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Longest night Episode 3 & 4

Chapter 3♥️
I Haven’t walked some kilometres, I felt the urge to go back for the child, I just had this strong de-sire to go and get the baby, I was trying my best to convince myself that I can’t, I mean raising a baby is not an easy task but it is not nice to ignore the last wish of a dead person. i was battling with myself as I couldn’t get the innocent and beautiful face of the baby off my head, I knew I would not be at peace with myself if I don’t go back for the child.
I went back to the hospital and met with the doctor again.
“doctor! plea-se I nee-d the baby “I said to the doctor Immediately I got there
“oh that’s so kind of you, I was about ma-king arrangements with the orphanage home that was to come for her, Her mother saw kindness in you indeed, it is not an easy thing handling someone else’s child like yours, plea-se sir, take care of her like your own “the doctor said.
“hmmmm I promise to do my very best for her, what about the remains of the lady? I asked,,
“we shall keep her for two-weeks or a month, but if no comes for her we shall hand her corspe over to the government agencies responsible for such to put her to finale rest “the doctor said.
“okay that’s fair enough, thank you doctor “I said
i know you may not have anything on you plea-se take this for taxi, it won’t be good for the baby to be expo-sed to the early morning dew “the doctor said and gave me some money for taxi
“oh thank you very doc I really appreciate.
“oh it’s nothing “the doctor said
I was able to get a taxi from the hospital premises, minutes on I had arrived home.
“Mama was very surprised to see me with a baby, couple with the fact that she has been worried that I didn’t come home the previous night.
“Whose baby is this, and where did you pas-s the night Oluwadamilare? she asked
“I knew I was in trouble, my mother only calls me by my full name whenever she is seriously angry at me. by the way
“mama goodmorning “I greeted
“there is nothing good about this morning when you kept me awake all throu-gh the night Oluwadamilare where did you spend the night, and what are you doing with a baby ? she asked again
“mama plea-se I am so sorry for the troubles of yesterday, I know you would have been worried sick about me,”ma binu (don’t be angry) there is a whole lot of explanation to where I spent the night and the baby, but plea-se mama, I nee-d to eat something, and this baby though had been given food before, I think she nee-ds more now, the doctor had given me a tin of the kind of food she could be feed with, mama took the baby from me, and was trying to make her food, while I rushed to the kitchen to settle myself, obviously I wasn’t the baby of the house anymore.
I ate and had my bath, mama had feed the baby, and she was fast asleep alre-ady, mama was at the sitting room waiting for me, so many questions running throu-gh her mind I guess.
“mama once again I am so sorry for last night, it wasn’t intentional, last night had been the LONGEST NIGHT I have ever had in my life.i explained everything that had happened from the site to meeting the pregnant lady and the baby
“Hmmmmm, my son, it was indeed a long night for you, I am so proud of you, you did a nobel thing, it’s just so unfortunate that the woman could not live to see her child, no woman deserves to lose her life in the process of bringing forth a new life, may God accept her soul. the baby is beautiful, I love her alre-ady, you know I didn’t have the privilege of having more children since your father died when you where just 3, I am happy God has given me a grandchild “she said
“grandchild? how mama? I asked
what do you mean how Dami ?mama asked in return
God has given you a daughter and given me a sister “I said
“ohhh no Dami, the lady gave you the child because something told her you will make a good father for her daughter, so plea-se do not let her down, you shall become the father of this little angel and not a brother “my mother said
“hmmmmm mama if you say so, but mama, what would the neighbors say when they see us with a baby? I asked
“well I shall go and tell them now to come and [email protected] with us that my son is now a father “she stood up and was shouting the names of our neighbors who rushed in
“Dami is now a father, my son is now a man, he had a baby.
“what? Dami bad boy, so as you gently, you still dey do this kin thing, different words from different neighbors
“wey her mama na? Mr Chukudi asked
“she no make arm, she die as she born the pikin finish last night “I said with a kind of sad face
“eyaaa sorry ohhh Dami, make you take heart ohhh.
“the [email protected] went on for some time, I bought soft drinks to entertain the guest.
So we-tin you go call this your beautiful daughter na Dami ? one of my neighbors asked
“oh my God, that [email protected]£ too fast, I didn’t even think of a name, but I had to say something, and idea [email protected]£
“we-tin you go call your beautiful daughter” it’s segun asked and I decided to call her “BIMPE” meaning A Beautiful Child.
