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l£sb!anhigh school Episode 17 to 19

🕍💧l£sb!anHIGH SCHOOL 🏩💧
👢🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvir-gined}🍆👠
Genre: [email protected]ç£, Comedy, Suspense, ero-tic a, Highschool.
Written by Olivia Pope A. K. A Candy Bella
Episode 17
Liana Ohmshford
My heart built up in disappointment and confusion as I starred at Lorraine who had a sm-irk on her face.
What ??!
How the heck can I spend a whole seven minutes with this flir-ty guy here??
Jeez! What the heck is happening?? And why on earth did I [email protected] in this game the first place??
I j£rked my chin slowly towards Xavier and his look pronounced “Do you really wanna do this??” I gulped ha-rd to nothing in [email protected] as Lorraine knitted her eyebrows sarcastically into an arc. “What??? Why’re you still standing there?, come on, get into the restroom alre-ady. You’re both delaying the game”
I heaved out a breath, dragging myself up, slowly walking to the restroom, when Xavier’s voice impeded my actions.
“Wait?? Does she really have to go there with him??” He asked, his gaze never leaving mine. I watched her mouth twitch to a undeniable Frown as she stood up as well starring annoyingly at him. “Why’re you so pissed off about it?? It’s just a game and she must stick to the conditions. I don’t get you Xavier. Why’re you so perturbe-d about it anyways??”
He swallowed ha-rd , averting his attention from me. “Alright”
Xazix sm-irked grinningly as we both took few Stride’s to the lavatory. He bolted the door instantaneously we got there, and that single action he made, enhanced my heart thump than its ribcage.
“Deny it all you can Liana, but I do know you’re very excited about this” His baritone voice bloomed throu-gh the silent background as he moved closer towards me. I gulped ha-rd nervously, feeling uncomfortable with the way his close pres£nce [email protected]£d me.
“I’m not”
“Really??” Creasing his eyebrows se-ductively, he moved more closer to me, but I moved backwards, he moved closer again, until my back collide with the wall.
Dead end!
“Or you wanna Deny the fact that…you…badly want me to get my c0ckburied into that sweet hole of yours” He whispered, using hisl-ips to brush mine.
Oh Gawd!
I would’ve done something drastic; but he alre-ady had both of hands pinned with his strong hands.
“Xazix re-lease me now or I swear I’ll do something you won’t like”
He scoffed, trailing k!sses to my temples. “Really??”
He pushed me closer to himself possessively, forcing me to a hungry rou-gh k!ss. I tried to break from it, but my efforts were all fruitless because he had his ton-gue attacking mine f0rç£fully, ma-king a mistakable [email protected] elude from my mouth. The door barged open, revea-ling Xavier and Lorraine.
Oh no!!
“Time up!” Her squeaky voice waved in as I re-leased myself from Xazix hold. Xavier starred at me disappointedly.
“I swear it’s not what you think…. He…” I tried to explain, but he just threw me a brief glance, walking away angrily.
Oh my!!!!
Sherry Washington
My heart raced fearfully as I struggled weakly with the rope that was tied on my legs and hands, restricting me from ma-king any actions.
Who the heck kidnapped me??; What the hell??
I heard the door creaked open, followed by sounds of heels cl!çk!ng towards my direction. I felt a hand re-move the piece of clothe that was firmly tied on my eyes. I fli-ckered it twice as the light reflected de-eply throu-gh my Iris.
My mouth hanged open in the air as I starred up at two of the J. O. Y girls. They did this??
They abducted me??
What the heck did I do to them??
These unanswered questions kept gallivanting around my mind as she suddenly laughed silently lighting out a cigarette. She gave an eye-sign to one of the hefty guys in the room and they immediately brou-ght a chair for her. I watched her keenly as she dragged the chair towards me , sitting on it.
“So let’s talk!!”
“About what?? I don’t remember stepping on your toes, so could you just let me go right now!” She laughed maniacally as the smoke [email protected] out throu-gh her nostrils. The stench engulfed the atmosphere. It soon had effects on me, coz I started coughing continuously.
“I [email protected]£ here to talk Miss. Washington; don’t even think of getting me threatened with those empty words of yours coz it’s not goanna work on me”
“What the fv¢k do you want from me??” I asked, in a whisper but it arrived out as a frustrated scream. She signalled the guy again and he dunked my head f0rç£fully into a h0t steaming water ma-king me scream out really Loud.
