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Longest night Episode 15 & 16

Chapter 15❤
she had fun all the places we went to, one embarras-sing thing though she wouldn’t allow me pay for anything,she was taken care of all the bills,and that was kind of embarras-sing to me,she told me she un-derstands,and wouldn’t want me to be shy. Stella was such an adorable lady.we talked about alot of things,and I found out she was just coming out from an abusive relationsh!p.what do some of we men really want,I asked can a man abuse a Lady as wonderful as Stella,such a man didn’t meet his match,in the person of Lizzy.
She followed me home to say Hi to mama and Pepe.
Goodafternoon aunty “Pepe said,
you are beautiful, wooowww, “Stella said, your daughter is so smart,thank you my darling,you are very beautiful too,she said to Pepe.they immediately liked themselves.mama liked Stella too,she looks nice,mama said.Stella stayed some time with us,mama made something and we all ate.she left towards evening,she nee-ded to go get her things together as she was going back to Abuja by morning….
Stella and I kept in t©uçh even when she went back to Abuja, it’s either she called or I did.pepe wanted to always hear aunty Stella’s voice daily,while aunty Stella couldn’t go a night without the voice of her DARLING PEPE as she calls her.i got to un-derstand my daughter nee-ded a mother figure,indeed a parent is never enough,my daughter loves me,so much,she also loves mama,but she wanted a mom..
Life was getting interesting, although we never had all we wanted,but we had all we nee-ded,and we had those who loves us around us.
I didn’t give up hope on finding a good job,I still went for interviews whenever I saw any, believing God for a miracle.but finding a job in the big city of Lagos was no easy task.
After 6months of Stella’s return to Abuja,she invited me over,saying there was a job opening at her place of was going to be on Monday,but she invited me over during the weekend.she wanted me to relax and enjoy the city before the interview.
I left on Friday,prior to the interview on monday.i arrived late after so many hours in the bus, Stella was alre-ady there to pick me in her car.we drove to her well furnished three be-droom [email protected] young lady was doing well for herself.she served me chicken Vegetable stew and rice,along with a pack of chilled jui-ce to go down with was a delicious home made meal.i had my shower,and sle-pt in one of her free rooms like a baby.
She had to wake me up the next morning,for I was too tired to wake up early.
Goodmorning charming,she said as I opened the door out,
good morning Stella,how was your night,I asked her,
are you kidding me,you are my guest,I should be the one asking how your night was,I mean your first night in the capital city.
I gave a smile,funny you Stella, nothing different or unusual,or probably I was too tired to notice anything,plus I miss my Lagos, because my heart is there,and by your heart you mean your daughter,,,we both laughed.i think I woke up late, what’s the time,of course you did Mr OLUWADAMILARE,it’s some minutes past 10am,you don’t say,oh my God,I really over sle-pt,I get it, travelling by road could be very STRESSFUL, that’s why i prefer by air, thank you madam,just be given me polite insults,so everyone must fly ni,I said sarcastically,,,go and freshen up Mr Man,and come have breakfast she tea-sed.
I freshened up,and I was served delicious garden egg sauce and plantain, believe me Stella is a wonderful cook.after I had finished eating,she drove me to some fun places in Abuja.Every place we went was so spectacular.i really enjoyed myself.i followed her to church on Sunday,then we [email protected]£ home to just relax,she wanted is to visit a cinema,but I declined,I nee-ded to be composed and relax for the big day been the next day.
pepe and mama kept calling to hear my voice as well as Stella,my daughter really missed me…..
Very early the next day,we were both dressed to go to the office.we had a very light breakfast,and off we went.i was kind of anxious,but I managed to compose myself. mama called that morning wishing me all the luck in the world….
Chapter 16❤
You shall find favour with those incharge, the Lord shall go before and after you, don’t worry my child, it shall be well with you “mama said.
“thank you mama..
