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Longest night Episode 11 & 12

Chapter 11❤
I watched as my life fell into pieces like a pack of cards.
How can someone fall from grace to gras-s in a twi-nkle of an eye, without commiting any wrong. Mother’s shop was going down, it was the only source of our livehood. i couldn’t afford to pay for my daughter’s school fees, it was the most bitter aspect of my [email protected]£nt, It was so hurtful to me. nevertheless I decided to register my daughter in a school I could afford .when it was the beginning of a new term I didn’t take her to her school, I was trying to raise money for a cheaper school…
Two weeks into resumption, the head of her school [email protected]£ looking for her, I was suprised to hear a knock that Monday morning, coming out i saw Mrs Armstrong the proprietress and I wondered how she was able to locate our new aboard, she then disclosed that it was the help of our former neighbor.
“welcome ma, I greeted, plea-se come in.
Thank you Mr Oluwadamilare, it’s been two weeks since the resumption of school and my girl Bimpe is yet to resume, which is very much unlike her, your phone number has not been connecting either….
“You are right ma, I got another number because my previous number often has network issues in this [email protected] of the city, so I had to get another one with a stronger network coverage here, though the previous one is also in a phone, maybe you called when the network was very bad…
“Okay sir, but why has Bimpe not resume yet “she asked
“hmmmmmm mam it’s a very long story “I told her all that had happened and my intensions to take Bimpe to a cheaper school I could afford..
My God, your story is such a pathetic one, that Lizzy of a girl will definitely meet her Waterloo.
As for my my girl Bimpe, I won’t allow you take her to another school, you have been a very wonderful parent, you have never faulted in taking care of your daughter’s fees, and Bimpe is one child that I love so much, she even made my school more popular during her kidnapping case, I feared that it was going to tint my school’s image, instead it made it shine brighter, we have been admitting so many students in just two weeks of resumption, many of which [email protected]£ because they heard what happened, they said we were diligent in our work and in taking care of our kids, we said Bimpe was not in school and indeed she wasn’t and we even contributed the little we could to see Bimpe was found. that daughter of yours is a blessing, and she is going to continue in my school..
“But ma, I can’t afford that for now,,,,,,,
“I un-derstand Mr Oluwadamilare, i know sir, do not worry, she would be on scholarsh!pfor three years, at least untill you find your feet, she will not pay any fees for the next three years, hopefully by then you would have bounced back, the school bus will be coming to pick her, all you nee-d do is to make sure she is always re-ady on time…..
“I couldn’t believe my ears, am I dreaming, I had to pinch myself to be sure, no no no, this is too good to be true,,mama was happy, so was I, I thanked her so much, God is indeed Faithful.
She took Bimpe with her to school that very day and the driver brou-ght her back later with the school bus.
I tried looking for another job, but it wasn’t forthcoming, I didn’t know what to do, then I decided to go back to the guy that gave me a taxi cab then to see if he would be able to give me another one, because if I didn’t do that, Mama’s shop will run dry, as we were only collecting and not adding.
I met the guy and he told me, he didn’t have then, nevertheless he promised to do something, after he heard all I had been throu-gh, he also said I didn’t stress him with his weekly balance the first time he gave me a car ,hence he would try and See what he can do.
A week later, he called me and asked me to come see him that a taxi is available. i went and we signed the agreement and he gave me the taxi, I was very grateful….
The following day, I was re-ady to start using the cab, I looked at myself, and I didn’t realised a tears had rolled down my check, so this is what has become of me, back to where I am coming from, I was thinking aloud
“my son, don’t talk like that, God is not asleep, he sees all you are going throu-gh. we shall testify again mama said
“Soon the school bus arrived and took my daughter to school, when it was their closing time, I went to the school to pick Pepe and thanked the proprietress for her kind heart, I also told her the school bus could go pick other kids, that I shall be bringing and taking my daughter home, the school bus was coming that far just for my daughter and I wouldn’t want to really be a burden since I now have my taxi cab, she was happy about that.
