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Living with the trio Episode 11 & 12

💎Living With The Trio🎷🎷
(They owns us💲)
Chapter 11
💙Ryan’s pov💙
My phone started ringing and I quic-kly switched it off,,why should anyone call me at the middle of something important.
” You know what will happen if that catch us ” Macy said and I took off my bag and brou-ght out a long rope,,
” I think this will do,,but we have to call one of them,,that way,it will be easy for them to come down “she said
” You can call them on your phone,, that’s if you brou-ght it “I said and she brou-ght out her phone,,, I started to tie the knot at the end of the rope
📲Can you look down from your window, plea-se,,she said and we both looked of the windows opened,,we saw Harper and Avery
” Go “Harper signaled to us
📲We are here to save you,we gonna throw the rope so just tie it to something,,,then you can come down. Macy said and kept her phone.
She gave me a go ahead and as I threw the rope,,they catched of them went to tie it on something big
They held onto the rope and started coming down,,
” Careful “Macy said and helped Harper down,, Avery also got down.
” You [email protected]£ back for us “Harper said and they hvgged each other,,
” we can’t stay here for another minute,,,let’s get going “I put on my bag and we headed to the gate,, walking slowly and quietly,,,
Macy climbe-d and jumped down to the other side,, same with Harper.
Then next; Avery
” You shouldn’t have come this late,,what if you get hurt or something “she said and faced me.
” Not like you care, will you at least go now “I said,trying [email protected] not to shout,, she climbe-d it and got down,, I also did and went to join them,,
💄 Macy’s pov💄
” We can’t get a taxi this late “Harper said
” I brou-ght my car but I parked it down there ” Ryan said,,,we began to walk but suddenly,, a car raced towards us and pu-ll-ed to a halt at our front,,
” I guess the driver is blind ” Harper said and we all laughed,, we went on at another way and walked past the car.
” Macy!!! “I heard Daisy voice and we all st©pped,, we turned to see her stepped down from the car.
” You’re so smart,, so you think you can escape?? Take them all “she ordered and some men ran out of the car,,they [email protected]£ closer and I moved back,,,
” No Daisy!! Don’t t©uçh them, they are innocent,, don’t involve them in this “I said,spre-ading my arms to guard them.
” Seriously?? You think I will fall for your trick?? “She scoffed
” Run!! “I faced them but they didn’t move.
” But Macy ” Avery said
” We can’t leave you alone “Ryan shook his head
” Go!!! “I shouted and they all started running,,, one of her men made to attack me but I knocked him down.
” Don’t you dare t©uçh them,,am the one you [email protected]£ for!! “I said and looked back,,I was happy when I didn’t see them again,,
” Get her into the car!! “She said and some of them men [email protected]£d me
” No!! Get your stinking hands off me,,I will go in myself “I yelled at them,, and struggled to go free but their grip on me just got ha-rder.
” Leave her,,she will go in herself “she said and they immediately left me,,one opened the car door and I started walking…
” If she try anything funny,don’t hesitate to b!ow her head off “she shouted,, I stepped into the car gently and sat down.
She entered and three men sat beside me,,with me in the middle,,
” Daisy!! Did this stinking rats have to seat with me?? “I shouted
” Then you shouldn’t have tried to escape,,, start the car!! “She said and I rolled my eyes.
💛💜Tyler’s pov💛💜
I paced to and fro in the living room,why isn’t Ryan home yet at this godly hour,, Jett [email protected]£ down from the stairs
” I would have called the police but we can’t report him missing if not up to 24hours “he said,,
We heard the screening of a car and we rushed to the window,, to see Ryan driving into the compound. We went out,,,
I was more than shocked when Avery and Harper [email protected]£ out of the car with Ryan,,,they st©pped at our front
” Why are you here?? Alora told us you were bought “I said,,surprisingly.
” Don’t mind that liar “Harper said
” What about Macy?? “Jett asked as we all walked inside
” It was Ryan and her who saved us,,but unfortunately.,one of her father’s worker [email protected]£ back for her ” Avery said
” Am not really sure he’s her father,,how can a father be that cruel ” Ryan said and landed on the couch.
” We have to get her out of there,,he’s very dangerous “Jett said
💋Macy’s pov💋
I put on the hoodie and picked the gun on the table and kept it in my pocket,, I packed my hair in a normal style and walked out of the room,,
” And here is my lovely daughter “Dad said,, immediately he sighted me.
“Morning Dad “I greeted with a sly smile,, he hvgged me ti-ghtly
” Don’t you ever try to escape from me again” he whispered softly into my ears,, I pu-ll-ed away from the hvg.
” So Daisy and you will go for today’s operation,, Good luck “he said and walked away
I looked over at Daisy who looked away when her eyes met mine,,
I walked out and she followed behind me,,
She got into the car and turned on the ignition,, I sat beside her at the front. The gate opened and she drove off.
We walked down the long pas-sage,, Daisy re-moved her hairpin and her hair fell down on her shoulder,, she opened the door with the aid of the pin and we entered,, so crazy!!
She closed the door and I sprang into action,, the safe has a code in which I quic-kly pressed and boom!! It opened,,
” Hurry up!! “She said and joined me,,we packed the money into the bag and suddenly,,, the door flew opened to see three armed men.
I started fighting them and Daisy kept packing the money,, I kicked one and he landed on the floor.
” Done” she said and put on the bag,,I hit a big stick in the fat one and he fell down,, Daisy [email protected]£ and landed the third one a kick whick knocked him unconscious,, we ran out.