We [email protected] the naming ceremony of BIMPE officially.
“days later, people from the neighbourhood, friends and family [email protected]£ too to join us [email protected] my daughter BIMPE, but No b©dy knew the true story surrounding Bimpe’s birth, only mama and myself, but to others they believed that she was my child from my secret lover.
Chapter 4♥️
Bimpe who I usually call Pepe changed my life in all areas, she changed my name from dami to daddy Bimpe and she even changed the way people look at me. only few friends who are mostly guys like me, some girls withdrew their friendsh!p,I didn’t even know they had like me before then,they were disappointed that I had a baby and they withdrew
Mama was very happy to have Pepe, she loved her so much as I did, She made me felt responsible and the nee-d not to quite. I had another reason to work ha-rder, she was my motivation and inspiration
I had to do everything to see that the two most important people in my life weren’t starving.i must say it wasn’t easy at the beginning especially the times of baby food and diapers, being that Pepe wasn’t brea-stfed she nee-ded baby food all the time and my baby girl was one eater a food tin doesn’t last a week.But my little baby was highly favoured, she was very beautiful as a baby,she was everyone’s favourite in the church, mama and I [email protected] carry her because different people did.they only hand her to mama when she cries due to hunger
people sometimes help with her baby food
I cannot forget once when I had only #200 left on me, Pepe’s food had finished, she was 6months, I looked up and down not knowing what to do, I went in and prayed for God’s intervention with so much tears running from my eyes, I didn’t want my baby girl to starve, I nee-ded money just for my baby’s food and that’s all, just then Mrs Adediji a church member knocked on our door, she said she had come to visit someone in our neighborhood and decided to say hello. she is one of Pepe’s fan, she loved her so very much, when she wanted to leave she gave me some money
i know it’s not easy being an only parent, especially in a country like ours, plea-se just manage this,she sai
“i thanked her so much,God you are too faithful, i counted the money and it was 15,000, I ran to the supermarket and got two tins of Pepe’s food and i used the remaining money to buy some foodstuffs for mama and I
Pepe was growing fast, it was a year alre-ady I had my little pumpkin Even though I didn’t have enough, I planned to [email protected] my daughter’s first birthday.God in his mercies used different individuals to make it a success, friends from church and around supported with one thing or the other willingly, and Pepe’s first birthday was a success
I was able to get a car from someone, i make balance every week, the car was going a long way in taking care of our nee-ds, i wanted my daughter to get enrolled in school early, so when she was a year and 8months I registered her in a school pre nursery, even though mama was complaining she was too small to be in school, I dropped her in school every morning and goes to pick her by 12:40pm and bring her home to mama, she was my priority no matter where I was I always try to be in her school at the appropriate tim
One sunday evening, I saw a job advert on the television, and the due [email protected]£ for interview was just the next day being monday. i decided to give it a try, I arranged what I will put on and pleaded with mama to help me take Pepe to school that I will be leaving early the next day to avoid the usual Lagos traffic
“oh come on Dami, Bimpe is my grand daughter, it will be great experiencing school runs are the one stressing yourself with the school runs, I told you I can “my mother sai
“oh no mama, I wouldn’t want to be stressing you, thanks alot for tomorrow ” I sai
I woke very early and prepared for the interview, I also arranged Bimpe items for school, she woke up early that morning, so i bath and dressed her for school too, I got there early. nevertheless, I still met a lot of people and I wondered if they had sle-pt there. we all took numbers inorder for us to know how to go in when the boss arrives, i had not eaten I just wanted it done
At 12:20pm, I called mama to go and pick Pepe from school
“you this boy, I was the one that gave birth to you ohhh am still a mother, I am on my way to pick her, you shouldn’t have call to remind me “my mother said over the phon
“thanks alot mama “I sai
so how is it going over there “she aske
“its going well mama, it isn’t my turn yet “I replie
okay my child, it shall be well with you, you shall find favour
“Amennnnn “I replied
The last person before me was inside alre-ady, it will soon be my turn, I was very happy, just then my phone [email protected] and it was mama again, so I picked the call only for me to hear mama in tear
“what is it mama……
“Nexttttttt, the secretary called as the person was out alre-ady, and I was the next person to enter but i ignored the secretary and asked mama again what the problem was, only for me to hear the shock of my life That BIMPE WAS MISSING

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