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His invisible creator Episode 7 & 8

🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(is he a human??)
Episode 7🌸🌸
Written By:Tofunmi Nikky📝
💚Reed’s pov💚
” You mean she did that?? “Gerald asked as we st©pped at the parking lot,,
” How I wish I can find her now,,,I nee-d to teach her a lesson “I said, facing him
” I told you not to go with her,,, I knew it,I guess that’s why she isn’t at school today,, she’s probably ashamed “he said
” But I don’t care “I replied
” Don’t you think Vivian is taking too long? “he said and I nodded,,, it’s been a while she left for the washroom or is there something wrong???
” I will go and find her “I said to him and he nodded,,, I took a step further when we saw her coming towards us.
” She’s here “he said and why do I even care,, am getting more closer to her and I don’t like it
” Hey!! “she called as she st©pped at our front
” Am sorry for keeping you two waiting,,can we go now? “she asked, glancing at us
” Sir!! “James st©pped at our front and then bowed,,
” Let’s go “I said to him and he went into the car,,
” Am coming with you “Gerald said
” Okay “I said and I entered the front seat while Vivian and Gerald sat at the backseat. James started the car and started driving.
My n£¢klace brou-ght out a green light,,, and I quic-kly covered it. Seems it wants me to know something,, I closed my eyes;
” Vivian!! “I called as I opened my eyes
” Yes Sir “she replied me
” Did you see Livia today?? “I asked maintaining a straight face
” I don’t get…y..ou “she shuttered
” Come on Reed,,Livia isn’t at school today so how will she see her? “Gerald half yelled
” Did you see Livia at school today? Yes or No?? “I said facing the back,,
” Y…es “She replied and that’s when I faced the front
” But what’s she doing in school secretly?? “Gerald asked in surprise,,
” I know it ”
[Writer’s pov📌]
Livia stepped out of the car and walked into her mansion,,,they maids bowed immediately she [email protected]£ in.
” Good Afternoon ma’am “They greeted simultaneously,, not that they were expecting her to reply afterall. she ignored them as usual,,,
” Livia,,,she’s here “Nina screamed as she sighted her,,that way calling the attention of Ellen and Mia
” Bess!! “Ellen ran to hvg her,, while the two stood behind them
” What are you doing here? “she asked as she unlocked from the hvg,,she wasn’t expecting them here
” We rushed here immediately the school bell was rang,, damn!! we missed you a lot “Mia said ma-king her smile a little
” Thanks,, so have you eaten something?? “she asked them after settling down on the chair
” We’ve eaten so much “Nina replied ru-bbing her stomach,,,they all laughed.
” We didn’t meet your parents at home,, I wanna meet them today at least “Ellen frowned
” Am sorry but you can’t meet them today “She said
” Awwn,,,sorry “Nina said as she tuck her ton-gue out at her
” See that Livia,,,” Ellen said turning her face to her,,
” I went to school today “She finally told them,,
” WHAT!!! “They chorused except Nina,,who wasn’t surprised cause Livia told her before,,,.
” Livia!!! you [email protected]£ and you didn’t even tell me “Ellen sm-irked as she shook her head,,,
Why can’t she tell her,, she’s the one who is close to her most,,Her best friend.
” I don’t plan to let anyone of you know before “She said
” Unbelievable “Ellen scoffed and walked away
” Ellen!! “She called after her
” Leave her alone “Nina cut in,,.
” I know why you’re doing all this,, it’s because of Reed. When will you st©p going after him? “Mia questioned,,
” I won’t and will never,, can’t you guys see how much I love him “She yelled
” Don’t mind her,,am always here by your side “Nina said and went to seat beside her,,,Mia just shook her head.
🌇South Korea🌇
The door flew opened by itself and he walked in,,he went to seat on a chair,not just a chair but it’s looks exactly like a throne.
Even the wind could feel his pres£nce,,, Reed!!
The voice echoed in the room,, Reed watched as the twirl chair moved.
“So,,what are we doing today?? “he asked as he looked around the room,, it’s so large.
He’s sure he choose this place for a reason,,
” Can I know your plan?? “he asked
[Weston’s Empire🎲]
Reed dropped them home and said he will be back soon,, They walked into the mansion and met his mom and dad at the dining eating.
” Good Afternoon ma’am and Sir “They both greeted with a bow
” Vivian,, “Mr Weston said with a smile
” Where have you been?? are you running away from us? “Mrs Weston tea-sed
” No ma’am,, I [email protected]£ here some days ago “Gerald replied
” if you say so,,you guys should join us “Mrs Weston said to them
” Thanks but am here to wait for Reed “He said
” You should feel free after all this isn’t your first time here “Mrs Weston said
” Alright ma’am “Gerald said, he glanced at Vivian before going to seat with them
” I’ll and change my cloth ma’am “Vivian said and Mrs Weston nodded,, she walked away and a maid [email protected]£ to serve Gerald while the rest continued eating.
She entered her room and closed the door,, she dropped her backpack on the be-d and was about going into the bathroom when her phone started ringing,,
She took it from her backpack and answered;
she said
📲How are you over there?
Her mom asked
📲Am good mom
she replied
📲Do you remember today marks 19th year since your father died?
She asked and didn’t know when a tear dropped down to her cheek
📲Yes,,its being 19 years since that wicked man killed my dad
she said,,
📲Let’s forget that,, I’ll call you later
Her mom hanged up without waiting for a reply,,
She looked out of the window sadly,, even if she’s not there with her but she knew she’s gonna be crying
It’s not easy to loose her father even before she was born,, it was all because of that monster; Kenneth.
