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l£sb!anhigh school Episode 5 & 6

🏢💧 l£sb!anHIGH SCHOOL 🏘💧
🍆👢{Stay Holy And Get Disvir-gined} 👠🍆
Written by Olivia Pope A.K.A Candy Bella
Episode 5
Amanda Brooms
I woke up with a continuous ban-ging of headache, I fli-ckered my eyes open properly and it raked around the atmosphere. I recognise this place, this is my room.
What happened to me?? Why am I feeling odd?? Those unanswered questions kept polarizing on my mind as I managed to strain my n£¢k down, I regretted it instantly coz the moment I made that action, A sharp pain arrived throu-gh my V. I pressed myl-ips together, furrowing my eyebrows in pain.
Why the heck am I feeling pains all over?? My th!gh, my [email protected]!st, my b***s, my legs, the ultimate pain won’t just st©p. It kept on reverberating throu-gh me continuously. The door flanged open, unveiling Mom with a tray of scrabbled eggs and three slice of bre-ad, with a small cu-p of tea.
“Good morning Darling” she greeted, placing the tray on the be-d, I wasn’t really feeling hungry. I was determined to know what happened to me, I woke up in my room and worst [email protected] is that I couldn’t remember anything.
“Mom??” She looked up and ca-ressed my hair motherly. “W-Why am I here?? ” I asked hoarsely, shifting uncomfortably with every seconds that pas-sed, coz I wasn’t physically stable at all.
“Well, you [email protected]£ back home yourself last night” She shrugged helping me to stir the h0t tea. I sighed frustratedly, di-pping the sliced bre-ad into my tea, I shoved it into my mouth, but it drove back from my oesophagus to my throat and immediately I found myself throwing up on the tiled floor, coughing continuously.
“Mandy?” Mom called my nickname as she hurried to get me a glas-s of water. I shut my eyes closed , with my hands on my head.
Noooooooo……..!!!’ I screamed hurtfully but they wouldn’t let me go.
I saw the faces of those three girls, laughing at me tauntingly and mockingly. Screeching more loudly in fear and unimaginable pain, I breathed [email protected] , with my che-st heaving up sporadically, ba-rely ma-king me breath normally. ba-lls of sweats rolled down from my forehead as I blinked my eyes open.
What was that?? Why was I screaming loudly?? Who were those guys ma-king fun of me??Why can’t I seem to get everything right??
“Amanda, what’s wrong sweetheart??” Mom asked, walking towards me, handling me a glas-s of water. To her surprise I [email protected]£d the water from her, sprinkling it on my face, still [email protected] [email protected]
Liana Ohmshford
They crawled up creepily to my be-d, f0rç£fully taking off my jacket, immediately I stood up from the be-d, waltzing to the direction of the door, pasting a warning glare on my face.
They giggled silmutaneously, fondling and squee-zing each other b***s and A$$. They f!nger f**d themselves right in my pres£nce, they took off their C-string slurping on it repeatedly. All those irritating moment they shared, I was trying to unbolt the door, but it seems luck wasn’t on my side because the stupid brown door won’t just open, and that really infuriated me exasperatedly.
“Sweetie, come have a taste” Whispering flir-tatiously, they walked towards me, and I raised my hands up as a sign of ‘back off’ and restrict.
“Don’t you freaking come close to me or you’re goanna get it from me” I warned dangerously, but unfortunately my hostile tone wasn’t working at all. My heart accelerated intermittently than it’s ribcage as one of them tried to take off my trou-sers, but I j£rked her hands up twisting it, as I heard the cracking of her bones. She [email protected] in pain and staggered down, ma-king her head hit the nearby table. The other girl started at me hatefully, inculcating a look of desperateness. “I’llfu-ck you raw and you’ll regret ever hurting my mate” She yelled angrily as fear danced throu-gh me. She took off her [email protected], and her b***s stood firm bouncing up and down as she cat walked towards me. I gulped really [email protected] to nothing as I watched her f!nger f****d herself, [email protected] ing out in plea-sure. I shook my head negatively at her as she drew me closer f0rç£fully, trying to take off my crop t©p, I sm-irked audaciously kicking her on her abd0m£n, She walked closer to me landing me a hvge [email protected] which s£nt me to the floor, she smiled grinningly and bent down, unbuckling my bu-tton, but I was expeditious to [email protected] her hands off, s£nding her a hvge b!ow on her nose, which made blood gushed throu-gh her nostrils. I stood up and took my jacket starring at the two bit-ches.
