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Longest night Episode 17 & 18

Chapter 17🥴
As I boarded a bus to Lagos, I was lost in de-ep thought, I reminisced about my life and how unstable it had been, my life is just a mess, it’s as if I was un-der a curse or someone had vowed that I could never be happy in life. the only Joy I had was Pepe my child, I was very happy that I made that though decision of ma-king her my child years back. life is not not fair, the good and the bad gets ill luck.
“Oga come down, na the final bus st©p be this “the driver said to me as we arrived Lagos.
“i was so abs£nt minded that I didn’t even realised we had arrived Lagos.
Thank you sir “I said to the man as I took a taxi home.
pepe was very happy to see me, she had greatly missed her father.
“how are you my angel?
fine thank you daddy “she said
what did you get for me “she asked and I opened my bag and gave her some snacks I had bought for her, I’d never forget that, she was very happy
“have these too, they are from your Aunty Stella
“ohhh they are so nice, thanks aunty Stella “she said even though aunt Stella wasn’t there, mama had thought her that. she was full of joy for the goodies in her hands, little children are so free from the troubles of this world, sometimes I wished I am like them. seeing her that happy made me happy too.
i had forgotten about my pains and worry, my little girl is indeed the apple of my eyes, my joy giver and everything..
I went inside leaving my little boss lady to enjoy herself. mama asked me how the journey was, I told her everything, she was so shocked as to how wicked the iron lady could be, but took it gently saying the job isn’t meant to be mine..
After two days I resumed my taxi cab business, and of course life went on.
It was two weeks after I had returned from Abuja, when I got a call from the iron lady, asking me to come resume duty the very next Monday. i didn’t believe, I had to place a call to Stella for confirmation.
yes Dami, it’s true,I have been trying to convince her ever since, thank God she finally agreed today “Stella said,
so i Shall be expecting you by weekend right “she asked
oh yes Stella “I said…,
When I got home that evening, I told mama about the whole thing, she wasn’t as happy as I thought she would be, are you sure you can work with someone like that lady “she asked,,,
mama I know she’s rude and kind of stone hearted, but mama, we nee-d the money, this cab business is no longer able to sustain us, more over it’s just the three of us now we can manage,what about when other kids start coming, how do we cope with living on just my little income, I alre-ady know how she is, I shall be careful, and avoid crossing her [email protected]
“Okay, what about accommodation “she asked
“I shall live with Stella for sometime if she wouldn’t mind, before I shall get a place for us all…
“us all? what do you mean Dami?,,,,
“Mama I can’t be in Abuja while you and Pepe are here, we shall all live together in the capital city
“hmmmmm, are you sure I can cope, I have been living in Lagos for over 25years, how do I cope innnnn
“Mama! you shall, you will be with me and Pepe and sooner you shall make friends around the neighborhood “i said
“Hmmmm okay, if you say so OLUWADAMILARE.
I left for Lagos saturday early morning, and arrived Abuja towards evening, the journey was fair and favourable. Stella was very happy to see me, so was I. I ate and relaxed. On Monday we were re-ady to go work, i was a little relaxed and courageous.
“Goodmorning mam “I said to the boss lady “goodmorning Mr Oluwadamilaren “she wasn’t smiling at all and honestly I wasn’t looking at her, I was been careful not to cross her [email protected] she called the whole workers and introduced me to them. it was lunch time, Stella [email protected]£ to my office to inform me, so we could go out together for lunch. we went and have lunch in a fast food around, courtesy Stella.
I was very free with most workers in the company, especially Stella of course, many of them liked me, they said I was nice and relate well with them even when I am supposed to be thier boss, I correct them in love, for that and so many other things, they loved me. of course except mam iron lady, she doesn’t seems to like anyb©dy, she gets angry over little or nothing, The workers do not have a good working relationsh!pwith her, they are scared of talking in her pres£nce, infact, she’s like a demi god.
It was my birthday, mama and Pepe had called to wish me a happy birthday, with mama reminding me it’s high time I got married. it was my 33rd birthday actually
I got to the office and all the workers were alre-ady standing at the reception, singing a happy birthday song for me, I knew certainly Stella would have told them, they had different gifts for me, and I was happy, while we were at it, the boss lady [email protected]£, although she didn’t say a word, but her Expression explained it all. i knew I was in for a big one.
Chapter 18❤
Immediately everyone saw the boss lady, they st©pped the [email protected] and went to their various desk. Of course she was feared and worsh!ped by everyone. I thanked them for their efforts, and Expressed how grateful I was. I immediately went to the boss lady’s office.
“Good morning ma”
“so Mr OLUWADAMILARE you want to turn the company into a [email protected] Hall, so you couldn’t find any place to [email protected] your birthday that you decided to bring the [email protected] to work on a Monday morning
“I’m very sorry ma, it’s really not what you think, it’s a surprise from the workers, I wasn’t expecting it, I am verrryy….
