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His invisible creator Episode 9 & 10

🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)
Episode 9💟💟
Written By:Tofunmi Nikky📝
The voice said,,all the priest could do was to move back,,,he’s here;the most dre-adful person he’s ever seen.
” What are you doing here? what do you want again?? “the priest asked,,looking around occasionally,,
” How will you do that? you and I know what…”
<>that was the last word he heard and there was a total silence,,,
” He must not become a human,, oh God! what should I do now?? who will st©p him? “he asked himself as he fell on the floor,,,
🎀 Vivian’s pov🎀
” Bye!! “Reed and I chorused as we waved at Gerald,we watched till his car was out out of sight. It was his driver who [email protected]£ to pick him up,,,
We both turned at the same time,,,,
” What me to do something for you? “I asked as our eyes met
” No “was his short replying then he walked in,,I shook my head and followed him.
We both took the stairs since our room is next to each other,,,i st©pped and watched as he twisted the doorknob.
” Goodnight Sir “I said,he turned his face to me and I smiled,,,he looked away and entered his room. Seriously,he can’t even reply?
Should I say he’s arrogant or what?? is it wrong telling him ‘goodnight’?
I also entered my room,,, I nee-d to take a cold shower and maybe call mom,then I’ll go to sleep.
💙Gerald’s pov💙
I brushed my hair, all alre-ady for school, I glanced at the mirror,, Am looking more handsome today.
I took my backpack on the be-d and hung it across my shoulder. I opened the door and headed to the living room,,
” Gerald “Mom said when she sighted me coming down the stairs,
” Mom “I said and went to pe-ck her forehead
” This smells nice “I said as I quic-kly sat on the dining chair,,,
” It’s your favourite “Mom said and my face brightened,,Lobster and cheese
Wow,,I think mom is in the mood today. Its been a while she cooked. The maids do the cooking.
” Here it is “She served me and I began eating,,,
” Where is dad? “I asked mom when she was about walking away
” She’s off to work “she replied me before walking away completely,, I continued eating.
I stepped out of the car,I waved at Max as he drove away,,, I turned and my eyes met with someone. She was stepping out of the car,,she got out and the car zoomed off.
We both headed to the gate,,
” Hi “The gatekeeper said to her, she showed him her school ID and walked in. I did the same and stepped in,,
” Gosh “I sighed out when I couldn’t see her,,I haven’t seen her face around the school or is she new here?
But wait, why do I care?? she’s pretty though.
I walked into the clas-s but st©pped when I saw Reed alre-ady in clas-s,,,he doesn’t like coming to school early and now,,, something is up.
I went over to my seat,,,I was about sitting when someone walked into the clas-s,,,I looked at the back to see her!!!
I fixated my gaze on her,,as she walked past me and sat at my front.
” Good morning clas-s “Mrs Nasir walked in and I quic-kly took my seat,,, don’t tell me I was lost staring at her.
” Morning ma’am “We all chorused,,
🌠Reed’s pov🌠
” Morning ma’am “They all chorused,and what I wanted to do now is to go and punch on Gerald. I was looking at the way he stares at the new girl,,,, [email protected]!
Livia looked at me again,, I s£nd her a bad glare and she faced the front.Let her keep praying I don’t see her outside the clas-s.
” I hope you guys un-derstand the last subject? “She asked them,, while I just la-id my head on the desk.
I sometimes wonder why I still have to go to school because with my power there’s nothing I don’t know,,,,
” No ma’am ”
” We don’t….”
” plea-se explain better ”
” I think I can try ”
i covered my ears,,,why did they all love screaming. I better go out. I felt taps on my shoulder,, God!!
” What’s it? “I half yelled when I raised my head,,and she flin-ched. I noticed the whole clas-s eyes on me,,,
” I’m sorry… Mrs Nasir called you “she said still shocked,,,I faced the teacher who smiled at me.
” Why are you all looking at me?? “I was f0rç£d to ask cause they are starting to frustrate me,,, they all faced their front
” You called me? “I said turning my face back to the teacher
” They nee-d some explanations on the last t©pic so I nee-d you to explain to them “She said
” Alright “I replied her and then stood up
” I hope you all get it now? “she asked them as I dropped the marker
” Yes….We do! “They shouted and Vivian’s voice was the loudest,,I didn’t know when a smile escaped myl-ips.
” Thank you Reed “Mrs Nasir smiled at me,,,and reply her with a nod.
🕛School Over🕛
I walked out of the clas-s with Vivian,,and waited for Gerald outside.I really don’t think he’s gonna come out.
” What’s Gerald still doing in clas-s? “Vivian muttered and I knew she was directing the question
” He’s slee-ping there tonight “I said and she laughed,, I faced her to see the way she laughs, cute though.
” Maybe he’s busy “She said looking at my face,,
” Yes…. He’s busy “I said and scoffed. I’m really sure he’s with that girl.
