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His Village bride 2 Episode 9 & 10

( ma-king her mine )
Book Two
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Noel Innocent
Chapter Nine
” what are the details for the meeting ” I asked Ben my secretary while waiting in the elevator to finally meet john, to see the look on john face
” this meeting is mainly organize for the signing and agreement of [email protected]!pfrom hence forth ” Ben said and I step out of the elevator the moment it open
” if I decline [email protected]!pwhat will be the result ”
” then this will be the last appointment you two shall be having except he still tried pursuing you further ” I nod at that
” while am in the conference room with him, I want you to meet his share holders for me and talk them into the advantage of me being the CEO ” I said and Ben gave me a confuse look
” that will be rather difficult since we didn’t set a meeting with the share holders before hand ”
” just go into that room, they should be there. I nee-d you to do a clean job okay ” I watch him nod, hand some files over to me then head towards that direction
Having john secretary on my side wasn’t a bad idea after all ” Mr john will see you now ” Julie flash me a smile and I responded to her just to keep her on my side
Opening the door, john back was to me while I close the door ” Mr jobson is really………” He st©p talking the moment our gaze met and I couldn’t hide the evil grin pla-ying on my face
His eyes fill with confusion and his b©dy shaking from fear which he should be because I have this company in my hands and I nee-d to be done with him in a quic-k time, my daughter and my wife awaits me
” john, its been a while ” I took my seat and stare at him as he swallowed [email protected] then smile
” it sure has been a while tony ” he drop the do¢v-ment and I relax on the chair ” why did you come back ” I chuckle at his question
” what do you think, you killed my family, [email protected]£d my wife and killed her ” I said it in a calm way ” you expect me to forget everything ”
John glare at me ” yes, you should have forget everything because your coming here is your second death and then you might meet your wife ”
” you do know am your last hope for your company ” he nod
” and I know you will sign the papers if you love your life ” john was trying his luck and I know I shouldn’t have done this but I did, I laughed my heart out
” if I love my life” I laugh more before tearing the files into two ” am back john and I want you to be re-ady ” standing up I shook my head still laughing while walking out
The tables sure has turn, Ben rush to my side looking happy over something ” it went well sir ” everything is going too smooth that its scaring me
Something bad is about to happen, I just know it and where the fv¢k is Lucia, she should have been out of his office by now
Opening his third drawer I gave up on finding any information that will s£nd him straight to jail, why is everything so damn [email protected]
I pray silently then open his fourth drawer and what I saw made me [email protected], different kinds of drugs. I quic-kly withdraw my phone from my pocket and video it with his office to make the police believe everything
Footsteps caught my attention and I know am fv¢ked, they is no way I could escape now and it seem to draw closer. Closing the drawer I hide myself un-der his table as the door open and the footsteps draw closer before he sit on
My video was still on as I recorded all what he said ” tell them to s£nd the drugs down, my men are requesting for the drug ” he pause for awhile listening to the person on the other side
” I don’t have time, I nee-d those bastard on my side in order for me to eliminate someone trying to fv¢k up my $h!t ”
” tomorrow evening it is then ” with that he drop the phone on the table and relax, my heart keep beating fast and I just know that if he look down I will be fv¢ked
He might kill me
But I can’t stay here any longer, tony will be scared, building courage I crawl to the other side and stand upright facing john, he was in total shock and his face did it
My head hurt like hell, different memories of what happened keep coming in. Holding my head I step back and john rise to his feet
” what the fv¢k ” he blink twice like am some ghost here to hunt him ” you should be dead ”
I couldn’t speak, am in the edge of fainting but I can’t, he will defiantly use me against tony, I have to escape while am still awake
Stepping back I open his door and before I could run he gr-ab my hand, breathing in I use my legs to hit his man hood s£nding him to the floor and I head out
I kept running till am out of the building and that’s when I pas-s out, right there on the floor
Waking up I look at the strange room am in, the room was beautiful, painted with different colours, sitting up I hold my head breathing fast
I remember everything, I remember how I escaped and how he [email protected]£d me, tears flow down from my eyes, his filthy hands on my b©dy
” you’re awake ” that voice, I turn to my left and stayed still in shock, wondering how he got to me
Who too Lucia
ma-king her mine
Book Two
Noel Innocent
Chapter Ten
” how did you get here ” I stare at him and frown, how did he get to me so fast ” are you stalking me ”
” what?? Why the hell will I stalk you, I was worried so I went to that tony house and they said you guys are in Lagos ” Sam run his hands throu-gh his hair ” you should be grateful I got to you fast ”
” how did you know where I was ”
