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Longest night Episode 13 & 14

Chapter 13❤
I arrived at the hospital, and my daughter was immediately attended to, she was revived, she had fainted out of fatigue , Pepe was looking very pale, I had the biggest fright of my life. her blood sample was taken for proper diagnosis. The result was out, my daughter was suffering from rheumatic fever, it was a complicated one and it’s alre-ady affected her hearts to some extent, she nee-ded all the medical help she could get, my baby was going throu-gh severe pain, and it so hurt me, I really wished I could take away your pain. I have never seen my little girl so helpless, I pleaded with the doctor to do all he could and make sure my baby was fine again. I was asked to make a deposit of 40000 naira, I didn’t have that much with me. I have about 7000 naira, so I ran to the nearest automated teller machine to get an additional money. I gave the deposit, and then treatments commenced on my daughter.
It was alre-ady past 4 p.m., and I knew mama would be worried, I decided to put a call throu-gh to her to inform her about the latest developments. de-eping my hand into my pocket, my phone was nowhere to be found. I ran to the vehicle outside, searched all I could, but my phone was not there. It’s probably may have fallen off somewhere. Getting back to the car, reminded me that the ladies items were still in the vehicle. I was confused, I didn’t want to leave my daughter alone in the hospital, and my phone was alre-ady missing, I would have placed a call to the lady who directed the arrogant lady at the airport to me. But there was no other way I could reach her since my phone was nowhere to be found, and I did not know her number by heart, nevertheless I decide to do the right thing, because I knew it would be bad of me to keep someone else’s belonging in my possession.
I went inside the hospital, and pleaded with the nurses and doctor to take care of my daughter that I would be back in less than 1 hour. I drove back to the airport in search of the lady, but I couldn’t find her. I didn’t know what to do or who to leave the items with. I would have dropped it at the airport but I did not know her name, I waited a little while if she would come back for her items but she didn’t, I finally left the airport at about 6 p.m. because I was worried sick of my daughter and I had to rush back to the hospital.
Although she was still very weak, she was out of danger and she could talk though faintly. She was able to call me daddy when I [email protected]£ in, I hvgged my daughter with joy uncontrollable tears rolling down my cheeks. I stayed with her till about 6:30 and I decided to rush home to get mama for she would have been worried sick, I wouldn’t want her to develop a high blood pressure. I also nee-ded to get some clothes because my daughter was still in her school uniform.
I droved to the house, and as expected I met mama in panic.
Oluwadamilanre, what happened, do you want to kill me, where is my granddaughter, why are you just coming home? I have been to Bimpe’s School, but nob©dy was in the compound it was locked. I have been so worried about the two of you, and your number has not be connecting, it’s been switched off, what happened?
“Mama plea-se calm down..
ok my son, I am calm, where is my granddaughter?
“Mama, Pepe is at the hospital”
“hospi what? what happened to Bimpe for God sake? she asked and i explained everything that happened to her, and my issue with the lady’s items and even my missing phone…
She quic-kly went in to get the dinner she had managed to prepare for us, and also took a dress for Pepe to change into, and asked us to go, she was more concerned about her granddaughter first.
We arrived at the hospital, and my girl was very happy to see us both.
“grandma “she said with a smile
“eheenn Pepe, how are you doing?
I am fine “my little girl replied
the doctor was so impressed, about how smart my girl was.
“doctor plea-se talk to me, will my daughter be okay? I asked
“of course Mr OLUWADAMILARE, she will, she just nee-ds some drugs, and of course rest, she will be fine, she would have to stay a few more days, for us to monitor her “the doctor responded
“thank you very much doctor, I am most grateful…
Seeing my daughter improved.
“the next day was a great joy to me and mama, but on the second thought, I knew I was in for a big trouble, for having someone else’s possession with me. i didn’t know what to do or how to get to any of the ladies.
Then I remembered a place I usually take the other lady. i went there and the person I saw said he was the new [email protected] of the [email protected], maybe I was referring to the previous tenant and he doesn’t know a thing about them. i drove back to the hospital and told mama everything.
“what are we going to do now, from how you describe-d the lady, she is no nons-en-se type.
“mama I don’t know, I am so confused, by now it was 2pm the next day, while I was lost in thought in the car, I noticed amongst her things was her hand bag, I thought probably I could find anything that could be of help to me as to how to reach her. i saw some business cards, I guessed they could be hers, so I called the number, but it was switched off, I also saw a phone that seems off too, I guessed it was her phone and the number on the card was in it.
I thought certainly the lady’s last dailed number would be the other lady’s own, so I figured I should charge the phone on, and then call the other lady. thankfully, it was same charger as mine, I plugged it, when it was a little charged, I switched it on to have the number, but unfortunately, the phone was on code, that lead me to be helpless once again..
I was alre-ady tired, and had given up hope on how to reach the ladies when all of a sudden, the phone rang, I picked up the call and it was the other lady,,
“Mr Dami, what exactly is this ,how would you just goooooo, the rude lady took the phone from her, you bastard, how dare you go with my bags ,I shall make sure I deal with you, where are my items?
