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Living with the trio Episode 17 & 18

🌺Living With The Trio🌺
(They owns us💛)
Chapter 17
[Next Morning🌉]
😍 Macy’s pov😍
I walked out of my room after taking my my bath,,I opened the door slowly,, it’s too early and I don’t want to wake anyone up,,
I took a step further when I heard his voice,,
” Where to?? “He asked,,I breathed out and turned to look at him,,where he was standing,, upstairs
” Hi! I’m going out “I answerer and he just stared at me,,oh God!! Why did he have to come out??
” Can I go with you?? “He suddenly said ma-king me [email protected],, I don’t want him to know where am going to but now,, I have no other option.
” No, you can’t go with me cause am going to check how Daisy is doing “I said hoping it will convince him,,but he just climb down to stairs to meet me
” That girl,well it’s risky so am gonna follow you “he said as he st©pped at my front,, so he’s really going with me??
*** *** ***
💚Melanie’s pov💚
I walked out of my office when Jeff st©pped me,,I faced him;
” Daisy refused to talk,,we have tried all we can “He said,,
” She’s connected to Franco,, they both committed this crimes together,, she’s going to jail,,make sure you torture her till she spills it out “I said and he nodded,, I walked out.
I stood outside to calm myself down,,I haven’t seen Alya today,, let me go and check on her,,,I turned to go but st©pped,, I saw someone!!
I looked at my right side,, I saw her stepped out of the car,,,a guy also [email protected]£ out with her,,, I knew it!! That’s her,,,Macy Myers!,
I walked to where they stood,I tapped her shoulder and they both turned to me,,,
💖 Harper’s pov💖
I walked out of my room still in my night wear,, I really sle-pt for long and now am sofu-cking hungry.
I went to take a glas-s of water from the fridge,, I gulped it down at a go,,I wanted to close it when I heard a cough,,
I turned and it was Tyler,,,so he is here?? I don’t even know,or is it because I was too hungry to see him on seat???
I quic-klt get him water and rushed over to his side,,I sat next to him as I gave him the water,,,he drank from it and looked at me. I looked away.
” Thanks “he said and I collected the cu-p,,,
” I can’t believe you’re the one saying this,are you trying to…”
” No,,I mean it this time “he said putting on a serious look,,I love starring at his face,,, and thosel-ips! I won’t ever forget when we k!$$£d,, it felt so real!!
” Let’s go and swim “he suddenly said,, is it to make me happy or what??
” You must be kidding? Everyone including you knows I can’t swim “I said and he chuckled,,
” Then I’ll teach you “he said
” Why would you do that?? “I asked,, still facing him
” I just feel like “he replied
” Liar!! “I half yelled
” You suddenly decided to teach me how to swim and…”
” cause I love you!! “He cut in and my mouth was left opened,, did I hear him well??
Yes,,,,yes!! I did,,he loves me,,I stood up and ran upstairs,,
” Is anyone home?? He loves me!!! “U screamed happily,,, and faced him
” I love you too “I replied him and that’s when he smiled,,, I can’t wait to tell everyb©dy,, where are they????
🌹 Macy’s pov🌹
Someone tapped my shoulder and we turned to her,,what thefu-ck!,,it’s her!! Now am sofu-cking scared,,,what I do now,, I felt Jett hand hold mine,,I looked at our joined hands before facing her,,,am sure she’s here to take me.
We moved back slowly,,
” Hi!! “She smiled
” What do you want?? “I asked her,,
” I just want to…”
She way saying and trying to move closer to us,,
” Stay where you are,,what do you want?? “I asked pointing a f!nger at her,,,
” Am not here to arrest you or something,,, I know you’re innocent,,that you aren’t [email protected] of them,I know everything “she said,,,leaving me speechless
” Why should we believe you?? “Jett asked
We followed behind her,,she entered a place and we followed her inside,,,
” What are we doing here? “I asked her,,I can vividly remember this place,, where my day is kept,,
” Calm down,, “she said and faced me,,she turned to her front and started walking,,, I st©pped as I watched her opened the b©dy,,
” Is this him?? “Jett asked her as he went to take a look,, she nodded
” Do you remember when I met you here,,I was so amazed at your skills,, the way you were able to snatch the gun from me and ran away,,,I knew all this before we met,, but I never for once thought of finding you. When we happened to meet,,that was when I started searching for you,,,,you’re great ”
” Where is Daisy?? And why don’t you arrest me?? “I asked curiously,,ma-king Jett turn to look at me
” She’s with the police,, and about why I don’t arrest you,,, I knew you weren’t [email protected] of their gang,, so why will I?? “She said,, I ran my hand throu-gh my hair
” Can I see her?? “I asked and she nodded
🎵 Ryan’s pov🎵
I was in my room,,very busy with a lot of work,,tomorrow is Monday and we’re going to start working,,I really can’t wait,,
A knock [email protected]£ on the door,,
” Come in “I said,,and opened my PC, I turned on the be-d immediately the person walked in,,,
” Hey!! “I smiled and stood up from the be-d
” Hi! “She also said with a smile
” Breakfast is re-ady,,so you should come downstairs “she said,,
” Am coming now,, thanks “I said, she nodded and went out .
