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Living with the trio Episode 15 & 16

💚💜Living With The Trio💜💚
( They owns us🎤)
Chapter 15
💄 Melanie’s pov💄
I cli-cked the pen on the table each time,,,that lady!! Me finding her there means something or is she his daughter?? No,,that can’t be,,,but what’s she doing there??? I kinda regret his I let her go easily,,,,
Someone knocked on the door,,
” Open! “I said and Alya walked in
” So you’re still here,,,it’s late alre-ady “she said and I stood up,,,
” Let’s go “I said and put on my backpack,,,I started walking but she was just starring at me,,I turned to her.
” What’s it Alya?? “I asked curiously
” Your face!,,maybe there is something you’re not telling me “she said and walked away,,I follows her out.
” Alya!!! “I called after her
” Just go!!,,goodnight “she shouted walking away,,I ran after her and stood on her way,,,
” Seriously?? You don’t bring your car today,, can I at least drop you “I said
” You think I can’t go on my own?? “She scoffed and continued walking,,,
” Fine,I’ll tell you what happened “I finally said and she [email protected]£ back to me,,
” Go on “she said raising her brow
” When I went to check Franco’s b©dy, I saw a lady in there,, I almost caught her but she ran away. Maybe she’s his daughter “I said
” You mean Franco’s daughter,, let’s see if she’s the one cause I managed to get her picture “she said and brou-ght out her phone,,
” Here “she gave me the phone and when I looked at the pics
” She’s the one! “I [email protected]
” You should be careful with your investigations,,,I don’t want you to get hurt “she pouted
” I will,, come on let’s go “I replied,, and we both headed to where the car is.
🎻 Macy’s pov🎻
I walked along the road,,right now,I don’t know where to go,,I think I should stay at a h0tel for the meantime,,,
My phone rang and I picked,,,
📲Macy!! Where thefu-ck are you??,,I heard Harper screamed over the phone
📲Can you plea-se come here alre-ady,, Avery said
📲Come on guys,,,Am fine
📲Is better you come,we nee-d to discuss,,,Avery said again
📲Okay,,where are you guys staying now??
📲With the Trio,,plea-se come!!
📲But am,,,I nee-d to sort out some things,, I said and st©pped walking
📲plea-se Macy!!
📲Come on,,Bestie!!!
📲OK,,am coming now
📲Really?? Wow,,
📲Yeah,,,, bye!!
I hanged up and board a taxi,,,,
🎀 Melanie’s pov🎀
I got home after dropping Alya,,I went in to find omma still awake,,,
” Daughter “she looked up immediately she saw
” Mom,,,” I went to pe-ck her cheek,,actually she’s the one I stay with,, she’s been a good person to me ever since,,
” You should be asleep now,, what’s wrong?? “I asked and sat beside her
” I’m listening to today’s news “she replied and I nodded,,
” Alright,,, let me go and change my cloth “I stood up and took the stairs
” Melanie!! Isn’t that Franco,, he’s finally dead “Mom called me back
” Yes mother,,,”I replied and continued walking,,,
” What!! Melanie?? “She shouted ma-king me st©p,,, Gosh.she has found out,,,I walked up to her,,,
” I can’t believe you’re the one who killed him,,,what if you get hurt “she ran to me and I shook my head,,,
” And luckily,,, I didn’t “I said
📷 I love her,,,she’s so [email protected]!!
A Lady officer finally brou-ght him down,, now we are all free🎤
” See that mom,,I told you I won’t st©p until I get justice. He really deserve it cause he’s brou-ght pain and sorrow to many families including me,,, “I said,,,
” Am proud you!! “She said and we hvgged each other,,, she patted my hair gently,,
👑Ryan’s pov👑
I entered to see everyone at the dining eating,,, I walked to them.
” Ryan! “Tyler said
” Hey!! “I said and took the empty seat beside Avery,,
” You’re late “Jett snapped
” Excuse me “Avery said and walked away,,, I looked as she took the stairs
” What’s wrong with her?? “Tyler asked
” I don’t know,, let me go and check “Harper said and made to go when I st©pped her,,
” Let me go and check “I said,,she nodded and I went in,,,
😍Jett’s pov😍
” Hmm guys,,,Macy is going to be here soon,,can she stay?? “Harper said,,breaking the silence
” What?? I mean how did you reach her “I almost shouted
” I was able to reach her when she switched on her phone “She answered
” Are you she’s going to come,, she just lost her father “Tyler said,,,
” Am really sure….. “She was saying when I knock [email protected]£ on the door,,
A Maid went to open the door,,,
” Macy!! “I said softly when she [email protected]£ in,,we all stood up
” oh no,,Macy “Harper rushed over to her side,,she stood midway,,
” Hi everyone “She smiled before coming in fully,,,
” Where have you been?? “Tyler questioned
” Am sorry guys,,I’d to sort out some things and am sure you guys know about it alre-ady “She replied and [email protected] on the chair
” Sorry,, let me get you water “Harper said and went over to the kitchen
” I’ll be right back,,”Tyler said and followed Harper,, now it’s just two of us,,
” Macy! “I called and she looked up at me,,,I went to sit beside her
” Jett “she muttered and sat upright
” I was damn worried about you,,I’ve been really scared,,but now! Am so happy you’re back “I said,,,facing her
” You mean you’re so worried about me?? “I asked and he just nodded
” You don’t nee-d that,,, as you can see am perfectly okay,,, I think I can take care of myself “she replied
” If you say so “I said,,,I was lost starring at her,,, her face looks pale but she told me she’s fine,,,if only she knows how restless I was,,,for not seeing her. I love you MACY!!!