” I’ll be back “I told Vivian
” Okay Sir “She said and I walked straight to one of the empty clas-ses,I closed the door;
” In sorry but it’s mom who wants her to stay,,”
He informed and the door opened,,, I swiftly turned to see the person walked in,,,
” You?? ”
Episode 10♥♥
👑Reed’s pov👑
” You?? ”
” Yes,,it’s me “Livia answered with a smile,
” Why are you here? “I asked,I knew it.She’s gonna follow me,,
” Get out now “I shouted and she flin-ched back in fear
” I only [email protected]£ to talk to you,, nothing else “she said
” Thank God you [email protected]£,,now am going to punish you for tricking me to your house “I said and her shi-t disappeared,,,
” Reed!!!!!! “she shouted and crossed her hand around her che-st,, now she’s left with just [email protected] and Sk-irt.
” I’m sorry…..Give me my shi-t and I will go…. I promise “she cried with her head lowered.
” Sorry Livia but it’s too late “I said with a evil grin. In seconds,,, her back was against the wall with her hands spre-ad [email protected],,,
” plea-se….let me go! “she said alre-ady in tears,, I moved closer to her and [email protected]£d her hair…
” Isn’t this what you wanted? “I asked and she shook her head repeatedly then i moved away from her,,,
” Trust me,,,Am not bit-ch like you “I said and made to leave,,
” plea-se re-lease me!! “her voice st©pped me,,,ma-king me turn to look at her
” You [email protected]£ here yourself without my help,,, I guess you know how to go back “I said,sm-irking
” plea-se,,, I won’t try it again. I promise… plea-se Reed!! “she said still crying,I’ll make sure I punish her so she won’t ever come after me again,,,
” Now you can go “I said as I re-leased her,,,
” Thanks….”
” But what about my cloth?? “she added,staring into my face
” I don’t fv¢king care about your cloth,,can’t you do without it for once?? am out of here “I said leaving a shock expression on her face,,,
I walked out and headed to where Vivian is,,, even if I want to love someone; It can’t be Livia. I’ll rather remain single.
💛Gerald’s pov💛
I took my backpack and was about to leave when she ran to my front,,, she asked me to show her around because she knew am Reed’s friend.
” Hi! “she smiled
” Hello “I replied her
” I was about to leave when…”
” I’ll follow you “she replied and I nodded,,we started waking;
” Do you like him that much cause you’ve been asking about him since when you saw him in clas-s “i said looking at her
” Yes,,, and I wish I could see him one more time “she said excitedly.
👒Vivian’s pov👒
” I’ll be back “He told me and raised my head to look at him
” Okay Sir “I said and he left,,,where is he going?? or should I follow him? Hell no!!
” Vivian!!! “I heard Gerald’s voice and turned to see him approaching me with a girl,, isn’t that the new girl?
” Hey! “I said as they st©pped at my front
” Hi,,,am Amelia “She said and stretched out her hand for a handshake,,
” Vivian “I said as we shook hands,,I glanced at Gerald who was busy smiling the whole time
” Where’s Reed?? “he asked me
” I don’t know but he will he here soon “I replied with my gaze still on the girl,,, there are many questions running in my mind
On her first day here, Gerald was able to get along with her,,,or are they friends alre-ady
” You mean Reed is here right now? where is he? I wanna meet him “She asked and looked at Gerald then me.
” How do you know him? “I asked curiously
” Who wouldn’t know him, The son of the Weston’s. I heard he’s powers and I do see him on Tv “she replied
” Oh!! “I said nodding my head
” I would like to speak with Gerald for a while,,, plea-se “I said and pu-ll-ed him to a side
” Have you met her before?? “I asked him immediately,
” No,,,she was the one who asked me to show her around the school. She [email protected]£ to wait for her driver. Nothing more “he answered
” If you say so,,,Reed is back “I said to him as I looked at him coming from afar,,,we started waking but st©pped when she ran to hvg Reed!!
💄 Amelia’s pov💄
They went over to a side to talk while I waited for them,,,I was so happy when they told me Reed is still here,,, Yes!! that means he schools here,,,I’ll be able to see him everyday…though I saw him in clas-s today
🚻He’s here
I looked up when I heard some of the students mention his name,,, is he here alre-ady.
My eyes landed on a figure,,, that’s him!! He looks so handsome
” Reed!! “I shouted as I ran to hvg him,, I noticed he didn’t [email protected] me back but I don’t mind,,, Wow!!!
” Enough!! “he said and pushed me aside,,, Gerald and Vivian [email protected]£ to meet us immediately.
” Why the heck did you have to hvg me? I don’t just hvg anyone. If you want to stay in this school then you have to follow the rules,, most especially mine “He Blurted and stormed away in anger
” Sir!! “Vivian called and I watched as she ran after him,,
” Bye! “Gerald said and also followed them,,, I blinked my eyes. Am I wrong by hvgging him? Amelia!! what have you done,,, you just made him angry!!!
💖Reed’s pov💖
There was a total silence as I drove down the road and am sure no one is re-ady to break the silence,,, Nob©dy dares to mess with me but today….
I st©pped in front of Gerald’s house and he stepped out of the car,,
” Reed,,She doesn’t know about how strict you are. plea-se pardon her “He said
” Why are you taking like this? you don’t even know her “I half yelled. He met the girl today for goodness sake!!
” I think she did that because she just met you,,, everyone loves you Sir “Vivian said from the backseat
” She’s right,So…”
” I’ve heard you,,, Bye! “I said
” Thanks, Bye! “he waved to us, I turned on the ignition and drove away.

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