” When I finally see you, am going to make sure you regret all your entire life,,because you caused us nothing more than pain”She said,,,sniffing in tears
Episode 8💄💄
😍Vivian’s pov😍
I walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucet,,,then splashed water on my face. My face looks puffy and I don’t want anyone to know have been crying.
I turned it off and walked out,I changed my cloth and took my phone before walking out,,
” What took you so long? “Gerald asked as I walked down the stairs,,,I just replied him with a smile before taking my seat beside him.
I noticed Mr Weston wasn’t with them,,maybe he’s off to be-d or something,,I dished out my food and started eating.
👑 Reed’s pov👑
<<Wow!!!. I LOVE THE WAY YOU CLIMB>>he said in a happy tone
” That mountain isfu-cking tall “I said chuckling,,
” So tell me your plan “I said in excitement
” Wow,,I’ll be re-ady to help you because I can’t wait to see you “I replied him
” Yes,,, you’re right “I answered
<<IT’S TIME TO GO HOME,I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET HOME LATE>>he said ma-king me nod.
” Bye!! “I said with a smile and turned to go,,
I remembered when i asked me if him if he could see me and he said yes,, I’ll ask him why he’s invisible the next time I come here,,,,
he suddenly said and I paused,,I didn’t look back cause it of no use.
” Okay master “I said, stressing on the word MASTER
I stretched out my hand and a f0rç£ pu-ll-ed me to the wall, I climbe-d with a super speed. I got to the t©p of the roof and sighed out,,
” See you next week!!!! “I shouted on t©p of my voice,, the sky thun-dered and I know it’s a sign that he heard me,,
” How long will it take to get to my house?? ”
” Now……. Go! “I t©uçhed the n£¢klace and leave the rest for it to do the magic
💌Vivian’s pov💌
” AHHHH!! “I screamed as I ran out,, Gerald ran after me with a bottled water.
” Will you st©p and let me pour it on you peacefully “he said but I didn’t wait
I took just a piece of his. in his plate while eating and here he is,, seeking for revenge. I decided to give up,,,
” Gerald,, am we-t alre-ady “I said as I st©pped running and [email protected] on the gras-s.
” Not yet enough,, you’ll enjoy it “he win-ked as he st©pped in front of me,, how the fv¢k will I get up?! I looked as he finally opened the bottle
” P..plea-se “I said with a pleading face,, he poured the water on me with a sm-irk. He st©pped and I gave him a bad glare,,, I looked at my b©dy; now am all we-t. I looked over at the gate to see the two guards laughing,,,so they have been watching us
” Can you see that??? “I told him, he looked at them and then faced me and grinned.
I would have do something worst to him but someone knocked the gate at that time,,one of the guards went to open
” Who is there? “Gerald asked the other one while I stood up
” Sir Reed “he answered and before the gate was finally opened,,, I managed to hide behind the tree close to Gerald. he mustn’t see me this way,,
I peeped to see him walking in,,looking so handsome, this guy is so cute,,hisl-ips and… Shut up Vivian
” Reed,,,you finally [email protected]£ home?? “Gerald said in a mocking manner
” I can go back if you want “Reed said as he st©pped at his front
” No,,,don’t “Gerald said quic-kly
” I know that crazy girl is hiding,, she couldn’t find a better place to hide than behind the tree,,, what a pity “I heard him say,,
What!!! is he talking to me???? No way.
” Sir “I staggered forward and bowed
” Amazing “he said looking at me from head to toe,,he glanced at me then back at Gerald,,
” Is…not. “Gerald said and coughed,I bur-sted into laughter,, wait Vivian! is this the time to laugh?? am I’m big mess. I quic-kly st©pped,
” Who told you I was thinking? let’s go inside,,am starving “he said and started walking but not without glaring at me and that make me gulp.
” Wait for me “Gerald called after him, I looked at myself once again and [email protected] my head. Let me follow him so I won’t get another punishment.
They all walked out of the house and Livia followed to see them off,, they st©pped walking when they got to where the car the brou-ght was parked.
” Are you coming to school tomorrow? “Mia asked while Ellen glanced at her wristwatch impatiently
” Yes ”
” Ellen,,, Look at a gras-shopper on your shi-t “Livia suddenly shouted,,and immediately she heard that; she dropped her handbag and started dusting her b©dy.
The rest just stood watching her without saying anything,,,
” Can you just help me instead of staring?? “She yelled at them,,and was about to put off her jacket when;
” it’s a prank and you’re this scared “Livia said and laughed
” She’s so scared “Mia said
” Take a look at her face “Nina also said
” I don’t want this kind of joke anymore “Ellen said and bent to pick her bag,,
” Am sorry Bess “Livia quic-kly [email protected]£d her hand as she turned to leave
” Come on Ellen,, I hate the way you are acting cold “Mia said
” You guys caused it “Ellen said looking Away,,, Livia used the opportunity to pu-ll her into a hvg
The priest opened the door and entered,,, he looks so tired that he really nee-ds to rest.
He walked into his room and took off his shoes,,, he went to the bathroom and quic-kly showered.
He took a towel and wra-pped it around his [email protected]!st before walking out,, he didn’t know why but he could feel someone’s pres£nce,,,
” Maybe it’s because I badly nee-ds to sleep “He said and made to climb the be-d,,,
He turned immediately he heard the voice,, but he couldn’t see anyone,, what’s happening??
he heard the voice again and the only person his mind went to was the invisible,,
” Kenneth!!! “he said slowly
I 💚y’all

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