“ma! am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that…
“oh shut up that your mouth you fool, where are you and my items…
“Am at GOD’S CARE Clinic, I gave her the address, in less than 1 hour, I saw the Ladies at the hospital with police….
Chapter 14.❤
The ladies [email protected]£ walking to where I was with anger written over them, especially the lady at the airport, behind them were police officers.The lady pointed to me and said
“this is the thief officers arrest him.
“me?,no no no, there is a miss up somewhere, mama was alre-ady crying, thank God my daughter wasn’t there when they [email protected]£, the trauma would have been too much for her…
“plea-se my daughter, we can explain, it’s not want you think, my son is not a thief
“I didn’t steal your items, everything is still thesame, I could never engage in such a thing, plea-se I can explain, I mean,I was the one that charged the phone, picked your call and disclosed where I was, if I were a theif I wouldn’t do that.
“Officers, are you looking at this man, arrest him for God’s sake,,,
“you are un-der arrest for theift, you have the right to remain silent, for anything you say or do now will be used against you in the Court of law, I was taken to the police station after she had retrieved her things from the car.
I went to the station and made my statement, explaining all that happened and my little effort in trying to reach the lady, some police officers there un-derstood and had pity on me, but unfortunately, the lady seems to be a very wealthy and influential personality hence she had the Final say.
my mother [email protected]£ pleading for my bail, at least for my daughter’s sake, but they refused.
it was two days and I was still in the police custody, Mama was here and there,, I had pity on her, she would run to the police station daily with food which I could ba-rely eat and rush back to the hospital to be with Pepe, the lady had refused to allow the police grant my bail, I wondered what her reasons were, every of her thing was intact, so I wondered the reason for the arrest, people are indeed daughter was fit for discharge on the fourth day, though she nee-ded rest, but she refused going home and requested to see her daddy. mama had no choice but to take her to the police station instead of the house.
She was very happy to see me, so was I, I had missed my baby, my mother had paid the balance of her bills, I had given her my ATM card and told her the pin numbers. i asked mama to take pepe home, as the police station was no place for a child. but she refused vehemently, saying she wanted to stay with me. she was crying profusely. A police officer had compas-sion on her and took mama aside, telling her they know I was innocent, but the issue is if she could reach the lady, for she had so many backups, just a word and I’d be free. he also gave Mama her phone number. mama was very grateful, she took the phone number and placed a call to her….she hung up immediately mama introduced herself as my mother….
Minutes later, the lady walked into the police station. mama held her and was begging her to plea-se withdraw the case and allow me go since her things were all intact. She said I made her losed an important pres£ntation, hence she was going to deal with me, mama begged her once again, this time little Pepe was in tears, she just knew something wasn’t right even though she may not really un-derstand the happenings, mama ran to where she was and carried her, she didn’t nee-d such because of her health, it broke my heart to see my daughter cry because of the situation, some tears drop and my little girl then said ,daddy let’s go home, let’s go home, Pepe was a very charming child, she got the attention of the lady and her tears may have melted the Rocky [email protected] of the iron lady’s heart, and she signed my bail. i was allowed to go home, I [email protected]£ out and thanked her, I carried my baby and we were on our way home…..
I didn’t allow Pepe resume school immediately, I decided she stayed some more days, while I see her improvement.
After some days, my daughter was strong enough to resume. she was very happy to resume again. i had dropped my daughter at school, and had started work for the day.
Life continued, those are some things we see when working, it’s been some months after the iron lady’s excapde , as I was driving a beautiful young lady flagged me down, i st©pped to know where she was headed, looking at her, she was someone I know, she was my hostel mate in school
“Dami “she called, it was Stella, the beautiful Stella as I usually call her. she [email protected]£ in ,we exchanged plea-santries and she told me she nee-ded to lodge in a good h0tel that she had come for a friend’s wedding ceremony in Lagos. we went somewhere to have some time to talk, I told her how life had been after school, and she told hers too, she was very surprised I had a daughter alre-ady, you used to be very quiet and decent then in school, so you are a bad guy after all, she tea-sed. we laughed and had fun like old friends we were, she was also sorry about what I had to go throu-gh in the hands of Lizzy. some girls are terrible. she was working in a very reputable company in Abuja, though her company wasn’t hiring yet, she promised to put in a word or two in my favour when the nee-d arises. we did some catching up, it was a fun filled one hour thirty minutes. after which i drove her to a good h0tel I know in town.
Saturday [email protected]£ ,being the next day, and I took her to the [email protected], she insisted on paying me even though I declined, she told me I gave her a free ride yesterday and even took her out, she nee-ded to pay else she’d become shy in my pres£nce, I had to collect the money, I left her in the [email protected] and went to work, asking her to give me a call when she was done…
At about quarter past 5, she called saying she was re-ady to go to her h0tel, I went back to the [email protected] and picked her up, on our way to the h0tel, she changed her mind, saying she wanted some sight seeing in Lagos, she’d like to see some exciting places that I shouldn’t bother she was going to pay me for my time and I should not even think of saying no or refusing the money as it was business….
I took her in the car and we drove to some of the exciting places in the big city of Lagos

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