Am so busy to know am hungry,, let me go and eat first,,, I don’t want to faint😂.
💜Jett’s pov💜
” Come in “she ushered us in,,we entered and I met the figure asleep with her head on the table,,
” Oops she’s slee-ping,, maybe we should come later ” Macy said,,and we turned to go out,,
” Wait!! “The voice st©pped us and we turned to her,,her face looks puffy,,it’s obvious she has been crying,,
” Daisy!! “Macy rushed over to her side while the Lady and I watched,,
” Are you okay?? Look at your face “Macy said,,checking all her b©dy
” I’m fine,,,, you can now go “she snapped and loos£n Macy’s grip on her arm,,
” But…”
” Am fine here,I accept my fate,,I know I will end up here but I don’t regret,,, am sure you know why “she shuttered and suddenly bur-st into tears
” I [email protected]£ to check on you but you keep on pushing me away,,, why are you this mean?? I don’t you just forget the past “Macy yelled,,
” You have go now,, Macy “The Lady said
” Take them away “Daisy shouted,,
” Let’s get going “I said and took her hand,, I pu-ll-ed her out.
She suddenly hvgged me,,I [email protected] her ti-ghtly,,,as she cried on my shoulder,,
” St©p crying,, we go home now “I said,,patting her hair gently,,
The Lady walked out,,
” Thanks so much,, we’ll take our leave now “I told her
” Alright,, take care “she said and walked away,,I raised her head up and cleaned her tears
” I don’t want to see you in tears, I’d better st©p crying “I said,,and cleaned her tears,,, before heading to the car
Chapter 18
🌸Avery’s pov🌸
I la-id on my back as I scrolled throu-gh their pictures,, the trio are damn cute,,,, they are the handsome freaks,,,
I remembered when we were told someone is coming to buy us,,,and boom!! It was the trio.
To me I don’t want to be sold,, I always wanna live a normal life, I wasn’t that happy they bought me but when we started living with them,,,my life was back to normal.
I smiled as I [email protected]£ across Ryan’s picture,, he was holding a flower.damn,,,why am I smiling??
I heard a knock on the door,,
” Come in “I said after I’d sat upright, the maid st©pped halfway
” Am asked to give this to you “she said,,she handed the to me with a bow and went out,,
Come to the garden,, I’ve got a surprise for you.
I sighed,,what’s he up to this time?? I sli-pped my let into my fl!pflop and went out of the room,,
♥Ryan’s pov♥
I waited patiently at the garden,,checking is she’s coming each minutes,,but wait Ryan!! Is she gonna come???
Yes,,of course she’s time I tell her
I turned and here she is,,she’s finally here.
” Ryan!! ”
” Where are you?? ”
” Ryan,,, come out or I…”she was saying when I walked up to her from behind and covered her face with a hand,, the other at my back
” St©p this alre-ady “she j£rked my hand off and I smiled
” Why are you smiling?? “She asked curiously
” I told you I have a gift for you right?? So just close your eyes “I said
” Alright “she said and closed her eyes
” Now open!,, Ta….n…tan..”I screamed as she opened her eyes,,,it met with the flowers,,
” Wow!! “She took it from me,, she took it up to her nose and sniff in,,
” you like it? “I asked and she nodded
” Thanks,,, but why did you get me this rose?? “She finally asked,I’ve been dying to hear that from her
” You wanna know?? “I asked again
” Yes “she replied with a smile
” Huh…I love you Avery “I said and rou-gh my hair,,,
” You do what…”she asked looking shocked,,
” I love you Avery,,, I don’t mind saying it a thousand times,, that was since I set my eyes on you “my smile dropped when she turned
fuc-k!!!,,,didn’t she love me?? But I…
” Hey!! “She jo-lted me out
” Y…yes “I immediately said,, what thefu-ck am I thinking??
” Didn’t you hear me? I said I love you “she said
” Hmm really?? “I grinned and she just nodded,, she ran into my arms excitedly,, yes!! Now she’s mine.
😍 Harper’s pov😍
I ram to hvg him,,feeling comfortable in his arms,,, my stomach rumbled,, what?? I hope he doesn’t hear.
He pu-ll-ed away from the hvg and gave me a stare,, don’t tell me he heard!!
” Was that your stomach?? Don’t tell me you haven’t eaten?? “He almost shouted
” It’s nothing,, I’ll go and eat soon…”
” Jacq!!!! “He called and the maid bearing the name ran forward
” Prepare hamburger and cheese,,I want it done within 30minutes,,got that?? ”
” Yes Sir “he bowed and quic-kly hurried away,,
“fu-ck!!,,,I also haven’t eaten “he said and I bur-sted into laughter,,, the way his face looks now,,
” Good for you “I said,,
The door opened,, Macy and Jett walked In,, oh mt bad!! I didn’t know they weren’t in all this while
” Jett…..Macy!!! ”
They cams to us,,
” Where have you been?? “Tyler asked worriedly,,
” We went to the police,,” Jett answered
” Oh God!! Why did you go there? “I rushed over to Macy and it quit obvious she cried
” it’s nothing,, we just went to check dad’s b©dy,, and you know what?! Daisy is arrested but they are still looking for Alora “she said and I smiled
” That serves her right “I said and turned to see Ryan and Avery walking in,,,hand in hand and on her other hand was a rose.
