back at her parents’, isn’t she coming back again… no plea-se Goldie don’t do this… I’m sorry plea-se come back” he dialed her number again but it was still switched off.
“maybe I should call her parents”
“hello, Jason, son how are you?” Mrs. Jackson asked jason over the phone.
“I’m fine ma, and you?” he asked back.
“I’m great”
“what of uncle?”
“he’s fine, how is your younger sister, Goldie told me she’s now staying with you guys” Mrs. Anderson asked.
“yea, she is” Jason answered. “umh, ma, speaking of Goldie, is she still at your house, I was getting worried, she has never stayed out until this late, it’s almost 7:30 pm” Jason asked.
“no dear, she has left the house, she said she has to get home early and prepare dinner” Mrs. Anderson informed him.
“but she’s not here yet” Jason complained.
“that’s unlike her, if Goldie says she’s going home, she’s definitely going home and like you said, she has never stayed out this late. Unless… maybe you should ask Ciara”
“ok ma, I’ll call her” Jason replied.
“ok, plea-se if you get to her, I mean Goldie, plea-se call me, I’m beginning to get worried.” Mrs. Anderson stated.
“ok ma” Jason replied and hung up.
He strolled down his contact list and then it dawned on him, he doesn’t have Ciara’s number.
“damn it, I don’t have Ciara’s number” he cursed.
“I do” Vanilla said as she entered the room. “but why do you want to call her, I hope there’s no problem” she asked as she walked to him.
“Goldie isn’t back yet, that is very unlike her, I called her mother and she said she has left the house, but she is till not back, so her mother suspected that she might be at Ciara’s” Jason carefully replied.
“oh, ok, well let me call her” Vanilla said, she strolled throu-gh her contact list and found Ciara’s number, she dialed the number and gave the phone to Jason.
“hello” Jason said into the receiver when Ciara picked the call.
“did heavens fall?” Ciara asked and Jason chuckled. “not funny dude, seriously, did Jesus Christ come this evening, what’s up, why is almighty Jackson Jay calling a simple me” she asked further.
Jason laughed a little bit. “I’m so sorry Ciara, you know, I’ve not been quite close or that friendly with you, we will settle that later but for now, I nee-d to ask you” Jason stated.
“shoot” Ciara replied.
“is Goldie at your place” he asked.
“no boss, she told me she would be going to visit her mother today, and that she might be a back a little late”
“yea, I just called her mother but she told me that Goldie has left the house and she said she was going home, but she’s not here yet, we concluded that she might be at your place” Jason stated.
“but no, she’s not here, believe me, although this is unlike her, but let’s just say it’s the traffic, don’t panic yet, ok” Ciara as-sured him. “I’ll keep trying her mobile” she added.
“ok, thanks” Jason said and hung up, he stood up and paced around the living room.
“from your worried look, I’m guessing she’s not in her place, yea?” Vanilla asked him and he nodded. She sighed and sat down.
“where could she be then” she asked. She looked up at him and chuckled.
“what?” he asked.
“few weeks ago, you wouldn’t wanna hear her name not talk of hear anything that has to do with her, but now, you wanna kill yourself with worry even though it’s not yet that late”
“like you said, there’s a first time for everything” Jason stated and slumped on a couch.
“you are in-love with her aren’t you” she asked him.
“none of your business” Jason replied with a shy smile.
“I don’t nee-d to make it my business to know that what I said is true” she said, Jason rolled his eyes at her and adjusted in his seat.
He sighed twice and breathed out.
“relax bro, she’ll come back”
“she better” he stated and closed his eyes.
Jason opened his eyes but a bright light shut them back, he gro-an ed and managed to open them again. He saw Vanilla fli-pping throu-gh TV stations.
“you haven’t sle-pt yet” He asked her.
“I just woke up” she replied.
“what’s the time?” he asked.
“it’s still 7 since then.” He asked as he ru-bbe-d his eyes, “I thought I sle-pt for long”
“you did, and I wasn’t talking about pm, I was talking about A.M in the morning” Vanilla informed.
“what!” Jason exclaimed, he sprang up immediately. “where’s Goldie, did she come home”
“I’m sorry bro, but no, she didn’t” she replied.
“you gotta be kidding, Goldie can’t be missing, why didn’t you wake me up since”
“cause I thought she will be back”
“but this is so insane, she didn’t say anything about not coming home last night, she didn’t even pack any clothes, what is happening, could she have run away, or is she really missing” jason battled with himself as he paced around the room.
