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Living with the trio Episode 8 to 10

🚪Living With The Trio💜💜
(They owns us💲)
Chapter 8❤❤❤
💖Macy’s pov💖
” What?? How on earth!! “I [email protected] and looked at the back again,,Damn!!
The black car raced past us,,at a very fast speed,, I really can’t believe this
” She just drove past us now,are you sure she’s here for us?? “I asked and faced her.
” Yes,I’m so sure. Maybe she ran away or something “she replied
” Wait,,what are you two talking about? “Harper said,,, looking at us suspiciously.
” Nothing “I said shaking my head,,
” Come on Macy,,Harper,, the thing is we just happened to know someone was following our car “Avery told her.
” And who could that be?? “She asked again.
” My father “I said
” Are you serious!!,,so you have a father?? “She asked
” That’s the main reason,, I’ve been very careful “I said
We got out of the car and brou-ght out our luggage,,I pu-ll-ed the handle of my bag and started walking,,, my gaze landed at the black car,,the one following us recently,I ran to them.
” Avery look! “I called, pointing at the car
” This same car,,,she’s here “Avery said,I didn’t know what to do,,All that [email protected]£ to my mind is escaping.
I started running and made to open the door,,
” St©p right there!! “I heard that voice,, that same voice. My heartbeat increa-sed,, and right now,,I kinda wished the ground would open and swallow me up.
I turned slowly,,,
” Your hands up your head “Daisy said,, Ma’am Alora ran to me
” Am sorry Macy,, I didn’t know he’s your dad “she said,,she wanted to t©uçh me but I moved back.
” plea-se go “I almost yelled at her,and she walked away gently,, Harper and Avery watched with a surprised look.
” Your hands up your head,Macy!!,don’t let me loose my cool “Daisy shouted pointing her gun at me,,,there was just a little space between us. I immediately did with a sm-irk,,
She [email protected]£ to me and kept the gun in her pocket,, she then blindfolded me,she start to tie my hand together.
” Why are you doing this ? “I asked when she left me
” Can’t you just shut up “she said,before pushing me into the car,,then she zoomed off.
🍀Tyler’s pov🍀
I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom, wiping my face with a towel. I dropped it on a chair and just then my phone rang,,I sat on the be-d and picked it,,
📲you called,am sure with what I gave you
📲Yes,I found out who she is
📲Good,,so tell me
📲She’s the daughter of Franco Gray,,I’m sure you know who he is,she doesn’t have a mother and also went missing but I believe,, she ran away because of who her father is,,he’s very dangerous. I’m going to s£nd something to you.
📲Ok,am going to s£nd you your money
📲No problem boss.
The call ended and my phone beeped immediately, I opened the message;
He s£nt me his picture with a text; Franco Gray,, the leader of the gang
Daisy: she’s a Lady who works with him,,,always with him 24/7. She’s close to him and also dangerous.
I can’t watch it alone, I nee-d to show Ryan and Jett,, most especially Jett,, he locked himself in the room refusing to come out….
I walked out of the room and went to knock his door,,
” Jett!! Open the door,I nee-d to show you something
” Leave me alone,it will be best if I stay alone “he shouted from inside.
” it’s about Macy,she’s….. “I didn’t complete my words when he opened the door a little,,
” What about her? “He asked as he peeped his head out,,
” Take a look “I said and handed him the phone,, I was expecting him to talk but he just walked in,,I followed him,,
” That’s who she is,,I don’t think we did the right thing by letting them go “I said
” We did the right thing,, if they don’t go then I s-en-se trouble “he said and gave me back my phone.
🌸Macy’s pov🌸
She opened the car door and brou-ght me out,, I guess we are alre-ady home,,she loos£n the rope used to tie my hands and took my hand,, taking me in with her,,,
” Why did you untie me?? Or is it that you don’t want to get a scolding from him “I sm-irked
” Right now,, I won’t mind b!owing your [email protected] out “she said,I noticed we st©pped walking,,she re-moved my blindfold.
” Boss “she bowed, I looked at her and faced the front to see him standing before us.
” The returns of my dearest daughter “he said,,smiling.
” Why did you ran away?? “He suddenly pointed his gun at me
” Cause I don’t want to be a monster and a killer like you “I said moving closer to him,,
” Shut up Macy!! “Daisy said and I looked away.
” Lock her up!!! “He ordered,,his eyes turned red,,his men rushed to me immediately,,,
🍭Avery’s pov🍭
I hurried to a corner and quic-kly dialed Jett number,, why is he not picking,, I dialed it again.
