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Longest night Episode 1 & 2

Chapter I🔥
It was about 6:30pm, myself, the other workers and the engineer were waiting for the owner of the building to come,we had finished working and waiting for our pay.he had gone to the bank say 1pm,we wondered why he was yet to come.i was very hungry,I had to look for what to do,since the Nigeria government do not care about her citizens or even the graduates.
My father had died when I was only 3,I have no memory of him,my mother had been the one carrying the house, although she was both my parents,she did her best to see I went to school,I went to the university,where I studied Estate management.i know alot about buildings and lands, although I don’t have a white collar job,I go about building sites,and try to get something for a day.At times I get to fatch water for the workers, at times I carry blocks or mix cement, depending on what is available,I do this so I can as-sist mama,even though she always insist I don’t.
It was past 7pm,the boss was yet to come, we were alre-ady angry,the engineer had tried calling him but his phone number wasn’t was 7:45pm,when the engineer’s phone rang,the boss called to inform him that he was involved in a minor accident,that he won’t be able to come to the site that day to pay us,but tomorrow,the engineer delivered the message,and pleaded on his behalf.
Looking at my pocket,it was empty,I had to beg a colleague for #100 that would take me home at least,it was alre-ady past 8,I walked out to the junction,and stood trying to get a commercial bus,that evening seems different, as only few buses were pas-sing,to make matters worse,they all had complete pas-s£ngers.i was so weak and hungry,I so wished I could get home to a good meal,a warm bath,some pain reliving drugs and then to the be-d.what a night,at last,a bus [email protected]£ and was on my way home alre-ady,haven gone half the journey,it st©ped,the bus had developed fault,it wasn’t starting, meanwhile we had all given our money to the conductor.we all had to alight from the bus,as the driver and conductor were trying to fix it.We were getting impatient,as the bus didn’t seems to be starting,give us our money plea-se so we can look for another bus,a woman said,but the conductor wasn’t willing to give the money, asking us to wait a little longer that the bus would soon be okay,this caused a serious quarrelling and fighting between the pas-s£ngers and the conductor,what kind of a night of ill luck is this,I thought within me.i didn’t have the strength for all that,so I had to leave them and continue my journey on foot.
Haven walked a distance,I saw a lady in a white pajamas,the road was kind of lonely,I had thought she was a ghost,I didn’t know if to go back or continue the journey,after sometime,I summoned courage,said a short prayer and walked past in a hurry,oh my God this certainly is the LONGEST NIGHT I have ever had,it was alre-ady past 10,as I walked past the supposed ghost,she called,help me sir plea-se,I thought it must have been my imagination pla-ying tricks on me,so I made an attempt to move again,then she called,plea-se sir,I beg you in the name of God,help me,I looked at the talking ghost, standing where i was, haven’t you heard stories of spirits communicating with humans at the end taking the humans away, a thought [email protected]£ to my head, I wanted to turn and go, when I looked at her closely, I saw that she was pregnant, I had compas-sion on her, I went to her, and then she said, plea-se help me, I am going to the hospital, she was in so much pain, which hospital i asked, then she gave the name, what??, That hospital is a far from here, plea-se help me I beg of you, I held her hand, helping her we worked the Street trying to get a taxi.
I had forgotten about my hunger and fatigue, my thoughts was for the pregnant lady. No taxi was coming,and the only cars pas-sing by,were for pri-vate individuals,and they weren’t willing to help.there was no way we could treck to the hospital,I didn’t know what to do,I was very confused,while I was lost in thought,the lady screamed,I turned to her,lo and behold,her water had BROKEN.🙆🙆
Chapter 2♥️
……Oh my God,no no no,plea-se hold on ,you can’t have your baby on the road,I said to he
“okay,hold me,let’s go “I said to her agai
“I can’t move”she sai
“you can what?,what do you mean you can’t move,we have to try,I was alre-ady crying with her, see plea-se,you have to try,you have to, plea-se “I sai
I can’t “she shouted at m
“see someone I am trying to help ohh,see how she’s shouting at me like I am her husban
“plea-se aunty,you have to try “I said and as I was trying to persuade her,I saw a flash light on us, apparently a car was coming,I walked up to the main road,and spre-ad my hands like I was going to fly, trying to get the attention of the driver, I was someworth scared though,what if this is a Crazy driver who refuses to st©p, is this how you want to end your life?,a voice whispered to me…Godforbid I said aloud
“Alaye you dey craze ni”, you dey find who wan kill you abi “the driver shouted at m
“I didn’t even realised he was close, because I was lost in a nas-ty though
“plea-se sir,you have to help me,this lady is in labour,we have to help her get to the hospital ” I pleade
“oga,when you dey give your wife belle,I dey there,so why you go come dey use your reggae spoil my blues “the man sai
abeg ,no be my wife,na help me sef dey help her,I said.
