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His Village bride 2 Episode 5 & 6

( ma-king her mine )
Book Two 📕
Rated 🔞
Noel Innocent
Chapter Five 📖
Breathing in I knock on the door and waited patiently for the door to be open by a man starring down at me ” you’re tony right ”
” that’s correct ” he step aside and I walk in looking around, the house was hvge like insanely hvge and beautiful ” where is jenny ” I asked and watch Lucy run downstairs jumping in my arms and s£nding me to the floor
” you [email protected]£ to see me right ” her eyes were searching mine and I nod while laughing ” I kinda of miss my little friend you see ”
She move herl-ips to my ear then whisper ” I have a way that you can see me always ”
” am listening ”
” marry my mum okay ” she said and my face light up, if only I could tell her that we are alre-ady married and that she might be my child
I still have my doubt because john [email protected]£d Lucia five years ago ” you’re the tony ” a matured woman voice echo and I sit up putting Lucy on my [email protected]
” yes ” I look around ” I [email protected]£ to see Lucia and Lucy ” I said smiling and confusion appear on the woman face
” who is Lucia ”
Oh $h!t.
Why did I say Lucia, I was so carried away that i forget ” I meant jenny, mistakenly said that ”
” grandma mum doesn’t want to give me a dad ” Lucy hvg me ti-ght ” I want him ” I chuckle along side the woman
” tony ” Lucia voice draw my attention, she walk out of the kitchen dropping something on the table then off her apron leaving her in a blue tank t©p and black shorts ” you’re early ”
” I nee-d to see you ” I said and I caught her smile before her gaze travel back to the man that open the door for me
” Sam I nee-d your help ” she muttered and the Sam guy walk towards her ” sure cu-pcake ”
I frown, cu-pcake huh
Is this her b©yfri£nd
” Lucy ” she look at me and I lean closer ” who is Sam to your mum ”
She shrugged ” he buys us food and hvg mum sometimes ” Lucy rise on her feet ” you want to see my [email protected] ” I shouldn’t leave those two alone but I want to spend time with Lucy
” of course ” she smiled happily and drag me upstairs to her room, everywhere fill with dolls and other toys ” wow ”
” mum bought them ” Lucy use her hands and demonstrate her next words ” she work in big place ” I chuckle at her use of words, she is just five but really sharp
“Where is your dad ” I asked Lucy while sitting down and watching her pla-y, that got her attention and she look a bit sad
” mum said I don’t have a dad” Lucy stare at me ” she said I [email protected]£ from heaven ” I nod and thought carefully
Telling Lucy such things isn’t good, when she grow up she will defiantly know her mum was lieing ” am your dad okay ” she smile and nod
” so you will marry my mum??” She asked and I pretend to think for awhile ” say yes ”
” for you okay but first I have to do this” tickling her she kept rolling around ” st©p!!!” She cried and laugh at the same time, when I st©p Lucia walk in
” food is re-ady ” she walk close to Lucy and lift her up ” let go ” she left me and am starting to feel that she is avoiding me again
Walking downstairs I take my seat while everyone chat and eat ” so why did you come ” the woman asked
” like I said to see Lucy and lu……jenny ” I coughed then drink some water before Sam throw another question
” why jenny ” he furrow his brows and I sm-irk, am her husband, I am the one that should be jealous not him
” because I want to ” I stare at jenny who was eating without paying attention to us ” and I like her a lot ” now I got her attention as she choke, coughing seriously
.” I see ” Sam chuckle then take another hand of his soup ” jenny is alre-ady taken ”
” by whom ”
” by me ” Sam stare at me now ” and I demand you stay away “I smile the nod still starring at jenny
” how can I do that when she’s my wife ” I said and shock register on their faces
” excuse us ” gr-abbing tony hand we walk into the kitchen and I close the door ” what are you up to tony ”
” am just telling them you’re my wife” he step closer ” I mean no harm ” his gaze land on myl-ips and I was f0rç£ to li-ck them
He move closer and draw me into his b©dy for a hvg ” don’t be angry ” I inhale his scent while my hands move to his back and rest there
” who is john tony ” I asked and tony withdraw frowning ” what’s wrong ” tou-ching his hands his face [email protected]£ down
” john was my best friend ” he stare at me then chuckle ” In short he betrayed me, trying to kill me and you got involved ” my silence made him speak more ” five years ago he kidnapped you then [email protected]£d you before b!owing where you pas-s out with up”
” you thought I died” I asked and he nod ” where is this john, is he in jail ” he chuckle the shake his head
” I was the one who went to jail ” he smiled ” forget all that and try remembering about me okay ” I nod and he draw me back into his arms
” you’re really my husband?”
