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l£sb!anHigh school Episode 3 & 4

🏤💧 l£sb!anHIGH SCHOOL 🏣💧
👜🍆{ Stay Holy And Get Disvir-gined}
Written by Olivia Pope. A. K. A Candy Bella
Episode 3
Xavier Martins
I perched on the fluffy glittery sofa, that was placed gracefully in the X.O.X.O guys special room, the school authorities handed to us, I find this whole thing weird but I can’t seem to get my mind off that new girl. Anytime, my gaze locks with hers pas-sionately, I can’t explain this kind of feeling that reverberate throu-gh me strangely. I haven’t felt like this for a long time, except with Veronica, I’m not re-ady to highlight what happened to her right now coz it was that girl that occu-pied my emotions and thoughts. You wanna know why she haven’t got la-id f0rç£fully?? That’s because of me, I made sure nothing horrible happen to her coz I can’t bear it. The rest of the guys don’t know this, else they’ll have been bombarding me with questions…., The only way she can get out of this, is if she get hooked up with one of us officially, no one would be able to t©uçh or un-derestimate her unfairly, but I’m not sure she can do that coz she has a very tough and dangerous look plastered clearly on her face, which s£nds cold chills to my spine sometimes.
Damn…!!!! What’s she doing to me?? Why the fv¢k am I thinking about her?? I shook my head frustratedly lighting a cigarette, as placed it into my mouth, enhancing it to take full charge of my oesophagus, I rested a bit before puffing it out, and it [email protected] out from my nostrils, the stench polarized the entire room.
The door bur-sted open and Xazix, Oliver, with Oval walked in, smiling grinningly as two girls trooped in immediately with them, s£nding flir-tatious wi-nks and glances at me, but I simply ignored them all.
‘ What’s up Dude??’ Oval and Oliver greeted, settling on a white couch, the who-re sat on his [email protected], and he kept f!nger fv¢king them from behind and their loud [email protected] s engulfed the entire room, some [email protected] of me felt really disgusted. I didn’t know what was up with me at that very moment. This isn’t the first time they’re scre-wing bit-ches in my pres£nce and suddenly I felt irritated about it.
‘Dude, Check her out…!!’ Xazix exclaimed surprisingly almost shrilling as one of the sluts stood up moving her round bu-tt vigorously walking to me, but I stood up immediately shocking the rest of the guys. A notification popped into my phone and I nearly [email protected]
Oh no..! The hook up night is tomorrow. This isn’t gonna be good for the new girl at all. I think the rest of them got the message and they all screamed in happiness. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way, but I felt like I should let it be my t©p priority to protect the new h0t girl.

Onita Davidson
‘It’s almost time for the hookup night…!! ’ I yelped excitedly rushing to place my mouth briefly on Yvonne who [email protected] ed out in plea-sure.
‘We’re shopping for voluptuous and statuesque dresses in town. We nee-d to be irresistible for tonight ’ The leader, Jeanette muttered inaudibly un-der her breath as we all nodded affirmatively crawling at the same time on the be-d. We always do this every year a day before the hookup night. We fv¢k ourselves mercilessly and draw a mark at our backs. It’s the number of time we’ve had Les-S-x.
‘What about the new girl? ’ I [email protected] ed out di-pping my hands very de-eply into Jeanette h0ñ£yp0t, slurping on her cl£@[email protected]£s also. ‘You all know what do’ She replied, taking off her short Sk-irt and we all giggled excitedly in plea-sure.
It’s goanna be a long night today.
Liana Ohmshford
It seemed like my ears were mistaking words as I heard every shred of elaboration Sherry was talking about, and I couldn’t help but to keep [email protected] What the hell??? Suddenly I started regretting coming to this boarding highschool in the first instance. I should’ve just been admitted to Hidden ville high, not this terrible place.
