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His invisible creator Episode 5 & 6

🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)
Episode 5⭐⭐
Written By:Tofunmi Nikky📝
❤Livia’s pov❤
I entered my room and changed into a robe,,,I sat on the dressing table. I opened the makeup kit and brou-ght out a redl-ipstick,,I applied it on myl-ips and unpacked my hair,,, it dropped down to my shoulder.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and sighed out,,, perfect.
I stood up and walked out of the room,, I took the stairs and st©pped at the living room,,, where is he??
” Reed!! “I called
” Reed,,,where are you? “I called again as I started looking around the living room,, where could he be??
I st©pped walking,, or did he ran away???
” Reed!!!! “I shouted and sank on the couch,,,fu-ck! he ruined my plan.
😍Vivian’s pov😍
I went to the living room to pick my novel on the chair,,I turned to leave when I heard a knock,, I went to open the door,,Mr Weston!!!
I made my way for him,,
” Good evening Sir “I bowed as he closed the door
” Vivian right?? “he asked as I raised my head
” Yes Sir “I replied
” How do you feel here? “he asked
” Great Sir,, let me help you with your briefcase “I said and took it from him before he could insist
” Come with me “he said, we both started walking,,,he opened the door and we entered
” I’ll drop it on the table Sir “I said,he nodded as he re-moved his tie then walked into the bathroom
I dropped the briefcase on the table, my eyes sighted something when I was about to turn,,,
It’s a picture of a baby,, there was a n£¢klace on his n£¢k that looks exactly like Reed’s own,,,yes!! he’s the one,, how cute.
I t©uçhed the picture with a smile,,i heard the shower st©p,, I quic-kly leave the room and headed to the kitchen.
” Vivian!! “An unfamiliar voice called,I turned to see a man;he should be in his late fifties.
I walked up to him,,
” Reed asked for food,,,go and give him in his room when you’re done “He said,,
” Is he back?? “I asked him and he nodded
” Yes,,,make it fast “he said before walking away,,, I didn’t even know when he arrived,,,
I ran to the kitchen immediately,, am going to prepare him something delicious,,,
I put the saucer next to the food,I carried the tray and went out of the kitchen,,,he must be really hungry,,, I can’t wait to see him.
i met the two guards positioned at the door when I got there,,,
” Hey “I said to them and opened the door,,,
” Miss!! he’s to give you the permission before you walk in “one said but it’s too late,,, I walked in alre-ady.
He turned and his eyes met mine,, he wasn’t putting on a shi-t,,, Oh my!, am in mess.
” I…I…[email protected]£ to..g..ive you,,,your food “I stammered,,, as he stared at me with anger
” Get out “he said and I gulped,,,
” Am so sorry,,, have forgotten “I said with unshed tears
” Just go “He said coming closer to me
” I don’t,,,,”
” I said get out!!!! “he yelled and I didn’t wait for a second before running out,,,
💟Reed’s pov💟
I walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucet,,, I splashed water on my face,, isn’t she aware of the rules,, what gave her the nerves to enter my room without…. calm down Reed!!
I turned off the faucet and picked a small towel from the rail,, I wiped my face with it as I [email protected]£ out,, my phone rang and I took it on the be-d,, I picked;
📞I hope you’re home alre-ady??
📞I still can’t believe you follow her
📞Am sorry,, don’t tell me you’re scared
📞I don’t trust that girl,,,You have to tell me what she took you home for tomorrow
📞Of course,,am going to be-d now
The call ended and I sat on the be-d,,I remembered how he saved me from Livia,,, That bit-ch!!
I opened the gate wi-dely and ran out,, I st©pped running after ma-king sure am far away from her house,,, I breathed out,
” Now am out of her house,, what’s the reason why you told me to leave? “I asked,,with my head bent
” Am sorry about that,, I took it off on our way to her house”I said
” Now I get,, how am I going to go home?”I asked raising my head
I t©uçhed my n£¢klace and I arrived home in few seconds.
💚💕Flashback End💕💚
The door opened and mom ran to seat beside me,,I looked at her.
” Son,,what’s wrong?? I heard you haven’t eaten anything “she said worriedly
” It’s true mom,but am fine “I said trying to smile
” No!! you have to eat something. Tell me what do you want to eat? “she said
” Nothing,, I okay. I’ll eat tomorrow “I replied
” Okay but let me get you a coffee,,Albert!!”she said and the door opened,, the man walked in with a saucer in his hand
Mom collected it from him and he left,,she handed it to me and I gulped it down
” Good!! “She collected it and brushed my hair with her hand
” Goodnight dear “I said and stood stood up,she pe-cked my forehead and walked to the door
” Sweet dreams “I said, she looked at me with a smile before walking out,, I climbe-d the be-d and covered myself with the duvet before I sle-pt off.
🎵Livia’s pov🎵
I felt a tap on my shoulder and opened my eyes,,only to realise I dozed off on the couch. I turned to see mom at my front
” Livia!! what are you doing here? “she shouted,,,
” I [email protected]£ here because I’m tired,, I can come where whenever I want to,,can’t I?? “I asked and stood up
” It’s fine,,, go and change your cloth and let’s go home,,, your dad is worried “She said,, I took the stairs without replying. Oh Reed!! I can’t control myself anymore
Episode 6🎵🎵
👑 Reed’s pov👑
I walked out of my room,I sighed out when I didn’t see her;maybe she’s still in be-d,, I woke up so early today.