” yes”
” do I have a family ” tony exhale before nodding his head
” yes”
” what happened to them ” I asked
” they are in Lagos thinking you’re dead” he purred ” you have a sister and a brother, they should be in secondary school now” I burry my face into his che-st
” I love your scent ” I said and his breathing increase ” dont say things like that princess ”
” why not ” I withdraw and stare at his face as he respond ” because all I will think of is fv¢king the $h!t out of you ” I withdraw from his hold and the kitchen door opened revea-ling Sam
” jenny come ” he held my hands but tony stand in front of me cutting his hold ” what’s your problem ”
” she isn’t going anywhere with you ” tony shove his hands in his pocket not smiling one bit
” what’s happening here ” maria walk towards our direction ” I nee-d explanation now ”
” is nothing mum he ……..” Tony cut me off instead and the shock on their face didn’t go away
” her real name is Lucia and I finally found my wife ” he said to maria then his gaze lower to Sam ” get that into your thick skull and don’t ever t©uçh what’s mine ”
Sam chuckle ” you think I will believe you, who knows. Maybe you’re a scammer that heard she lost her memory and you’re here to extract money ”
I didn’t think of it that way ,my gaze travel back to tony and he is frowning ” I don’t care what you think ” he held my hand and his gaze move to my mum ” excuse me with your daughter for a while ”
” jenny come here ” Sam held my hand st©pping me from moving ” stay with me instead ” looking at both of them I really don’t know what to do
Chapter Six 📖
pu-lling my hands to myself my frown increa-sed ” the last thing I nee-d is two men disturbing my mum and my happiness ” moving away I stare at them
” jenny I just have to put this……..” Before Sam could finish I cut in his s£ntence ” I want both of you out of my house, I survive for five years without any help from boys and I don’t nee-d one now”
Sam face was fill with confusion but Tony was smiling starring at me and am the one confuse now, what kind of man is this
” you guys have to excuse me but I nee-d to talk with my wife ” before Sam could block him, he walk swiftly towards me, throw me across his shoulder and out we go
” let go of me ” struggling on his grip he didn’t slow down or anything and I frown at that ” this is kidnapping ”
” so what ”
Did he just answer me with that, so what?, he is basically kidnapping me ” if you don’t let me go I will shout ”
” if you shout I will [email protected]ñk your arse ” he shrugged and I can’t believe this guy nerves, I really can’t
” where we going ” I asked the moment he slow down ” Lagos ” he said dropping me down off his shoulder but keeping me close, his hands around my [email protected]!st while our gaze meet
It was then it all sink in my head ” Lagos??” I muttered not really believing my ears as he nod moving his head to his left ” don’t be scared Lucia, I just want you to see for yourself that am not lieing, maybe the house will bring back some memories ”
” can you st©p tou-ching me now ” I look around and notice few people attention on us and the way we are standing is actually ero-tic
” $h!t princess. I really have to k!ssyou again ” his words throw me off guard and I bite myl-ips ” just thirty seconds and I will st©p, I have to taste you ”
Shaking my head I try withdrawing from his grip and he didn’t fight against it ” I can’t leave Lucy all alone and travel to Lagos tony. Sorry ”
” your mum can take care of her and we will be spending just a day over there ” he step closer and I didn’t bulge ” come, let go to the bus station so that we can arrive there sooner ”
” okay ” his face light up as he squee-ze my hands in his then whisper to my ear ” I love you okay ” he k!ssmy cheek and wi-nk. My face is obviously flushing now, why will this handsome guy like me, what’s so special about me anyway
Sitting in the bus, I look around and almost everyone is slee-ping soundly ” tony ” I whisper and watch his eyes move slightly
” Mmmmmm ” he answered before I k!sshis cheek and he was fully awake starring at me ” did you remember something ” I didn’t nee-d to give him hope that am recovering
I shook my head and I watch disappointment drop on him ” I wanted to know how long we [email protected]£d before marriage ” he relax and chuckle
” I didn’t really know you ” he purred ” my grandma kind of set the wedding and you [email protected]£ to see me before our marriage only once ”
Do they still arrange marriage for their children during this time, I mean this is the 21 century ” where did I come from ”
” the village ” he smiled at me ” you were my village bride ” I frown at that
” how old was I ”
” eighteen ”
” and you ?”
