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His Village bride 2 Episode 7 & 8

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( ma-king her mine )
Book Two 📕
Rated 🔞
Noel Innocent
Chapter Seven 📖
“Why are you crying ” I asked before receiving a [email protected] across my face, I open my mouth in shock and watch her step back, shaking her head ” Lucia, what’s wrong ”
” how could you, we were married!!” She yell at me and right now am completely lost, why is she so mad, what did she remember
” what did I do wrong ” I walk closer towards her, gr-abbing her hands ” tell me what I did ”
” you got someone else pregnant ” tears flow from her eyes, she remembered Lisa but nothing else ” how could you ”
” Lucia, let me explain ” she shook her head and I now un-derstood, its like the news is fresh and new, she doesn’t remember Lisa being with john just that she’s is pregnant
How do I calm her down
” I want to go back home ”
Holding her hands I shook my head ” it’s late Lucia, you can’t go back to Jo’s now, tomorrow we will leave ” I step closer ” let me explain, plea-se ” she didn’t say a word and I thank god she is giving me a chance
I explained everything that happened between Lisa, me,her and john ” that’s it, she wasn’t pregnant ” her soften as she sit on the couch, her hands covering her face ” am sorry, I over reacted ” bending down I drop her hand and k!ssher forehead
” I un-derstand Lucia ” I smile ” you’re pas-sing throu-gh a lot ” tears flow more from her eyes as she sniff ” do you remember how you escape the bomb ” she shook her head and hvg me ti-ght, throwing both of us to the floor
” I missed you !!” She cried and I rob her back softly, a tear drop from my tears, a tear of joy, knowing that Lucia remember me. Even tho is only halfly am still satisfied
” I thought you will stay with that guy Sam ” I inhale the scent of her hair ” I thought I lost you five years ago ”
” am sorry!!” She cried more, her head buried in my che-st ” sorry ” she said again and I smile
” I love you ” I said and hoping she will reply this time
” I love you too tony ” she k!ssmy nose ” so much ”
Sitting on my be-d, it has been awhile I [email protected]£ here, everything remain the same ” tony, can you help me with the towel ” Lucia said and I rise to my feet instantly giving her the towel
In few minutes she was out, covered in a tiny towel, her hair pack in a pony tail as water drip down from them to her b©dy, her delicious b©dy
” you’re looking S-xy in those ” I li-ck myl-ips and she chuckle ” and I think you have grown a sweet mouth over the years ”
” what can I do. I practice ” the moment it left my mouth Lucia sh0t daggers my way and I quic-kly my head ” no, not what you’re thinking. I couldn’t even hold another girl hand ”
Her face soften and she allow the towel drop off her b©dy, my c0cktwitch so [email protected] that’s it is painful ” come here princess ” opening our closet my gaze didn’t move from those arse
” you have to wait big daddy ” I chuckle at the name while my hand rob my c0ckslowly
” you do know I waited for five years right ” she pu-ll out my bo-xers and put them on ” what are you doing ” she chuckle the moment she wore my singlet
” am putting on some cloth ” she purred ” you don’t want me to catch a cold do you ” I swallowed watching her b©dy, her n!ppl!s shooting out, I watch her squee-ze her legs together and I sm-irk
” you’re we-t for me aren’t you ” I asked, her face flush ” tell me ”
” yes ” the words were more like a whisper to me and I tap my [email protected] ” come ”
” no, am hungry ”
” princess ” my voice de-ep ” come to daddy ” she bit herl-ips smiling really [email protected] as she approach. Not waiting for her permission I made her sit on my [email protected], her hands wra-p around my n£¢k
” what is it daddy ” she whisper to my ears and I swear I could have ¢v-m right there
” $h!t princess ” I roar ” if you talk that way I will ¢v-m before even getting inside of you ” my hands travel up to her br£@st as I pinch her n!pplethrou-gh the shi-t, her head thrown backwards, herl-ips [email protected]
Within minutes my hands was pu-lling Lucia clothes off while she took mine off. The hunger to feel our skin press to each other were insatiable and when she lower herself on my c0ckI couldn’t take it anymore
” fv¢k!!” My hands on her h!pmoving her up and down on me in [email protected] thrû-st ” you’re so ti-ght ”
” ha-rder!!! I want it ha-rder !!!” She [email protected] loud and I answer her very wish, taking her completely up and down in a swift motion ” am……am…..gonna… ¢v-m….don’t st©p !!!”