Chapter 16
🎻Writer’s pov🎻
Ryan knocked on the door,,he knocked for a while but still didn’t get a reply,,, is she in?? He thought.
He opened the door and walked in,he met her looking out of the window,,
” Avery!! “He called,jo-lting her out of her thought
” Yes? “She said,turning to face him
” Am sorry for what happened back then,, sorry for yelling at you without hearing your side of the story “he said,to him he acted foolishly and now,,maybe she’s going to forgive him
” It’s fine “she replied
” Really?? You’re no more mad at me? “He asked
” Of cos,, am not.let’s go “she said and turned to go
” Are we cool now?? “He asked again,she st©pped and faced him,,
” Super cool “she answered and they both laughed,,
” Thanks,,now let’s go “he said and they both walked out of the room
Tyler followed her into the kitchen,,she filled the cu-p with water and made to go when she saw Tyler coming in,,,
” Can we talk for a minute,, plea-se “he said and she nodded. He moved a little closer to her,,
” Am sorry for the k!ss,I don’tfu-cking know how it happened,,I was lost starring at you and didn’t know when we k!$$£d “he said and her eyes wi-de-ned…
” We k!$$£d?? “She muttered slowly
” Of course,,didn’t you enjoy it “he sm-irked
” Shut up!!,,,I thought you [email protected]£ here to apologize “she yelled and turned to leave when he pu-ll-ed her to himself,,, the whole water poured on him,,
“fu-ck! “She [email protected],,there was just a little distances between their b©dy,,
” I bet,,you’ll clean this “he said,,looking at his shi-t
” Never!! “She said and free herself from his grip,,she went to get another water,,,
” So you won’t clean this? “He sm-irked,, looking at her
” I won’t!! “She snapped before walking away,,,
” Damn! “He rou-ghed his hair
Ryan and Avery was more than shocked to see them lost starring at their selves,,
” Jett,,,, Macy!! “They yelled and they sprang up on their feets immediately,,
” I knew it! “Avery said
” It not what you’re thinking “Jett said
” Yes,,not what you’re thinking “Macy also said,, and shook her head. Harper [email protected]£ in and gave her the water,,
” Hmm lover birds”Avery said and blew them a k!ss
” Shut thefu-ck up! “Macy said and dropped the water,,she carried her bag and walked away,,
” What happened?? “Harper asked,,looking confused
” Nothing happened “Jett replied and also walked away
” Let me go and help her then “Harper said before leaving,,
” They look perfect together though,, ” Ryan thought inwardly,,
Jett and Macy st©pped immediately they are out of sight,,
” That was close “Macy t©uçhed her che-st
” $h!t,, Harper is coming “Jett suddenly said and faced her,,they both went on a separate way************💛💛
Melanie went into her room after having her dinner,, now that there is nothing more to do,,,it’s time to sleep.
She got on the be-d and la-id on her back,,,she s£nt Alya a text message
Melanie: Bess
Alya: Cutepie,,,her answered [email protected]£ almost immediately,,
Melanie: if you aren’t busy,, can you plea-se s£nd me Franco’s daughter picture?
Alya: what for??
Melanie: I want to find her and maybe gain her trust,,
Alya: Just be careful,,
The picture [email protected]£ up…
Melanie: thanks😘
Alya: Aren’t you feeling sleepy???
Melanie: you want me to go?😒😭
Alya: Nope,,I wanna sleep
Melanie : we’ll see tomorrow,, Goodnight😁
She put her phone at the other side of the be-d and sle-pt off,,,
They finished preparing Macy’s bath water and they [email protected]£ out of the bathroom,,,
” Now you can to and take your bath “Harper said
” Thanks pals “she smiled
” We’re going to our rooms,,goodnight “Avery said
” OK,,,sweet dreams “she replied,, they went out.
She stood up from the be-d and went into the bathroom.
🌉 Next Day 🌉
Melanie rushed out of be-d and dashed into the bathroom,,she [email protected]£ out after some minutes,,
She put on a crop t©p and black jeans, she went out of her room and wasn’t surprised when she found out no one is home (her mom)
📲I nee-d you at my house urgently
📲OK ma’am
Minutes Later
” I will s£nd you her picture, make sure you find out where she lives “I said to him,,
He was standing at my front,,
” I’ll do that right now “he said
” I trust you,,,you may go “I said with a smile
” Yes ma’am,,”he bowed and left,, Macy Myres,,no matter where you are,,I’ll make sure I find you!!

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