“I really don’t know, but I’m sure she certainly didn’t run away, this could only mean one thing brother Jay…..” Vanilla said in fear.
“how can that….” His phone started ringing. H looked at the caller ID and shivered, Goldie’s mother, he had nothing to tell her right now, where will he say her daughter is, she might even conclude that she ran away because of him.
He picked up the call. “hello, good morning ma” he greeted,
“Jason how are you” Chief Anderson’s voice [email protected]£ into the receiver, worst.
“I’m fine sir” he replied and waited for the question he has been dre-ading.
“hope Goldie was able to get home last night” and there the question goes.
“umh, no sir, we haven’t seen her yet”
“what!, are you saying that my daughter is missing?” he heard Mrs. Anderson’s voice from the background, he opened his mouth to talk but closed it back when nothing was able to cross his mind, what could he say, yes? And have the couple die of heart attack or no, lying to them.
It is definitely obvious, Goldie has gone missing, even though he’s finding [email protected] to believe, but it’s just the bitter truth, everyone knows her to be someone who doesn’t sleep out, so how else can they explain this if not that she’s missing.
“have you called Ciara this morning” Chief Anderson asked.
“not really, i…..” he was still talking when the door gently flung open, he prayed for it to be Goldie but instead Ciara walked in and shut the door.
“actually, Ciara just arrived and she’s not with Goldie”
“father Lord, plea-se let this not be, I beg of you” Mrs. Anderson cried.
“you know what, we are coming to your house now” Chief Anderson stated and hung up.
Jason ran his hand throu-gh his hair in frustration. How could this be happening, why now. *what have I done wrong, who did she offend, Lord* he thought to himself.
“so you are telling me that my bestie has suddenly gone missing” Ciara asked.
“we can’t conclude yet though” Vanilla replied, she stood up and walked out, she [email protected]£ back with a glas-s of orange jui-ce, she handed it over to Ciara.
“girl I’m not in the mood for drinks right now, I nee-d my bestie back” Ciara fired and slumped on a chair.
She turned to Jason.
“did she call you yesterday evening, or say anything about being in trouble”
he shook his head. “she left the house with smiles on her face, she’s certainly not fighting with anyone, she’s an angel, angels don’t keep enemies” he stated.
“wow, few weeks ago, you didn’t want her near you, and now she’s an angel? Na so love dey do people fa?” she tea-sed him, he could have laughed but he wasn’t in the mood, he missed her greatly, more than he can imagine, her not being there is like a night mare and being alone in the world, he wanted her back, hell he nee-ded her back.
“I’ll try her line again.” Ciara said and dialed Goldie’s number but it was switched off. “ok, this is getting scary.” She muttered.
Jason’s phone rang, he picked up when he realized the caller ID.
“hey mum” he greeted.
“Goldie’s mother just called me, what is the situation right now” Mrs. Jackson asked from the receiver.
“she’s still not back mum, I’m getting scared, I don’t un-derstand this, this is very unlike her” Jason complained as he walked out.
His mother sighed de-eply. “alright, just calm down, we are coming over” she said.
“ok mum” Jason replied weakly.
He walked back to the living room and saw June and Rosita looking worried.
*when did they get here, and why are they even here.* he asked himself.
“J.J, OMG, your sister just told us that your wife is missing, what happened” June asked.
Jason watched her.
He finally shook his head and walked to a chair.
“this is serious” June stated and sat back down.
The both families were finally gathered together around 12 pm.
“so there’s no other way to contact her” Dr Jackson asked.
“but baby, does she have any other friend in Lagos?” [email protected] asked Ciara and she shook her head.
“non that I know of” she replied.
Mrs. Anderson couldn’t take her eyes off Rosita. “what are you doing here Rose?” she finally asked.
Rosita turned to her. “me?” she asked.
“no, my granddaughter, what do you want”
“wait, you know each other?” June asked Rosita but she didn’t reply.
“of course they know each other, she’s Goldie’s pr©st!tût£cousin who has always wanted Jason to herself” Andora fired and Jason gro-an ed, this is not what he wants right now, they ma-king matters worst.
Rosita whimpered and June’s jaw dropped.
😘👄CHAPTER 20 B👄😘
of course they know each other, she’s Goldie’s pr©st!tût£cousin who has always wanted Jason to herself” Andora fired and Jason gro-an ed, this is not what he wants right now, they ma-king matters worst.
Rosita whimpered and June’s jaw dropped.