‘What way can I escape from this? ’ I asked softly starring at her intently and she starred at me for a while before saying; ‘You’re not goanna like this. I escaped mine narrowly by slee-ping with the last X.O.X.O guys and here I am, free. When you hook up with one of them, you can do absolutely whatever the hell you want. Get new dress, shoes, new real clas-s, real textbooks and so many much more, but if you don’t make your decision three days from now, it won’t end well ’ She an-alyzed and I breathed out an exaggerated sigh. Gawd…! How on earth did I get myself into this gigantic mess? How?? Few days ago I was that happy cheerful girl who lived happily with her caring mother, but now I’m stuck in a school of fantasy and mysteries that I can’t even imagine….!!! I can’t give my pride and dignity to one of the so-called X.O.X.O guys, in order not to get defiled by the J.O.Y girls?? But come to think of it, the benefits I’ll derive is really mas-sive. New textbooks and real clas-ses, not that stupid economics textbook that a picture of two girls k!$$£d, but I’m not re-ady to surrender my dignity yet……. Gawd…..!!! Sherry was still trying to persuade me to do it, when the whole clas-s suddenly screamed out very loud, almost piercing my eardrum.
‘It’s the hookup night …..!!’ One of the girls bawled excitedly as I starred at Sherry for explanation.
‘You’re not gonna want this ’ She wanted to talk when the bell rang for dismissal. Immediately, everyone trooped out and Sherry muttered a Bye to me before scrambling off, leaving me all alone to myself.
Oh Gawd…!! How would I do this now?? I ran my hands throu-gh my hair in frustration, packing my booklets into my bag. I slung it around my shoulders. Suddenly I felt like emptying my bladder, so I turned to the direction of the lavatory and restroom. I pushed the door open and met the shock of my entire life.
A female student in a doggy position, and a male teacher scre-wing her from behind. Another girl was sitting at the front of the other girl, moistening herl-ips on her h0ñ£yp0t and abd0m£n.
Oh yeah baby……..
Go ha-rder……..
Yeah, like that……..
Go dee-per……. Hmm…
A little bit more ha-rder……..
He used his ba-re large hands to tear off her [email protected] and started gulping her b©©b s ambidextrously, using his other hands to cu-p her as-s, fondling it softly. He suddenly placed her on the ground and started ban-ging her from the front, while she started screaming very loudly. The other girl was su-cking the male ’s d!¢k. Holy freakingmoly.
They were so engrossed in what they were doing and they didn’t notice me. I hid at the back of the door and sounds of k!sses filled the atmosphere which felt deteriorated.
‘So, i’m getting an A in Math’ She replied as she wore a new set of dress coz the other was alre-ady torn badly during their disgusting S-x adventure. ‘Come to my [email protected],.. Tonight? ’ The science teacher whispered b!tt!g her lower l!pas he suddenly re-moved his trou-sers, pinning her to the wall, taking off her new short leather Sk-irt. She giggled excitedly and turn to face him back.
‘I want A parallel in all my subject, do you get that?’ She asked and he nodded impatiently, engaging into a h0t k!ss, forcibly turning her behind again and he pushed into full f0rç£, unceasingly and sporadically. He tore off her new [email protected] and she giggled exaggeratedly.
He dragged her hair, almost tearing off her scalp as he pushed her big as-s close to himself ban-ging her forcibly and impatiently. It [email protected]£ to a moment when she staggered to the floor weakly but he pushed her up placing her n-ked b©dy on the W.C, getting at the t©p too, moving in and out, holding her [email protected]!st ti-ghtly, while she [email protected] loudly as he squee-zed his d!¢k [email protected] into her V. Hopping in and out r0ûghly, and hungrily.
He pressed her b©©b s, b!tt!g it [email protected] and her screams filled the area. He brou-ght her down from the W.C{Water Cistern}, pinning her to the wall, encircling her legs around his shoulders, pinning her hand with a handcuff that was brou-ght out of his pocket. He bent a little and adjusted his big d!¢k. My eyes almost popped out of it’s socket, when I saw how hvge and big it was. He sm-irked triumphantly before pouring something oily into his groin, ru-bbing it to become soft a he pinned her stomach almost ripping his f!ngersoff it, he thrû-sted with full f0rç£ without hesitation, holding her hair backwards from covering her face, he k!$$£d her legs to her th!gh pushing in and out for about 2hours. The girl was alre-ady weak and feeble but it seemed like he wasn’t done with her yet.
