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His invisible creator Episode 19 & 20

🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)
Episode 19💟💟
🍷Reed’s pov🍷
I opened the car door and stepped out,,I headed to the door and then opened.I walked in fully,,,
” I’m here again and this time am back to stay “I said after sitting down on the usual chair
” Of course i mean it,,, now have un-derstand you. Am sorry for trying to go against you,,,,, am de-eply sorry “I said in a voice full of excitement
” I can’t ever leave you,,, my dear creator “I said as I looked around,,, my eyes fell on the book; it was on the shelf.
” Yes, back for good “I said with a broad smile
” What’s your plan?” I asked
” I’m fully re-ady. Am all yours “I said glancing at the book frequently
” But she doesn’t do anything wrong to you, why did you have to hurt her “I said. I’m so surprised here. Why the heck did he want to hurt her????
“No! Never. You mustn’t kill her,, I don’t even think she know you. so why did she deserves to die? “I asked a bit angry
I stood up and went to place my hand on the wall, now I don’t think there’s anything I can do about this. He said Vivian has to pay because her father made him invisible,,,
Everything is getting more tough,, I just hope I don’t go crazy.
He asked ma-king me turn,,
” I don’t know “I replied and t©uçhed my n£¢klace,, I instructed it inwardly and the note disappeared from the shelf. It will be in my room by now,,,
” I’ll to go now,see you “I said and turned to leave
<>he said as I opened the door and walked out. I entered the car and turned on the ignition and drove away.
I have to ask her a few questions when I get home,, I won’t let her die just like that. My phone started ringing and I picked the call,,
I first said
📲Where are you Reed
He asked
📲Guess what?I rescued Amelia
📲Seriously? Wow thanks pal
He said and I know he just grinned
📲You’ll see her at school tomorrow
📲What tomorrow, I can’t go to school. Come on it’s my friends birthday
📲You’re really excited about the birthday huh?
I said and sm-irked. If only he knows what might happen tomorrow,,,I just don’t feel good about it,,what if we aren’t able to st©p him?
📲Why won’t I be? We gonna enjoy ourselves tomorrow
📲If you say so
I said and horned at the gate,,, it opened wi-dely and I drove in,,
📲Thank you once again Reed, I’m so happy to have you.
📲You’re welcome,, we’ll talk later
He said and I hanged up,,I opened the car door and stepped out.
” Good Afternoon Sir “the driver greeted with a bow
” Hi “I replied before walking inside. I walked straight to my room and entered,,,
I saw the book on the be-d and went to pick it up,,I walked to open the window when I saw Vivian pacing round the pool.
I dropped the book back on the be-d and walked out,, I got to the pool and she st©pped immediately she sighted me,,,
” Good afternoon Sir “she bowed and then raised her head
” Aren’t you tired of the word “Sir” ?”I asked jokingly as I st©pped before her and she just smiled
” Come,, I wanna tell you something “I said gr-abbing her hand,, I made her sit by the pool before sitting beside her.
” What caused father’s death? and who killed him? “I asked and she faced me sharply
” It’s a long story. My father was actually killed and the person who killed him is Kenneth “She said after sitting upright.
* Did something happen between him and your dad? “I asked
” Yes,,, but mom still hasn’t told me about how it all started “she said and I sighed. There was a long silence until I break the silence,,,
” Can I see your mom? “I asked and I saw her gulp
” Yes but her place is a bit far,, “She said
” I don’t mind. If we take a car we gonna get there after three hours,, and what if I use my powers? Less than one minute “I said and she smiled
” That will be good. So we should we go? “She asked
” Right now! “I said
” Alright. I’m always re-ady “She said with a pout. We stood up and I t©uçhed my n£¢klace,which performs it magic.
💌Amelia’s pov💌
I was done taking my bath, I put on my clothes and walked out of my room. I remembered how Uncle was so excited to see me,,, I got to the living room and was about to sit when a knock [email protected]£ on the door,,,
I quic-kly went to open thinking it’s Uncle,, but it turned out to be him… Gerald!
” Hi “He said with smile and my face dropped.
” You? What are you doing here? how did you know this place?? *I asked still surprised
” Greg showed me this place “He said while I just stared at him
” Now can I come in? “He said and I rolled my eyes before letting him in.