“what! You… how could you…. How could I not see it, you knew Goldie and that’s why you know the route she usually takes to her parents house, you bit-ch” June blurted out without looking around her.
“what are you talking about” Belinda asked her.
“huh?” she asked when she regained herself. “nothing, it’s nothing” she replied and sat down after giving Rosita the ‘I’m-gonna-freaking-kill-you’ kind of eyes.
Rosita kept quiet with her face bent low.
Mrs. Anderson sprang up from her chair and walked to Rosita. “wait.. how sure am I that you aren’t behind this, my daughter’s disappearance, Rosita tell me, are you behind this” she asked as she shook her vehemently.
June couldn’t believe it, now she get the whole thing, did Rosita actually kidnap Goldie, of course it must be her, the phone she was pressing before the armed robbers [email protected]£. How could she have been so stupid, working with her own enemy.
*well if she did this just to be the one that will be with Jason, then she’s in for a big disappointment, I’ll so deal with her* she thought to herself.
“Rosita answer me, where’s my daughter” Mrs. Anderson cried. Her husband dragged her away from Rosita.
“calm down” he tried to calm her.
“not when the person who is behind my daughter’s disappearance is right here, she should provide my Gold for me, my daughter is in danger because of her” she cried the more. “Rosita where is my daughter”
“you daughter is safe” Jason’s head tilted to where the voice [email protected]£ from, June and every other person in the room except Rosita turned to Vanilla who was sitting at the step.
“what did you say” Jason asked in bewilderment.
“Goldie is safe” she repeated.
“so where is she” Belinda asked her.
“well it started a week ago when Rosita called me, she said she wants to talk to someone about Goldie and she feels like no other person will listen to her except me” Vanilla started as she climbe-d down the stairs.
Jason watched her in total confusion. “you are behind this V?” he asked and she nodded.
“it was for her own good, we actually planned to reveal it to you guys when the whole family is here and now, let’s tell you the story, it’s a short one though” Rosita stated.
“just promise me that my daughter is safe” Chief Anderson asked.
“very safe, I can’t hurt my own blood now, can i?” Rosita asked rhetorically.
“well let’s hear your story” Andora ch!pped in.
“like I said, it started a week ago” Vanilla started. “Rosita called me and told me she was sorry for everything she has ever done to Goldie….”
Everyone scoffed, some rolled their eyes, while June doesn’t even un-derstand what’s going on.
“I told her that I don’t believe her, she said let’s meet. We finally met in a restaurant, she actually knelt down to apologize to me in front of everyone, and knowing the kind of person she was, I knew she wouldn’t do that unless she’s actually sorry. She then told me that Goldie’s life is in danger, that someone was planning to kill her and she knows the person….”
June shifted uncomfortably in her chair, could Rosita have sold her out?
“… so we planned it that she should just be careful and watch the person closely and always get evidence of anything she does to Goldie….”
“but you could have expo-sed the person immediately to avoid anything from happening” [email protected] stated.
“we had no evidence then, but we do now” Rosita replied.
“so who’s the person” Dr Jackson asked.
“June do you have something to say before we continue the story?” Rosita asked June and June didn’t nee-d to be told that Rosita has sold her out. She had to get out of there.
“umh, no, I don’t even know what you guys are talking about, I have to go, I nee-d to meet a friend” she replied, she stood up and picked her purse and walked to the door but Rosita’s voice st©pped her from opening it.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you”
She turned back to face her.
“what are you talking about” she asked.
“there are about 3 police van outside the gate waiting for any move you make, you try to run, they shoot” Vanilla said as she walked closer.
“what is going on, who is this June girl and why are you guys….” Mrs. Anderson tried to ask but Rosita cut her off.
“June has tried several times to kill Goldie but we st©pped her”
Rosita stated, Jason sprang up from his seat with the last strength he had.
“you kidding right?” he asked.
“we are as serious as heart attack big brother, we have evidence” Vanilla replied.
“yea, the day you switched on the [email protected] in Goldie’s kitchen so that when she lights the [email protected], the kitchen will explode, I have the video of it…” Rosita confessed while staring at June.
Everyone exclaimed, “also, the day you dropped a [email protected] in her car, I also have the video”
“oh my God” [email protected] and Ciara exclaimed.
“also the day you were planning the whole ‘shoot her on the road on her way from her parents house’ which was yesterday, I also have the record” Rosita stated as she waved her phone on June’s face.
“you are lying, I didn’t do any of these things Rosita, you just want Jason right, that’s why you are lying against me”
“oh, trust me baby, I’m way over Jason, ive tried and i’m done” Rosita chuckled.