He re-moved the handcuffs and tossed it into the toiletpit, flushing it. He brou-ght out the girl’s head. ‘I want you to svçkthis like your life depends on it’ He commanded authoritatively, kneeling down taking off his bo-xers as his flat bu-tt [email protected]£ in view. She held his d!¢k and started slurping on it consecutively.
svçkit dee-per……..
Yeah baby…….
He re-leased his ¢v-m into her mouth and f0rç£d her to shove it down her throat. He held both his hands on the d!¢k and shoved it into the girls mouth. He was mouth fv¢king her intermittently and I almost screamed in shock.
As if that wasn’t enough, he placed her on a table, and sat her there jumping with her, fv¢king her mercilessly as the table made sounds of the pace he was creating. He increa-sed the pace for about fifty minutes before throwing her to the floor like she was some bag of tomatoes. He placed his two legs on hers thrû-sting de-eply and forcibly squee-zing her as-s at the same time. I could see the sign of his f!ngerson the girl’s bu-tt.
It was becoming so ha-rder and dee-per and I could s-en-se that the girl was alre-ady tired and weak.
‘Wait.. That’s enough alre-ady…!!!’ She screeched out tearfully, but he [email protected] her twice on the face taking off her pop socks, he gulped on her [email protected] and laughed devilishly , pene-trating mercilessly. She fainted but he cared less, still thrû-sting de-eply, he pushed her to the floor and kept su-cking on her two b©©b s, he su-cked her abd0m£n and f!nger fv¢ked her honepot, he switched her into different kind of positions and blood was dripping from her V. because of the continuous thrû-sting.
The girl st©pped breathing and he sm-irked grinningly facing the other girl who hurriedly k!$$£d him. ‘Throw her lifeless b©dy into the laboratory dumpster, Next time, she won’t dare me ’
I [email protected] loudly in fear and shock. They looked left and right to make sure no one was sighting what happened and I quic-kly his myself well, they carried the girl and used a white be-dspre-ad to roll it on her corpse, suddenly the Man st©pped, he looked so scary. My heart accelerated fearfully and I prayed [email protected] they shouldn’t find me.
‘Someone is here…!! Find her!!’ He screamed and they started ti-ptoeing to the direction of where I hid, my heart thumped fas-ter than its ribcage as they walked closer.
Oh no
Episode 4
Amanda Brooms
I feel so excited to start blackville high school, I pushed the janitor’s door open and I [email protected] loudly on what I saw. The janitor and a female student su-cking on themselves repeatedly. So many girls were there, practicing the whole thing. What nons-en-se?? What the hell is this?? Is this the new high school I’m getting admitted to??
‘Why’re you over there starring at us. Come join us’ One of the girls persuaded, walking closer towards me, I turned and made to leave, but three girls blocked my way, my heart began to beat fast nervously and fearfully.
‘It seems you haven’t heard of the J.O.Y girls. We’re the baddest bit-ches in town’ the one in the middle said laughing hysterically at me.
‘Just let me go!!’ I yelled but she only laughed again, infuriating me the more.
‘Let’s show you how we do it!’ She whispered as she drew a girl close to her, k!ss!ngher r0ûghly and hungrily, di-pping her f!ngersinto her [email protected], after pu-lling her Sk-irt down. What the heck??
‘We have only but just one request…….Join us’ She said trailing k!sses to the girl’s n£¢k pu-lling her as-s closer to hers, [email protected]£ss!ngher expo-sed th!gh, scre-wing her from behind. She picked a cu¢v-mber and placed it in her pu-ssy moving in and out in the girls pri-vate area, and their loud screams filled the entire room. I clenched my fist angrily feeling [email protected]£d. She turned her to different position, before su-cking the hell out of her.
