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Longest night final Episode

Chapter 21.❤
After dinner, we went to be-d. I woke up early the next morning and made breakfast for us.
“you really didn’t have to bother Mr Dami
oh no ma, you have to eat something. we had a light breakfast and then she went home in a taxi cab, she had called her machanic to meet her at home.
Soon it was Monday, I had gone to her office to give her some files as usual.
“thank you for the other day Mr Dami “she said
“your welcome mam “I had replied..
we somehow [email protected]£ friends and I was able to influence her positively, she could say thank you and Weldon to the workers when they impressed her and even when they were wrong, she corrected them in love.they were all so Happy and couldn’t st©p thanking me for my impact…
“Hmmmmmmm, Dami, Stella [email protected]£ one afternoon, after I had bought food for the boss lady,,, is she the one “she had asked
“who, and what are you talking about?
don’t give me that, Dami do you think I have not noticed you and Mirabel, infact everyone has, your show of love, concern and care, infact you have been able to change her in so many ways
“oya oga, tell me when is the [email protected]£?
Stella you are honestly crazy, nothing is going on between iron ladyyyyy
“ehheeeeee, who be iron lady, st©p arm, she’s no longer iron lady, you don change her to plastic lady na
“Stella you seriously no well, oya commote from my office
“come oh dude, I be your babe na, you know you can talk to me, when did you two [email protected]£ an item?
“Stella for real, you know I had always told you that there was a lovely side to the iron lady, plus, I always want everyone in a cordial relationsh!panywhere I work ,I am not done with her yet, I want her to be the best she can
“well I believe you, just be careful, I wouldn’t want you losing your job in the process with Mirabel, you can’t be too sure, one minute she could be sweet, another time a tigeress.
“I Know dear, thanks for your concern.
It was the boss Lady’s birthday, she had come to work and no one wished her a happy birthday, we were all scared of her scolding us that we were ma-king a foolery of ourselves using the company for a [email protected] Hall. moreover, she had told me never to repeat such in the company, else, I will lose my job, and I didn’t want to take that chance.
As I took some files to her office, I could see the disapointment in her eyes, that I couldn’t tell her happy birthday, neither did I come with any pres£nt. in my mind, I was like am sorry, only avoiding your anger.
It was the close of work, and the boss lady was re-ady to go, other workers had closed for the day. she got into her car but it wasn’t starting, she tried and tried, but to no avail, I walked up to her.
” would you mind me taking you home, this car doesn’t seems to be starting, And time is not on your side.
“don’t worry Mr Dami, I can find my way, I wouldn’t want to be a burden “she said
” it’s not nice refusing a helping hand you know…
I don’t wanttttttttttttttt
“I I insist ma, I lead her to my car and she sluggishly entered…
I started driving, obviously to the wrong direction since I didn’t know her house, where are you taking me Mr Dami, that’s not the direction to my house, you have never been to my house, the best you could do was to ask for the direction instead of taking me to God knows where
“calm down ma, are you scared I am not going to hurt you
“well you will dare not “she said
soon we arrived at a very clas-sy h0tel in town
” what in the name of heaven are we doing here,
?she asked
“plea-se mam I’d like to see someone here, just spare me a minute, if you don’t mind come with me and it’s not a room, it’s just down there “I said pointing to the small hall beside the main building of the h0tel.
“you are Very annoying Dami and plea-se drop the mam thing, we are not in the office “she accompanied me to the hall.
Immediately we pushed the door open, the workers and some of our regular clients were there, they all sang the Happy birthday song for her..
“Happy birthday mam, I wish you all the good things life can offer, she wAs very very very supprised, I bet she didn’t see that coming, she was overwhelmed, well that was the aim. she laughed and smile, she was extremely happy and it was written all over her. Again I couldn’t help but marvel at such angelic smile. it was a wonderful [email protected], foods and drinks were everywhere, everyone brou-ght pres£nt for her, she was very very happy. At about 9pm, the [email protected] [email protected]£ to an end, so we could all return home and get re-ady for work the next day. i had to drive boss lady home as promised, plus she had so many pres£nts.
You know you didn’t have to go throu-gh all that trouble “she said
“well that was no trouble, I had the help of all the workers, plus you deserve every bit of it.
thank you, I really appreciate
” I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun,,,,,nor the last time you laughed and smiled so much, you look so beautiful and angelic when you smile, I don’t know why you [email protected] open that amazing l!pof yours.
“hmmmmm, you won’t un-derstand. soon we arrived her house. it was a beautiful big mansion, that was my first time there.