“You don’t raise your voice at me, coz you’ll regret it the moment you do”
“So let’s get down to business, shall we?? I have an eye for your h0t S-xy friend. She’s a tough bit-ch and I fv¢king love tough bit-ches. Their pu-ssy’s so soft and intact. They give you the vibe to keep su-cking their cl**s”
“How shameless could you be huh??” I pin pointed in ultimate disgust.
“Extremely shameless. I just wanna ask you a question. I nee-d to confirm my suspicions. I know that Liana’s still a vir-gin. She hasn’t been bur-sted yet and I know it okay?? So did she really get hooked up that night at the [email protected]???!” She asked starring at me, as if the answers to her questions were written on my face.
Truth is; I don’t really have any idea whether she sle-pt with Xavier that night coz she didn’t tell me anything about it.
When she realized that I wasn’t talking, She [email protected] me twice ma-king my eardrums deaf for two seconds. Tears alre-ady filled my face , and I almost cried.
“Won’t you talk now bit-ch!!!” She yelled angrily but I didn’t bulge. Her che-st heaved up and down consecutively as she attacked me fiercely with her hands choking me gradually. My sight [email protected]£ hazy as my breath seized sharply.
“Tell me what I nee-d to know,… And we’re okay” She muttered inaudibly un-der her breath but still i didn’t say a word, and that really got her infuriated.
She dragged my hair, almost pu-lling off my scalp as I coughed silently, slurping ha-rd .
“Is she still a vir-gin??!!”
“Yes!!” I screamed out in frustration.
Episode 18 &19
Xavier Martins
I watched the scenario with anger coursing intermittently throu-gh my veins. I was so annoyed with the fact, of his effect towards her.
I still couldn’t discard the thoughts off my mind. The way she [email protected] ed out, with the way that freaking Bastard held her so close to herself got me really angry and extremely furious.
She tried to explain, but I waved her off, walking out on her immediately.
How could she k!sshim?? Why did she do it???
Darn it!!!
Being so engrossed in my thoughts, I didn’t notice the moment Lorraine walked in. She caused all these $h!t anyways!!! If she hadn’t f0rç£d us to [email protected] £r0ticgame, none of this would have happened. I Still can’t get why she can’t accept the fact that I’m not her b©yfri£ndanymore. We broke up three years ago in Riverdale, coz of her clingy attitude.
“Baby…!! Why’re you looking so perturbe-d huh???” Her disturbing Voice [email protected]£ throu-gh. I stole one glance at her before j£rking my chin down. She noticed I didn’t reply her, and that got her infuriated coz the next thing I heard was;
“Xavier. Are you avoiding me huh??? Is it because of that slutty bit-ch??? Answer my question right this minute!!!
I flied here to Washington DC just for you, to make things work between us. I couldn’t just help but think about you every seconds and moments that always pas-s. Now I’m here to take you back and you’re harsh towards me!!!”
“Lorraine, I’m not harsh at you” I tried to reason but she shook her head negatively, [email protected] her lashes annoyingly.
“Just tell me this once, Xavier I want you to be honest with me. Are you in love with that Slut??!”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
She scoffed angrily, taking two steps backwards.
“Really?? Huh?? Then why were you angry coz Xazix k!$$£d her?? Why were you getting paranoid about it??
C-mon I wasn’t born yesterday, I know when you love someone, coz it’s boldly written all over you.
The heck??? What’d you take me for?? A S-x toy?? When you were turning my legs and th!gh, east, north, south, west. Then, you didn’t inculcate the fact that it can’t work between us?? So now you’re alre-ady getting tired of me because of that who-re!!
Xavier Martins. Are you in love with her!!?’
“Yes I am!!!”
Yvonne Andrews
After the whole interrogation-night with Liana’s friend, That western Witch, Jeanette freed her coz she told her the Truth. Right now I don’t know whatever that’s going throu-gh her mind. I looked left and right to ensure no one starring at me secretly.
Determined, I retrieved the Diary, jamming the digits before fli-pping the pages open.
History Hidden Secrets of Blackville High.
Black ville high school was created for a very complicated reason. It was built because of two ladies. Shirley and Arya.