” scream my name princess ” I growl when I feel myself at the edge ” fv¢k!!!”
” tony!!” We [email protected]£ together like two ocean meeting together ” oh my god ” she [email protected] into my n£¢k and I exhale
” that was awesome ” I said not re-ady to pu-ll out of her, not yet ” I miss you Lucia, I miss this ”
” oh really ” she asked and I wi-nk at her, she chuckle then rise to her feet, my ¢v-m dripping from her down to her th!gh ” I nee-d a shower ”
” am coming too ”
” oh my god ” I yell as he hvg me from behind, the sheets covering our n-ked b©dy ” tony ”
” sorry ” he said, his voice husky in my ears ” I just can’t control it when am with you ” turning around I face him and smile
” what are you planning for john ” I asked and tony expression change
” you’re not getting involved this time Lucia ” I shook my head frowning ” of course I am, am the one he [email protected]£d ”
” and I will take revenge for us okay ” shutting up I stare at him, I will never allow him to do anything alone. He should think he won but when the time arrives am going with him ” come ” he draw me closer and k!ssmy forehead
” good night princess ” he said ma-king me smile
” good night daddy ” he chuckle and I frown ” you don’t like the name??”
” are you looking for a daddy in me” he joked ” I love the name ” he wi-nk and I smile
” okay daddy ”
Chapter Eight 📖
After coming back from my mums place I discover that my dad died two years ago and my siblings drop out from school
I do know feeling sad won’t help anything so I gave them enough money for the moment and told joy to register her and her brother in school
” am not leaving now okay ” folding my hands I avoided tony gaze while looking down ” I want to stay with you ”
” Lucia” tony growled ” what about Lucy, she nee-ds a mother back there in jos ” shaking my head I look throu-gh the window
” am leaving Lagos only when you leave, mum can take care of Lucy ” my gaze meet his ” besides I have just met my real mum and my siblings, can’t go now ” tony open his mouth but I wave my hand st©pping him ” I will give mum maria a call and inform them I won’t be back anytime soon ”
Tony sign relaxing on the chair ” you’re one stubborn woman ” I roll my eyes and smile ” so am staying ??”
” yea, you are and mark is coming over any minute now ”
” what do you guys plan for john ” I asked, his gaze didn’t meet mine and I know he is trying his best to shut me out of everything ” why don’t you want me beside you ”
” don’t you get it ” tony voice echo ” last time that you tried helping me, you were almost killed and I don’t like that, when I was in Russia I engaged in a lot of shady things and am use to different things now”
” like what”
“The sound of someone last cry, the way blood gush out of people ” I [email protected] and cover my mouth, his gaze finally land on me and regret fill his eyes ” dont get me wrong Lucia, my uncle own lot of companies and I work there but I knew john, he pla-yed dirty and I have to get in the dirty stuffs if I want to get even with him ”
” but you killed people ” tony didn’t say anything ” how does that make you any different from john ”
” its either you kill or you get killed Lucia, I survive all those things with only one thought in my head. Revenge. Revenge for my wife and family ”
” who did you work for ??”