“her fiancé is a doctor” Vanilla added and Rosita gave her a high five.
June ran to shocked Jason and knelt down. “J.J believe me, she’s lying, I can’t hurt a fly, I can’t harm anyone” she cried.
“really, because I also have the video when you confessed that you killed Kira, how you tampered with her car and which caused her accident” Rosita said.
Jason’s [email protected] knuckles balled into a fist when he heard that, he looked down at June and nob©dy told her to run for her life.
“how could you… June how could you be so cruel, what did they ever do to you, she was such an angel and you took her life like a chicken, and Goldie, Goldie is ten times someone you can never be…. Do you really think that if you had succeeded in killing Gold, I would stoop so low to marry you, June you are a waste of sperm, I’ve been meaning to tell you that a long time ago… you simply a disgrace to your entire generation and you think i… Jason Jackson will want someone like you?” Jason fired as he walked coldly and deadly towards June, everyone was so afraid to t©uçh him or call him back. He was breathing fire and brim stone, in fact the volcano in his head has erupted.
“June you are nothing… nothing but a life time pr©st!tût£and trust me any man who would want you is cursed for life. Do you have any idea what you did…. All this years, I have been feeling like $h!t… only for you to…. June you are a she devil… you are a witch….” He got to where she was, her legs went numb, she couldn’t move, the fire in his eyes speaks of death. He [email protected]£d her shoulder and slowly his hands sli-pped to her n£¢k and he squee-zed her [email protected], choking her in the process. [email protected] ran to him but dared not to t©uçh him.
“Jay plea-se calm down, you can’t go to jail because of someone who isn’t worth it, plea-se re-lease her” he pleaded but Jason’s mind was alre-ady in hell, far from the world.
“Jay, plea-se, think about Goldie, you can’t leave her alone because of this killer” Rosita pleaded.
“seriously, she will only go to hell, while you will be in Naija prison, that one is triple hell oo” Vanilla ch!pped in. “and Goldie will be so heartbroken” she added.
Jason re-leased June at the mention of Goldie’s name, he shook his head vigorously to ease his anger.
His mother walked up to him, she took him back to a chair.
“get her out of here” he breathed out weakly.
Vanilla picked her phone and spoke into it.
Few minutes later, two police men [email protected]£ in, they handcuffed her and took her out of the house.
“phew, well thank goodness someb©dy repented” Andora blurted out and they laughed a little.
“thanks Rose, even though I still can’t believe you did this without a reason” Mrs. Anderson stated and they laughed again.
“Vanilla, can you plea-se bring back Goldie” they heard Jason whisper a little loud.
“yes plea-se, we’ve had enough fun for the day” Mrs. Jackson backed up.
Vanilla signaled to Rosita to call the kidnappers so they can re-lease Goldie.
Rosita made the call, and the kidnapper picked on the second ring. She put it on speak out and dropped it on the table and the first thing they heard was Goldie’s voice.
“you svçkat this I swear” Goldie fired to whoever the kidnapper was.
“will you shut this girl up, she has talked to much” they heard a de-ep voice of a man commanding someone else.
And then they heard the sound of a [email protected] and Goldie’s scream followed.
Jason sprang up. “why are they [email protected] her” he fired at Rosita.
Rosita and Vanilla exchanged glances, they were pretty sure that they told the kidnappers not to hurt her.
“calm down, we will settle this” Vanilla as-sured him.
“umh, what’s that you name again, ‘Revenge’ right, if your men [email protected] my sister again, be sure not to get your complete money” Rosita warned.
“is that Rosita, of course, birds of a feather that flock together” Goldie fired from the background.
“I swear, if I hear anything from your mouth again, I’ll shoot you three time in the head” the commander threatened.
“am I supposed to be scared, you’ve always been a boastful human being ever since I know you” Goldie replied nonchalantly.
“listen Revenge, you can re-lease her now, I’ll make a transfer for you” Rosita instructed.
“I don’t care about your money bit-ch” the commander stated.
“what do you mean” Vanilla asked.
The dude laughed evilly.
“cause she owe big time, I just want her life instead” he gritted.
“what!” they all exclaimed.
“come and get it bastard” Goldie blurted out.
“wait a minute… Zack?” Ciara asked after hearing his voice.
Jason turned to Ciara immediately, he shook his head in disbelief, Andora slumped on a chair while vanilla stared at Rosita.
“who’s Zack” Rosita asked in confusion.

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