Their love story all started when they were young. They were best friends, they did everything together. As time pas-sed, they both [email protected]£ of age and they started having feelings for each other. At first they both thought it was a phase, because biblically, two girls shouldn’t be in any relationsh!pbecause it was really forbidden. But they didn’t realized the moment they brushed that principles and rules away because of their de-ep feelings. Their parents found out about it and threw them out of the house, claiming they were possessed. They be[email protected]£ homeless and helpless, they sle-pt on bridges every night, with no one to cater for them, and no shelter to serve as a roof on their head. People shunned them and called them
“Daughters of The Devil” until one day!
They met some group of people.. They call them the “Sistemics” These group of people [email protected] young girls, teaching them to inspire them only. They sell drugs, cocaine. They got influenced badly by them and they vowed to make those people that treated them unfairly pay miserably. And so, with the cash they earned from Sistemics. They built a Highschool.
It was just called Black ville high to trick young girls in attending it. But in reality. It’s called l£sb!anHIGH SCHOOL! They practiced all manner of thing’s and admitted psych0tic l£sb!anstudents at first. And then four identical S-x freaks got admitted too. They refer to them as the X. O. X. O guys. They’re dangerous and ruthless. They also programmed S-x-Robots to manipulate and destroy anyone that tries to escape.
If you’re re-ading this, you may have little or no opportunity to save young girls from l£sblanism. Because if you can’t, you’re on your own. Once you step your foot into this Highschool you’re never ever getting Out!
Beware! When the times comes, there’s goanna be War. A Battle. Be prepared.
My heart thumped than its ribcage, and I was so afraid to re-ad the second page, it sounded so creepy and terrifying. I gulped ha-rd fearfully, sli-pping the Diary un-der the be-d. Jeanette walked in, k!ss!ngme forcibly on thel-ips before b!tt!g my ear-lobes which s£nt wave of disgust throu-gh my mind. “At last the bit-ch’s still a vir-gin. I want us to go for our next plan”
I have to st©p this!!
Liana Ohmshford
I scru-bbe-d the sponge on my smooth skin, rinsing my soapy b©dy with water. I turned on the cold shower, letting the water cascade on my b©dy. The thoughts of Xavier being annoyed with me brou-ght sadness to my mind.
Why’s he so mad at me?? Why can’t he just believe me??
Oh Gawd!
I got back into the room, and soon dressed up in a light blue r!pp£ddenim [email protected] and a red blouse. I let my hair down, carrying my backpack. Everyone had alre-ady walked off to clas-s, leaving me all alone including Xavier.
I shook my head and breathed out a long sigh, walking towards clas-s. Sherry caught up with me throu-gh the hallway, and she had this look I couldn’t decipher.. Something caught my gaze. A red sign was on her n£¢k. “Hey! What happened to you??”
“Nothing” She replied bluntly
“I still can’t believe we’re pla-ying basketball” I rolled my eyes, putting on a blue Jersey as Sherry followed suit, sliding her legs into a white canvas.
I’ve always hated the game since I was a Kid.
At least it’s better than practicing disgusting act with those former students.
I sighed as we both walked towards the Basketball field. Lorraine was still all over him and that really got me angry. What’s her problem anyways?? She caused all the squabbles between I and Xavier yesterday, and she still had the guts to cling all over him right in my pres£nce??? I scoffed sarcastically, throwing my gaze away from them.
Suddenly a h0t guy in a yellow Jersey bounced in and everyone screamed excitedly. He had this [email protected]!ngphysique.
A tattoo was inscribe-d on his very broad che-st, and that brou-ght out his muscles and backbones. His curly hair blew ro-mantically as the breeze blew.
“I think he’s a new admitted guy here” Sherry whispered. His gaze caught mine and he win-ked naughtily at me, while I quic-kly threw my face elsewhere. He slowly sprinted towards me with a ball in his hands, everyone’s attention drifted to us and I was starting to get uneasy.
“Hi S-xy” He greeted smiling flir-tatiously. “I’m Nathan.. Nathan Davidson, and you are??”
I gulped ha-rd “Liana Ohmshford”
“Mind if we hang out”
“Hey Mr. You’re crossing your limits!!” Sherry made her pres£nce known.
He smiled again pla-ying with the ball expertly on his right hand singlehandedly. He walked closer towards me and whispered to my ears.
“What’s your favorite S-x position??”

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