“I wished you listened to me, when I politely asked you to back off” I muttered inaudibly and successfully un-boltingthe door, but not without packing my luggages. I nee-d to escape all these nons-en-se and madness or I die trying.
I ti-ptoed throu-gh the hallway, but not without hearing loud screams and [email protected] s from each dormitory door I pas-sed throu-gh. I traced the entrance of the main door and successfully [email protected]£ across it. I twisted the knob twice, only to find out that it was locked.
“$h!t!!” I cussed disappointedly hitting the door, creating a lot of sounds and something I couldn’t decipher started blaring really loud.
“We detected an Escapee” A robotic voice [email protected] throu-gh and two robots [email protected]£ out, walking towards me.
“No no! Get out!” I yelped fearfully as I took to my heels but who was i kidding?? Robots are freakishly fast and furious, coz they’ve been fv¢king programmed to do so…!!! How stupid and deteriorating can this school be huh?? I was still drowned in thought that I didn’t realized that the two robots pinned me to the wall, and their electric ton-gue [email protected] out, ma-king anger and fear course throu-gh my vein.
“They call us the $ex Robot”
What?? What the hell? Oh no! They used their robotic hands to re-moved my backpack and it [email protected]£ crashing to the ground. They were so strong that I couldn’t fight my way outta them.
Suddenly, I heard a voice which disrupted their actions. Wait….!!, I know that voice.
“What do you think you’re doing to her?”
Episode 6
Lorraine Ohmshford
I [email protected] my Long red hair backwards, stepping down from the Stairs of the plane which [email protected]psed down automatically.
I smiled broadly as my legs collided with the sandy ground of Washington DC. Lifting both of my hands sideways, I inhaled and exhaled, the cool breeze blew my hair and it scattered ro-mantically to my face.
It’s been 5years since I’ve been here and things haven’t changed one bit.
Well, I’m here to take back what’s truly mine. I’m here to take back Xavier Martins, my one and only first love. I’ll do anything, absolutely any freaking thing to have him back to my life, even if it means killing, I don’t care. I can’t afford to share him with anyone else, I can’t share him with any bit-ch, and I better not see him with one at all, or she’s goanna get it from me.
I’m Lorraine Ohmshford….! No one dares me, or possess what’s mine. Xavier is mine. Mine.
Yvonne Andrews
I ti-ptoed to the leader of the J.O.Y girls, wardrobe, searching for the files she secretly kept there. Well don’t be surprised about this coz I hate her. I hate Jeanette Blues with ultimate pas-sion. She f0rç£d me to join the J.O.Y girls, she threatened me and I didn’t have any choice than to suc¢v-mb to her request. You think I love practicing l£sblanism?? You think I derive plea-sure in doing it?? Well you’re outrageously wrong coz I hate it with pas-sion. Every moment, every S-xual plea-sure, every time, we practice it, brings hatred, deceit, disgust into me, You don’t know how much I detest this, but I have no choice, no one wants to face the wrath of Jeanette Blues. I’ve seen her [email protected]£ someone to death before, and I wouldn’t wanna experience that at all.
I went throu-gh her third wardrobe, and still couldn’t find the goddamn paper. Where the hell did this bit-ch kept her secret history do¢v-mentary paper?? I ran my hands throu-gh my hair frustratedly, [email protected] heavily, when an unexpected file fell to the floor, I [email protected] happily and took it from the floor, when I heard the cracking door of the door. My heart raced in acceleration as I quic-kly hid the file inside my Sk-irt, adjusting it, ma-king it look like I was dressing. I heard her footsteps and soon felt her filthy f!ngerson my b0ss0m, squee-zing it exasperatedly. Her f!ngerswent to my t©p and she took it off gradually, fondling my b***s, she turned me to her and walked closer towards me. I prayed [email protected] in my mind for her not to sight the file I kept in my Sk-irt… I pretentiously k!$$£d her r0ûghly and hungrily, ma-king [email protected] s escape from her mouth. bit-ch….!
I pushed her to the nearby be-d, and she giggled excitedly. I climbe-d to the be-d trailing k!sses from her n£¢k to her th!gh, taking off her [email protected] I bent down my head inside her V. Slurping and b!tt!g in it continuously, I moved to her abd0m£n k!ss!ngit, gnashing my teeth on her ñ@v£l, her f!ngerswent to my back [email protected]£ss!ngthem softly. I stylishly adjusted the files, taking off her singlet. I f!ngerf****d her increasingly and she [email protected] ed out silently placing her legs around my back while I picked up a small carrot from the tray di-pping it de-eply into her h0ñ£yp0t consecutively. She j£rked on the be-d, following my pace, as I made it two carrots, I increa-sed it to three and I placed my [email protected]!st on hers, scre-wing her artificially. She screamed out, but I didn’t halt or st©p. The door barged open, revea-ling Onita and she smiled grinningly, walking towards us too. I rolled Jeanette over, and Onita took control. I excused myself and washed up immediately, not wanting to inhale the scent of that disgusting bit-ch. I brou-ght files out and sm-irked victoriously.