Alaye you get power to dogood Samaritan, me I don tire,I dey go my house “the man said and I held his trou-sers,begging him, just then,the lady screamed,she was in pains,we both ran to her,and immediately rushed her into the car and took her to the hospital
we arrived the hospital and she was attended to immediately.when she was taken to the labour room,i was getting scared,I didn’t know whether I should leave immediately,or wait for her to give birth,I decided to leave,I had alre-ady done my [email protected] as a well meaning NIGERIAN by bringing her to the hospital,I think I am done,her husband and relatives will find her,I said as I turned to leave, but I somehow felt the nee-d to stay a little,maybe I was concerned,or I just wanted to know how she and her baby are doing fine, before leaving..
Congratulations sir, a female doctor said to me, your wife had just delivered a bouncing baby gir
“my what?
the mother and baby are doing great”the doctor said, smiling and went inside, probably to dress the baby, not too long she [email protected]£ out with the baby, and handed her over to me,I had never seen such a beautiful little baby,I smiled, “Congratulation once again sir……
doctor! doctor!!the lady that just gave birth is not breathing fine “a nurse said to the doctor and immediately she ran into the labour room with the nurse, she was in there for sometime,while I was in panic,I even wondered why I was so concerned not too long she [email protected]£ out wearing a sad fac
“am sorry sir,We lost her,we did our best sir.,she said
you what?,I asked her
plea-se sir,calm down,we did our best “the doctor said an
I was speechles
“how do I explain that I don’t know her,what if they ask me how I met her at such a time “I thought to myself and was looking at the innocent little child in my arms,what do I do with her
the doctor and nurses soon left ,to attend to other patients
Just then ,a thought [email protected]£ to me,to abandon the child and go my way,I kindly dropped her on the chair, just then she made a sound,she gave a little cry,like she knew what I was about to do,I quic-kly carried her again,and she st©ped crying,,when she had st©pped,I dropped her again on the chair,she started crying again,’see me see wahala’,what do I do now,I carried her,and the only option,was just to look for a way to leave the hospital…
But leaving with the child could be very dangerous,as I may be Wanted for child thieft by the biological father of the child,God forbide I said,I can not become a criminal,that will kill my mother,I just have to say the truth,at least they say the truth shall set one free.i went to the doctor’s offic
“ma! I have something to tell you,plea-se ma,the lady is not my wife,I don’t know her,I have never seen her before today, I AM not even sure i would have recognized her next time if she wasn’t dead,I was coming back from work,when I saw her in labour pains,I only helped, myself and the driver that brou-ght her,were only trying to be good NIGERIANS
That’s so nice of you,I know,she told me before giving up,and she asked me to give you the baby,the doctor said to m
“no no,I am not the father,I can not raise a baby” I sai
“she said you are a nice person,and she can trust you with her child,those where her last words,plea-se young man,I know it may not be convenient for you,but plea-se grant the last wish of that lady, nevertheless if you can’t, no problem,we shall give the child to the orphanage,she said she has no one in Lagos
I was starring at the doctor ,not knowing what to do exactly,I can’t even take care of my mother and myself,let alone a third person..
It’s better the child is handed over to an orphanage, were she would be sure to eat,than being with me and die of hunger” I thought
I am sorry ,I can’t, I said to the docto
Okay,if you say so, thanks for your help,we nee-d more of you in was past 5:am by then,I stood up and found my way out….

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