I walked down the stairs,,
” Sir!! “I heard her called loudly, I turned to see her at the dining,, why the f”*k is she here?? I ignored and started walking to the door,,I wanted to eat before but No!!,I won’t
” Sir,,you have to eat your breakfast “her voice st©pped me,I turned to look at her
” least I forget,, you ban-ged into my room yesterday so you have to be punished “I blurted out
” WHAT!! Sir…. Am sorry “she stood up and started begging
” Have you eaten?? “I asked
” No sir “she replied, shaking her head
” Good,,, just keep standing “I said before walking to the dining, I sat down and dished my food.
I felt uneasy with the way she was staring at me,,
” Turn your back at me “I said without looking at her
” Yes Sir “she said, I raised my head to see her back turned at me,,, Good.
I started eating though the taste was different,, kinda good. I was done with the food in few minutes,,
“Face me! “I said after standing up,she turned immediately
I snapped my f!nger and bulk of books appeared on the table,,
” OMG!!! “she [email protected] moving back a little,,I glared at her and she quic-kly moved closer
” You’ll carry it till we get to school “I said and traced her gaze to the book,,
” But..O..kay Sir “she bowed while I walked away, no one told her when she carried the bulky books and followed me,,that will teach her a lesson. Nob©dy disobeys me.
🎻 Vivian’s pov🎻
I got out of the car and carried the books, if i carry this for a hour more,,, am sure I’ll faint. He stepped out and the driver waved us bye.
” Follow me!! “he cooed,, what!! I thought we are heading to the clas-s,after some time of walking, we st©pped at the garden.
He sat down on the bench without saying a word,, and what am u supposed to do?? I just stood still like a statue.
” Sit “he pointed after a long silence,, I sat down on the gras-s with the heck of books still in my hand.
” Put it down,, and if you don’t want to,you can keep on carrying it around the school “he said,, I wanted to roll my eyes but I don’t want to die now. I dropped the books before me,, Finally.
” Start re-ading “he said again and my eyes wi-de-ned,,
” This book is too big for me “I said trying ha-rd not to hold my tears
” Vivian!! you’ll re-ad it out for me to hear,, and mind you, I don’t want mistakes “he added and rested his back on the chair,,, Oh Vivian!!
You’re in de-ep trouble,, why the hell did I ban-ged into his room, can’t someone pu-ll me back,, how I wish I can turn back the hands of the clock.
” Tell me when you’re re-ady,, you should get enough time to think “he jo-lted me out,,
” Am de-eply sorry “I said,,, I opened the first page of the book and cleared my throat,,, I began……
🍝Lunch Break🍝
“…..That’s all “I st©pped and la-id on the gras-s,,,I can’t believe he made me re-ad all those big books.
” I guess you want to re-ad another round of those bulky book again “I heard him say and jumped up,,
” No!!! “I quic-kly said,,
” Okay then “He simply said and lowered his head,, what’s wrong. I don’t know why, but I feel like talking to him.
” You have such a great power,,I was shocked when the books suddenly appeared. Can’t it be just one,,My mouth isfu-cking paining me now “I said but he still doesn’t look up
” I guess that was why you knew everything about me,,I…”
” Quit talking or I’ll turn you to something you don’t expect “He uttered as he looked up
” Me?? you mean you’ll turn me into something,, a chicken?? bald headed?? an old woman or yourself “I said kneeling before him,,
” A potbellied will be better “he said and I faked a faint,,,,
” Good for you “He said,,I was f0rç£d to look up,,I was totally surprised to see him laughing.
His cute eyes met mine,,,and he st©pped laughing.
” You look cuter when laughing “I let out,, what the… did I just say that??
” Sorry Sir “I quic-kly said and fainted back on the gras-s,, is he angry now??………………..🌠🌠🌠🌠
We had three more subjects before the bell ranged for school dismissal,, and am not really surprised none of the teachers dare ask where we are coming from,,, they don’t want to get kicks from him.
I was packing my books when Gerald [email protected]£ to meet him,,
” Where on earth did you guys went to? “He scolded
I hvgged my backpack across my shoulder and watched those two,,
” Why did you want to know,,”Said Reed
” Cause I am your friend,, I mean your best friend “Gerald replied
” Oh…I see “Reed said with a scoff
” Excuse me,,I wanna use the washroom “I said
” Alright Vivian “Gerald replied me,, I walked out of the clas-s and headed to the washroom,,, I st©pped when I heard someone’s voice;
📞I said am fine
The person said over the phone,,I couldn’t see her face cause she’s backing me,,
📞No one must know I [email protected]£ to school today
📞I have another plan,, since the first one didn’t work
📞No one can take him from me,, Reed is mine
She walked away after that,, I think I know the person,that voice; isn’t that Livia. But why is she talking about reed??
I have to go to the clas-s now,,

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