” Wow!! “We all chorused except Macy,,I’ll have to talk to her later,,
” Hi guys “Ryan said and let go of her hand,,
” What’s between you guys?? “I was f0rç£d to ask,,
” Sorry,,I would like to introduce you all to my girlfriend,,, Avery!! “Ryan said pu-lling her closer
” Wow,,,congratulations ”
” Congrats couples ”
” I wanna say something “Tyler raised up his hand,, I tried ha-rd not to laugh
” I would like to announce to you guys that we are courting “he said and faced me,, I smiled.
Everyone was happy.
Macy walked away quietly,,
” We have to [email protected] this “Jett said
” I agree with you “Ryan said
Two Weeks Later🎯🎯
🎵Macy’s pov🎵
Its now two weeks we’ve been with ma’am Selena,,, she said the three of us (we girls) should come and live with her for some weeks.
We really had fun,,,during those periods Jett and I always call each other and we do chat,,,we have become really close,,but am still waiting for the day he will open up and Yes!!
They are coming today!!!
” Macy!! “I heard Avery called from downstairs
” Am coming!! “I shouted,, I walked out of my room with my phone,,
” Let’s go to the kitchen cause today,, its a must you cook “she ran to my front and pu-ll-ed me to the kitchen
” Seriously? You two should do it,,Harper is also here “I said and Harper s£nt me a glare,,
” Avery,,she must not go ” Harper yelled and Avery immediately blocked the entrance,,, this two!!
” Chill,,let’s start cooking “I said and they smiled,,Avery didn’t leave the way until I get the pot,,
” You’re something else “I hit a spoon on her head twice
” Ouch!!! “She winched and we laughed
** *** ****
I went into my room and [email protected] on the be-d,,,,am freaking tired. I nee-d to sleep before they arrive.
I closed my eyes and dozed off.
** *** ****
I felt taps on my shoulder and turned,, I opened my eyes to see him,,,
” Jett!! “I almost screamed as I jumped on him,,
” Ahhh you’ve gained more weight “he tea-sed as he dropped me down,,
” I really missed you guys,, where are the rest?? “I asked impatiently,,
” They are at the living room,I’ve got a good news “he said
” Really?? “I asked and he nodded,, he brou-ght out his phone and showed me something,,,
📺 The police finally caught Alora as she couldn’t escape this time,, they free everyone of the ladies she kept captive,,,,it revealed she always sold then out.
” Wow,,am so happy,, finally “I said and t©uçhed my che-st
” Same here,,,I couldn’t wait to show you ”
” Let me go and tell everyone,,”she said and made to leave when he pu-ll-ed her back to himself,,
” Now that all this is over,,I think its time I tell you,,will you be mine?? “He asked and like have been waiting for those words
” Yes,,,yes I will!!! “I screamed with a smile,,, we brou-ght our face closer and k!$$£d.
I gave him access and reciprocate,,I can’t believe am kidding one of the trio,, we st©pped.
I breath out,,,that was my first k!ssand it was so awesome.
👑 Writer’s pov👑
[ Dining Room💑]
Everyone was seated round the table eating,,, they all know about Jett and Macy,, they were all so happy for them.
Ma’am Selena broke the silence,,,
” I don’t want the three of you to stay at home,,,so am re-ady to give you all a great position in my company “she announced
” Thanks ma’am ” They all chorused except the trio.
” I really can’t wait for your weddings,,its gonna be the best wedding ever “she added before drinking out of her water
” We trust you mom ” Jett said,,
” You’re the best mother ever “Tyler said and pe-cked her forehead
” Love you mom “Ryan also added.
🌉 Korea🌉
” We’re going to call on Melanie Clark,,,plea-se come right here “The s£nior officer said
🚻 Yeah,,,Melanie!!
🚻She really know how to work!!
🚻She caught Franco
🚻She deserves a promotion
🚻Such a beauty
Melanie walked up to the stage with a smile on her face,,,
🎤 We nee-d a diligent officer like her,,she’s a pride to our country
🎤 She’s hereby promoted to a s£nior….
The crowd stood up with joy,,of course they couldn’t wait for him to complete his word,,,
” Thank you Sir “she bowed a little as he put the Gold medal on her n£¢k,,,,
🚻 We love you
🚻 We are now free!!
She faced the crowd with a smile,,
🎤 Thank you so much everyone,, and am promising you that I won’t st©p till I make sure this country is free of crimes,,,
🎤 Thank you all
Her went to her mother,,, she looked as she wiped her tears away,,she proud of her now,,,even though she isn’t her daughter but she treat her like one,,,
” Melanie!! “Alya shouted at a far distance,,, we waved to her happily.
Thank you God and to you all,,,I really completed this story💃💃
What do you think about the story??
Do you have a word for your authoress,,, I know you do…
Drop it in the comment box,,,

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