With the help of the taxi, we could feed without really depending on Mama’s shop, I try to give her money to add to her business too ,At least to cover all we had eaten from it….
Life wasn’t so beautiful, but having the two most important people in my life by my side, I was re-ady to scale throu-gh….
Chapter 12❤
I put in my efforts into the cab business, and the business was going well. i was able to restock Mama’s shop to some extent. i had some pas-s£ngers who took my phone number and called me to come pick them sometimes. According to them, they liked the way I dressed neatly and the way I spoke in simple and correct English.. if only they knew I had dressed that way for some years and I possibly can’t be communicating in pigin in a reputable company, whenever they commended me for my good s-en-se of dressing and method of communication, I just say thank you, I couldn’t be telling my life history to every Tom d!¢k and Harry….
One person that was happy about the whole issue was my baby girl, Pepe was happy I could take her to school and bring her back like before, she didn’t un-derstand anything… when ever I went to pick her from her school, she would run to me and shout daddy, her smiles were just priceless, and the greatest consolation I had in such time of my life.Thankfully, some parent in her school also asked me to be bringing their kids home everyday, they were paying me monthly, that was amazing, I was even ma-king money from engaging in my daughter’s school runs.
One afternoon, one of the ladies who always patronized me called to tell me to go pick up someone from the airport. she said it was by 1pm, that’s same time I pick Pepe from school. i explained to the lady I’d run a little late as I would be going to pick my daughter from school….
Mr Dami, you really do not joke with that daughter of yours “she said, no problem, just try and be there and not too late….
I went to Pepe’s school to pick her, the clas-s teacher explained that she was not her usual self all throu-gh the day, she was somehow dull, tou-ching her b©dy, she was running temperature. i decided to quic-kly go pick the Lady at the airport, and then close for the day so I could have time to take care of my daughter. she usually likes sitting in front with Daddy, but on that very day she said she wanted to lie on the backseat.
my daughter wasn’t her usual self indeed ,I said and I allowed her, and off we went to the airport.
My phone was ringing continuously as I drove, I don’t like picking calls while driving, and because I was in a hurry, I didn’t have the time to pu-ll over and take the call. i decided I was going to call the person later… I arrived the airport at about 25mins past 1, I called the lady to s£nd me the person’s number, only for me to realised, the supposed lady I was to pick had been the one calling me so i called her immediately asking which side she was and what she was putting on.
You are just a foolish person that is not re-ady for life, how could you keep me waiting here “she shouted at me, hearing that, I was really angry but managed to calm myself
“I am sorry mam, plea-se where are you? I asked and she arrogantly said where she was and what she was putting on, and I drove to meet her.
“Goodday ma, I am so sorry forrrrrr…..
“oh shut your mouth and spare me your useless explanation, just open the door.
“i looked at this lady who is no chance my age mate pouring insults on me. well I nee-ded the money,I managed to calm myself…
I opened the back door, and dropped some of her things in a little space there, then I opened the front door for her to enter since my daughter was alre-ady occu-pying the back seat.
“are you high on some cheap drug, how dare you ask me to seat with you in the front, will you open the back seat “she shouted
“Am sorry ma, my daughter is occu-pying the back seat, she’s very strong, plea-se ma, use the front seat.
“You are certainly mad, you want me to seat in front ,while that tiny thing you call a child seat attttttttt,you will dare not.
“i can see you are one overgrown spoilt [email protected], I can take everything and anything from you to me, but I will certainly not allow you say trash about my daughter, I have better things to do with my time, after all I AM not the only cab man in town, go get another cab, and get your stupid self off my way “I angrily said to her and then entered my taxi and drove off speedily, I didn’t bother to hear what she was saying……
Having driven some kilometres away from the airport, I then realized her bags where in the back seat. As I was about reversing to the airport to go give her the bags, I noticed my daughter was looking so different, i pu-ll-ed over and rushed to her, tou-ching her b©dy, her temperature was very very high. i was calling her, but she wasn’t responding, Pepe! Pepe!! Pepe!!! oh my God I am finished. i rushed back to the driver’s seat and was driving to the nearest hospital.

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