‘You people are nothing but a shameless dog. Even when you arrive at a rehabilitation centre, you’re gonna get rejected and condemned! ’ I spat at her as she almost [email protected]£ tearful for a while, before twitching herl-ips to a sm-irk.
‘Sweetie, don’t psychoan-alyze me, I’ve been rejected all my life. Now back to the main t©pic. Are you still joining us?’ She asked, placing her hands on her [email protected]!st, anticipating for an answer, but I wasn’t re-ady to join them. Never!
‘I won’t ’ I retorted angrily and she looked back and nodded twice at the girls, they walked out and [email protected]£ back with three h0t guys. Wait! What’re they planning to do??
‘Then we’ll have to do this the [email protected] way. Scream loud baby coz it’s gonna be a long ride’ She emphasized walking out with the rest of the girls.
‘No! No! Nol get off me! ’ I yelped in tears as one of the guys hands quivered to the rope of my go-wn, letting it lose as they f0rç£fully re-moved my jeans, [email protected]£ss!ngmy th!gh, as one squee-zed my as-s, twirling it disgustingly with his ton-gue. I fought, I yelped, I struggled but they were way stronger than me.
‘plea-se just let me go! I won’t tell anyone! I swear!’ I shouted but a hvge [email protected] landed ferociously on my face, ma-king me go hazy for a while. Tears streamed down my eyes as they took off my [email protected] He li-cked my th!gh and got to my pu-ssy, b!tt!g it, while a scream escaped from my mouth. The other guy held both of my legs, while the other one, held both of my hands ti-ghtly, the third guy sm-irked satisfactorily walking closer to me, as he bent down, unbuckling his belt, lashing it on me sporadically, to make me weak. He shoved my [email protected] into my mouth to prevent me from screaming, and he took off his bo-xer. His di-ck sprang out to life and my eyes wi-de-ned as I sighted how hvge it was. He ca-ressed it softly moving closer to me, wi-dening my legs the more.
‘Have you ever been f***d before? ’ he laughed like the Devil he was, my muffled screams filled everywhere as he held both of my [email protected], pene-trating into me with full f0rç£, I screeched hurtfully in pain as he pushed more dee-per.
‘Oh! She’s a v!rg!n’ He [email protected] ed out as he inser-ted his f!ngersunceasingly di-pping it de-eply as he li-cked his f!nger after that. He laughed again, thrû-sting into me, more ha-rder su-cking and slurping on my b***s the same time. I screamed in pain as blood filled the floor. He continued thrû-sting and pounding to nowhere exactly. He rolled me over and kept thrû-sting de-eply into me until I felt immensely weak. He finished with whatever he was doing and f0rç£fully placed me on a doggy position, his boys trooped in to me and started ban-ging me from behind. One of them even [email protected]ñked my as-s, squee-zing it repeatedly. They took turns on me and it remained the last guy. He looked dangerous and really Scary. rou-gh rider was boldly tattooed in His che-st and tears ran out of my face. Is this how i’m goanna be ruined???
He held my [email protected]!st, and pu-ll-ed my hair off my face moving in and out on me very fastly and r0ûghly. I felt I was gonna die soon, but he kept shoving into me, gro-an ing and [email protected] ing out. ‘She’s so ti-ght and sweet’ he whispered , as he kept on thrû-sting, I couldn’t do or say anything coz I was weak. He wi-de-ned my legs, placing them around his che-st, still squee-zing and fondling my b***s inhaling de-eply before ban-ging me increasingly and intermittently not ma-king any move to st©p.
‘‘Am about to ¢v-m’ He muttered inaudibly as he kept on pounding for thirty minutes, before re-leasing his ru-bbish on my [email protected] He took two rounds again and the remaining guys did the sane too. I was feeble and I felt my V. was about to rip off soon. They injected me and I blacked out, not remembering a thing.