” Jett plea-se pick “I mumbled to myself,,he picked it at the second ring,,
📲Hello,this is Avery
📲What do you want??
📲I want to tell you something serious,, Macy is kidnapped by her father,, she’s in danger and…
” Avery!!! “I heard ma’am Alora voice and quic-kly put the phone in my pocket before turning,,
” Who are you talking to??
Chapter 9🎵🎵
💕 Avery’s pov💕
” Who are you talking to?? ”
” Its nothing ma’am,, just calling to order a pizza “I said,, right now I don’t mind the lie,, am I have to safe myself.
” Alright then “she said and without asking anymore questions,, she left.
I head back in,thank goodness!!,,i almost got caught,,
” Avery!! What are yoi doing outside? “Harper rushed to me and i st©pped.
” I went to call Jett on the phone about Macy “i whispered into her eyes.
” What!,,that’s risky “she shouted and i covered her mouth,,,
” I know,can you believe I almost got caught by ma’am “i said and left.
” Thank God she didn’t know,,I have a bad news “she said
” What’s that??? “I asked and she took me to her room and locked the door,,
” Ma’am Alora informed all of us that we are going to move to another country,,,the day after tomorrow,,am so scared’ I said
She sat on the floor and I leaned on the wall,,,
” But why did she make that decision?? “She asked
” I don’t know but whatever it is,,am sure it won’t end well “i said
” Can’t we just escape from here,,we can’t live here forever,,,will we?? “She asked,,I didn’t knoa when tears fell from my eyes,,why did we have to fall into Ma’am Alora’s hand.
” It’s destiny,,we just have to accept our fate “i said,,our gaze meeting each other…
🎧 Jett’s pov🎧
I put on my jacket and walked out of my room,,i met Ryan and Tyler alre-ady waiting for me,,I took the last stairs and st©pped at their front.
” Where to?? “Ryan asked,,
” To find her “I said and Tyler sm-irked as he moved closet to me,,
” But you said it’s good when we let them,,so tell me why did you change your decision “He said
” I said that because of what I saw,,I can’t act that way without a reason “I said moving away from them,,they turned and face me.
” And what is that thing you saw?? “Ryan asked.
” Avery!. I heard her conversation with someone and from what I heard,,,they are planning something bad “I said and was surprised when Ryan [email protected]£ to me immediately,,,
” How can she do that “Tyler said,,he loomed at him before facing me,,
” Are you sure she was the one you saw? “Ryan asked,,, placing his right hand on my shoulder.
” Yes,,, dead sure. You heard me when I saud she was talking with someone “I said,he started walking to and fro slowly,,, I looked at Tyler who gave me ” What’s wrong? ” look,,
” Don’t tell me you’re in love with her alre-ady “I suddenly said,,pointing at nowhere exactly.
” Exactly,, I think he loves her “Tyler said,spre-ading his arms.
” I’m thinking we should go look for her “I said to calm him down a little,, she st©pped and shook his head.
” NO!! Even if you two go,am not going with you,,,I don’t ever wanna see her face!!! ”
💌 Macy’s pov💌
I was f0rç£d to seat on a wooden chair,,,all tied up and also with the door locked. I rested my head on the wall and stared at the space blankly,, the door opened,,,,
” Can you spare us some minutes “Daisy said
” Yes ma’am “one of the guards said,she approached me and dropped a tray wufh food before me,,I didn’t move.
She started walking but paused.
” I almost forgot “she said and [email protected]£ to untie my hands only
” Now eat “she said and continued walking,I pushed the tray with my legs and it fell and broke into pieces on the flood,,,
” Seriously? Stay hungry for all I care “she half yelled and walked away.
” Keep a close eye on her,,she must not escape!! ”
💎 Tyler’s pov💎
We [email protected]£ out of the car,we got to the fate and I knocked,, the security opened,,,
” Sir “she smiled, coming out.
” Can we see your boss? “Jett asked with his hands in his pocket
” Am sorry but am told not to let anyone in,,,and I don’t want to get sacked “he said
” So we can’t go in?? “I asked surprisingly,, did she know we gonna come here???
” Am afraid you can’t, excuse me Sirs “he went in and locked the gate.
” That woman is evil “Jett said as we walked back to our car,, we entered.
” What are we going to do now?? ”
💧Ma’am Alora’s pov💧
He opened the car door and I stepped in,,the security ran towards the car
” The trio [email protected]£ to ask of you,but I didn’t allow them in “he said and I smiled.