Xavier Martins
I couldn’t rest or sleep coz the guys and their sluts [email protected] s engulfed the entire room, ma-king me roll my eyes sarcastically the umpteenth time. More so, I couldn’t st©p thinking about that girl. I know it sounds odd, but I wanna bury myself de-ep inside of her. Yeah…! I want her.
I have no idea whether it’s lvst or love or infatuation, but the truth is I can’t st©p musing about her outrageously for a day.
Xazix and Oliver kept ban-ging a who-re at the same time and I sighed in frustration, increasing the loud volume of the music on my I-phone to decimate the sporadic sound, but it only got worse coz Oliver alre-ady placed her in a doggy style, scre-wing her very fast and she screamed out really loud. After what seems like hours, he handed a bunch of money to her, she collected it happily, and he [email protected]ñked her bu-tt.
She laughed and walked off moving her as-s violently ma-king my Junior spring out but I wasn’t re-ady for that, coz my mind was seriously occu-pied with something else.
‘Earth to Xavier, do you copy?? ’ Oliver exclaimed, snapping me from my thoughts. I j£rked and starred back at him. The guys starred at themselves before digressing their attention back to me. ‘What??’ I asked with sarcasm, burning up in my throat.
‘You better chill up, the hookup night is later this night and you’re lost in thoughts. I’ve been calling your name three times, but it seems you were in planet Jupiter ’ Oval retorted and I let out a long Sigh.
They went to be-d, scrolling throu-gh their phone busily, Oval even had a smile on his face. Maybe one of his flings s£nt him her nûd£s. I thought, standing up, waltzing to the door. I strolled throu-gh the school premises, when I heard the loud blaring sounds.
Wait….! I think someone is trying to escape??
On a normal day, I would’ve ignored this type of situation, but something kept holding me back, curiosity defeated me, and I scrambled off to the direction of where the sound was arriving from. My eyes nearly popped out of it’s sockets as anger radiated throu-gh me , on seeing the scenario.
What the?? It was that girl…! Why the hell did she try to escape?? Didn’t someone tell her the school has a $ex Robot that detects an Escapee??
Nah! I ain’t gonna let anything horrible happen to her.., I’ve spent years in this highschool enough to know how to disconnect the robot.
‘What do you think you’re doing to her? ’ I asked, but the Robot didn’t move back, I could hear her muffled yelp and silent screams as the robot tried to take off her jean Sk-irt, I walked sneakily and pressed the green bu-tton on it and it calmed down, digressing to a friendly Robot. I heaved a sigh of relief as it freed her, She ran towards me hvgging me immediately, sniffing on my shoulders. I could feel her soft n!ppl!s being pressed comfortably on my che-st ma-king my Junior elasp out, and it rested on her abd0m£n, she noticed it and dis£ngaged immediately. I starred down at her Pretty [email protected] down to her moderate skinny legs. Her de-ep sandy coloured eyeball met mine and she sniffed back.
‘Thank you for saving me. I don’t even know what would have happened If not for you’ She appreciated but what I could only see was her bright pink curvedl-ips, I felt like k!ss!ngthe strawberry out of them. Thosel-ips…..
‘You haven’t told me your name’ she replied, breaking my chains of thoughts. ‘ Xavier… Xavier Martins ’ I replied smiling and she nodded clutching her bag pack to her che-st.
‘Liana Ohmshford ’
Wait….! That name sounds familiar, so familiar, I don’t know where I heard that surname before but I’m sure as hell that name rings a bell to my ears. I soon brushed the thoughts off my mind, starring lost at her.
Her curves. Gawd! It drove me immensely crazy, I felt like having my head buried in her [email protected]
‘Like I said earlier, I’m very thankful for what you did, that robot is….’ I didn’t let her complete her statement, when I [email protected]£d her [email protected]!st ti-ghtly to myself, locking myl-ips pas-sionately with hers.
Ehn? Xavier did what?? Hmmm, who is Lorraine Ohmshford?? And why does Liana’s same surname sounds familiar to Xavier??? True fans will know.
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