We headed to the car and I didn’t know when someone fired a sh0t at me
” Ouch!! “I winched in pain and she fired her gun at him.
She helped me enter the car and she drove out of the alre-ady opened gate,,
” Ahhh !! “I gro-an ed
” Sorry” she said and I looked at her,,that was the first time she showed a sign of care for me.
Chapter 12💚💛💜
💂Devin’s pov💂
” So you’re trying to tell me you couldn’t get the money??? “I yelled and they went on their knees,,,
” We’re sorry boss “they chorused,,with their heads bowed. They don’t dare to look into my eyes.
” You couldn’t overpower the rats Franco s£nt on the operation??It shows you’re a failure!! “I said angrily.
” He’s always getting on my way,,I don’t care how much it costs me,I want Franco dead!!! ”
👻Franco’s pov👻
” Any news about them?? “I asked the guard when he [email protected]£ back,,he bowed at my front,,
” They took the money alre-ady,, but I don’t know why they aren’t back yet “he said.
The gate opened and her car drove in,,she brou-ght Macy out,,,
” What happened?? “I asked, when I saw her wounded.
” She got sh0t, I think she nee-d a doctor “Daisy said and they walked past me,,
I called one of the guards,,
” Call the doctor,, Fast!!! “I shouted and he ran out. I walked in,,,
” Prepare her food,, she must be hungry “I told the maid I met on the way.
” Okay Sir “she said and hurried away,I went into her room.she la-id on the be-d with her eyes closed,,
” Where is the money? “I asked Daisy and she looked at me.
” I kept it in the usual place,,, boss “she said and I nodded.
I walked to her on the be-d,,I sat on the be-d and brushed her hair gently,,
” Am proud of you daughter “I said and that’s when she opened her eyes,,
” Dad,, “she muttered slowly and I smiled.
” You did a great job back there,,you outsmart Devin; our only enemy,, just tell me whatever you want. Is it a mansion?? Or you want to travel?? Money or what exactly??? “I said happily.
” I don’t want all what you mentioned,, I want you to quit this work and let’s live together as a happy family,,,, plea-se dad “she said and I sm-irked.
” I love this work am into,,so just let it be,,,, the doctor will be here soon “I said.
” Sir “the doctor walked in,,
” Good afternoon doc “Daisy said and he nodded.
” Doc “I said. He dropped his briefcase and faced us,,,,,
” You have to excuse us,,I’ll take care of things “he said and I stood up,,,
Daisy walked out and I followed,,,
” Daisy!! “I called her,,she turned and [email protected]£ back to me,,,
” Boss “she said
” You know what Devin is capable of,, I want you to increase the security “I said
” Sure Sir “she replied.
” We’re going together tomorrow to check the warehouses,,, to make sure everything is intact. Come with me,, “I said,,before walking. She followed behind me.
❤Jett’s pov❤
” She’s the one who runs the club, am sure that once you arrest her,,she’s going to tell you where Franco is “I said,,as Ryan and I saw him off to his car.
” We are going to try our best,,we’ll find her and being her to you “He said,,we st©pped walking and he entered his car.
We have all decided to call a police,, to make the whole thing more easier,,
” Bye “we said as he drove away.
” I’ll be happy when they catch him “I told him
” Same here,at least she will be free “he said
” I’ll be in my room “I said and he nodded, I went straight into my room,, like seriously,,,, I really can’t wait for her to be back here.
😍 Macy’s pov😍
I looked as he packed up his things,, I can’t imagine how much pain I went throu-gh,,,, [email protected] of the reasons why I don’t want to join hands with him.
” Take your medicines regularly and make sure you get enough rest “He said
” Thanks doctor “I replied before he walked away,, a maid [email protected]£ in with food,,
” Here is your food ma’am,,make sure you eat it “she dropped it on the be-d,,next to me.
” I will “I smiled.
” Should I help you up?? “She asked again,,,and moved closer.
” No,,,thanks ” I said
” Alright ma’am “she said and left,,,I breath out,,then climbe-d down the be-d. I walked out,,,
I paused when I saw a guard,,
” Hey! “I called and he [email protected]£ to me
” Ma’am “he said
” When is the boss going out? I mean is he planning to go somewhere?? “I asked
” Yes,,but that will be tomorrow morning “he answered.
” Okay,,,thanks “I smiled and he bowed again.
I’m leaving here tomorrow,, am going far away to a place where he won’t ever find me,,,maybe that way,,I’ll be happy.
😘Harper’s pov😘
I sat by the pool with my legs inside the water,,,I will have to learn how to swim,cause till now,,, I don’t dare going into a pool.
I noticed someone’s pres£nce and turned,,,
” Witch!!! “The person shouted and I quic-kly jumped into the pool
” Ahhhhh!! “I screamed and looked up to see it’s Tyler,,, am going de-ep into the water,,,
” I can’t swim,get me out of here!! “I yelled at him,,but he just stood staring at me.
” Like really?? I won’t until you beg me “he said,,I spit out the water in my mouth.
” Am sorry!! plea-se get me out Sir “I said
” Am coming “He said and turned to leave,, I couldn’t take it anymore. The water was now over my head
” TYLER!!! ”
He jumped into the water and helped me to gain my balance,,, I faced him with his two hands on my [email protected]!st,,,
We stared into each other’s face,, my eyes went to his pinkl-ips,,,I made to turn but he pu-ll-ed me back,,,hisl-ips landed on mine

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