” I work for the red [email protected] gang, a [email protected] mafia gang that will help me get rid of john for good ”
Exhaling I look at my husband, tears were foaming in my eyes again, I do know that they don’t help but I can’t hold them in. Tony has really been throu-gh a lot and for five years
Am pretty confuse whether I should just go back to jos or I should stay by his side, Lucy got mum maria with her and am sure she will be safe with her
If I go back to jos and john find out am alive, Lucy might be dragged into this even more ” after all these, we are flying back to Russia, me you and Lucy ”
” what??” I said in mist of shock, I have never dream of leaving Nigeria, my mum company is in my hands, my family are here. Moving isn’t in the option, I can’t
” don’t you want to get out of here and start anew” he has this confusion expression on his face and I don’t want to hurt him by saying no
” can I think about it ” I said and he nod smiling ” am glad we had this talk ”
” your house is still intact huh ” mark step in and I followed behind him ” where is Lucia ”
” upstairs ”
” can’t wait to see her ” mark sit down and take off his shoes ” have to meet the mysterious woman ”
” and here I am ” Lucia voice echo in the room as she walk downstairs putting on a blue jeans and white t©p. Her eyes sparkle the moment it land on me
” and you’re beautiful ” mark stand up and draw her into a hvg ” now I know why tony wasn’t able to forget you ” Lucia chuckle as she withdraw from the hvg
” can we discuss now” I lead mark to my study room and shut the door before Lucia could come in, this is for her good not mine
” we are having a meeting with john by tomorrow noon ” mark light his cigarette and I frown, I have been telling this man that, that $h!t will kill him one day
” he has the ideal who the jobson are huh ” I pick up the do¢v-ment mark brou-ght as he nod
” the company he stole from you is close to bankruptcy ” I nod watching the decrease in financial influence ” we are obviously his last hope to bringing back his company and the only way to do that is by running us low, I think he plan on fooling us into dropping half of our capital”
” that is exactly how john thinks ” I stare at mark ” is he married ”
” sadly yes, he got married three years ago and has two children, a male and female. Obviously twins ” I smile
” you really dig into these things uncle ” I said and he chuckle before exhaling the smoke
” anything to help ”
” do Elizabeth agree with you doing this ” I take my seat ” I don’t want her knocking me again”
Mark giggle ” don’t worry about her ” he purred while inhaling ” my wife loves you as a son and she is glad am helping ”
” if you say so ” I drop the do¢v-ments ” with his company in bankruptcy I do know how to bring him down from being a CEO but I feel sad for his children ” I relax on the chair ” I have no interest in taking over the company I just want john to pas-s throu-gh immersible pain and regret ever crossing [email protected] with me”
” that can be arranged but am afraid that I won’t go with you tomorrow, your secretary will accompany ” mark look a bit sad ” Elizabeth prefer that I stay behind. Too old for young stuffs, I might have a stro-ke or something ”
I nod ” I think I agree with her ” I pu-ll his cigarette out of his mouth and step on it ” once again, that $h!t might kill you ”
” mummy is gonna be abs£nt for awhile okay” I said starring at my daughter throu-gh the video call
” is uncle with you” Lucy voice fill with excitement ” are you two getting married without me ” her eyes where getting watery and I had to wave my hands while shaking my head
” mummy will never do that to you ” I sit property ” Lucy ”
” yes ” she was wearing this brown shorts and blue crop t©p that I bought for her while her hands are filled with her favorite doll. Mum maria sit behind her starring at us
” you remember what I told you about your dad ” she nod listening quietly ” that was a lie, I actually forgot my memory so in short. Tony is your real father. He is my husband ” Lucy eyes were fill with joy
” I knew it, I always have that feeling ” she jump up laughing and I couldn’t help but to smile ” mummy when are you and daddy coming back ”
” very soon baby girl, very soon ” I smiled as she nod and run to the kitchen, maybe to take something
” you have regain your memory ” I nod and she smiled looking happy and mixture of sadness ” mum??”
” am sorry, I should be happy but that only mean you will be leaving me soon, I will be all alone ” I shook my head
” that’s not true mum, am not going anywhere, am gonna stay there with you. If that’s okay ”
” of course ” she smiled and we talk of other things before I hung up and breath out
” bae ” tony said walking into the room but I ignored him turning around, shutting me out that way ” don’t tell me you’re mad at me ”
” then I won’t tell you ”
” what did I do ” he hold my hand but I push him back ” Lucia ” still not answering him, he knee down in front of me but I avert my gaze instead ” plea-se, don’t ignore ” he held my chin and make me face him
” you shut me out ”
” am sorry ”
” are you ???” I asked furrowing my brows
” no am not ” I tried averting my gaze but he hold me ti-ght ” this is for your good Lucia, if you go with me, I will be distracted ”
” but I have a beautiful idea, to know the evil things he is doing in that company and take him to jail”
” let’s hear it ”
” while you guys are in the conference room I can disguise myself and sneak into his office then copy all his do¢v-ments or I can just take a ph0to ” he look at me lowering his hands ” plea-se I nee-d to help, I nee-d to teach john a lesson, all those nightmares I know how I felt while he tortured me and even if I don’t remember fully I want to deal with him”
” fine ”
” really ” I said smiling wi-dely
” yea your plan sound nice ” he smile back but suddenly turn serious ” plea-se be careful and I nee-d you to go with a gun, do you know how to shoot ” I shook my head and he frown a bit
” I will have to teach you before you go tomorrow, we still have time ”
” we will win this time ” I fall to my knee too and he li-ck hisl-ips ” I hope so princess ” he cu-p my cheek and draw me into a h0t and rou-gh k!ss

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