” twenty five ” he furrow his brows starring at me ” why are you asking all this ”
” I want to know how we met ” I said and close my mouth ” what did we do to this john of a guy ” I asked again and I could feel tony breathing change ” do you plan on taking revenge ” this time he chuckle
” let just say for five years that I stayed in Russia all I have dreamt about was killing him with my ba-re hands ” he whisper to prevent others from listening to him ” and we didn’t do anything, he just wanted my company ”
I nod and watch him, his breathing has steady but his eyes were still closed before asking me a question ” when you woke up five years ago what happened ”
” nothing really happened, I mean I didn’t even remember my name and I was told am one month pregnant ” I said and tony nod
” that means Lucy is my child ” he coughed then open his eyes ” am glad but what happened to your ring, didn’t you wake up wearing one ”
” am sorry ” I avert my gaze from his ” I….I…I nee-ded money so I sold it, I felt it wasn’t important ” starring at him now his expression was blank and I know I hurt him
” jenny take a rest ” he never call me that when we are alone ” the ride is still long ” he close his eyes back completely shutting me out
Breathing the fresh air of Lagos I look around, mark didn’t know I [email protected]£ here and he will be pissed when he find out ” come ” I gr-ab her hand and she frown
” oh, so now I got your attention is that it ” she is acting like a child, how did she expect me to react after finding out she sold her ring ” let go ”
She started struggling and I had to [email protected]ñk her arse even when we are in the middle of the road ” stay put” her face was flush as I drag her into a taxi
” I hate you ”
” dont say that ”
She move closer to me, our gaze meet ” I hate you ” it felt like my heart was squee-zing together re-ady to bur-st and I will die
” you love me princess ”
” I hate you ”
gr-abbing her hands i pu-ll her closer and grin wi-dely ” why will you hate me sweetheart ”
” because, you’re an arse hole ” she whisper before I crush myl-ips on hers, struggling to get out of my grip I made her sit on my [email protected]
My hands on her h!pkeeping her still, the driver cleared his throat but I cared less ” tony how……” I use that opportunity to dive my ton-gue into that sweet mouth of hers
Giving in her hands move from my back into my hair, pu-lling me closer to her b©dy. Our b©dy melt into each other and I almost forget the fact that someone else is seating at the driving seat because I [email protected]ñk her arse and squee-ze them while I devour her mouth completely
Breaking from the k!ssto catch our breath my head rest on her forehead while we stare at each other ” I still hate you ” she said sounding S-xy as hell ” and I still love you ” k!ss!ngher nose I wi-nk and she chuckle
” we’re here ” the driver announced while Lucia stand outside I paid and thank him for the ride
” the house is hvge ” I nod holding her hands while we talk in, nothing has changed, the tables were still on the floor, I could remember that I threw them down when I thought Lucia went missing ” it feels so familiar ” Lucia voice draw my attention towards her
” did you remember anything ” I made her face me and I caught her crying, the tears flowing down ” what’s wrong ”

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