Episode 20🍀🍀
😍Vivian’s pov😍
Just like he said, we arrived there in no time,,We heard mom’s voice as I headed to the door with him,,,
” Mom “I called happily as I rushed into her arms,,she also [email protected] me
” Vivian “She mumbled as we unlocked from the hvg
” Have missed you mom “I said
” Have missed you too darling,,,”She said cu-pping my cheeks
” Um mom,I wanna introduce you to someone “I said when I remembered Reed was still standing,,, I turned but couldn’t find him
” Can’t find him? “Mom snapped and I nodded as I turned to face her
” I saw him going that way,, “She pointed behind me and I made to go and look for him when mom held me back,,,
I looked at her with a curious face,,,
” Is he your…”
” Come on mom,,he’s Mr Weston son “I quic-kly cut her off
” Really? “She asked more like she doesn’t believe
” Of course,,, what are you thinking again? “I asked
” Nothing,,Just that you both looks perfect together. Let’s go “She said and started walking,,, I shook my head before following her
” Wait! what do you come home? are you back? “Mom suddenly asked
” I can’t say anything until we find him “I replied her and was about to step further when I saw him,,,
” Sir!! “I called running to him,, he faced me and that’s when I got to know he’s busy with his phone.
” Mom that’s him,, his name is Reed “I introduced
” Good afternoon ma’am “He greeted with a little smile
” Afternoon dear “Mom replied him
” We [email protected]£ to see you because of something important,,, And I hope you’re re-ady to help us “he said his eyes fixed on mom
” Of cos,,, let’s go inside “She said and ushered the both of us in.
🌸Gerald’s pov🌸
” So why are you here? “She asked immediately I stepped in
” Why are you sounding like you don’t want me here,,, I can go back if you want “I said getting pissed.
” You can go if you want to? “She said and made to leave,,,
” Have I done you any wrong? just tell me and am going to apologize “I said but she still doesn’t st©p walking
” OK fine. Am sorry if what I just said hurt you,,I just [email protected]£ to check on you. I’ll leave now “I said and went to open the door but she still doesn’t st©p me so I walked out.
I still don’t get why she’s acting this way towards me,, I just can’t remember doing anything wrong to her so why is she pushing me away,,,
” Good afternoon Sir “I greeted the man I met on the way
” Afternoon “He responded to my greetings. I got to where my car is and entered,,I turned on the ignition and drove away.
🍰Amelia’s pov🍰
I sighed as he walked out,, I’m sure he’s really angry. Well I’ll just apologize to him tomorrow,,, I don’t expect him to come anyway,,
The door opened and Uncle walked in with a small bag
” Welcome Sir “I uttered as I made to collect the bag from him
” I’ll carry it myself “He said and I left it for him
” I met a guy on my way and from the look of things,, it’s like he [email protected]£ out of here “He said
” You’re right. He [email protected]£ here to see me but don’t worry,, he’s just a friend from school “I said
” Am so hungry,,I’ll go and prepare some food “I said again and quic-kly walked away before he’ll start asking me more questions
💄Vivian’s pov💄
” Let me go and get you two something to eat “Mom said as we settled down on the chair,,, Reed looked at me and I immediately called mom back
” We’ve eaten before coming,, And you also know we shouldn’t stay long here ” I said getting up,, she shrugged and [email protected]£ back to us.
” So tell me,why are you both here? “Mom asked as she sat down opposite us
Reed signalled for me to talk
” Well,we want to know why Dad died and what connection does he have with Kenneth? “I said and I saw her mood changed
” Yes,, that’s what we want to know “Reed added
” It’s a long story. But I will cut it short for you., “Mom said and then cleared her throat
” Your dad and Kenneth were once friends,they did so many things together and guess what? They both had powers. Your dad is a cool and nice man despite having powers. He use his powers in s good way that would benefit humans but Kenneth is the opposite ”
” Your dad tried so much to reform him but couldn’t,,, And up till now I still wonder how they [email protected]£ friends. Things changed when Kenneth was becoming more dangerous and that made your father decide to destroy him,,, Kenneth was so angry when he found out about his plans for him so he also decided to kill your father,,, ”
” Then the battle started. I was there when it started but I have no choice than to hid back then so he won’t hurt me. Your dad told me before that day that he was only going to destroy his powers,,, so back to that fateful day; He attacked your father till he was tired,,, Kenneth brou-ght out a dagger while your dad brou-ght out a n£¢klace ”
” Unfortunately your father hasn’t complete who has to be done on the n£¢klace so it only made him invisible. Kenneth stab your father but he managed to throw the n£¢klace at him,,, I almost ran mad after your father’s death. I returned home with the determination that I’ll take care of my pregnancy,, ”
“…That’s all “Mom st©pped while Reed and I glanced at each other
” Can I see you in pri-vate Reed “Mom asked cleaning her tears
” Alright ma’am “Reed answered as he stood up beside me
” We’ll be back “Mom told me and I nodded,, I watched as they went out.
I didn’t even know he’s now invisible,,anyway good for him. He’s a very cruel person,,,,He really deserve it.

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