“Come on Dami relax, you are going to meet with a human being, she’s even a young lady. though quiet rude, but you’d be fine “Stella said on our way to the company
“i really hope so….
We arrived at the company, it was a very big one, I couldn’t help but to admire. Reaching there Stella asked me to wait for her at the reception, that someone will be with me shortly, then she left for her office. soon a lady, who I believe was the secretary to the one am to meet [email protected]£ to me asking me to go with her, we arrived at the Head of Resource manager’s Office and she lead me inside, on getting there the one incharge was Stella.
“Excuse me ma “the secretary said and went out
“you are the HR? I asked smiling
“yesss Mr OLUWADAMILARE, you may have your seat, i told you to calm down didn’t i? she said and i gave her my CV, she went throu-gh it and was very impressed, she also asked certain questions relating to the position of a manager which was the job, I answered intelligently and she was impressed. she told me the job was mine that I did well, nevertheless, I was to meet with the general manager just for formality sake before I could be given an appointment letter and be told when to resume. the GM wasn’t around, hence I’d have to wait.
She [email protected]£ quite late at about 11am, the secretary [email protected]£ to call me again that the GM wanted to see me. she lead the way to her office on getting there, lo and behold it was the IRON LADY who I was to pick at the airport in Lagos. i was very supprised, then I knew it was over, there was no way she could grant me the job.
I didnt know what to do, go back on my own, or hear what she has to say. she was just starring at me, it was as if the ground should open and swallow me. after about 5min. Without a word from neither of us, she broke the silence.
I believe you are here for the interview “she asked
“yes mam “I said
you may seat “She was going throu-gh my CV, an impressive result. she asked me certain questions about the job of a manager, I managed to compose myself and spoke up, well to work in a reputable company as ours, you would nee-d more than just certificate and been able to answer some silly questions, you would nee-d to be accurate in time been able to relate with client, be polite to customer, and not course the company to lose good pres£ntation, there are some of the attribute one should have, and all these I know you don’t have.
“No ma, I have all those qualities and more, you can’t judge me because of a one time incident, my daughter’s life was at stake, you could ask your friend or sister who asked me to go pick you up, it has never happened, plea-se ma, I can do this job,
“but am sorry, I can not allow person like you to this company with such attitude , to make matters worse, you shall be working hand in hand with me, oh no, I can’t deal seeing your face every second.
She placed a call to the HR, Soon Stella [email protected]£ in
“I know you recommended OLUWADAMILARE for the company, am afraid he can not work here.
“But ma I know him, he can do the job, his CV is also very impressive “Stella said
“well miss Stella, it takes more than CV’s to employ a person, plea-se look for someone else, I do not nee-d this man in this company.
I was alre-ady angry within me, this was the lady who insulted me at the airport, and also got me arrested, she’s still the one calling me names and handling me like she were God.
You know what, you can keep your job, you are not God, I do not regret what I did, you expected me to leave my sick child helpless and dying in my car, because of your God forsaken items. my daughter is my everything, I can’t trade her for the world, myself and my family have been surviving without your job, and am certain we shall continue to survive without your job, i am not sure you are married yet, when you do and have kids, you will know that no parent would have done otherwise if in my shoe, you and I know I didn’t wrong you, I even did all i could to make sure you got your items so I don’t know what you wanted me to have done “I angrily said
“get out of my office, and never come back here “she shouted…
I took a cab back to Stella’s house, she [email protected]£ home at the close of work and was apologising unbehalf of her boss. i told her all that happened the first time we met. No one could blame a parent for taking his sick child to the hospital
“Mirabel is just that way, rude and inconsiderate, I am so sorry you [email protected]£ all the way and couldn’t get the job, I was very positive it was going to be yours, never knew you alre-ady had an encounter with Mirabel, am so sorry.
Oh come on Stella, you were only trying to be a good friend and I sincerely appreciate, non of this is your fault.
Early the next day, she drove me to the park and I was heading back to Lagos.

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