“you have a beautiful house ma “I had said
“thank you sir “she replied in sarcasm, well the house is not mine, it’s my father’s, who is also the CEO of the company, you have spoken with him right
“yes I have
“okayyy, he is in abroad with my Mom, mom is having some health issue, so they shall be there, untill she’s better,. and I am an only child, so I had to look after the company, even though I don’t want to….
“hmmmmmm you are doing it for them, and family is everything, same way I will do anything for my daughter and mother
“hmmm I know, Mr Dami, your family must be proud to have you
“and you too mam, you are doing so well in taking care of your dad’s business in his abs£nce, hence I believe he’s so proud of you too .
thank you Mr dami, would you mind coming in for a drink? she said
“oh maybe some other time, it’s getting really late.
“okay,if you say so…..
The next morning, I went back to get her, since her car was still at the company’s primises, did I tell you, I and the other colleagues had something to do with the car not starting the previous day, okay,now you know, let’s continue.
“Mr Dami, you didn’t have to
it’s nothing mam, plea-se come in, so we get to work early, I wouldn’t want the boss lady giving me a query you know, you are so annoying “she said with a smile,
Thanks for the compliment ma, actually that’s the only compliment you have ever given me….
We arrived the office, and she called everyone, and appreciated us for all we did last night, she asked me to order lunch for everyone from my special place, this time double what I did on my birthday, no be boss lady she be, who me I be ni
The boss lady changed so much after her birthday, like she was literally born again or had a different perspective of life.
I was invited by one of our biggest client for dinner, I obliged, I couldn’t say no to such a big client. “welcome Mr Dami
“good evening sir, good evening mam “I greeted you’re welcome to our home “the wife said.
“honey get Eli to serve our guest some jui-ce or wine, which do you prefer mr Dami?
“jui-ce will do sir.,
“okay sweetie, Eli! Eli!! plea-se get some chilled jui-ce for our guests.
The supposed Eli [email protected]£, apparently a maid, lo and behold, it was Elisabeth, I mean LIZZY.
chapter 22.❤
(The Final Chapter)
Lizzy I called, immediately she saw me, the pack of jui-ce and cu-p she had fell off her hands in shock.
“you two know each other “Mr Peter’s my client asked
“yes sir, this girl is a criminal, a betrayal and evil personified, she went on her knees and immediately started apologising.
I am so sorry Dami, plea-se forgive me “she said, by now I was alre-ady filled with anger, I was bur-sting up
“plea-se mr Dami calm down, calm down “Mr Peter’s kept saying, plea-se I beg of you, calm down, I was a little calmed and I sat
“what happened Mr Dami? he asked and I explained all that Lizzy did to me
MY God, Elizabeth, you are evil to the core, so what in heaven’s name did you do with all that money “Mrs Peter’s asked her…
My b©yfri£ndmade me do all that, she began her story. I thought he loved me, he said he only nee-ded money for our wedding. we got married, or should I say a fake marriage, since according to him everyone that was pres£nt there on that day weren’t his family, he was only interested in getting the money so he’d travel out of the country. after our so called marriage, he made me transfer all I had to his personal account saying he’s the head of the home, if I wanted the house to be in peace I should transfer all I had to his account, so we could plan on how to use the money judiciously. Because I loved him and thought he loved me back, I did, after i gave him all my money he changed, he started bringing different women home, starving me, and beating me at will. there was this day one of his Mistresses [email protected] me for not serving her breakfast on time, I couldn’t take it, and I [email protected] her back, Johnson my so called husband said he was going to do what was going to hurt me ,he went to the be-droom, brou-ght out all my boxes and set them on fire, amongst the boxes was one that my certificate was in. Johnson burnt even my certificate, I couldn’t get any reasonable job in Abuja without certificate. He later left me and went away with one of his girlfriends. the night you had hit me with your car ma, I was running away from a gang of boys trying to rob me, after the landlord chased me out because I couldn’t pay the rent.
my life has just been a mess ever since I left Dami…
My God, Elizabeth, you are evil, how could you have done that to a man who did you no wrong,? Mrs Peter’s said
i can’t even trust you in my house anymore, go in there, pack your things and leave my house, maybe you are looking for your next victim, certainly not my household. go get your thing’s “she shouted, and Dami if I were you, I would get her arrested “she said to me.
I looked at her, it was obvious the heavens were alre-ady dealing with her, I don’t nee-d to get her arrested, It was alre-ady late by then, I saw how Lizzy was dragging her sack bag out, I shoke my head in pity, but once beaten, I couldn’t do anything. i entered my car and drove while she walked along the lonely and dark street with no destination in mind.
I didn’t even think about Lizzy, I had thought my meeting with her ,will open any memories of us, but it didn’t, probably because I had fresh memories. it then dawn on me that I was in love with the boss lady. but I didn’t want to, I was actually being close to her as a friend just wanted her to be a better person, I didn’t know I could develop such feelings for her. i decided to st©p it before it grows stronger.