Liana Ohmshford
The moment they started ti-ptoeing to the direction of where I was, I took off immediately without looking back. ‘Get her…!’ I heard, but I alre-ady beat them to it, I ran fast as my leg could carry, I thanked my stars they couldn’t see my real face, coz I was actually backing them.
I got to the clas-s, [email protected] heavily, bending down a bit, with my hands on my th!gh. I couldn’t even drink water. Who knows maybe they’ve poured their ¢v-m inside?? I ran my hands throu-gh my hair and sat down at once on my seat, trying [email protected] to catch my breath. My mind back forwarded to what happened in the restroom.
I held my mouth, [email protected] very loudly in ultimate shock. That was the first time of seeing a Corpse in my entire life. My heart couldn’t st©p accelerating in fear, as I thought of what Sherry told me earlier. Should I just do it?? Sleep with one of the X.O.X.O guys?? I… Just wanna make all these st©p……!! It has to st©p.
So badly, I wanna leave this $ex hellhole of boarding school, but the stupid authorities won’t let me, they keep saying that I still have 3months, Imagine?!! I don’t ever think I can last one week here, if I don’t do something about it. Gawd! I can’t just imagine having se-x with one of those guys. Suddenly, a paper fell from my locker. Curiosity got the best of me, I unfolded it and almost yelled angrily when I sighted the terrible and dirty contents of the letter. The shape of bo*bs and pu-ssy were drawn on it clearly and I re-ad the contents.
«If you wanna come out here alive, you nee-d to join the J.O.Y girls, if not consider yourself a dead meat, coz I’m gonna make your life a living hell, you’re gonna regret ever coming here, don’t tell me you don’t like su-cking cli-ts. We’re giving you the golden opportunity to know what it taste like
Anonymous »
Anger radiated throu-gh me as I tore the sheet into two without thinking twice. I scoffed sarcastically, remembering what was written. Golden opportunity huh?? What a lame joke..!! I stood up from my seat and was about to waltz off when the Greek god’s figure hovered in. How can someone be as beautiful as a goddess?? I starred lost fully at his green eyeball and his bright pinkl-ips, his curly hair was packed into a low ponytail leaving some strands. I starred admiringly at the viper’s tattoo in his che-st.
’Is there something wrong?’ His soft soothing volcanic voice boomed throu-gh as my [email protected] pooled up. Gawd! What is wrong with me?? Why the hell am I having b©dy reactions towards him??
‘I… Uhm…want… No.. I…I’ll just go ahead now’ I stuttered nervously, walking off to my dorm room instantaneously, ignoring his calls. I opened the door, peeking shockingly at the two bit-ches that were f!nger f***g themselves, removing their [email protected] and [email protected] I shook my head unbelievably, ambling in, sitting on the be-d. My stomach rumbled loudly, I nee-ded so soothsayer to proclaim to me that I was freakishly hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since I got here, after the whole shock I pas-sed throu-gh. Who knows maybe they added discharge into their food??? I unZi-pped my travelling bag and brou-ght out some cheese, I got rid of the Nylon, crunching on it.
The [email protected] s of the girls filled the room and I was starting to feel more and more disgusted with each minutes that pas-sed. They giggled after three minutes, [email protected]ñking each other’s as-ses, before finally going to be-d.
I heaved a hvge sigh of relief, finally they were done with whatever ru-bbish they were practicing. I placed my head on the pillow, drifting to sleep land.
I woke up from the continuous thrû-sting and [email protected] s from the worthless girls. I checked the time ‘1:09’ Still in the midnight.
‘Can you st©p doing that huh? How disgusting can you girls be?? Don’t you have any iota of shame?? ’ I barked furiously and before I knew what was happening, the two n-ked girls alre-ady bolted the door, crawling towards my be-d. I stood up instantly starring at them. They laughed maniacally f0rç£fully taking off my jacket.
What the??
What do you think is goanna happen next?
Comment yah thoughts.

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