” Good. Make sure you don’t allow anyb©dy inside “I warned
” Yes ma’am “he bowed and moved aside,,
We drove out of the gate and I was shocked to see two of the trio ran into the way,,, I thought they left,, what are they here for again!!!
Chapter 10💙💙
🎷Ryan’s pov🎷
She was a traitor all this while,, I can’t believe this was the girl I so much loved,,,I kicked the side lamp angrily!!
She’s a betrayal!!
I fell on thr floor,,,but who is she talking to??am sure she was f0rç£d,,,but what’s the plan about.
🎹Jett’s pov🎹
We ran out of the car when we saw Alora’s car coming out of the building,, we ran into her way and the car st©pped.
” What’s the mening of this “she said coming out of the car
” We are here to see you,now tell me where the three of them are “I said as we st©pped at her front
” It’s a day deal,,I don’t see any reasons why you should and looking for them,,excuse me “she said and turned to leave.
” Am sure you know what capable of,I can call the police for you right now,, you better tell me where they are “I [email protected]£d her arm and hit her back on the car
” Ma’am “the driver [email protected]£ out
” Go back inside the car “she yelled and he immediately went in,,
” Why are you wasting your time with this woman,,am calling the police now “Tyler said and started operating his phone
” OK,,fine. I’ll tell you “she said and Tyler st©pped,, I let go of her.
” Someone else bought then,,you can’t ever set your eyes on them,after all it’s a day deal,,,bye! “She hurried into the car before we could say a word,,, they drove away.
How can they be sold,, it’s not even a day yet??
” let’s go home,,it’s getting late and dark “Tyler said
____________________________________________Writer’s pov🎤🎤
She managed to fall on the floor,,before can escape from here,,she nee-d to untie herself. With her legs she was able to move the fork to herself,,
In few minutes she loos£n the rope,, the door opened and she quic-kly hid her hands behind her back,,
” Hey!! ” Franco called as he st©pped at her front,she looked up
” I was told you didn’t eat,you should learn to be a good girl “he squatted before her and she moved back
” No matter what,,am still your father,,you shouldn’t go against me and you should be re-ady to kill anyb©dy who gets on your way,,right??? “He asked and she just kept mute,,
” Right Macy?? “He yelled
” Right “she answered and he smiled
” Get re-ady,, we are going for a mission tomorrow,, you have to prove to ma and to everyone you’re capable of being my successor “he said and patted her hair before going out
She untie her legs and stood up,she took the side lamp and opened the door slowly,,,
” Ma’am “the guard said and his it behind her back,,
” Dad!! “She pointed and as she guard turned to look,,she hit it on his head and ran away,,,
She opened the door and ran outside,, someone kicked her and she fell down,,,she looked up to see one of his men,,
” I trained you well but you just don’t make use of if “she remembered her father’s word and stood up,,
” I wanted to go and buy something but since you’re here,,can you get me an ice cream “she gave him the money,,, he looked at her suspiciously,,
” I don’t think I can get an ice cream this late,,, but I’ll go,,go back inside “he said and he nodded.
He turned to go when she pushed him on the floor and sat on him,,
” What are you doing ma’am “he said, struggling to get up,,she snatched the gun and hit it on his head
He went unconscious;
” Macy is escaping “one of them alerted.
” Damn!! “She sighed out and opened the gate,,she ran out and fortunately she saw a taxi and board it,,,
She nee-d to save her friends,,,,
Ryan jumped down from the fence and put on his face cap,,, then he started looking for a way to go in; and find her room,,,
Macy entered the mansion throu-gh the backdoor,,, throu-ghout her stay here,, it won’t be [email protected] to know their in and out,,
She sighted someone,, isn’t that a guard?? She thought inwardly.
She walked behind him slowly and he paused,,
” St©p right there ” Macy said and pointed a pen knife at the figure,,, he turned and kicked her,,
” Who are you?? “She asked as she couldn’t see his face,,Ryan knew her immediately she heard her voice,,
” Macy,,what are you doing here?? “He asked,, a little curious
” Ryan??? ”
” I’m here to search for the three of you,,what about you?? “Ryan said and helped her up,,
” I wanna save my friends but now that you’re here,,we have to work together ” Macy said and kept the pen knife in her back pocket,,
” Sure,,,” he said and they started walking,,
” how are we going to enter without anyb©dy knowing “he asked,,
They st©pped walking,,,
” We gonna climb wall,,or we go in throu-gh the backdoor,,”Macy said
” That’s dangerous,, what if we get caught,, let’s just call the police “He said,,,and suddenly Ryan’s phone started ringing,,,

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