” I was just pas-sing by and I saw you falling to the ground, I had to rush over and get you ” he smile at me
” I also help, are you trying to get all the gratitude ” a young lady hit his head from behind ” you’re the worst ” she hand a cu-p of water and sit next to me ” how are you feeling aunt ”
” do I know you ” I asked, confusion on my face and she chuckle shaking her head
” no, am your husband cousin” she straight forth her hand ” peace ” I smile and receive the hand shake
” you mean trouble ” Sam hissed and peace attention move to his ” causing all those trouble on my trip, I never ask you to come with me ” they are acting like children with crush on each other
” oh so is my fault that we got lost ” peace half yell ” I saved your arse back there ”
” did I asked for your help” Sam yell back and I roll my eyes, I have to get out of here and meet Tony, he must be so worried
” guys, am going ” I gulp down the water and rise to my feet but Sam gr-ab my arm st©pping me
” I can’t let you go jenny ” he shakes his head ” you just got back with that guy and I find you on your own on the ground and unconscious, anything could have happen to you ”
” I un-derstand you care for me Sam but I have to go, he must be worried ” I tried talking s-en-se into Sam ” let me go ”
” let be here for you jenny ” Sam plead ” I love you, you know that and I can’t st©p worrying ” using the corner of my eyes I saw the sadness in peace eyes, she must be in love with Sam, he doesn’t see it
” am not the one for you Sam, you have love beside you but you nee-d to open your eyes ” I struggle out of his grip ” am going to my husband, I remember everything now and plea-se is Lucia not jenny ” I flash him a smile as he draw me in for a hvg
” let me take you there ” he withdraw ” its late ” I nod and stare at peace ” you should come too ” she nod her head and smile obviously forcing it
Opening the door I step in and immediately the light turn on, tony sit there, his eyes red and his face look like he has gone throu-gh hell ” Lucia??” He rise to his feet but before he could draw me close Sam engage his fist to tony face
” I expected you to take good care of jen….Lucia ” tony glare at him ” coming to Lagos and finding her unconscious on the ground. Where were you” tony ignored him completely by drawing me close and hvgging me ti-ght
” where the fv¢k were you ” his voice fill with concern ” I told you to not get drag into this but you still did” he withdraw from the hvg ” I was so worried ”
” am sorry ” he move back run his hands throu-gh his hair, anger foaming its way into his face slowly ” you’re going back to jos ” with that he head upstairs
” tony ” I yell but he didn’t turn back, I quic-kly run after him and enter the room before he shut the door ” tony” I gr-ab his hands but he pu-ll away
” do you want me to go throu-gh the same pain again, I thought john got you, I thought he alre-ady killed you ”
” am sorry ”
He is yelling now ” st©p telling me you’re sorry Lucia, I almost lost my mind ” he [email protected]” what the fv¢k where you thinking , if something happened to you I won’t forgive myself ” I stare at him and he sign ” don’t give me that look”
” nothing bad will happen to me tony ” I hvg him from behind ” I got information that if we take police with us, he will be locked up and out of our lives ”
” we are not bringing the police into this ” tony voice was cold ” am killing john with my hands” stepping back tony didn’t look at me ” taking john to jail means he can easily bail himself out, this is Nigeria Lucia. I was taken to jail when I did nothing wrong. Justice doesn’t happen here ”
” tony!!!” I yell at him ” the evidence of him using drugs is in my phone ” I show him the phone ” he will remain in jail ” tony collect the phone from my grasp before holding my hands
” you’re too innocent for this world Lucia ” he draw me close and k!ssmyl-ips, it was slow, more like a good bye k!ss” come ” he drag me back to the living room and push me into Sam’s arm
” tony!!” Peace yell ” how can you push your wife that way ”
” Sam I want you to take both peace and Lucia back to jos and that too this night, follow the night car ” I couldn’t believe what tony is saying
” tony ” I tried moving but Sam hold me ti-ght ” let go of me ” tony stare at me, no emotions in his face, he will truly kill john with his hands?? He shouldn’t
” go Lucia, when am done I will come to you ” he smile and tears flow from my eyes ” I promise ” with that Sam drag me out of the house
” tony!!!” I yell breaking down slowly ” why are you pushing me away from you ”
The next day I prepared some coffee and mark kept starring at me ” what’s your problem ”
” you should have allow me to meet my daughter you know ” he [email protected] pissed
” after tonight we are heading back ” Lucia record was helpful in knowing where john will collect his next drug and doing that exchange tonight I will kill him
” I pray you don’t die ”
” it will be a straight shooting but for now I have to meet with the share holders of his company and finish what I have started ”
” was it a nice idea to push Lucia away??” I nod and take my seat, yesterday when I couldn’t find her I pas-ses throu-gh lot of pains in thinking that john got her again
” is for her own good”and in order for me to keep her safe I nee-d to keep her away for now
Did tony do the right thing by pushing Lucia away
Tomorrow we will know how things will work out, whether tony will die or not
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