I withdrew from her, I only talked to her when necessary, and went to her office when I nee-ded to. she noticed, but probably pride didn’t allow her ask me why or she didn’t care. but the more I tried to, the more I fell helplessly in love ,hence I decided to go away,, the office has a [email protected] in Lagos, I requested to go there .
“You nee-d a transfer to the Lagos [email protected] ” Mirabel asked
“yes mam
“but why
“nothing much ma, I just want to be close to my family.
but you have been going to see them frequently, or is there something you are not telling me. i have also noticed you have been avoiding me, what’s going on Dami?
I kept quiet, I didn’t know how to say it that I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU, but I don’t want to “I said, that [email protected]£ out rather unplanned
“And you running away is the solution?,Dami, I LOVE YOU TOO “she said, I was suprised she said that, I smiled brightly, and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
We [email protected]£ an item, Mirabel was such an amazing person. i had called mama and explained everything to her, she was very happy for us. Mirable and I went to Lagos to see mama and Pepe.
” Daddy she jumped on me, My baby, I carried her, I had greatly missed her. mirbel was supprised at the love between my daughter and I.
mama and Pepe loved Mirabel, they all got along, I was happy the three woman in my life where getting along perfectly.
I noticed Mirabel was always sad when ever she was alone, on one of such , I asked her what the problem was.
Honey, I don’t like coming to Lagos she said, it reminds me of all I am trying to get behind me
what is it honey ? talk to me “I said…
I was [email protected]£d 9years ago on my way back from school, It was in 200l, my car had developed a fault hence the delay, some hoodlums attacked me and defied me, I was still a vir-gin, I had wanted to be that way till after my wedding, but those boys took my intergrity. Months on, I had discovered I was pregnant, my parent wanted me to terminate the pregnancy, but I refused, not like I nee-ded the baby, but I just couldn’t spill the blood of an innocent child. so I [email protected]£ to my parent house in Lagos, to have the baby, where nob©dy knows me, I had my baby, with the help of one gentle man one night, he was a very nice man, after I had the baby, I begged the doctor to tell him I had died and my last wish was for him to go with the baby., but that was the biggest mistake of my life. l went back to Abuja after giving my baby away hoping to start a new life.
I went back to school and graduated, but my concience has been hurting me, I [email protected]£ back to Lagos to look for the doctor to know if she has any ideal where the man who took my baby was, unfortunately, I was told the doctor had died, she had a terminal disease, cancer, precisely.
what! I exclaimed, I was getting her story, as it is same as mine and Pepe’s mother. i have tried to search for the man, she continued, but I had no clue, that has turned me to the bitter lady I was, before your love gave me hope again.
Wait Mirabel, are you talking about March 2nd 2012?, I asked?.
” Jesus, yes Dami, how do you know? she asked me back,
“and are you talking about Dr Gloria?
“oh my God, Dami , what’s going on, how do you know all these, yes Dr Gloria.
my God, the world is indeed a small place, Mirabel I was the man from that night, your water broke and a taxi man helped, together we took you to the hospital.That was the LONGEST NIGHT of my life, and BIMPE is that baby.
Mirabel pas-sed out due to shock, she was revived. mama was shocked to know that Mirabel is Bimpe biological mother. mirabel placed a call to her parents and told them everything that had happened. her mother was alre-ady healthy, so they decided to come back home. they [email protected]£ directly to Lagos to see mama, myself and their grandchild. i had told Pepe that Mirabel was her mother, she didn’t really un-derstand all. mirabels parents thanked mama and I for having Pepe and loving her dearly…
“Dami, thanks for all the love you have shown Bimpe, I remember the first time we met, you displea-sed me, and even sle-pt at the police station for days, all for your daughter BIMPE, I may have given birth to her, but you are more of a parent to her than me, I am very grateful .
God has a way of doing things “I said, he had predestined our [email protected] before now, Mirabel, let us love and take care of Bimpe together forever, will you marry me?,I asked
oh of course I shall honey “she replied
mama and her parents were happy for us. we had a celebrity wedding, our little princess Bimpe walking majestically in front of us.
Mirabel’s parent gave us a mansion and two cars as our wedding gifts. my parents inlaw made I and my wife,the CEO and co owners of the company, while they retired. mama was living with us in Abuja, my daughter was very happy, she had a complete family. mirabel [email protected]£ a very happy and a nice woman, infact too nice actually.
A year later, a new member of the family [email protected]£, we gave Bimpe a little brother, four years down the line, a little Bimpe joined again.
Love is the principal thing, love every one and anyone around, not minding whether they are related to you by blood or not.

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