” now listen mr OLUWADAMILARE, if that ever happens again, you’d be very sorry, and I believe that was your mistress’s idea
“my mistress? what are you talking about ma?
my workers have never done such a thing, therefore I believe it was Stella’s idea, so next time you and your mistress get together to plan a [email protected], plea-se make sure it’s not within the company’s premises
“but maaaaa…
” hold it and let me finish, it’s bad enough you have a wife and a daughter yet cheat with such effontry, but one thing I would never tolerate is ma-king the company an avenue for your foolery. Now take yourself out of my office, and you all had better get to work “she shouted
I left her office to mine, and began the day’s work, I didn’t take to heart what she said, it was my birthday after all, and I wouldn’t want it ruined by a bittered lady. It was lunch time and I bought lunch for everyone in the company, that was the little way that [email protected]£ to my mind to [email protected] my birthday, and to show appreciation for the mas-sive show of love to me. Even though the iron Lady was alre-ady mad at me, I still got something for her. One interesting thing about the food was that I didn’t buy from the normal restaurant we do have our lunch in the company, it was a different place. I discovered the small buka, one afternoon, I was very hungry, although the place isn’t So sophisticated and packaged, but the woman was a very very wonderful Cook. i Enjoyed every bit of the meal, so I decided to surprise my colleagues with such African delicacy. Everyone loved the meal, they gave credit to the woman. I was glad they did, so I took the boss lady’s own to her.
I got lunch for you ma “I had said and I dropped the pack off white rice and stew in a native leaf, and a pack of jui-ce.
“Did I tell you I was hungry Mr OLUWADAMILARE?
no you didn’t ma, it’s just my little something for everyb©dy for my birthday “,I said.
“and you couldn’t get something reasonable if you wanted to feed everyone on your birthday, what in the name of heaven is this local meal probably from one dirty slump, doing on my table “she said in anger
“Madam sometimes relax, life is not as serious as you’re ma-king it seems, and have you also had this popular saying, do not judge a book by its cover, plea-se I beg of you, have a taste of it, not everything that shines is gold, and not everything with an unplea-sing appearance is ugly, if not for anything, just taste it because it’s my birthday, and also ma, it will do you a little good to smile sometimes, you’d look very very beautiful you know “I said smiling, without waiting for her to give me her usual harsh response, I walked out of her office…
After work that evening, I took Stella to a fancy restaurant for dinner, I wanted to appreciate her for everything she had done for me
“you are truly a friend, more than a friend actually, you are a sister, and an angel s£nt from God to me. Thank you for today and for every other thing. I also would like to tell you that, I am planning of renting my own [email protected] too, I know I have really been a burden, thank you for [email protected]!ngme.
“oh come on Dami, you are not a burden, and can never be one, there will be no nee-d for you to move out, the house is big enough for the both of us you know.
“I know, I’m forever grateful for your kindness towards me, but I’m a man, and i must begin to think ahead, I would have to plan for the future, I have saved up something, that could give me a little [email protected], I’m getting older by the day, I’m 33 alre-ady, and I believe you know the way mama has been disturbing me to get a wife, I cannot get married squatting with someone. Moreover, me living with you, may prevent suitable suitors from coming your way, they may begin to think you are married, I hope you un-derstand where I’m coming from Stella.
They can think whatever they want to, I don’t care about them, and I do not nee-d them ” she said.
I know, you may think you don’t nee-d them for now, but at some point in your life, you would nee-d a man to love and cherish you, and to make you his forever. I actually thought you’d be happy for me, let’s not spoil this evening, it’s still my birthday you know, let’s just have dinner, go see a movie or two then go home for a beauty rest.
“Ok “she nodded her head slowly in agreement.
We got home at about 11:30 p.m., we were so tired and off we went to be-d. We woke up a little late the next morning, had our bath and rushed to work. Thankfully the boss lady had not arrived.
Soon she arrived and called me to bring some files she had given me the previous week.
Good morning ma “I greeted
“good morning mr OLUWADAMILARE “she responded
“mam, if you don’t mind, you can call me Mr Dami, I mean OLUWADAMILARE seems quite long, more over you remind me of my mum when you call me that, only she calls me my name in full especially when she’s angry at me, I know you are not angry at me, especially not in a beautiful morning like this, so plea-se Dami is okay mam.
“Who told you I’m not angry at you, everything about you is annoying “she said.
Ohhhh that’s harsh, Another thing you didn’t tell me is about the delicacy of yesterday, I know you enjoyed it “i said.
Mr OLUWADAMILARE, don’t you think it is too early for your foolery. Not everyone is as stupid as you are you know. Mornings are for businesses and serious matters not for cheap chatting, give me the files and get out of my office “she angrily said
“I’m sorry ma, I was just trying to make you laugh, unfortunately I am the worst comedian alive, I’m sorry ma ” I said as I walked out of her office.
I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew de-ep down my heart, something kept telling me that mirabelle isn’t as stony as she’s acting to be, I was convinced there was a sweetness and kindness in her heart, hiding behind the mask of an iron Lady. I honestly wanted to help her be the best she could, but I had to be careful, as my job was on the line.
Two weeks on, I was able to secure an [email protected] It was a Friday evening, I had told Stella that I would be leaving on Saturday. She kept mute, I knew she didn’t want me to leave, but I had to.
I had arrange my things the next day, and told her I was leaving, she held my hands with tears rolling down her cheeks
“plea-se Dami, don’t go, I do not know how to live without you in this house anymore, plea-se I beg of you, stay “she Said
“I un-derstand how you feel stella, you are alre-ady used to having someone around, don’t worry, you’ll get over it, I mean, it was difficult for me at first living without my daughter and mother, but somehow, I still manage to cope, even though i miss them greatly, and besides I am not leaving the state, we shall be seeing at work, I could still be coming over sometimes, nothing has really changed “I said trying to convince her.
“No Dami, something has changed, everything has changed. the way I feel about you has changed, I cannot do without you, neither can I live without you, Dami I LOVE YOU….
T bc..

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